tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHuge Exhibitionist Party Ch. 01

Huge Exhibitionist Party Ch. 01


[This story is about an over-the-top erotic nudist party using various characters from my previous stories. This party takes place about 20 years after the college stories, so adjust your vision of these characters. All the characters are over 18 years old.]


It was nearing the end of a very adventurous summer. Keiko, my lovely Asian wife [See story: Meeting Nudist Keiko], I and our daughter Melody, who was entering college when this story takes place, are card-carrying nudists. We live in a big tropical house on a deep-water canal in Miami. We all love the water and sunshine offered by a life in Miami. Moored at my dock, next to the jet-skis and Hobbie Cat, was my awesome 50-foot ocean cruiser, aptly named the S.S. Happy Place. We take it down to the Keys on a regular basis. Our trips typically last five or six days, and usually include some friends who we of course convince to join us nude. [See stories: Nudist Boat, the SS Happy Place and Christine and Megan in Florida Keys Chap. 1 & 2] Plenty of teasing and sex play keeps things very interesting on those boat trips, but the erotic, exhibitionist fun also carries over to our life at home.

We decided to celebrate the end of summer by hosting an over-the-top party, with all the guests being nude and proud. Over the years Keiko and I had built up a decent-sized group of like-minded friends, who we nurtured into the erotic/exhibitionist/nudist lifestyle. There were a few dozen in the local Miami area by this time, and I even had some old acquaintances from college that may be game to join the party.

Our nudist-from-birth daughter, Melody, also had quite a following of nude friends. She was relentless in celebrating her freedom and was shameless in showing off her sexual experimentation. She had watched plenty of public sex by the older adults around our house and was always excited to put on her own show with a willing guy friend.

Melody took most of her features from her mother, and looked very Asian, but her tall stature and freckles were definitely from my Irish side. She had long legs and beautiful, shiny black hair down past her butt. There's no doubt she leaves plenty of stiff dicks in her wake.

Melody's sex education started early, fueled by all the naked bodies around. She was always curious and asked plenty of questions. Keiko and I were always open to her curiosity and did what we could to raise a well-adjusted young lady.

We had a few exhibitionist games that our family practiced quite regularly, and we even convinced a few of our special guests to play along with us. Easily the first rule of the household states that nudity is required whenever possible, which also extends to those gray areas where any sane person wouldn't be caught dead without clothes. Our house on Biscayne Bay is set back from the street a fair amount. High trees and thick shrubs mostly conceal the front entryway and an open area big enough to park a dozen cars. So, this allows a daring soul to park their car and enter our house nearly shielded from anybody passing by on the street. But there were a few gaps in the foliage that would allow somebody walking on the street to see into the front yard. This layout enables the perfect opportunity for taking plenty of exhibitionist risks.

Our family and friends would often arrive having stripped in their car on the way over and just walked across the front yard to our front door, with always the chance of being seen.

Another game we enjoy is answering the front door in the nude for a delivery person. Sometimes we peek through the side window to make sure the delivery person gets an eyeful of the opposite sex. So you can imagine that Keiko or Melody was answering the door most of the time. They both tease their naked bodies endlessly for the poor delivery guys. Every once in a while though, somebody would track me down because there was a female at the door. I happily obliged, usually fluffing my dick before opening the door. If I was going to shock the delivery girl because I was naked, I might as well be sporting a hard dick.

Sara was shorter than Melody and had a very curvy body. She looked like a Southern Belle, with fair skin, long blond hair and a warming smile. Melody was at first envious that her friend had filled-out nicely with at least B-cups that stood straight out. But this summer, Melody finally got her biggest wish.

Her mother and I finally agreed to let her get breast implants during the summer. She was so excited, having only sprouted the typically-small breasts belaying her Asian heritage.

She couldn't wait to have the surgery completed, working hard all summer to earn enough to pay half the cost, as we agreed. Melody was so jealous of her mother's surgically-enhanced perky D-cups, and also Sara's curvy rack that turned every head on the nude beach. Melody admitted that she had the guts to bare her chest for the whole world to see, but not having anything substantial to show made it a somewhat hollow victory, especially when she only went topless. She made up for it though when the situation allowed her to go completely nude for an admiring audience.

