tagBDSMHuman Mattress Ch. 02

Human Mattress Ch. 02


Doug yawned and awoke. A ray of sunlight filtered in through the crack in the curtains on the single window of his dorm room. He lifted his head up and saw that it was only 9:18. Too early to get out of bed on a Saturday morning.

The girl upon which he was sleeping squirmed a little. There had been so many girls the past few weeks that he could no longer remember their names. She couldn't move much because her ankles were shackled and tied tightly to the upper sides of the headboard with her legs splayed out in a V against the headboard, while her arms were stretched tightly out over her head under the blankets with her wrists shackled and tied to the feet of the bottom of the bed.

He lay there on his belly upon her with his cock dangling in her mouth held open with a spider gag. Feeling the urge to pee, he relaxed his bladder and let his urine flow through his cock and directly into her throat. Oh yes! The instant his piss left his cock, her throat muscles began to massage the head of his cock while she swallowed.

His cock grew hard in her throat by the time he finished pissing, so he began to pump her mouth, slamming his cock into her throat again and again.

She began to squirm even more as his orgasm welled up in his loins. Before long, his orgasm exploded into her throat flooding her esophagus with his hot cum. At that, he let the pleasure take over and just lay there motionless as her gagging and swallowing did all the work of keeping his orgasm going and going.

Finally spent, Doug lay his head back down in her crotch and drifted off back to sleep.


A day in the library working on a paper due next week was followed by dinner with friends in the dining hall.

While at colleges somewhere, such as Harvard or Princeton, no doubt it was common for students to have 42" LCD HDTVs in their dorm rooms, but at State, Doug was certain that his was the only one. Watching Seinfeld, he checked his appointment book. Tanisha was to be his mattress tonight. At about 9:30, he answered a knock at his door.

"Hi!" said Doug. "Tanisha?"

"Yeah!" said the slender black girl with shoulder-length black hair. "Am I on time?"

"Yup! Come on in! I just took a shower a while ago and am ready for bed."

"Me too," she said with a giggle. "Uhm," she reached into her purse. "It's $50, right?"

"Actually," said Doug. "Since I sleep late on Saturday and Sunday mornings, I charge $80 for Friday and Saturday nights."

"How late do you sleep?"

"Oh," Doug paused, "till about 11 or 12."

"Okay," she said and handed him the cash from her purse. "Are you going to fuck me in the mouth? Like, Hard?"

"Of course!" said Doug.

"And are you going to pee in my mouth during the night?"

"You want me to?" said Doug with a chuckle. Doug then held out his arms. "But if you don't..."

"Well, I'm not into that, really. But I'm just a slab of meat to you, right?"

"Well, yeah..." said Doug as he dropped his arms to his side again.

"Then use me however you need to. I'll just have to deal."

"Uh, right," said Doug. "So you ready?"

"Yeah. What do I do?"

"Get naked and get into bed with your bum against the headboard."

"Um..." she stammered.

"What?" said Doug.

"Can I keep my panties on? My pussy is only for my boyfriend to see. Okay?"

"Sure," said Doug. He opened a small trunk at the foot of the bed and removed a white lump of cloth. "But you'll still need to wear one of these adult incontinence diapers so you'll be able to pee during the night."

Tanisha undressed down to her panties, removing her black tube top and bright read jeans. Doug just stared at her nearly naked body for a second until she said, "Can you look away while I put this on?"

Doug turned away for a moment until she said, "Okay."

With her firm round breasts with erect nipples that pointed right at him, the puffy white diaper she wore made the image all the more sexy.

Doug pulled the blankets way back and Tanisha climbed into bed with her bum against the headboard. Dough shackled her ankles in place and then her wrists, tightening the ropes as he did so, pulling her arms and legs taut.

He then buckled a posture collar around her neck so that she can't turn her head from side to sire and pull him out of her mouth.

Siting on her chest holding a spider gag, he said to her, "I ask everyone this. Are you sure you want to go through with this? Once I put this in your mouth, you're incommunicado and helpless. Once I lay down on you, you're trapped until I get up in the morning. So are you sure?"

"Yeah," she gasped. "I'm sure."

He then leaned down and placed a spider gag in her mouth and buckled the strap behind her head so that she can't bite down during the night.

Doug then pulled the blankets up over her head and took a beer out of his dorm-sized fridge. Shortly later, he climbed into bed and settled down on the girl, sliding his cock into her mouth. He felt his cock touch the back of her throat before he had pushed it all the way in, and she began bucking strenuously under his weight. But she was tied down too tightly for her bucking to be more than a moderate squirm. Doug rested his weight down on her, forcing his cock past her throat and down her esophagus, and squeezing her head between his thighs. Reaching over, he turned his light off and rested his head on the pillow that he placed in her crotch. He wasn't feeling particularly horny at the moment, so he just peed into her throat and closed his eyes and let the beer put him to sleep.

