Hunnygirl for Daddy


Daddy gently pushed her away, smiling when she pouted.

“Now Hunny, listen to me.” She nodded, tilting her head and gazing into his eyes; resembling a curious little kitten. It made him smile again, but his voice was serious, when he said, “When I fucked your cunny,” (Hunny shivered when she remembered) “it hurt at first, right?” She nodded. “But later, it felt very very good, and it made you cum.” She nodded again.

“I want to fuck your ass now, Hunny.” She gasped, but he ignored her, continuing “like your cunny, it’s going to hurt at first. But I promise you, it will make you cum.”

She protested, “But Daddy….that’s…it’s dirty!”

“Not if we clean you up first.”

She nodded hesitantly, then said, “but Daddy, your cock is so big. It barely fit inside my…my…cunny. How will it fit in…in my ass?”

“Well, Hunny, your pussy was tiny, too, but my cock fit, cause your cunt stretched open for me. Your asshole will stretch, too.”

He saw the trepidation reflected in her face, and kissed her cheek. “You know I love you, Hunnygirl. And I only want to make you feel good.”

Her voice was a little subdued, “Yes, Daddy.”

His voice hardened, “but you WILL do this for Daddy.” She looked up into his eyes, and nodded.

Daddy got out of the tub, and motioned for Hunny to stay put. He pulled the plug, and let the water out. “Get on your hands and knees, with your ass to the shower, Hunny.” She complied, but couldn’t stop herself from shivering a little. “Spread your thighs wider, Hunny,” Daddy directed, and she obeyed.

Daddy opened the medicine cabinet, and pulled out what looked like a short hose, with a thin nozzle at one end. He attached the hose to the faucet, and turned the water on; it flowed in a fine stream. He smiled his satisfaction and turned off the water, moving back to the medicine cabinet to rummage inside, triumphantly pulling out a tube of KY jelly.

He put a dollop of the slick lubricant on his middle finger, and rubbed it around Hunny’s tight little rose. She bit her lip; it felt strange when Daddy touched her there. To her surprise, she felt her cunny quiver. She cried out when Daddy pushed the tip of his finger inside her, and he told her to hush. Daddy wiggled his finger a little, making sure he got the KY all around the inside of her tight ring. Hunny bit back her whimpers; it hurt a little, but she wanted to be brave for Daddy.

Daddy pulled his finger out, and put more KY on it. This time, he rubbed it all over the end of the nozzle, and a good two inches up its length. He carefully positioned the nozzle at Hunny’s rosebud and gently pushed it in. Hunny clamped a hand over her mouth as she squealed. Her eyes were wide, tears welling in them as the cold metal tip pushed into her. Daddy bit his lip; he hated hurting his little girl. “Is it very bad, Hunny?” he asked with concern.

She shook her head, her voice trembling as she answered, “N-no, Daddy, it’s just c-cold…it…it doesn’t hurt much.”

“That’s my brave girl,” Daddy said, pride evident in his voice. She smiled at him shakily. “Now baby, I’m going to turn on the water. You’ll feel it fill you up. Hold it in you, while I remove the nozzle. Then just let it go.”

She looked at him, horrified. “But Daddy, I’ll get poo all over me!”

“That’s why you’re in the tub, Hunny. I’ll wash you up afterwards. We’re going to do this until only the water comes out of you.”

She nodded once, and curled her fingers in until her nails dug into her palms. She was beginning to feel uncomfortably full. Still the water kept entering. Her bowels cramped cramp and she cried out, “Please Daddy, no more!” He immediately tugged the nozzle out and told her to push. She started to cry as the dirty water gushed out of her. Daddy soothed her, petting her hair, and murmuring words of encouragement. He filled her ass with water twice more, and then carefully washed her clean. Hunny was so overwhelmed; she couldn’t stop trembling.

As Daddy dried her body, he kept pressing kisses on her skin, telling her all the while what a good girl she was, and how proud he was of her. Finally, she stopped trembling, and when he looked at her face, he was glad to finally see a smile.

Daddy led his little girl to the bed, and they curled up together. He kept petting her, and squeezing her, his hands gentle and loving. He kissed her lips, soft sweet kisses, over and over, until she laughed, and cupped his head in her tiny hands. “I love you, Daddy,” she whispered, and kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth. Daddy sucked on the sweet morsel, his hands moving to her breasts, teasing her nipples and rolling them in her fingers, until she arched against him.

