tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHumiliation Gone Wrong Ch. 02

Humiliation Gone Wrong Ch. 02


Ashley took a deep breath as she rapped her fist against the intimidating red door before her. Only one night had passed since her big humiliation and already Brooke had sent her a text message demanding she come and visit. Ashley nervously shivered as she waited. She pulled her jacket tightly around her black t-shirt as if the cotton material could protect her from whatever Brooke had planned.

Finally the door swung open and Brooke leaned outward from the wooden frame with a big grin on her face. She was more liberally dressed then Ashley in a white tank-top and a short pair of black denim shorts. A large pair of sunglasses sat delicately upon her nose and a small purse hung off the side of her shoulder. "Oh great, you are finally here. We can go to the mall now," she said gleefully.

"The mall?" questioned Ashley as began to step down the porch with Brooke. "Why are we going to the mall?" she asked.

Brooke cynically rolled her eyes at Ashley as she replied in a sarcastic tone, "Well, to go shopping of course." The two girls walked in silence down the block before Brooke piped in again, "Next time you better ask me permission before you ask any questions."

Ashley nodded her head softly up and down and began to reply "I'm sorr-"

"Sorry? You better be" Brooke interrupted her quickly. Arrogantly, she averted her gaze from Ashley. Once again, the two girls walked toward the mall in silence. "I hope you brought some money with you. You are going to need it," Brooke declared, finally breaking the silence.

"Might I ask a question?" Ashley responded politely to Brooke.

"No!" Brooke snapped back at her. By this point, the two girls had reached the concrete parking lot of the mall. Brooke led Ashley toward the nearest entrance. Sunday was not typically a busy day for the mall but it was approaching Christmas and so there were a fair amount of people visiting and walking around.

Ashley crept behind Brooke into the large mall. The entrance was adorned with an elaborate Christmas light display. She wondered if Brooke was going to force her to pay for a shopping spree. She hoped not because she did not have that much money in her wallet. If Brooke would have allowed her to ask if she needed more, she could have gone back home and picked up some cash. Eventually the two girls ended up at Urban Clothz, a store that was popular among hip hop kids.

Brooke grabbed a hold of Ashley's arm and yanked her towards the back of the store. "Come on Ashley, let's pick out some clothes for you," she said. Brook fumbled through some racks of clothing. "This is what's popular these days, Ashley. All the girls in the rap videos wear this stuff." Brooke tossed a few shirts at Ashley and then moved on to the skirts. She muttered to herself as she thumbed through the clothes, "Hmm. No, not this." Eventually she pulled a few select skirts out from the rack. "Here, I want to see how these look on you. Let's go try them on," Brooke commanded, adding skirts to Ashley's pile of clothes.

Ashley took the clothing pile and headed over to the fitting room. Just looking at the shirt sitting on the top of the pile, she knew she would look like a humongous slut dressed in these clothes. Ashley dumped the pile on the bench in the fitting room. She then turned to Brooke and waited for her to leave.

Brooke shook her head at Ashley and said, "I ain't leaving. Trust me; I've already seen your naked slut body. There is no reason to be modest." Brooke turned around and shut the door to the fitting room. She then turned around, fixed her eyes on Ashley and waited.

Ashley hesitated and then admitted that what Brooke said was correct. She slid off her jacket and hung it up on a nearby hanger. She then un-buttoned her jeans and sat down on a bench attached to the side of the fitting room wall. Gently she tugged at the pant-legs until the jeans slid off of her long, smooth legs. Finally, Ashley reached under her black shirt, curled her fingers around the material, and pulled it up and over her head.

Brooke held her hand out and motioned for Ashley to stop before she put on any clothing. "Wait, I forgot something. Stay like that," she said. Brooke quickly opened the fitting room door and moved out. After a short time, she returned with a red thong. "Here, put this on." Brooke tossed it to Ashley.

Ashley looked at the thong. She couldn't believe something so small would be capable of fitting, much less covering her up. She slid off the pair of white cotton panties she had been wearing and pulled the thong up. It fit-tightly and she could feel the fabric pressing up against her pussy. Instantly, she began to feel aroused by wearing it. She blushed and reached for the skirts that Brooke had gotten for her but she was interrupted again.

"Take off your bra," Brooke commanded. "You don't need to wear one. I will take it back and give it to you when you leave today," explained Brooke. Before Ashley could object, Brooke walked behind her, pushed her fingers behind the back of the bra and un-clasped the strap.

