tagSci-Fi & FantasyHuddled Together Ch. 07

Huddled Together Ch. 07


Chapter 7 – One For All.

Authors Note:

A big warm thank you to my very talented editor: CaptainsSiren. A very talented person indeed.


Tom and Anny had finished their chores and headed into the lounge room. Anny sat down on the other side of John, and Tom sat on the floor facing towards them all.

"What's happening here?" Tom asked.

"Well I'm trying to think what reward John and Anny get for winning the competition last night." Skye replied with a cheeky smile.

"Ah yes." Tom trailed off, with a smile on his face too as he remembered last night's activities.

John could see Skye continuing in thought, so he lifted his other arm up and put it around Anny, bringing her in close for a nice kiss. He knew Skye had made up her mind when she headed down to the floor next to Tom.

"You don't mind if Anny and I play with John for a little while do you?" Skye asked Tom.

"As long as I get some fun at some point I've got no problem with that." Tom agreed.

John's cock twitched with anticipation. Skye grabbed Anny's hand and pulled her down onto the floor next to her.

"Ok Anny, time for us to give the winner John here his prize." Skye said as she leaned forward and started pulling down John's boxers. They all wore very little these days around each other, as it was so hot still, and because they were all becoming quite close.

John's cock was at full attention before it even came into view. As his boxers moved past it, his cock sprang up to meet the summer air. Once John's boxers were clear of his legs, Anny moved forward on her knees and pushed John's legs wide apart. She looked up into his eyes as she moved her mouth over the top of his cock, let it pause there for the briefest of seconds, and then quickly descended down its length. John groaned with pleasure.

Skye moved up beside Anny between John's legs, and used her hand to start massaging his balls. John had never had the attention of two girls at once before, but he could tell that he was going to enjoy it. Skye dipped her head in below Anny's chin, and sucked one ball into her mouth at a time, rolling her tongue around each one as it entered her hot mouth. Anny shifted so that she was higher up, allowing Skye more room to work.

John looked at the two women working him to such pleasure; it was quite a sight to see them playing and sucking his cock and balls together. He couldn't decide which feeling he liked more, Anny's sloppy blowjob actions, or Skye sucking on each of his balls in turn. It was combining to be an amazing sensation. John looked over to Tom for a second; he had moved to the other couch and pulled his cock out of his boxers to start slowly stroking it to the show the girls were putting on.

John rested his head back so that he was looking at the ceiling; he wanted to focus on the attention his body was receiving. Anny started rubbing her hands over his legs as she tried to bury his cock deeper into her throat, and Skye moved down below his balls and started licking his perineum; the spot between his balls and anus.

Now THAT felt amazing. John had never had someone lick him there before. Skye was pushing her tongue into the skin and massaging up and down. At the same time, her nose was rubbing into his sack, playfully rolling his balls back and forward.

John couldn't hold out, the feeling was too intense. An orgasm started rising through him, and he let out a long groan. Anny brought her actions to a stop with her mouth locked around the head of his cock with gentle suction applied. This allowed John's mind to focus on the sensations Skye was giving to him.

As Skye felt his balls tighten with his release, she pushed her tongue into his perineum as hard as she could. Cum surged through him, and emptied in hard spasms into Anny's waiting mouth. The feeling of Skye's tongue pushed in as it was, made for the strongest orgasm John could remember.

As his cum pumped out and straight into Anny's warm mouth, John collapsed into the couch; his mind flooding his reality with sweet chemical release. Once his cock had stopped twitching, Anny pulled her mouth up over the head of his cock and let it fall free, her lips remaining closed to contain his cum inside her mouth.

Anny grabbed Skye's head and pulled her down onto the floor so that she was facing up at Anny. Anny pushed on the bottom of Skye's chin to open her mouth wide, and started dribbling cum from her mouth into Skye's.

"Wow," was all John heard from Tom, who was captivated at the scene the girls were putting on before them. This caused John to focus back into reality again and he tuned in to the hot display between the two women.

