Do you ever put yourself in a dangerous position or situation? On purpose. Ever put yourself in a sexual situation where you could get really fucked up? As in “god help me but I could maybe die or be seriously damaged dangerous”? Every now and then I get the urge to do that. I get the urge to put myself in a little bit of danger. The orgasm is so fucking intense.

A few weeks ago I got the urge. I decided to really dress up as nasty as I could. So I put on some black seamed stockings that were held up by a little black garter belt. And some black leather close to thigh high four inch heeled boots. I have this pair of blue jean cut offs. They’re short, worn with a few holes in interesting places and just loose enough so that I can get my fingers under the leg holes when I have them on. Up top I put on a thin black silk undershirt. I had silver chain bracelets on my arms, around my neck and on one ankle. No earrings. Right now my hair is a dark auburn and is cut so that it kind of forms to my head and is about nape of neck length. Black lipstick with some little blood red flecks at the corner of my mouth. Rouge on my cheeks. All in all I looked really really good.

There’s a private club here that caters to those with all sorts of interesting sexual interests. The guy who runs it is an acquaintance of mine and I had gotten him to let me come as a guest that night. The place is in a warehouse district and looks totally non-descript but inside it’s a soundproof one story with a mezanine sex palace. I got there around ten. After walking through a security door and screening area I was shown to a locker area where I could leave my purse and coat. I also took off my shorts and undershirt so that all I had on were the boots, stockings and garter belt. I started wandering around the place just taking it in and being taken in by lots of eyes.

The downstairs is divided into various rooms that are connected by hallways. There are no ceilings on the rooms so they’re exposed to the mezanine which is a ten foot wide walkway that goes all around the warehouse. From it you can look down into the various rooms and see what’s happening. Plenty.

I walked by a low opening leading into a low ceilinged room with a foam floor. It’s a blowjob room where ten or twelve people were all sucking each other off. Four or five girls and the rest guys. I watched for a few minutes. Very hot. While I was watching, I saw this gorgeous blonde girl blowing this really big cocked black guy and had him to a point where he was holding her head and pulling his big dick out of her mouth and then sliding it back it really fast and hard. On the out stroke he all of a sudden shot off this huge load into her face and mouth. It was hot to see.

There was another room where a guy was suspended in a leather sling while other guys fucked his ass one after another. His head was low enough that women could squat over his face and either pee on it or have him lick them out.

I went up the stairs to the mezanine and started walking around looking down below. There were couches and various sawhorses and tables up there where people were engaged in various hot scenes. I looked over the side and saw this one room that was made up to look like a torture chamber. There were a couple of people in it doing some sort of mild whipping on one another. And there was this guy standing there watching them. He had on black knee high boots, a black thong and that’s about it other than the nipple rings, Zorro type mask and silver chains around his neck and one wrist. He looked up and saw me watching him. I stared back and he motioned for me to come to see him. Not wanting to relinquish my grip on control I turned away and looked around for something interesting. There were couples and groups on couches and mattresses that were up against the walls. I watched while a guy laid a girl on her back over a big inflatable ball and then handcuff her wrists and ankles and then ankle to ankle so that she was totally wide open to any invasion imaginable. Guys and girls would come over to her and stick cocks, dildos, mouths, anything into her. One guy held her mouth open and another jerked off into it. A older woman bit and pinched her nipples pulling on them with her teeth til the girl screamed. Her boyfriend squirted oil all over her body. A guy got between her tits and rocked the ball up and back fucking his cock til he shot a load and it slid all over her oily body. I was getting so fucking hot watching I had my hand rubbing and stroking my cockclit til it was hard. Her boyfriend undid the ankle to ankle cuffs and turned her over onto her stomach and re-fastened her. He rolled her forward so that her face was just inches from the floor and so that her ass and cunt were up in the air and really exposed. A big black guy with a giant cock immediately pushed into her ass and started fucking in and out of her. She was screaming and crying while his big dick pounded her. He only lasted a few minutes and then pulled out to shoot onto her back. Another guy immediately went to his knees and sucked the big cum load into his mouth as still another guy slid his cock into one of her holes. I turned and walked away with my now hard clit sticking out in front of me. I’d walk by people and someone would reach out and touch it and even though the head was getting sensitive and needed some attention I kept going.

I went downstairs and just for fun made my way to the room where I had seen the hot looking guy in the black thong. The only people in the room were a guy tied to a sawhorse and a couple of girls whipping him and fucking his ass with a big dildo. I watched for a couple of minutes and then turned to leave when I ran into the hot guy who was standing right behind me. With the pounding music I hadn’t heard him come up. Up close he was even more imposing looking. His chest was smooth and well muscled without looking silly. Big arms too. Smooth well sculpted legs and a lovely bulge in that sexy thong. He didn’t say a thing but put one hand around my neck and squeezed a little bit. “Were you looking for something? Or were you looking for me cunt?”

It startled me and scared me for a second but I was there to live it dangerously. “I might have been looking for you.” I said.