The European genes from my side added a little more length to her legs and a few more curves to her hips, resulting in a very spectacular silhouette and ever so spankable bubble butt. She knew the effect this had of course, and delighted in flaunting her curves and bald pussy for her fans. Whenever she sat down while in the nude, it was just natural for her to spread her legs. Some would say she was sitting very unladylike, but for her it was more comfortable and more importantly, provided that exhibitionist thrill. Growing up a nudist, Melody was never taught any shame toward being naked, her pussy was treated just like any other body part. But she quickly learned the effect that little slit between her legs had on other people. She became quite the prick tease.

Melody had the breast-enhancement surgery a couple months before the party, and was finally glad the bandages were off. She couldn't be happier, parading around the house, showing off her new tits to a house guest or unsuspecting delivery man. We got her one of the best plastic surgeons in town, and the quality showed. She had no big scars, the doctor going in through her belly button, and there weren't any of those ugly folds you see on cheap boob jobs. They were perfectly symmetrical and at first appeared to be way too big for her frame, but the doctor said they would settle as the swelling diminished over time.

The decision of size was of course paramount, as she wanted the biggest that her small frame could support, both physically and aesthetically. Once the bandages were off for good, the doctor said they needed to be massaged throughout the recovery period so the implants settle into her structure and also to prevent any hard scar tissue from forming. This of course was the exciting part of her recovery, to which everybody enjoyed.

So for two weeks, we were all treated to the sexy sight of Melody walking naked around the house, massaging her big and perky boobs with determined abandon They were still pretty tender, so she massaged gently at first, becoming more aggressive each day. She constantly checked her progress in any nearby mirror, quite focused and determined to maneuver them exactly where she wanted them, as the doctor said their final position was determined partly on the massage technique.

Melody even found willing stand-ins when her hands and arms became tired. Both Keiko and I, along with all of Melody's visiting friends, had our turn, as she would boldly just back into someone and ask for a boob massage. Everybody was eager and happy to oblige, especially the guys, who in short order would have their erect dick exploring Melody's ass crack. During those couple weeks, Melody and Sara made a special effort to have as many friends as possible drop by our house. Every guest was treated to the voyeuristic sight of Sara and Melody casually running around the house fully nude, with open pussies and bouncing boobs on exhibitionist display. The two young girls thoroughly enjoyed playing their games, which included plenty of teasing and sexual innuendos. They even had convinced a few classmates from college to get nude themselves when a dare was thrown at them.

Melody really wanted to show off her new tits and would hold them up for close inspection. She was constantly massaging them or tweaking her nipples while holding full conversations with her stunned friends, who had an endlessly difficult time concentrating on the conversation. The college guys were just in overload, which delighted Melody to no end. The game was fun to watch, but she did on occasion make good on her teasing.

One time, Sara had invited her girlfriend Maria over late in the evening. She was in her mid-twenties, and the two met at the university a few weeks prior. Sara warned her new friend about our relaxed dress code, to which Maria didn't show any concern about. Maria had planned on coming over by herself, but at the last moment, she called and said her younger brother was really bored and asked if he could tag along. The more the merrier Sara replied, knowing that Melody would be delighted with another victim to tease. Yup, Maria and her cute brother Stan were definitely shocked when two hot, naked women answered the door. They were even more shocked when Keiko and I emerged from the kitchen, nude of course, and invited the two siblings to join us all for a dip in the backyard hot tub. Stammering, they reluctantly agreed only after we promised a couple glasses of wine first.

We were all soon in the hot tub, Maria and Stan having stripped after the first glass of wine. They revealed it was definitely not the first time they had seen each other naked, having shared a bathroom growing up. Melody seemed to be taking playful glances toward Stan across the hot tub, admiring his athletic chest and wondering how big that dick would get. It seemed to have been fully deflated when she caught a quick peek at it while everybody was getting into the water. It was also time again for another tit massage.