She reached down, gently clasping his penis. It twitched in her hands, making her smile against her Daddy’s mouth. Her fingers stroked him to erection, her thumb gently caressing his thick crown. Daddy pushed her back onto the bed, and kissed his way down her body. He pushed her thighs up with his shoulders, and looked down at his sweet girls pink slit, already smelling her arousal. He smiled up at her, before drawing his tongue between her pussy lips. She sighed and closed her eyes, reveling in the sensations. Daddy flicked his tongue over her clit, making her jump. He sucked on it lightly, then kept it prisoner between his teeth, while his tongue flickered madly over it. Hunny clutched at her Daddy’s thick hair, tugging it painfully.

She squealed with pleasure when he pushed his middle finger into her cunt. He lifted his head, and said, “you’re soaking wet, my Hunny slut…I guess you like what Daddy’s doing to you.” She nodded, her eyes still tightly shut. Daddy laughed softly, and pumped his finger in his daughter’s tight fuckhole, watching her sweet slut juices cover it, and begin to trickle down into her ass crack. He nibbled on her clit, teasing it with his teeth and his tongue, until she bucked and writhed. He felt her cunt walls tighten around his finger, and pulled it out, replacing it with his thumb. He sucked harder on her clit, and when she began to mewl and thrash, he quickly pushed his slick middle finger into her ass.

Hunny screamed, her eyes flying open, her body convulsing, as the strongest orgasm she’d experienced rushed over her. She juddered on the bed, her arms flailing, her cunt spasming furiously, hot rushes of fuck juice gushing out of her, and pooling on the bed.

Her orgasm went on for over a minute, her cunt muscles rippling, her tight anal ring gripping her father’s finger. He watched her in amazement, stunned by her response. He began to smile, knowing that his little slut would probably end up begging to have him fuck her ass. He gently lapped at her clit, while she sobbed and shuddered, finally laying still on the bed.

He looked up and met her gaze; her deep brown eyes were dark with lust, her face and body sheened with sweat. She shuddered once more when he pulled his finger out of her ass. “On your hands and knees now, Hunny,” he ordered.

He watched his slut comply, and moved to adjust her position to his liking, pressing her shoulders down onto the bed, and pulling her thighs apart as wide as they would go. He studied her, his cock rigid from the luscious picture she made. He loved her ass, the soft globes so firm. He gently pried her ass cheeks open, looking at the slippery brown bud, chuckling when it seemed to wink at him. “Don’t move, slut,” he said, as he slid off the bed and retrieved the KY jelly from the bathroom. He was pleased to find her in exactly the same position as when he left.

He squirted the lubricant onto his cock, making it glisten. He then inserted the tube end into her tiny hole, and squeezed a generous amount into her narrow tunnel. He heard her gasp, and smiled. With one smooth move, he buried his cock deep into her cunt, and laughed out loud as she screamed in surprise. The feel of her velvet walls clasped around his hard rod made him groan. He kept himself buried in her, while his finger pushed inside her ass, making sure that the lubricant was well distributed. He told her sharply to keep still when she began to undulate against him, punctuating his command with a quick slap to her buttocks.

She jerked and whimpered, “I’m sorry, Daddy.” He noted that her ass now had a bright red spot where he had smacked her. His smiled deepened as he thought of spanking his daughter’s ass. He told himself “we’ll save that for later,” and went back to spreading lube in Hunny tight tunnel. He added a second finger, pleased to find that the lube facilitated its entry. He slowly pumped the fingers in and out of her, and heard her moan, but she obediently kept herself still. He pressed down, feeling his cock through the thin membrane that separated her cunt from her ass. He closed his eyes, the pleasure intense.

“Get ready now, Hunny.” He slowly pulled out of her cunt, groaning when he felt her slick heat suck at his cock, selfishly holding onto it. He cock was drenched in her juices, and when he looked down, he saw the silvery nectar oozing down her thighs.

Hunny braced herself, her breath quickening. Daddy placed the tip of his cock against her rosebud, and gently pushed. He felt the tight ring begin to give. He leaned over his little girl and whispered, “Relax now, Hunny, and it won’t hurt so much. Remember in the tub, when you were pushing to expel the water?” He waited for her to nod before continuing, “when you feel me begin to enter you, that’s what I want you to do, understand, Hunny?” She nodded again, and kept her eyes closed. Her nails dug into the sheets, his cock felt so huge. She could feel herself stretching to accommodate him. She shrieked when his cock head suddenly popped into her tightness.

