Human Sexuality in College


"Oh, that's perfect," I agreed. "I'm not ready for a commitment, either."

"Well, I'm not ready for... you know... full-on sex... vaginal sex... you know, insertion, penetration," she stammered.

"That's okay," I comforted her. "There's a lot to do without going all the way."

"I'm not saying I'm against it," she went on. "I'm just saying I'm not ready. I could be by the end of Pledge week at the rate things are going. Just understand that I want to do it when I'm ready."

"Not a problem," I agreed.

After a minute of silence, she said, "I'm so afraid that I'm not being clear."

"How do you mean?"

"Well, it's just that I'm so confused right now. I mean, I really like you, and my hormones are going crazy. I'm just afraid I'm going to say or do something to screw everything up." She was obviously working some things out in her mind and didn't know how. "I really, really want to go out with you," she continued, "and being as inexperienced as I am, I'm afraid I'll get all emotional and clingy. I don't want that. I want to enjoy my freedom. I want to experiment around a little, but I also don't want to push nice guys like you away."

"I've been thinking the same thing," I said. "You are physically more than a dream-come- true, but as a person, you excite me beyond anything I could ever have imagined. We've already opened up to each other quite a bit, which has made me very comfortable with you, and I've never told anyone some of the things I've told you. I am also so afraid I'm going to say or do something that's going to ruin the closeness we've already developed, but, with that said, I also want to expand my horizons."

"You know what's cool?" she said with a big grin. "If we both get accepted into our houses, we'll see a lot of each other. From what I've heard, it's not a good idea to get involved seriously with anyone; at least not too soon. I guess there's a lot of hanky-panky, and getting serious only causes problems. I've heard some stories about our houses that would curl your toes."

"Like what?" I asked, seriously intrigued.

"Well, supposedly, only students enrolled in the Human Sexuality program get accepted into our houses. Since labs often require nudity and intimate touching, the college administration turns its head on most of the sex restrictions that are imposed on the other houses."

"I wonder what these labs require," I said curiously.

"Well, I've heard that one girl in my sorority spent an entire week nude to fulfill a project requirement. She never wore a stitch of clothing except a pair of moccasins. She was doing a study on the affect it had on other students and her own sexuality. I guess she was pretty confident that she wouldn't be overly aroused since she felt her libido was pretty low. According to the rumors, she got so turned on during the study, she was begging guys to have sex with her three days into her week, and she never had any trouble finding a willing partner."

"Damn!" I groaned.

"According to one girl I spoke with, a guy and a girl in one of the HS300 classes demonstrated 27 sexual positions in front of the Student Union Building. It was supposed to be to educate other students in ways of making their relationships more fun and interesting. She said that they did this over a one week period and that each position resulted in climax for both of them."

"Wow! That's amazing!" I said, wondering if I'd be able to do anything like that.

"What surprised me even more about that story was that the guy and girl were dating other people at the time. They had met in class and were made partners on a project of their own choosing by the teacher. Demonstrating sexual positions was what they came up with."

"You've got to be kidding me," I exclaimed. Janice shook her head to indicate she wasn't. "I suppose I could work up the nerve to spend a week naked, but I'm not sure I could have sex with an audience like that, especially with someone I just met."

"Oh, I could!" Janice admitted boldly. Then, suddenly, she became reserved. "I don't know where that came from. I'm usually very shy about my fantasies. I'm sorry."

"Don't be embarrassed," I encouraged. "I think it's cool that you have the nerve to do things like that. The thought really turns me on, and I hope that going to this college will build my self-confidence to the point that I could enjoy some wild fantasies, too. Maybe you can help me over some of my anxieties."

Janice looked at me with a surprised look, and then she started to laugh. "I can't believe we're having this conversation. Here I am, a bookworm-librarian who was so proper in high school that guys wouldn't even talk to me, and now you're asking me to be your mentor in wild fantasy sex. That is so weird."

"And here I thought I was helping you out of your shell," I admitted shyly. "So tell me about your goals at this school."