Ashley blushed bright red as her bra fell to the ground. Her big tits followed close behind, bouncing back and forth from the effects of gravity. She wanted to smack Brooke but knew she was in no position to. Finally, Ashley grabbed a black miniskirt from the pile of clothes Brooke had given her. She stepped inside it and pulled it up. The skirt hardly covered her at all. The top of the thong was visible above the skirt and if she bent over even the slightest bit, anyone behind her would be able to see up the skirt. Ashley sighed and pulled on a black shirt from the pile. The shirt was strapless so it would be obvious to anyone that Ashley wasn't wearing a bra. The shirt was so low-cut that it practically hung off of Ashley's nipples. It also cut off on the midriff so that the top of her thong was visible in the back. The outfit left very little of Ashley's body to the imagination. She looked like a street whore. "I can't wear this," complained Ashley.

Brooke shook her head and said, "You have to wear it. If you keep complaining, I will make you wear it without the thong. What would you think about that?" Brooke snapped at her. "Now come on, you are wearing this out of here."

Embarrassed, Ashley took the pile of clothes and exited the dressing room in her slutty outfit. Brooke followed close behind carrying the clothes Ashley had worn in. Ashley realized how difficult it was to walk without exposing herself. She had to make sure not to lift her leg in the wrong way or lean too much forward or her thong-covered bottom region would be shown. Even more worrisome was her shirt. With out her bra, the top of the shirt barely held up. Every time Ashley moved, her chest would jiggle and she feared her breasts would pop out.

Finally, Ashley made it to the cash register and put down the clothes. "Oh yeah, the clothes I am wearing also need to be paid for," she explained. A Caucasian boy dressed like a rapper was working the cash register. When he set his eyes on Ashley, his jaw nearly dropped. A group of some black customers dressed like rappers were also staring at her with their mouths practically watering. Ashley blushed and then noticed her nipples hardening and poking through the shirt. The exhibitionism was turning her on. Quickly she pulled the money out from her pocket and handed it to the boy. The cash register employee took the money and began to process the sale. Unfortunately, he kept messing up the change due to the distraction Ashley's heaving chest and hardening caused. The more Ashley worried the longer and harder her tits grew.

Finally, the boy handed her change and stuffed the clothing into a bag. Unfortunately, it was too late. Ashley's nipples pushed her shirt too far forward and the top fell off of her breasts. Her constrained boobs finally pushed outward and bounced up and down in front of the employee and the other customers. "Hoooly shit," gasped the boy working at the register. Ashley blushed as red as an apple and quickly grabbed her shirt up with one hand and took a hold of the bag with the other. As fast as she could, she ran from the store. Her breast flew up and down as she ran until she finally managed to pull her shirt back on. Brooke followed behind her laughing.

"You should have seen the look on his face," Brooke chuckled as she led Ashley towards the mall exit. As they walked, Brooke could see the eyes of many men and boys shopping at the mall turning to look at Ashley. Her bouncing breasts barely covered by the skimpy shirt and the tiny skirt showing off Ashley's long and immaculate legs left little to the imagination. Brooke recognized two boys from their school standing around staring at them. She grabbed a hold of Ashley's arm and dragged her over to them. "Hey Bobby, what's up?" she said to one of the boys.

Bobby sported a pair of glasses and had a scraggly goatee. He wore a black band t-shirt with a pair of ratting looking jeans. "Hey Brooke, what's up?" he said in a raspy voice. He then turned to Ashley and spoke, "Hey Ashley, I haven't talked with you in a while. I uh... I heard you had a lot of fun at Jessica's party after the dance," Bobby snickered under his breath. "Oh, by the way, this is my friend Nick," Bobby said as he pointed to the other boy.

Brooke nodded her head. "Nice to meet you Nick," she said politely. "Yeah, Ashley could hardly contain herself at the party the other night. I'm quite impressed with her actually," Brooke explained. "It takes a lot of guts to throw away your social status like that but she apparently has embraced the nymphomaniac lifestyle," Brooke winked at Ashley. "You're addicted to cock, aren't you?"

Ashley nodded her head. She wished she could just punch Brooke in the face but knew it would be a bad idea in the long term. When she failed to say anything else, she received a dirty look from Brooke. "Oh yeah, I can't help myself. There is nothing I like more then a good serving of warm cum," Ashley said in a bored tone. This time, Brooke grinned.

"Well, I think that is pretty cool," Bobby said as he ran his eyes up and down her body. "We should definitely hang out sometime. I think I have your number some where." Bobby grinned crookedly at her.