When she heard her father speak her name sharply, she remembered his instruction, and tried to obey, crying out when she felt more of his shaft sink into her tightness. “Oh Daddy it hurts, Daddy you’re splitting me open, Daddy, nooooooo!” He slapped her ass again, “Hush now, Hunny!”

She sobbed quietly while he continued to press his entire length into her. It took all his control not to ram himself into her; she was tight and hot, and he fit so snugly inside her. Finally, his balls pressed against her sex. He held still, waiting for her to relax. His hands smoothed over her skin, gently caressing. He slid one hand under her body, and lightly thrummed her clit.

The pleasure made her moan, and arch slightly. He continued to tease her clit until he felt her relax. Only then did he pull back, a few inches, then push forward again. He repeated the slow movements, and gradually pulled back until only his cock head remained in her. He thrust into her carefully, letting her feel every inch of his shaft.

Hunny couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Her clit was throbbing, her cunt juices were dripping down her legs. Her ass still hurt a little, but not as much as she thought it would. When Daddy pinched her clit, she bucked, shoving her ass against him. “Yes, Hunny, fuck me back now, fuck your Daddy!”

She rocked her hips back, then pulled forward. Her eyelashes fluttered when she felt his cock scraping along the sides of her narrow channel. Daddy let her set the pace, until he could stand it no longer. He began pumping hard, ramming his cock into her slutty little ass, taking it savagely. Their sweaty bodies slapped against each other, his balls swinging, spanking against her juicy slit. His fingers continued to manipulate her clit, rolling the swollen nubbin, making her shudder with pleasure.

Hunny’s eyes rolled in their sockets; she felt her cunt quiver, Daddy’s cock felt so good now. Without realizing it, she began to babble, her voice rising to a scream “oh yes Daddy that feels good, oh Daddy don’t stop, oh Daddy, fuck your Hunnygirl’s ass, FUCK MY ASS NOW DADDY, FUCK MY ASS HARD DADDY, HARD!”

Daddy’s buttocks flexed, his cock pistoned in and out of her tightness, sweat flying off his body. His hands went to Hunny’s shoulders, pulling her back against him as he thrust forward. Her slutty words drove him wild, and he pumped furiously into his little girl, feeling his balls tighten, the cum rushing up his turgid fucktool.

With a loud growl, Daddy shoved three fingers inside his babygirl’s sodden twat; at the same time he thrust his cock deep into her ass. Her head spun; the combined sensations were too much for her, and she orgasmed, screaming her pleasure, not caring who heard. Her tiny body twitched and shuddered, and floods of creamy cunt juice flowed over Daddy’s fingers and onto the bed. Her sphincter clamped on her Daddy’s cock, tight muscles rippling over it. The feel of his baby’s ass squeezing his cock made Daddy’s cock erupt, jets of thick cum blasting into her ass, burning the well-fucked walls.

Both of them writhed and jerked on the bed, their bodies connected so intimately. Daddy didn’t stop pumping until every last drop of cum was in his little girl’s ass. They collapsed on the bed, breathing hard, their chests heaving. Daddy flipped them onto their sides, and held Hunny tightly. He could still feel her quivering with aftershocks of pleasure. He slowly withdrew his cock, and watched as his pearly seed flooded over the backs of her thighs.

“Are you all right, my Hunnyslut?” he asked, his voice still shaking. She nodded. “Did I hurt you too much?” She shook her head vigorously.

“Would you like to do this again?”

At that, she turned her head, her eyes wide “Now?”

Daddy laughed, “even if I wanted to, I couldn’t possibly do it again now, baby. But another time?”

Hunny squirmed around, and wrapped her arms around him, nodding happily. “Yes, Daddy, I want to do this with you, again and again and again!” They rested together quietly. Just when Daddy thought she was asleep, Hunny said, “Daddy?”

“Yes, dearest?”

“I hope Mommy doesn’t come back until next week!”

Daddy laughed at his wicked little girl, holding her tightly. There was more he wanted to do with her, and he whispered confidingly, “I hope she doesn’t come back, too!”

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