Once all the cum had drained out of Anny's mouth into Skye's, Skye pushed Anny down on the floor and sat above her, drooling his cum back into Anny's mouth. Skye let out a giggle as the last of it fell into Anny's mouth. Anny smiled with her mouth full of cum and swallowed the contents in one gulp. She let out an 'Ahh' sound, as she stuck her tongue out to show everyone that she had consumed all of John's tasty gift.

Skye leant down and started kissing Anny heavily, as if to try and recover some of goodies that were now deep inside her. John's eyes caught sight of someone standing off to the side; it was Merry. She had come back out from her room, and was standing there with her mouth slightly open in shock of what she had just seen.

"Merry!" John called out.

Anny and Skye stopped their kissing, sat up, and went a bright shade of red each from being 'caught'. Tom, the eternally modest man he was, never stopped stroking his cock.

"I'm so sorry!" Merry blurted out, as she turned to head back the way she came.

"Merry come back!" Skye called out, as she jumped up and chased after her.

Merry stopped, and turned back cautiously to face the group as Skye reached her.

"Why don't you join us?" Skye continued with a smile.

"I... I don't know! What do you want me to do?" Merry asked gingerly, not moving from where she was by the doorway.

"Come on." Skye said reassuringly as she took Merry's hand and led her back into the lounge room. "Poor old Tom here hasn't had any fun yet, let's see what we can do for him."

Tom looked up at Merry with a surprised smile on his face. John looked at Merry for the first time in a different light. Although she was in her 60's, she had a lean body and had obviously kept in shape her whole life. He could tell that forty years ago she would have rivalled Anny and Skye in appeal.

John could tell from the look on her face that her mind was racing through if she wanted to join in. Skye pulled them down onto their knees between Tom's legs. The look on Tom's face changed to one of anticipation and hope that this led somewhere good.

"See, he doesn't bite." Skye said as she slapped Tom against the leg with a cheeky grin on her face. She then leant forward and gave Tom's exposed cock a lick up its entire shaft. Tom's cock jumped with excitement.

Skye grabbed Tom's boxers and pulled them off his legs, then moved up to give him a hot kiss. They were going at it heavily, as Merry gingerly raised her hand towards Tom's cock. She paused many times on the way, but eventually her fingers reached it and started tracing up and down its length very lightly. Tom' groaned into Skye's mouth at Merry's touch.

Anny got up off the floor and headed for John on the couch. John shifted around so that his back was against the arm of the couch, and Anny was lying between his legs with her head resting on his chest, facing out so that they could both watch the show developing.

Merry had gained some courage from Tom's groans of pleasure, and had wrapped her hand around his cock, slowly pumping it up and down. Skye kept kissing Tom, but brought one of her hands down to fondle Tom's balls at the same time. She rolled them around in her hand, giving them slight squeezes on occasion.

John's cock was stirring back to life, and starting to stretch against Anny's spine. She leaned her head back so that she was looking up at him, and then raised her hands to tug on his neck. He tilted his head forward and they began kissing upside down. John's hands started roaming down her body, strongly squeezing her breasts, teasing her nipples between his fingers, and working down farther.

John kept one hand at play with Anny's breasts, while the other danced down over the hem of her skirt and slid down her inner thigh. When they reached their goal, John was pleased to discover she wasn't wearing any panties. He whispered to her to watch the others while he played with her and their eyes turned to the others at play.

Merry was stroking Tom's cock quite fast now. Skye had removed her clothes and was straddling Tom's chest. She had Tom's hands pushed up against her breasts and was helping him heavily grope her; John was coming to realise recently how much Skye liked that.

Merry used her hand that was working Tom's cock to pull it down so that it was aiming towards her mouth; she leant forward then slurped it inside. John was quite amazed that she would go that far, but never the less, here she was starting to make Tom's cock disappear down into her throat. She moved her hand off his cock, so that she could go lower down his shaft, and in a single action downed Tom's entire cock.

She started shaking her head left and right as she gagged on it. Tom was not a small boy and she was showing off her cock sucking skills having taken it all in one go. She pulled his shaft out of her mouth as she ran out of air, a trail of saliva extending from her lips to the end of his cock. She spat the huge amount of saliva that she now had in her mouth onto his cock, and then proceeded to ram it down into her throat again. She brought a hand up to his balls and started giving them a grope at the same time.