After a good soaking, Keiko and I got out of the hot tub and headed back inside. Keiko and I began cleaning up the mess in the kitchen, which has a clear view to the outside patio. The kids soon got out of the tub themselves and were sitting on the padded benches that formed a little conversation circle. I nudged Keiko when I caught sight of Melody massaging her tits and she sauntered over to Stan. She performed her little maneuver and backed into Stan, guiding his hands to her neglected tits. He was soon groping away, tweaking and tugging at Melody's nipples. It was obvious that Stan's very hard dick was sliding in and out of Melody's ass crack, desperately hoping for better access.

Sara and Stan's sister were watching the action intently. Sara turned towards Maria with her legs open, loudly slapping her pussy, both for the shots of pleasurable pain and to gain the other girl's attention. Sara openly encouraged Maria to join the program with her own pussy party. She wasn't really paying attention to Sara, as she was intently focused on her brother; trying to shift her position for a clear view of his engorged dick. Knowing that look very well, Sara realized that even though Maria and Stan had admitted to seeing each other naked plenty of times, Maria's determined curiosity plainly indicated that the siblings had never seen each other in any kind of aroused state, much less catching the other masturbating. Which was slightly puzzling to Sara, as knowing how boys seem to always have a hard-on, she couldn't believe Maria had never seen her brother's dick fully erect. But there was no time like the present to rectify that situation.

Sara grabbed Maria by the arm and overriding Maria's objections, dragged her across the patio to face the grinding couple. Maria was visibly embarrassed, attempting to cover her swollen nipples and closely-trimmed pussy with her hands, in hope that he wouldn't notice her in such an aroused state. Sara slapped down Maria's hand that was covering her nipples and scolded her to never cover those juicy nipples again, declaring the time was upon them for brother and sister to finally end their childhood shame. Sara then suggested to Melody that they really needed more wine, to which she broke the embrace and scampered off to the kitchen.

Stan's fully engorged dick sprang into the open as Melody pulled away. Maria's gaze was transfixed on her brother's dick, seeing it fully erect for the first time. She stammered out a couple complements about how big it was and that she had no idea what he had been hiding all these years. Proud to finally show off to his sister, without fear of retribution this time, he boldly asked to see her pussy up close, admitting that he always wondered what she was hiding also. Giddy with excitement at exposing herself, she quickly took a seat on the nearest bench and spread her legs wide for her brother's inspection. He tried, but it was just too dark already. Sara then suggested they try the kitchen counter and led the siblings into the house.

Melody was tending to the wine, when upon entering the kitchen the rest of the gang caught Keiko slurping away on my own engorged dick as I sat up on the counter. Keiko was bent over, her ass toward the door. Maria and Stan stopped dead at the sight, having a clear view of my wife's hairless pussy when they walked in. Sara and Melody just waved it off, both saying something about the relaxed atmosphere among friends.

Maria was soon up on the counter with legs spread wide, even parting what little hair she did have so Stan could see the pink inside. Overcome with excitement, he grabbed his dick and squeezed very hard, successfully holding back a volcano of cum that was about to erupt. He calmed down a bit, but Melody was all over him again, saying they weren't done yet and led the troop back out to the patio. Keiko caught Melody on the way out and took her aside. Keiko and I had both been watching Melody's antics with the boys, letting them feel up her new tits and grinding her ass into their crotch, only to then walk away, leaving the poor guys all frustrated. She could be a real prick tease when it suited her. This night though, Keiko and I both let her know how unfair it was and to finish what she started. She nodded in agreement, saying she had already decided earlier to carry it through to the end with Stan.

We soon spied the group in their previous positions. Stan was behind Melody massaging those perky tits, while Maria and Sara were on the bench, open wide to the others, furiously diddling their own pussies. Keiko and I were both pretty well worked up ourselves, watching the show through the window. It was obvious that I liked that petit package that Maria was sporting. Her noticeable Latin lineage gave her curvy hips and a nice round ass. Her boobs were medium-sized and a little droopy, but still caught my attention. Keiko teased me, knowing that my dick wanted to know how soft the inside of her pussy felt. Keiko motioned that she would also like to envelope Stan's dick with her pussy. With that, Keiko grabbed my erect dick like a leash as we walked out to the patio.