Brooke nodded her head at the two boys and spoke, "Hey, you guys are welcome to grab her boobs. She's obviously not wearing a bra. When nobody is looking, just go for it," Brooke said to the boys. She turned her head to Ashley, looked her in the eyes, and smirked.

Bobby and Nick didn't wait for Ashley's opinion. Both boys quickly looked around and realized nobody was watching. Bobby reached over and pulled down Ashley's shirt. Her big breasts bounced free in front of the two boys and her erected nipples were revealed. She softly yelped as they each took a breast and squeezed and toyed with it. She could feel Bobby's finger circling around one of her hard nipples and then lightly squeezing it. Both boys leaned into her and she could feel their obvious erections through their pants. After what seemed like an eternity, her shirt was lifted back up and the two boys stopped their assault on her breasts. The boys said their goodbyes and left. Brooke resumed taking Ashley out from the mall.

On the way back home, Brooke tormented Ashley by continuously bringing up her favorite parts of the gangbang video. Along the way, a truck pulled up next to them and a big redneck looking man in a checkered red-shirt and coveralls leaned out from the window. The man had a five o'clock shadow and scraggly looking brown hair. He looked like he would be in his late 30s or early 40s. "Y'all need a ride?" he asked.

Ashley shook her head but Brooke nodded and yelled "Sure!" Brooke turned and spoke to Ashley, "Get into the truck, I will follow you." Ashley climbed into the truck and sat next to the man and then Brooke climbed up and sat next to Ashley. The truck's interior was in bad condition and it smelled like fast food grease. "Thanks for the ride, sir," Brooke said politely.

The big man scratched his chin and replied, "My name's Ned and it's my pleasure." Ned began to drive off with the two girls. The truck hit a pot hole and bounced up and down. Ashley's breasts bounced out of her shirt when they hit the hole and jiggled out in front of her. She quickly pulled the shirt back up over the exposed flesh. "Mmm," said Ned. He had gotten a good view of her breasts. "You girls wouldn't happin' to be lookin to make a little money, would ya?" he asked inquisitively.

Brooke shook her head at Ned and explained, "Oh sir, I don't do that sort of thing. My friend Ashley here, however, she's a whore. She'll be glad to make some extra money doing whatever you want." Brooke watched Ashley sink into her seat. She could see her face turning green.

Ned grunted in glee, "Wow, you gals sure are direct. I'll go pull over into this forested area over here. How much is it gonna cost to fuck the little slut?" he asked Brooke.

"For you sir," Brooke began "Only ten dollars." Both Ashley and Ned gasped. Ashley could not believe she was going to be auctioned off for only ten dollars and Ned couldn't believe how lucky he was to get such a deal.

"Ten dollars!?! What a bargain!" Ned proclaimed. He drove his truck into a canopied camp area that was vacant during the wintertime. "Well girlie, let's git on with it," Ned said to Ashley. He un-did the buttons on the straps of his coveralls, letting them fall to his side. He then un-tucked his shirt out from under them. Slowly he began to un-button the checkered shirt. Once finished, Ned let his hairy chest and flabby gut spill outward. He then pulled down the rest of his coveralls. When he pulled off his large pair of boxers, his big throbbing erection popped out. The cock hung only a few inches in front of Ashley.

"I'll let you two love birds go at it," declared Brooke. She opened the truck passenger door and jumped out. Brooke landed on the ground and brushed off her shorts before closing the passenger door of the truck. Ashley was left alone with Ned. Ashley scooted back to where Brooke was sitting and Ned moved out of the driver's seat. Ashley felt like she was going to throw up.

"Why don't you take a seat?" Ned said, patting his large erection and chuckling. Before Ashley could object, Ned grabbed her and pulled her over onto his cock. Ashley felt it pushing up against the tight fabric of her thong. Ned's big gut pushed up against her stomach. He used his fat fingers to pull down Ashley's shirt and began to rub and play with her breasts as he moved her bottom half around on his cock. "Mhhm, I am digging you girl."