"Fuck me!" was all that Tom could let out, as Skye leaned forward to kiss him again.

Skye rolled her hips down Tom's chest and positioned her waiting vagina just above Merry's head. Merry still had Tom buried completely in her throat but eventually released him and realised what Skye wanted her to do. John could see Tom's cock shining from its saliva coating. Merry grabbed Tom's cock with one hand and Skye's hip with the other, then guided Skye down so that Tom started to enter her. Skye lowered slowly, and John could see her outer lips parting to accommodate the nicely thick cock. Merry's saliva coating mixed with Skye's abundant juices, and he slid easily into her.

John turned his attention to his play with Anny. She was breathing heavily, stimulated by the show so far and at the light play that he had been doing to her outer lips, so he moved his fingers in deeper. His middle finger dipped inside her, to coat itself with her slick nectar; then moved up to find its target, her clit. His now slick finger rubbed the tip around her little bud, changing on occasion to rub its entire length up and down across it.

Anny's body responded by grinding into his finger; he could feel his cock rubbing onto either side of her spine as she gyrated. His cock was at full attention again and it felt like it was straining, wanting to get inside her.

John moved another finger into play, now two fingers headed down and curdled up inside her. He started finger fucking her, and Anny's body writhed. She dug her fingernails into his shoulders. John varied the pace of his penetrations into her, while he looked up at the others again. Skye was riding Tom in nice slow, long up and down motions. Merry was altering between sucking on Tom's balls, and licking at Skye's slit and puckered anus as it came down towards her.

"Mmm, that is crazy hot." John whispered to Anny, who could only nod as she was starting to lose focus on the others as she climbed towards an orgasm of her own.

John noticed this, gave a smile at his dirty thought, then whispered down to her; "You are not to cum until Tom does, understand?"

Anny was almost too lost in pleasure, and didn't let out a response to John's question. John stopped his finger play, took his other hand off her breast and nipple and put it around her throat. She grunted with excitement at his bold forcefulness.

"I said." He leaned forward to her face, "Do you understand?"

Anny nodded her head as best she could, "Yes! Yes I understand!" she panted.

"Now, don't stop watching." John whispered in her ear, and Anny let out a little satisfied whimper, as he lowered her head back down a little so the others came back into her view.

John started playing with her clit again, but kept his hand around her throat; not tight enough to cut off airflow but snug enough to remind her who was in control. The two were enjoying more and more of this kind of 'rough' play recently, and John loved how it made him feel in control while still sharing the sensations together.

Skye suddenly stopped on an up thrust and Tom's cock fell free from her. "Lick it clean, Merry." Skye called out.

Merry complied, letting Tom's balls 'pop' out of her mouth and started attacking his cock with her mouth. She swallowed it deep into her mouth and rolled her head left and right again, her cheeks sucked in from the pressure she was generating. Eventually she released it with another 'pop', and pulled Skye back down onto it. Skye's vagina greedily accepting the cock again, she continued with her pumping.

Tom sounded as if he was starting to reach his orgasm. John focused more of his attention on Anny's clit; keeping an even paced rub up and down while still looking over at the others.

"Ahhhhh!!!" Tom cried out as his orgasm started.

Skye kept up pace with her bouncing up and down on his cock as he started to cum. Much to John's surprise, Merry slid a finger inside Tom's anus and started finger fucking him. He guessed that she was massaging his prostate. It made Tom even louder.

"Holy shiiiiiit!" Tom cried out, as the prostate play was obviously having extra effects on him.

As Skye slammed her hips down onto Tom's cock to accept his seed into her, John bent his head down next to Anny's ear and whispered; "Now."

Anny took a few seconds; then she cried out with her own orgasm. John kept playing with her clit at the same pace, as he could feel her body convulsing against his, her hands gripping onto his shoulders tightly as if holding on for dear life. As her orgasm subsided, he slowed his clit play down to a stop, and released his hand from her throat. She collapsed, completely spent, over his body.

John looked up to the others again. Skye was leaning forward and she and Tom were lazily kissing. Tom's cock had fallen out of Skye, and was now being licked clean by Merry. She was lapping at it like a lazy dog drinking water, and would lick any cum that would trickle out of Skye's vagina onto Tom.

