tagMatureHung Jury

Hung Jury


I met up with the girls for breakfast downstairs in the dinning room of the resort. We fed on fruit, orange juice and coffee to nurse the headaches from the drinking we did the previous night.

I told the girls I really wanted to limit my intake of booze. My problem is I like sweet drinks with high alcohol content and every time I drink these potions I end up damn near passed out.

Nicole's smart ass, replied that I should stop sipping kool aid drinks and woman up to real booze that you don't sip and step up to some shots.

"Here-Here" Yvonne said as she raised her glass of juice to me.

I could never throw back shots of anything without hugging the porcelain bowl or watching the walls spin before my eyeballs while trying to focus on one object in the room. Forget about standing or walking because I will fall flat on my face.

"Oooooooh I would love to see you pissy drunk." said Yvonne.

Not going to happen I learned my lessons after Maria's party. Never drink tequila or any other alcoholic beverages that will make me pass out, or forgetful of what happened that night.

So there we were sitting around the breakfast table comparing notes on what happened the night before and debating who had the best experience.

Yvonne decided to share her night's fun first.

She thought the position would make having an orgasm difficult, but the deeper she pounded herself on him the harder she climaxed.

Julie thought the position was gay more than a heterosexual fucking position. Yvonne invited Julie to join her next escapade to see just how pleasurable it could be.

Nicole was next to share her experience with us. The sub she used for the evening was completely at her mercy. The torment she inflicted on his body was harsh. The only time Nicole released him from the pain she subjected on him was when the safe word was uttered.

We asked Nicole what the safe word was.

"Mercy" She said.

Yvonne who has never experience Power Games asked Nicole to explain the purpose of the safety word from the subdued.

Nicole explained a safe word is a word that is designated by both parties they will use to stop immediately any game in progress. With games that involve control and domination a safe word is used to tell the other party that you are uncomfortable with the situation.

The sub gets pleasure from the fact that someone will discipline, and control them if they are bad. Before anything starts, both parties must agree to the role playing.

"I see. Do you think I could be a Top?" Yvonne asked.

"Sure, with a lot of practice and accepting the rules, roles, and the terms of what goes on in the BDSM community." Nicole said

"Okay, enough about your night I want to tell you about my night with Lola." said Julie.

"Hmmm, was there any girl on girl action." asked Nicole.

"Yes there was. At first the hot wax Lola drizzled on my body felt weird. The liquid sent adrenaline shocks through my body causing me to involuntarily ooze something wet and warm from my fuzzy bunny."

We interrupted Julie, because we could not stop laughing at the phrase "fuzzy bunny."

We asked Julie why she called her vagina "fuzzy bunny."

"The bunny; my slit; is well hidden in my hairy bush." Julie said.

We laughed until our stomachs ached and tears ran down our cheeks. We thought it was a good idea to end with Julie's night of excitement with me, and make plans for tonight's event.

After breakfast and girl talk we decided to meet up later for dinner and another night of fun at the Keep. Yvonne said she noticed a room at the club we missed and was eager to check it out as a group.

We said our goodbyes and promised to meet up for dinner and adult play later on.

Yvonne had plans to meet up with her date from the previous night. I was sure he planned to slide between those thighs before she met up with us again. After the tease she gave him last night...I am certain of it.

Julie, Nicole and I got dressed and went for a walk along the shore. We weren't feeling like a naked stroll as others on the beach were doing, however we planned to arrive exposed for tonight's affair.

After the walk on the beach we decided to return to our rooms and rest before dinner. I was a little tired from my night's role play with my two bottoms Julie and the stable boy. I went back to my room rinsed the shore sand off my feet and laid bare across the bed for a nap.

Later that evening we met up as planned for dinner over looking the sparkling beautiful blue water as we ate dinner and shared a bottle of wine before another night of adult adventure.

Yvonne suggested we hang out together in the room we missed last night. I asked what the name of the plague was.

"It's called "Hung Jury". Yvonne said.

"What does that mean? Do they go to court or what?" asked Julie.

Nicole burst into laughter, not at Julie for asking the question but for the meaning of the terms in the adult community.

"No silly," Nicole said. "Hung Jury means the men in tonight's room will be graced with the endowment of say...Lexington Steele."

"Who?" Julie inquired, still not getting it.

So Yvonne tried to explain it to her in a more subtle way. Julie was not ignorant of sexual terms she wasn't familiar with hung jury concept.

Yvonne finally said it would be better for Julie to experience it for herself. We enjoyed our meal and drinks along with conversation about tonight's activity.

There was a moment of silence when Nicole asked if any of us felt guilty taking part in the activities on the island. There was a minute of silence as we reflect on the question Nicole asked.

Yvonne spoke up and said, "No!"

This wasn't Yvonne's first trip to a resort like the one we were staying at. I did feel slightly guilty but promised Yvonne I would keep an open mind about the resort.

I explained to the girls how I wanted to be an exhibitionist in my early twenties and now had the chance to experience it as an adult with more knowledge about giving and receiving to please.