"Well, I'm not sure, but I wanted to become comfortable enough with my body and my own sexuality that I could help others do the same," she said. "I figured that my own experience would help me better understand others who are naïve and repressed, but I was hoping to be more intimate with my clients than a typical psychiatrist. Sometimes people need to experience things to get over their inhibitions and anxieties. That's why this college is such a godsend for me."

"And me," I agreed. "I've fantasized about public sex, and it always gets me really turned on. Of course in my fantasies, everyone around is aroused by what I'm doing, but I think reality isn't like that. With the social restrictions we've created on ourselves, many people would be outraged and disgusted, even if on the inside they were going crazy with excitement."

Janice hesitated and then said, "It's funny that I feel so comfortable talking to you. For some reason, I don't feel like you're judging me; at least not critically. I feel like I can talk about anything."

"I hope you do," I encouraged her, "and I want you to know, everything you say to me will stay between us. I'm not about to go out and tell people anything you've said to me. Besides, I was thinking that maybe we could share our fantasies and fetishes and help each other realize them."

"Thank you for saying that," Janice said back to me. "I kind of assumed you were that kind of guy, but as I've said, I don't have a lot of experience, and so that you know, I'm not going to spread any rumors about you, either."

I looked at her and grinned. "If you want to spread good rumors, I'm okay with that." We both laughed.

"So, anyway, my other goals: It turns out that those stories I heard were one of the draws to this college. Someday, when I'm a bit more comfortable with myself, I'd like to find out how many guys I could have sex with before I was fully satiated or I became raw. I would like to become skilled at finding young virgin guys and give them a fabulous first experience and then teach them how to seduce other women to have more experiences. I plan on revamping my wardrobe while I'm here so that everything I own is sexy, see-through, very revealing or skin-tight. I'm only going to wear panties when I'm bleeding, and I never want to own a bra again."

"Well, looking at you now, you're well on your way to reaching your wardrobe goal," I said, grinning. She bumped her sexy shoulder into mine as if she were punching me. Then I added, "It sounds like you would like to be a sex surrogate when you graduate."

"What's that?" she asked.

"In your case, you would help dysfunctional men through sex," I explained. "In some cases, you might have to 'date' them for a while to get them relaxed, but you would probably have to actually have sex with them at some point. The final act is usually performed a few times to ensure that they've overcome their anxieties."

"Wow! That sounds like a great job! I'm going to look deeper into that this semester."

"The problem with it is, sometimes the guys are pretty geeky or gross. They're the ones that are really struggling with sex and relationships," I warned her.

"Their personality doesn't bother me. As long as he doesn't smell bad and is clean, I think I could have sex with just about anybody. I'm sure I could convince them to improve their hygiene before we actually do the deed."

"Wow! That's really cool. I don't think I could be so open-minded," I admitted. "I've got to be attracted to the woman to be able to get turned on."

"I guess that's one of the benefits of being a woman," she explained. "I don't have to get an erection, which means I don't have to be attracted to the guy, per se. All I need to do is get wet, and I can do that easily."

I had to agree with her.

"So, what are your goals at this school," she asked me.

"I was hoping to get over my anxieties with women," I started. "I want to drop as many barriers as I can sexually. I was hoping to live out some of my fantasies, most of which revolve around exposure and exhibitionism. I'd love to be a male model for erotic art, whether I'm posing alone or with others. The idea of being naked while others are scrutinizing my body makes my nerves tingle all over, but I'm not sure anyone would be interested in me."

"Well, you're wrong there," she argued. "You've got a really nice body. Some girls might want a little more muscle tone, but most would be thrilled to check you out naked."

I thanked her, hoping that she was right, and then added, "When I graduate, I hope to be a sex therapist."

"You'd be a fabulous therapist," Janice said. "Here you've got me opening up to you already, and whatever anxieties you have with women sure aren't obvious to me."

"Maybe," I said softly, "but I haven't asked you out, yet, and you've never been on a date with me. That's where you'd see me fall apart."

