tagNonHumanHunted Blood III: A New Beginning Ch. 01

Hunted Blood III: A New Beginning Ch. 01


From Michael Stone's Journal:

"I have never attempted to write down anything. It was unnecessary before. It was, in fact, against the rules. Hunters are not allowed to have any written record of their activities, except for what reports they file at the headquarters of The Organization. Everything we do must be kept secret. The world is not ready for the truth of the existence of vampires.

At this point, however, I am writing this because I have to. There must be some record of the events that have occurred. And, as well, a record of the events that are about to occur. If I do not survive, then this will serve as a warning to everyone. Vampires are real. Know this truth. Believe this before they kill again.

As of today, I have no knowledge of the whereabouts of my wife, Anita. After killing Akuma, I returned to The Organization's headquarters near Rome with my tactical team intact. As I promised her before I left, I married Anita. My father, John Stone, walked her down the aisle of the six hundred year old cathedral. The ceremony was at sunset, and there were many, many people in attendance, both human and vampire. Perhaps, I believe now, there were too many of both kinds there.

It was the first, actual recorded marriage between human and vampire. But that was not what was unsettling. Because of the death of Akuma, and the resulting targeted locations of his "sleeper cells", the rogue, bloodthirsty vampires were on the decline. The others, the ones wishing for co-existence with humans, had allied themselves with The Organization, giving information and intelligence that was invaluable. And this was the reason our marriage was largely accepted. Or so I thought.

The unsettling aspect of the weekend came that night, after I had finished making love to Anita. As I lay there, her head resting on my chest, her raven black hair feathered across my arm, she told me. Anita was pregnant with my child. She spoke to me that night as if God Himself had caused her pregnancy. And well He may have. I was in shock, in awe, and the happiest man alive. I knew, from my studies, that there was an extremely rare occurrence when a human sperm fertilizes a vampiric ovum. The resulting offspring would be half-human, half-vampire. A dhampir was what they were called in the old texts. A half-breed, a hybrid, having all of the vampire's strengths and very few of their weaknesses.

We spent the rest of the night intertwined with each other's bodies. I have never made love to a woman the way I made love to her that night. And, I never will. Whatever the case, whether it was due to the aligning of the planets or Divine Intervention, Anita is pregnant with my child. And, for that reason, she is in unbelievable danger."

-Michael J. Stone, Rome, July, 2005

- - -

There were no lights on in the room. Just as well, for the sunlight outside managed to filter its way in through the blackened windows. Not enough sunlight to be harmful, but just enough to bathe the room in a pale gloom.

Anita should be sleeping. If only she could. Her days of slumber had been restless since John Stone and Yuri Pavelovich had spirited her away from the ruins of The Organization's headquarters near Rome. She did not know where she was. And, neither her father-in-law or the Russian would tell her.

Anita's psychic link with Michael was stronger than ever now. If Michael were captured, her whereabouts could be extracted from him. Or, so she was told. Anita knew that Michael Stone would never give away any information. His father, John Stone, thought as much also. However, they were taking no chances.

Food was not a problem. A supply of blood had been secured, in the form of pints from a blood repository. Where they got it from Anita could only guess. Perhaps they had it in-store before the headquarters were all but destroyed by the others.

The others, she thought. Such betrayal! How could they? After the promises had been made, oaths of allegiance swore! She knew the reason: they feared the birth of the child she carried. The birth of a human/vampire hybrid, a dhampir, would secure the alliance of vampires and humans. There would be no more reason to fear from either race. They could live openly, instead of in constant secrecy. She knew it was but her dream. The others did not share the vision. Instead, they preferred that humans kept to humans and vampires to vampires.

And now, she was here. Where ever 'here' was. And her beloved husband, Michael, was on the run. He had left as a diversion, given the belief they would follow him, believing she was with him. And she feared for him. The others were old, powerful vampires. She believed in him, yet she was not sure he could defeat them.

Anita lay back down on the bed, reaching under the covers. The reached beneath the sheer underwear she wore and touched herself. She remembered the night before he had left to destroy Akuma. She had been sitting quietly in sequestered chambers deep inside The Organization's headquarters. Michael came to her, his eyes twinkling, yet his face was a mask of determination.