Julie asked if we were ready for tonight. We agreed yes but before we left for the party. Julie wanted us to pick from her colorful condoms for the evening.

I wasn't even sure if I wanted to spread my legs for a Lexington endowed clone.

The girls laughed at my comment.

Julia winked at me saying "Just in case."

We all took our condoms and walked to the nights event.

Tonight there would be no bartender interference like the previous night; the hung jury room was entered through a hallway on the other side of the lounge.

When we turned the corner, before us manning the velvet rope stood an attractive Blonde, and a beautiful Brunette on each side of the door. The blonde was a tall Scandinavian type pale, blued eyed, and big jugged. The Brunette was a drop dead exotic beauty, her dark fiery eyes and a perfectly portioned body; she made me think of a young Sophia Loren. They were wearing tight black tee shirts, and jeans. The long high heeled boots they wore made them even more intimidating.

As we approached the door I overheard one of the male guests who were trying to gain entry say to the Blonde.

"Yeah but I'm thick!"

"Eight inches or more, and sweetie in here your not thick! Bye bye." The brunette said.

Then she turned to us and asked what our pleasure was for this evening.

"Horse Play." Nicole said.

The two beauties handed condoms to us; very large ones; as the door opened inviting us in.

"Oh my!" I said, as we stood watching the men parade around the room.

They came in all types of physiques but each model was equipped with a schlong long enough to reach the darkest depth of your womb.

Julia whispered she had never seen anything that long in her life, as a stud ambled by with a ten inch, axe handle wide erection.

Yvonne spoke up and said "I told you they were aim to please."

Yvonne was the first to approach a huge hung playmate.

The big burly brute lifted her into his arms and placed her on a bed surrounded by lace curtains for privacy.

Julie was next to pick a buck, although she was a nervous wreck walking up to him. He whispered something in her ear and her expression changed from fear to relaxation in an instant. She never looked back our way as Nicole and me waved to her and wished her a good night of ecstasy.

Then there was just the two of us, we stood next to each other waiting for the other to make the move toward a stud of our choosing. It didn't really matter about the physique the men were generously endowed and ready to please you anyway you wanted. I looked at Nicole, wished her a happy fuck before choosing my boy toy for the evening; a tall bronzed stud.

He lifted me into his arms and pressed his lips to mine. I was ready for him to pleasure me with his body.

He asked me how I liked to be pleased.

I dared not speak, so I pointed to my feet and he started kissing my toes. He lightly pecked his way up my legs working his way to my thighs. My sweet juice began to flow while he continued to kiss my stomach, nipples, neck and ears, adding a lick with his tongue here and there as well.

He straddled my chest to allow his penis to rest along my ribs as he caressed my upper body. My heart was beating fast with fear and excitement; I have never in my life had an experience with a man whose dick was as long as his.

Before we continued I reached around the lace curtains that surrounded the bed and grabbed one of the four yellow condoms I received from Julie. There was a problem with my jolly yellow rain coat. It didn't fit on his pole.

He reached for a condom from his side of the bed and grabbed a purple magnum condom that fit him. I was nervous now as I watched him roll the condom over the length of his hard cock.

My Lexington clone relaxed me working all over my body with his tongue, lips, and hands bringing me to an orgasm without the penetration I wanted.

He felt my body shaking and whispered in my ear to release my sweetness onto his tongue. I obeyed his command.

His looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes and said "I want you."

I replied "Take me."

I nervously looked at the big dick in his hand as he slowly rubbed the tip up and down my pearl.

He asked if I was okay.

I admitted to him I had never been with anyone with the size of his package before.

He promised he would ease slowly in and only give me as much as I could comfortably take. The more time he took teasing my budding clit the juicier my pearl became.

He asked me my name, and I reminded him guests are advised not to reveal their real names to people to residnet on the resort properties. This was Fantasy Island and I was here to enjoy the experience not make a connection and fall in love.

The smiling expression on his face turned serious as he kissed my face with small pecks. As he kissed my ear lobes he told me his real name and asked me to use it when we both were ready to unload the pressure we built up as he made love to me.

Most women have a vagina that will stretch to six or seven inches when excited, which is fine to accommodate the average man's penis. My playmate was beating my little pussy up, by banging the bottom on every stroke.

So I placed my hand between us to fist the base of his dick. I gasped in awed to find his thick pistol still stuffed me more than I wanted, but I enjoyed his brand of painful passion.

I felt the forceful pressure on my vaginal walls move through my womb and up into my belly as this man moved over and above my body to a push up position and I had become the floor beneath him. I trembled from his powerful movement until he released his load of splooge; the tight fit inside me caused me to feel the big spurts spattering inside his jimmy cap.

It would be the first of many orgasms we had throughout the night.

I would not exchange stories with the girls about my hung jurist. I had found a man with the right "stuff" for my pink pearl and I was not about to share him with Nicole and the gang.

Plus this sexual engineer knew how to operate his heavy equipment. My stay on the island would be a bit more meaningful now that I looked forward to another hot session with Long Dong John with the deep brown eyes.

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