Ashley closed her eyes and hoped it would go quickly. She felt Ned remove her shirt, totally exposing her large mounds of flesh to him. He put his sloppy mouth on her left tit and sucked vigorously. Ashley's eyes watered as the nerves in her nipple tensed and pushed sensations through out her body. He then moved his mouth over to her face. She held in her breath and he pushed his tongue to her lips and forced it inside. She could feel his warm tongue thrashing around inside her mouth. She nearly gagged

Ned broke the kiss and pulled Ashley off of him. "Here, why don't you suck on it for a while?" Ned asked as he pushed his cock against Ashley's breast. Ashley nodded her head and moved down. She put her mouth around the enormous head and began to suck on it for a bit. Eventually, Ned forced more of the cock into her mouth and so she sucked on the shaft as well. The wrinkled texture of the penis tickled her lips. "Can I get a little tongue action?" Ned asked. Ashley began to swirl her tongue around the cock causing Ned to moan. Ashley started to deep-throat the cock in hopes of getting him off quickly. The head pushed deep into her throat and sent shivers down her spine. Despite her best attempts, he managed to endure. After quite a bit of hard sucking, he removed his cock from her dripping wet mouth.

"Ok, its action time then," Ned said. He pushed Ashley's back down against the cushion of his truck. He used his fat fingers to pull down here skirt and then her tight red thong. Her pussy quickly pushed out as if it had been gasping for air in its tightly constrained state. "Wow, what a loose pussy," Ned commented to her. Ned pushed a fat finger into her vagina followed by a second and then a third. He began a pumping motion with his fingers. He would wiggle them inside her, occasionally pulling out and rubbing her clit. Ashley moaned and shook vigorously as she was serviced. As gross as the man was, Ashley could not change the fact that she was very horny and had been so since the mall. Her body betrayed her. Eventually, Ned pulled his fingers out of her vagina. "So what now?" he asked.

"Enter me," Ashley softly replied to Ned. She gently fluttered her eyes at the big man.

"What? What do you want me to do?" Ned asked stubbornly. "I couldn't hear you."

"Fuck me, please!" Ashley yelled this time. "Penetrate me with your big dick!"

Ned nodded his head at her and responded, "My pleasure, darlin." Ned quickly climbed on top of her. His cock slid up and down her pussy until he finally grabbed it and stuffed it in tightly. He then began to vigorously pump. Everytime he moved into her, his gut would slide up against her stomach and brush against the bottom of her breasts. Ashley moaned and aided Ned by bucking her hips whenever he thrusted. It did not take long until Ashley's body shook with ecstasy and she experienced a massive orgasm.

Ned continued to pound away as Ashley moaned and her body convulsed in pleasure. Soon enough, he realized he couldn't hold it any longer. "Get ready!" he yelled. His face grew red and his thrusts became move rapid. Ashley could feel his cock beginning to vibrate inside of her..

"Alright, fill me up!" Ashley yelled. After she had said it, she couldn't believe she had made such a slutty comment. She didn't have long to reflect however because soon Ned blew a massive load into her pussy. She could feel it squirting deep inside of her and when she moved her head up she saw cum flowing out from her orifice. Ned quickly climbed off of her and began to get dressed. Ashley remained naked on the cushion panting.

The passenger door swung open and Brooke quickly jumped into the tuck holding a diet soda. She pushed Ashley to the middle seat next to Ned and buckled her safety belt. Brooke turned to Ned and said, "I'll take the ten dollars Ned. You can drop us off at Ashley's house. I will tell you directions." Ashley finally regained her breath and began to get dressed as fast as she could.

Ned pulled out of the camp area and began to head toward Ashley's house. As he drove, he fumbled through his wallet until he eventually pulled out a ten dollar bill. "Here you go, with a tip," he said smiling at Brooke. He handed Brooke twelve dollars. "Did you get a good show?" he asked her.

Brooke shook her head and responded, "I went to get a soda but I did come in at the end. I was here to see Ashley beg you to fuck her and then have a big orgasm," Brooke explained as she winked at Ashley. "I liked that cute comment about filling her up. She really gets into getting fucked."

Ned nodded his head and laughed, "You can say that again. Best fuck of my life." Ned eventually reached Ashley's house and stopped his truck. "Well, you gals stay out of trouble. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I'll know where to come if I get a hankering now," he said with a wink directed at Ashley.

Ashley grabbed her bag of clothing and climbed out of the truck dazed. She couldn't believe she had just whored herself out. Even worse, Ned knew where she lived now and could return at anytime. If this were not enough, her pussy ached in soreness. It would be difficult for her to keep the events out of her mind.

"You did a good job today," Brooke said to Ashley. "Here, you get to keep the tip." Brooke handed Ashley two dollars. "By the way, tomorrow night Jenny is expecting you to sleep over at her house. I expect you to listen to her the same as you listen to me. If you don't, the consequences will be the same. You should go dressed like you are right now as well," Brooke commanded Ashley. "I'll call you later," Brooke said. She then nodded her head at Ashley and began to walk down the block to her house.

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