"We've got about two hours before the team leaves," he told her.

Anita smiled at him. "And what," she asked, twirling a raven-colored lock of her hair between her fingers, "can we possibly do to pass the time?"

Michael took her in his arms, smiling slightly as he kissed her forehead. He moved his lips lower, brushing them across hers, teasing her. Her mouth opened, and his tongue traced the exquisite outline of her lips. His mouth then locked onto hers, their passion boiling over into each other in a soulful kiss, that when they broke it, left them both panting.

They looked into each other's eyes for a moment. Michael held himself away from her, holding her by the arms, studying her. He was trying to take in all of her beauty, as if it were the last time he would see her. Anita was feeling her wanting build as he stood before her, and she parted her lips to speak, but her thoughts had left before. Michael heard her in his mind say 'take me'.

He spun her around, bending her over the edge of the bed, where she placed her palms flat against the bedspread. Michael pushed the hem of her dress over the curves of her ass, gathering it taut against the small of her back. He gazed intently on the exposure of her backside, the ripened slit of her sex moistening before him. In almost one movement his pants were around his ankles and he was buried all the way inside her.

"Mine," he said, taking her locks of black hair in his hands as he began to move inside her.

"Yes," she whimpered, feeling the rigidity of his cock as he fucked her. She let him pull her head back, straining against his grasp as she arched her back. The smooth, creamy cheeks of her ass rounded themselves against his pelvis as she tried to force more of him inside her.

"Oh my God, Michael," Anita cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me like you own me!"

An almost cruel smile came to Michael's face as he stopped in mid-stroke.

"No!" Anita begged. She began to back herself onto his cock, slamming her now-soaking pussy onto him. Stone grabbed her hips, slowing her, stopping her.

"Please," she said.

Michael moved his palms over the curves of her hips and ass. He grabbed a cheek in each hand, and spread her open. He then began to pound her.

Anita began to grunt with each thrust. She could feel him all the way inside her each time he pushed. Her breasts were still bound by her bra, yet they swayed as she was rocked forward as Michael slammed into her.

Michael stared down and watched as Anita's pussy gripped him as he pulled out. He could see the pink folds through the patch of dark curls. He knew there was not a more erotic sight in the world. The more he watched, the closer to orgasm he got.

Anita heard Michael's breaths coming sharply. She knew what was about to happen. And as she felt him push into her, she could feel her own orgasm rapidly approaching. She gripped the bedspread tightly and let it come.

Michael felt her pussy get tighter. Oh yes, it got so tight. He let out a heavy grunt as he shoved forward against the resistance and buried his pulsating cock. His orgasm came in torrents as he flooded inside her.

Feeling the jets of his orgasm inside her, Anita threw her head back and screamed his name as her pussy began to spasm in a release of her own. Slowly she felt the contractions yield, and she fell onto her stomach. Michael collapsed on top of her, rolling to the side. She could feel the mixture of the products of their passion leaking from her. She did not even care as she nestled against him.

"Hey," he said to her. Anita looked at him, and he was holding something small, gold, and round between his fingertips. Her eyes went wide and she smiled.

Michael took her left hand, and he placed the gold and diamond ring on her ring finger. He then kissed that hand, and looking into her eyes, asked her, "will you be my wife?"

Tears welled up in her eyes as she said yes.

These same tears now ran down her cheeks even after she had given herself an orgasm in some strange room in an unknown place. Anita pulled the covers tighter around her.

"Wherever you are," she whispered, "know that I am with you. Know that I love you." And she drifted off to sleep.

- - - -

Michael Stone sat quietly in a large tree that overlooked the old monastery. He was well-camouflaged among the leaves and branches. He was watching the ancient set of buildings below him through a set of Steiner binoculars. He did not like what he saw. There was no activity, no lights, no anything from the buildings below. This meant that there was nothing at all to be seen in the enclosed facility that lay beneath the old monastery's foundations.

It had been almost four days since the headquarters of The Organization had been attacked. People had been slain. Good people. People who were his friends.