His other hand went down to my balls. He had both of them in his hand and he squeezed. I could breathe ok but he got tighter and the squeeze on my balls was hard. “Looking for you!” I croaked. He didn’t say anything else but let go of my balls and pulled me by the neck over to the center of the room. There was a step ladder there that he had me get on after he had cuffed my hands in front of me. He told me to put my cuffs over a hook that came out of the ceiling and as soon as I did it he kicked the step ladder out from my feet and I fell with all my weight hitting the cuffs and my wrists. My toes were barely touching the floor. I was hung and helpless. He moved in front of me and put a ball gag in my mouth and fastened it behind my head. He then showed me a pair of silver alligator clips that were connected by a silver chain. He didn’t say a word but opened a clip and held it up to one of my hard nipples. I could look down and see it poised over me and then he let it close. It hurt so badly I cried out. I could feel the silver teeth biting into my flesh and could see a small trickle of blood start to flow. He did the same thing to the other nipple. I was in absolute agony. He then took a little silver loop and put it on the chain and then hung a little weight on it so that my nipples were pulled down making them hurt that much more. There was a little blood from each nipple sliding down my chest and stomach. He went behind me and put cuffs on both ankles. He fastened the other ends to hooks in the floor that were slightly behind and spread out from me so that when he finished I was suspended with my legs going back from my body and out from my shoulders. I looked like I was trying to take off and fly. My ass, cock and balls were totally exposed. He poured oil all over me and rubbed it in so that I was slick with it. And he left.

A few people came into the room and looked at me. One guy rubbed our cocks together. A woman fingered my ass. And then he came back. He had a good sized butt plug that he showed me and then went behind me and stuffed it into my ass. It hurt so good but I couldn’t cry out because of the gag. He came back around in front and looked into my eyes as he held my rock hard girldick and squeezed it as he jacked it off for a few seconds. “I’m going to go get a few of my closest friends for you bitch. Let em see what a cockslut looks like. Don’t go away.”

I was alone again. An older couple (50's?) came in with a Great Dane on a chain leash. They were both naked except for black capes. Neither spoke but they looked me all over. The Dane sniffed my cock and ass and started licking my clit. I was so hot it was twitching and the dog was licking at it when the woman took the nipple chain and pulled at it causing a bit more blood to flow and for me to cry out again. They both laughed and went away.

He came back. He had two other guys and a girl with him. One of the guys jerked the butt plug out of my ass and rammed his big dick into me. He was fucking in and out of me while the other new guy used a whip of some sort on my back and ass. The girl just bent over right in front of me with her legs spread while Mr. thong walked up to her ass and shoved his cock into her. He fucked her furiously for a few minutes and then pulled out of her. She turned around and went to her knees and he grabbed her by the ears and shoved his big dick into her mouth and quick fucked her mouth making her gag and sputter. He did it for a few minutes and then shoved her away from him. He came over to me and got on the step ladder so he could un-cuff me. The two guys doing me never missed a beat and kept fucking and whipping away. He lowered me so that I was on my knees. He un-did the gag and I gasped from wanting fresh air. But I didn’t have a chance at much because his cock went into my mouth and started fucking it. The guy in my ass pulled out and went over to the girl and started fucking her cunt. The other guy pulled my cocky back between my legs and started whipping it. God but it hurt but it also felt so fucking hot. He’d whip it for a few strokes and then go down on it and suck it for a few more. Going back and forth making me crazy while Mr. thong fucked my face.

I was drenched in sweat and was crazy with lust. I wanted to cum so bad but I didn’t want any of this to end.

Mr. thong held my head and fucked me hard and then I felt his cock twitch and swell and he shoved it into the back of my throat and I felt hot cum shoot down into me. Blast after blast and I kept swallowing it until he was drained. He pulled out of me and slapped me hard across the face two or three times making my ears ring. “Cock-sucking queer slut!” He spit on me and walked out. He tossed the key to the cuffs at me. It hit me in the face and I cried out. The guy whipping my clitty stopped. He stood up and put his foot on my cock and balls and pressed until I thought my balls would pop. He jerked off on me and splattered his cum all over me and then laughed at me. He shook his dick and then held it pointed towards me. I thought he wanted me to suck the last of his cum and tried to get my mouth to it but he started peeing on me and shooting his hot piss into my mouth and all over me. I was crying and fell back onto the floor exhausted. I was finally alone.

After awhile, I don’t know how long it was, a guy and girl couple came in. They were very goth looking. Pale with black capes on and nothing else. They kind of settled around me and started caressing and stroking me. Whispering to me that everything was OK. Telling me they’d take care of me. And then my head was in the girl’s lap and she was stroking my hair and gently kissing me while he went down to my cocky and balls and gently started sucking at me. I was still so hot to cum and so hard. He was a hot cocksucker and soon had me so crazy with lust that I barely felt it when she used a razor to cut open the vein on one of my wrists. I looked and she was sucking at the blood that seeped out of me. He was sucking my cock and she was sucking my blood. She looked up and there was blood on her face and lips. She smiled at me and put my wrist up to my mouth. I sucked at my own blood and she kissed me and sucked it out of my mouth and into hers. He had some fingers in my stretched ass and was blowing my head off. They switched places and she ate my dick and balls sucking at me and jacking my cock. He was eating my blood and telling me he loved me. She was fingering my ass. Fucking me with her hand. “She’s so wide open. I’ve got four fingers in her ass.” She said.

“Fist her baby. Fuck her with your arm.” He said.

“Oh yes. I’ve got my hand inside her ass. She’s such a cockslut!” She said as she slowly fucked her arm in and out of me as he took some cloth from somewhere in his cape and tied it tightly around my wounded wrist. He moved down to my cock and started sucking me as his girl fisted my ass. My hips were cumming up off the floor and fucking my dicky into his hot mouth. “Cum in his mouth you slut.” She whispered as she pistoned in and out of my asscunt. I felt cum rising in me.

“Oh god I’m gonna cum!” I screamed as my juice rose like oil gushing out of a well and into his mouth. The first blast went into his face and mouth and he pulled away and pointed my cock like a hose towards his lover. She had pulled out of my ass just as I shot which made me shoot more and it was spewing all over the place and they were both licking it up and sucking it til it was all gone. And then they both just got up and left me there.

I don’t know how much time went by. But then these four big black guys came in. I think that’s another chapter in this particular story though.



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