"Well, maybe we can work on that," she said with a smile. "As I said, I want to help men get over their sexual anxieties, and I want to break in virgins. This would be a great opportunity for me to practice, and besides, I'd really like to go out with you. Considering how well we get along and how open you are, it seems to me that we could do some experimenting on our dates. Just the thought of having a willing partner is getting me really excited about some of my fantasies."

"Just the time I've spent with you today, I think a lot of my anxieties are melting away," I told her. "I think any anxiety I might have had wouldn't be there with you."

Just then we came out into the park. We noticed another couple getting dressed, but no one else was there except the upperclassmen (and women). It looked like the girl that had been in the see-through nightclothes. It was surprising to me that a woman that would dress like that in the dorm would have issues with sex.

"They must have whimped out," I said to Janice, cocking my head toward the couple getting dressed. "Looks like they're leaving."

Before we presented ourselves to the head table, we checked each other over. Janice sucked on the head of my cock for a moment to make sure I was fully hard, and I flicked her nipples and clit with my tongue until we were sure they were nice and stiff. I don't think either of us needed to do that, but I know I did it because I wanted to.

After reporting, we were told to stand at ease. Winter came around the table and removed the alligator clips from my testicles. She seemed to take great delight in stroking me as she unwrapped the chain. I know a little bit of pre-cum leaked out while she was squatting in front of me, but she didn't seem to notice.

As she was squatted in front of me, I said, "So, wha..."

Immediately, she stood up and put her nose in my face. "DO NOT SPEAK TO ME UNLESS I GIVE YOU PERMISSION!"

I shut up.

One of the brothers from my fraternity unclipped the alligator clips from Janice. He seemed quite impressed with her clit, and I think she had a small orgasm as he removed the little clip. Roughly, he ripped the map off of her chest and attached another.

"Okay, you did well on your first assignment. Now follow the map to your next one," the brother told us.

Task 2 ------

We stood at attention until we were dismissed, and then we turned and headed off into the woods. I noticed this time that we were to head down a different trail. This one was a bit closer, so the walk wasn't as long.

"So, where'd you hear these stories of students here?" I asked. "I mean, no one I knew even heard of this school."

"Well, actually, I heard it from the older sister of one of my girlfriends. She goes here," Janice explained. "I only told you some of the more mild stories."

"You consider a story of a couple having sex 27 different ways in public mild?"


"And you still wanted to go here?" I couldn't believe a girl would want to go to a school that had a reputation like what she described.

"Actually, that's what motivated me," she said. "Some of the stories she told us are things that I really want to do myself. For example, according to my friend's sister, she and a friend of hers got themselves painted so they looked like they were wearing clothes. Donna, that's my friend's sister, was painted to look like she was wearing a short pair of denim jeans, unbuttoned in the front with a bright orange bikini thong peeking out. On top she had painted a bikini top to match the thong bottoms. Her friend was painted to look like she was wearing a tube-top and a pair of skin-tight jeans. Then the two of them spent the day in town. In reality, they were both stark naked except for their high-heels, but they looked like they were just wearing really tight clothes."

"Damn!" I moaned, thinking about what that must have been like. "How'd they hide their pubic hair?"

"They shaved it all off, dummy," Janice said as she rolled her eyes.

Wow! How stupid of me, but what a turn on.

"So, you mean they wandered around town like that? Didn't anybody figure it out?" I asked.

"I guess not," Janice said. "According to Donna, they spent the whole day like that. They went shopping, had lunch together, talked to some guys at the mall, and even rented a couple of those recumbent bicycles for a couple of hours. It was amazing. Donna said she was so horny by the time they got home, she had to ask four fraternity brothers to come over and satisfy her."

"Do you really think you could do something like that?" I asked.

"Oh, without a problem," she answered, "but I'd like to do it with a guy rather than another girl. I want to be the only one that is completely naked, and I want the guy I'm with to know it. The thought of going on a date with a guy, going out to dinner with him and doing day-to-day things with him while I'm completely naked sounds so exciting. I want him to be so turned on the whole time that he'll do just about anything with me. One of my fantasies is to be sitting on his lap in some crowded public place somewhere and have sex while no one knows."

"God! That sounds so hot!"