Tom stayed on the couch completely drained, as Skye shifted off Tom and pushed Merry onto her back on the floor. She undid the buttons of Merry's blouse, exposing her bra and breasts to the group. With a sly grin she forced Merry's arms above her head and sat across her chest, her legs squashing Merry's ample breasts out over the top of her bra. Skye slid a finger into her well-fucked vagina, and started pulling Tom's cum from its deepest recesses.

It took a few deep curls with her finger, but eventually the remaining cum fell out of her and she smeared it over Merry's breasts. Once Skye was satisfied that no more could be retrieved from inside herself, she shuffled down Merry's body and proceeded to lick the cum off her chest.

Anny had recovered from her orgasm, and was looking at the scene the two women were putting on. John's cock was still rock hard against her back.

She eventually looked up at John; rolling her spine over his erection she whispered to him; "I want you to fuck us all."

"What?" John asked, slightly confused about just exactly what she meant.

Anny just gave him a cheeky smile, and headed over to the women. She climbed on top of Skye's back, so all three women were 'stacks on', their waiting vagina's all aiming out towards John. Skye slipped forward to offer her breasts for Merry to suck on; while Anny kissed all over Skye's back and reached under her to play in Skye's dripping outer lips.

'Holy shit', was all that came into John's mind and he jumped up quickly to accept the challenge.

He started with Anny; she was nice and wet from her orgasm only moments ago. He slipped in easily and started with nice, quick strokes inside her. She moaned with pleasure and turned her head back to give John another sexy smile as John ploughed into her. John pushed as deep into her as he could and let out a contented sigh; he loved being inside his woman.

After a couple of minutes of deep, easy fucking stokes into Anny, John left the warm inviting place that Anny's vagina was; and moved down to Skye. He had not fucked the other women before, but he was still eager to give them a try. John looked up at Tom to check that he was ok with what he was about to do. Tom just looked back lazily, still recovering from his orgasm, and gave him a smile and a thumbs up.

The tip of John's cock slowly parted Skye's outer lips. She too was nice and wet, but from a mix of her own juices and Tom's remaining cum. He pushed slowly inside and he could feel her opening to accommodate him. Skye let out a groan into Merry's mouth; as the two were kissing passionately.

John worked in slow short thrusts; with each stroke going slightly deeper. She felt just as good as Anny but in a slightly different way. John eventually bottomed out inside her. He pushed down on Anny's hips; fucking Skye stronger and stronger; the pile of women swaying slightly in response. A few minutes of nice slow fucking commenced. Skye was clearly enjoying John's performance; she was getting wetter and wetter and grunting loudly into Merry's mouth.

John was quite happy where he was but wanted to complete the tower of female pleasure that lay before him and moved out of Skye and down to Merry. The tip of his cock fell down and rested against Merry's opening. John sank fully down onto his knees and pulled Merry's legs up onto his own, then started to run his cock up and down her outer lips.

It was Merry's turn to start gently moaning into Skye's mouth as John started pushing inside her. Although the other women were definitely tighter, Merry's vagina accepted him with intensity; and she worked her PC muscles around him in ways that he couldn't believe. John repeated the short stroke fucking that he started Skye with, but quickly built up to a nice strong fuck.

Anny looked back at John as he was thrusting deep inside Merry, and called out, "Having fun there?"

John was gazing at the three welcoming vagina's before him, Merry's taking the full force of his fucking at that moment; and looked up at her to give her a big smile. She squealed as he leaned forward and blew on her slit, then gave it a swipe with his tongue. He loved the taste of her. His full attention was quickly drawn back to Merry when he felt her legs tense on his. Her vagina clenched around him as she cried out her ecstasy; the pile of women quaking with her.

He could feel his orgasm approaching; the multiple sensations that the women had provided him was getting to be too much.

John pulled out of Merry, stood up, and started stroking his cock. Anny started to get up, but John used his other hand to push her back down, keeping her on top of the others. John's cum rose up through him; he let out a loud groan as he sprayed all over the small of Anny's back. He could feel his balls tightening as the last spurts trickled out of him.

When he was done he stepped back from the group and said with a smile; "Ok, someone clean that up."

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