Keiko sat me down on the bench, facing Maria. She then straddled herself above me facing Maria also. She didn't drop down on my dick just yet, but began to stroke and fondle it while smiling toward our audience. She wanted to show it off for awhile, before it disappeared inside her hungry pussy. Maria was in her own little erotic pleasure zone, shamefully enjoying the scene around her. It was almost too much to absorb at once, a new experience unfolding every minute. She had stopped diddling her pussy when my erect dick arrived on the scene, preferring to make some sense of the visual scene before returning to any physical pleasure.

Maria was beside herself and quite visibly exasperated, no doubt fighting an inner conflict between her curious desires and moral upbringing. She tore her curious gaze between all the activity unfolding only a few feet away. On one side, Keiko was wanking my dick while swinging her big tits wildly, and on the other side she watched as her naked brother was fucking Melody from behind, his hands still reaching around massaging her tits. Maria also took stock of her own situation, finding it unbelievable that she was out in relative public, naked to the world and totally surprised that she was actually getting a big rush from exposing herself to other people.

She threw up her arms, and in a flustered tone, announced all the firsts she had already experienced that evening. It was her first time being nude with relative strangers; the first time she had seen her brother with a full boner; the first time her brother was invited for a close inspection of her pussy; the first time openly masturbating in public; and now the first time seeing two couples getting it on. Maria even started to look a little sad, to which Sara and Keiko picked up on.

Keiko shifted gears, dismounted me and moved to whisper something into Maria's ear. Her reaction was a little shock, combined with reserved excitement. Keiko then turned my direction and presented Maria for my pleasure, saying that the poor girl really needed her pussy stuffed, and right away. I didn't waste any time and soon had her moaning uncontrollably for an appreciative audience.

Over the course of the rest of the night, my dick was wet with pussy juice from both Maria and Keiko, while Stan's dick slid into wanton pussies from both mother and daughter. Needless to say, the evening had forever changed the relationship between Maria and Stan, and they were definitely on the guest list for the big party.

We had a lot of planning to do for the big party, and we would need a lot of help from our friends. So one balmy evening about a month and a half before the party, I gathered a sizable group of friends to toss around a few ideas, discuss a guest list and assign duties. We had just finished an awesome dinner and as a culminating group activity, had just licked the last of the dessert off of Keiko bare breasts. Every so often, she delighted in offering herself as the table centerpiece, deliriously giggling as the nude dinner guests lick every last morsel from her taught Asian body.

Out on the backyard patio, I joined Keiko, along with our daughter Melody and her friend Sara. We were also joined by our piano teacher Megan and the ever so shapely Christine [See stories: Christine and Megan in Florida Keys, Ch. 1 & 2]. Sophie also joined us later in the evening.

As we settled bare-assed around the large patio table, notepads at the ready, the ever-vigilant Sara complained that, as what always seems to be the case, that there were far more naked ladies around the table than naked men. I quipped back that she should feel free to call some guys over if she wanted, which got a few nods from the other women. Sara soon then returned from a few phone calls to report everybody was busy except Brandon, who would be over shortly.

We were all very naked and within easy sight of our neighbors yards or any passing boat. Our neighbors were cool and all very accustomed to our backyard clothes-free zone. I even spied a couple of them braving nudity themselves over the years. Having cool neighbors eased any concerns we had about our nude party guests venturing into the front or backyards.

A little about Christine. She was a beauty, and didn't even need any make-up to stop men in their tracks. She was half Asian, taking the best attributes from her Korean mother and Norwegian father. Christine was a curvy 5'7", with beautifully soft skin, a gorgeous smile and flowing long hair. She had great legs and an hourglass figure was perfectly proportioned, kept from any hint of aging by her taught and smooth Asian skin. Her long black hair dramatically framed her provocatively-perfect, oval-shaped face, then continued down, tenderly draping her shoulders, and then gently ending its caress with a wispy kiss of her cleavage.

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