Waking during the night to her squirming under him, he found he was hard. So he began pumping her mouth until his orgasm erupted and he filled her throat with his hot spunk. Being so accustomed to this now, he rested his head back down and was promptly asleep again.


Doug finished that paper in the library Sunday afternoon. Then he found a study group for his literature class in one of the small meeting rooms on the second floor and they all did their homework together that was due tomorrow.

That night, Doug checked his appointment book again. A girl named Violet was to be his human mattress.

Violet was right on time.

"Hi!" said Doug to a short tiny redheaded girl standing at his door.

"Hi! I'm your mattress tonight!"

"You sure are! Come on in! I have to get up early for class tomorrow and I want to go bed. Are you ready?"

"Yeah, I'm all ready," she said. "Do I pay you now?"

"Yup!" said Doug.

Violet reached into her purse and handed Doug $50.

"You'll be in my mouth all night long, right?"

"Yes," said Doug. "Do you have a problem gagging?"

"No," she giggled. "I can slide a whole banana down my throat and back again without gagging. Wanna see?"

"I don't have any bananas," laughed Doug.

"That's okay. So you can fuck me in the mouth as hard as you want."

"Good," said Doug. "I'll probably fuck your mouth during the night, and I'll also have to pee once or twice during the night."

"Ewww!" Violet made a face. "Do you really have to do that?"

"Look, Violet," said Doug. "You're just a slab of meat to me. And I'll use you however I need to. If that's not okay with you, I'll give you your money back and you can leave."

Violet just stood there panting.

"You okay?" said Doug.

"Yeah," she panted after catching her breath. "It's okay. But will you eat my pussy out, too?"

"You'll be wearing an adult incontinence diaper."

"Why? I can hold my pee."

"Some girl a while ago peed in my face in the middle of the night. Splashed against the wall and got the bed soaked. It was a real mess cleaning up."

"Ewww!" said Violet.

"Yeah. So, ever since, I make every girl wear a diaper. Sorry."

"Okay," sighed Violet.

Doug strung Violet up to his bed just like all the previous girls.

Then, drinking a beer before climbing into bed and turning the light off, he emptied his bladder into Violet's throat.

But before falling asleep, he pulled back the tabs on her diaper and flipped it up. Leaning down, he gently licked her seam. She squirmed a little, so he buried his face in her twat and sucked her clit deep into his mouth. Immediately, he began sucking it in and out, over and over again. He continued the steady motion of sucking her clit in and out between his lips for several minutes until her body began quaking underneath him. He continued playing her body like a trumpet, evoking a jolt in her for every suck on her clit. Doug continued until he was certain that the sensation was overwhelming for her, then he continued a little longer before slowly bringing her down.

At that, he taped the diaper back closed, stuffed his pillow in her crotch, and lay his head down to sleep.

True to her word, Violet didn't gag and buck during the night, and Doug slept soundly until the morning. He did wake with a hard on about a half hour before his alarm clock went off, so he emptied his bladder once again and then pumped Violet's face until he erupted in her throat.


That night after class, he relaxed and watched a Star Trek DVD on his HDTV. He leaves one night a week free to sleep normally, which is usually Monday, so he was surprised when there was a knock on his door about 8:30.

Doug gasped when he opened the door. "Diane!" Diane, of course, was the first girl he had ever slept on as his human mattress. She had come to him and offered herself to him after he made an offhand remark in a bull session one afternoon, But in the morning, she was so humiliated by the experience that she reported him to the student Feminist club. That backfired on her, for every girl in the club came running to Doug wanting to be his human mattress. The demand was so great that Doug had to start charging for his services.

"What do you want, Diane?" said Doug.

"I want to be your human mattress again."

"What?" gasped Doug. "You hated it after you did it before. Remember?"

"Yeah. But you have to do it to me again."


"I can't explain. I guess I just deserve it."

"I don't think so..." said Doug.

"Please!" begged Diane. "I need it!"

"But after last time..." said Doug.

"C'mon, Doug! It's because of me that you're getting all these girls. I did you a favor!"

"I guess..." stammered Doug.

"Look," said Diane. "I know you're charging for your services."

"Yeah..." said Doug slowly.

"You charge $50, right?" Diane reached into her purse. "I'll pay you double that. Here's $100. Call whatever girl you scheduled tonight and tell her you're sick and can't do it."

Doug caved. "Okay. Come in."

"Thank you!" said Diane as she stuffed the wad of cash in Doug's hand and entered his dorm room.

"Okay," said Doug. He pulled his blankets down and told Diane to get naked. After tying her to his bed, he pulled the blankets up and went to take a shower.

A while later, he was fresh and ready for bed. After his customary beer, he climbed into bed and slid his cock into Diane's mouth. Like the night before, Doug wasn't feeling particularly horny--after having done this with a different girl every night for the past month or so, he wasn't even hard. He turned the light off, rested his head down, emptied his bladder, and fell asleep.

* END *

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