"It's too bad there's no way a guy could be painted and nude, too, but with that thing," she looked at my erection pointedly, "there's no way I can see that it could be done."

"Yeah, you're right," I agreed. "Guys wearing skin-tight clothes just doesn't hack it in public, either. I guess the best a guy can do is wear snug jeans without underwear."

"Hey, would you be interested in being my date when I do it?" she asked.

"You bet! I would love it!"

"Cool!" she said. "I know you'd be willing to break a few social rules in the guise of experimentation."

"You know I would, especially with such a fun partner!" I agreed. "What's amazing is that I probably would have been too nervous to agree to something like that, but if you are my partner, I think I would do just about anything. I feel so free when I'm with you."

Both of us were clearly quite aroused by our talk and naked-in-public state. We were both quite erect when we got to the next table. Again, a brother and sister were manning the table. Again, we came to attention and reported to them, and again, the guy could not take his eyes off of Janice's breasts. It surprised me with how blatant he was, but I also could understand his fascination in them. They weren't especially huge, just large for her otherwise slender frame.

The girl seemed pleased with my erection and didn't hesitate to look at it, but she had better self-control than the brother and didn't stare.

On the table were the instructions. There were ten packages of condoms and a variety of diaphragms. The instructions were that Janice was to put all ten condoms on me, and I was supposed to put one diaphragm in her. Without use of our hands, both would be difficult.

We had to work together to open the condoms. I held the edge of one between my teeth, and she had to grab the adjoining edge with her teeth, bringing her close enough that it might look like we were kissing, and rip the package open. A couple of times, the condom bounced out of the package and fell to the ground. It was a good thing there was a soft matt of grass under us so it didn't get covered in dirt.

The first condom was the most difficult for her to put on me. It was a basic, unlubricated condom, and she had to figure out with her tongue how the latex unrolled. Then she had to rotate it around in her mouth so she could fit it over the head of my cock. Presuming we would be judged on how well it was put on, she unrolled it all the way down my shaft using her tongue and lips.

"Oh, God!" I groaned when she had my cock fully engulfed in her mouth. "I can't hold back anymore!" I could feel the back of her throat as she used her tongue to make sure the condom was full unrolled, and I lost it.

I guess I expected her to jerk away in the hopes of stopping my release, but she didn't. Instead, she clamped down on my cock and started sucking and massaging it with her tongue. I came in buckets. I swear my balls sucked into my body and tried to follow the sperm. My whole body jerked and shook for a good five minutes, and Janice never released me and never stopped sucking.

I was so afraid that she'd pull away and the brother and sister would see me flaccid. Winter did warn me not to let that happen. Janice must have considered that, too, because she kept her mouth firmly wrapped around my shriveled cock. For the next ten minutes, she continued to suck and massage my dick until I was fully erect again.

When she finally did pull away, I looked down and saw the condom filled with my sperm. It had run up the shaft about three-quarters of the way, making most of my cock look milky white. Janice looked at it for a moment, but then grabbed the next condom package with her mouth and stood up in front of me. We opened it as we had the first, and she pushed the latex sleeve onto my shaft. After the fabulous orgasm, I wasn't about to have another, and the added level of latex separating her mouth from my skin made me less sensitive. Janice had no further incidents putting the rubbers on my cock, but the eroticism of the whole event kept me fully erect.

The next step was the diaphragm. Again we had to open the package together, but it took us a few minutes to figure out how I was to insert it. Then Janice said, "How about I slip it over your dick, and you push it in."

"What about your hymen?" I asked.

"Oh, I lost that years ago on my bicycle," she explained. "Be careful, though. Nothing bigger than my finger has been in there since, and your dick looks pretty threatening." She grinned at me, and I knew she was saying that to boost my ego, which it did.

Again she dropped to her knees and balanced the diaphragm on the end of my cock with her mouth. Then she stood up and leaned against the table and spread her legs for me. I moved up to her and carefully pushed the head of my cock against her bare pussy lips. I could see her clit standing swollen at the top of her slit, and her whole mons appeared to be swollen and pink.

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