tagErotic HorrorHungry Like The Wolf

Hungry Like The Wolf


There was a time when the people of my village were safe. It was a long time in the past but the old ones spoke of it. It was hard to believe there had been a time when the wolf had not ruled my people. Since I was but a child, I had heard the stories of life before the wolf had come. They were like fairy tales in my village, told and retold but rarely believed.

But, alas, the wolf had come. And the stories of life before he came became just stories, told often and told well but hard to believe for those of us who had been born after the wolf arrived. The wolf ruled the village with an iron fist and there was no way a story could change that.

I was born on the third day of the sixth month during the 20th year of the wolf's reign over our village. It was said my mother screamed out in horror when she was told I was a girl. I was her first baby and she knew what that meant. The wolf ran the village and the wolf made the rules we lived by. And one of his first rules was if the first child of a village couple was a girl child, that girl child became his property on her 18th birthday.

The wolf was not just a wolf. If he was, perhaps the village men would have risen up and struck him down. But even if they had tried, it would have been hopeless. The wolf was more of a cross between a wolf and a man but he had the strength, it seemed, of a hundred men. No one ever spoke of trying to overpower the wolf or put an end to his reign over the village. It was said to even think those thoughts would bring about your instant death.

I had known since I was old enough to walk what my fate would be. No one knew exactly what happened to the women sent to the wolf but it had been decreed long before and no one was about to stop sending the first born girl children to the wolf.

He lived in a very large, very dark castle on the top of the hill that overlooked the village. Day and night, it was impossible to ignore it as it stood its solitary vigil over us all. I continued to live as any child would as I was not going to let the castle on the hill rob me of my entire life. So I grew up a carefree girl, filled with very little in the way of dreams for my fate had been foretold.

The day of my 18th birthday started like almost every other day of my life except this one I was awakened by the sad sound of my mother crying. I quickly got out of my bed and went to her, trying to comfort her. I put my arms tightly around her and held her close. But none of my words and none of my touches could stop her tears. She knew this was the last day she would ever see me.

He would come for me at noon. He always came for the girl at noon. And over time, a ritual had developed. If he had decried it or if it had become something to soften the loss, the taking of the girl had become somewhat of a festival.

The women of the village arrived at our home shortly after sunrise. The morning was spent preparing me. I was bathed and perfumed and a gown that was specially made for the occasion lain out and prepared. It was cut from the finest silk, in glaringly bright white. The neckline was low, cutting across the tops of my breasts, and adorned with hand-embroidered red roses. A crown of red roses, strewn together with white silk ribbons, was made to rest on top of my head.

My long brown curls were washed and brushed until they shined. The curls were tight and bounced prettily against my shoulders, which the dress left provocatively bare.

The dress itself was rather simple. The sleeves fell open at the wrists and the edging again was embroidered with red roses. The dress was gathered with one red silk ribbon below my breasts then the skirt fell fluidly and fully to the ground. Beautiful white silk slippers were made to fit my feet perfectly.

A red stain was applied to my pale pink lips, making them stand out against my fair skin. My curls were artfully arranged before the crown was set upon my head. Ribbons of silk fell from it to wander and twirl about my curls. The women then led me to the village square, where I stood, alone in my beautiful gown, waiting for him.

As the village church bell rang out the twelve sorrowful tones of the hour, he came into the village. He did not show himself: no one in the village had actually laid eyes on the Wolf for as long as could be remembered. Instead, he arrived inside a coach which pulled before the platform. There was a man driving the coach but he did not speak nor look anywhere but ahead. It was said he was a mute but no one knew for sure.

A small window opened in the coach and a loud low voice was heard.

"Send the girl," was all he said. A hand touched my back but I did not need to be forced. I walked with my head high to the coach, opened the door and stepped inside.

It was very dark inside the coach and I could make nothing out of the Wolf, if it was indeed him inside. He was buried deep in a corner and wearing a cloak that fell over his eyes. Even when my eyes adjusted to the darkness, he was still an enigma.

The coach moved out of the village and began the climb up the long road that led to the Wolf's castle. Nothing more was said, either by him or by me, as we made our way to his home. When the coach came to a stop, the coachman climbed down and opened the door for me, extending his arm. The Wolf did not move. I took the coachman's arm and climbed from the coach. He led me to the door, which opened as we approached. He stopped at the doorway but indicated I should continue on inside.

Whether the castle was magical or not, I could not tell you but somehow as soon as I stepped inside the door, I knew exactly where I was supposed to go. I walked down a very long hallway until I had passed three doors on my left. At the fourth door, I turned and entered the room.

It was a very dark and cold room with nothing to offer in the way of comfort. But in the center of the room was a tall platform. I moved towards it and stood facing it. It was as I stood there that the Wolf entered the room.

I could see him now and he was definitely a wolf. He walked on two legs but his face and body looked wolfen. He stood well over 8 feet tall, I estimated, as he crossed to me where I stood before the platform.

"What are you?" he asked me.

I did not understand the question and opened my mouth to ask him what he meant but instead I said "I am your bitch, Master."

"And what do you wish of me?" he asked.

Again, I did not understand and wished to ask for clarification but when I opened my mouth, I said "To be mounted by you, Master."

He did not seem at all surprised by my answers and responded "So be it" as he lifted me quite easily and set me on the platform. He pushed my beautiful silk gown up around my waist and spread my legs with his clawed hands. It was then I looked up and saw his wolf cock; it was hard and long and thick. I cried out in terror "Master!"

His long claws tenderly caressed the skin of my inner thighs as he asked softly once more "What do you wish of me?"

And despite the size of his enormous cock and the fear in me, I heard myself saying "I want you to mount me, Master!"

"So be it!" he howled with animal fury as he entered me with one quick thrust, tearing thru my maidenhead and burying his wolf cock deep inside my human cunt. I began to cry out in ecstasy, not understanding this wonderful feeling he was causing to build up inside me but knowing I had never felt anything so incredibly beautiful before. Tears welled in my eyes as the pleasure grew higher and wider until it became as wild and untamable as my Master. I rode a wave, a surge of energy, unlike anything I had ever felt before or since. It was magic, it had to be. And just when I thought that I would die, the feeling being far too intense for me to handle, it felt as if an explosion went off inside of me just as the Wolf came, spilling his seed inside my womb. And as his seed continued to spill, filling me, I lost consciousness.

I vaguely remembered being carried by the Wolf down a long cold passageway but I was drifting in and out of consciousness. I felt very safe and warm with him so I was not concerned. I buried my face against his hairy chest and let him carry me. When I finally came completely to my senses, I saw that he was setting me down upon a low lying bed. I looked up at him with a question in my eyes, not understanding. But I soon lost sight of him as women, dozens of them, of all ages began to crush in upon us. They were all murmuring and screeching and talking at the same time. I could not make out what they were saying until suddenly he growled loudly and low in his throat. The women immediately became silent and backed away, letting him pass. He turned and was gone.

It was as he faded from my sight that my jumbled brain finally figured out what the women had been saying when he silenced them: "Master, please mount me!"

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