And now, as darkness fell, Stone knew he was taking an awful risk by returning to this place. He knew the others would be tracking him, and probably expected him to return here. There again, he figured, it was unlikely that they would expect that. If they believed that Anita was with him, as he hoped, then this was the last place they would look.

There was something amiss here. Michael and Anita had been on their honeymoon in Scotland when a frantic phone call from his father told them the news. John told Michael and Anita to stay put, and he and Yuri Pavelovich would arrive within a day. And then, when his father and the Russian came, they told him of the loss of life that had been wreaked by unknown vampires on The Organization's headquarters. And then, John and Yuri Pavelovich took Anita. John told Michael to flee, to run, to make it look as though he and Anita had been warned and were escaping. And that is what Michael had done.

But how did the others know about the headquarters? Only the other three vampires knew of the secret facility. Did they betray Anita? If so, who did they tell? Who came into The Organization's innermost chambers and killed?

These thoughts were filtering through Stone's mind as car headlights shown on the cobblestone drive that led into the monastery. Stone panned the binos around, ducking his head slightly to peer under the tree's leafy covering. The car was familiar. It was a silver BMW 540i. The vehicle belonged to Manfred Shultz, the Director of The Organization. Michael watched the car drive up to the monastery's main building and stop. The headlights switched off, and a man got out. It was Manfred Shultz. Stone watched him go inside. Michael then climbed down, and he made his way along the top of the grassy hill, crouching low.

Once he had circumnavigated to the rear of the monastery, Stone climbed down the hill and opened the door to the monastery's wine cellar. He entered the dark and moldy place, walking by memory the fourteen paces straight, then twelve paces right to the stone wall. He felt along the cobweb encrusted stone wall before him until his palm came to rest on the correct stone. Michael pushed the stone inward, then reached into the small gap and pressed a button. A section of the wall under the stone opened, and Michael ducked and walked through. He descended the narrow, spiraling, and faintly lighted stair case into The Organization.

The back door to The Organization's lower levels had allowed Stone to enter quietly and undetected. After all, there was no one there to see him. Except for Manfred Shultz, who Stone knew would be going to his office. Michael debated for half a second on whether or not he should walk straight to The Director's officer and confront him. No, he knew that was not a good idea. Not now. Not until he was sufficiently armed.

Michael went to the armory, where his pass code allowed him inside the reinforced, sliding door. Stone was well-armed. He had his Glock 36 tucked into its inside the pants holster and a dagger strapped to his ankle. However, he was looking for something special.

Stone made his way through the dimly lighted room to the shelves on the back wall. He scanned the quickly, but he did not find what he was looking for. He turned around, looking quickly at the workbenches and table tops. There, amid the canisters of cleaning agents and rolls of cotton felt, he saw it. Pelligi must have left it out. Maybe he was testing it again, or maybe making some modifications before the Others infiltrated the compound. Pelligi had made it out, Stone knew, as did some others. Some, however, did not. Michael picked it up. It looked just like an ordinary flashlight, one of the small tactical lights stone kept in his gear bag. However, it had a larger, octagonal-shaped head, with a silver colored lens. Stone tucked it into a pants pocket and made his way out. It was no flashlight Stone had retrieved from the armory. The armorer, Pelligi, had been working on this unique item for several years. Pelligi had used the technology of the incandescent lights used by gardeners. These "grow lights" shone with all the necessary elements of sunlight to provide indoor plants with needed nourishment. This had been concentrated, harnessed, and condensed into a small bulb. Power was added, not just by a battery, but a unique battery, for the very unique bulb. This bulb shone with all of the intensity of the sun on a cloudless day. It had been long surmised that the vampire was sensitive to not just one part of the sun's rays, but all of them in their unique combination that made up sunlight. And this was what Stone now carried in his pocket. The power of the sun was his to burn, melt, and scorch the flesh of the vampire. He planned to use it well. Michael stalked like a great cat around the corners, easing against the wall to the stairwell that would lead him back to the outside. He heard Shultz's voice coming from inside the Director's office. Perhaps Shultz was talking on the phone. Then Michael heard the voice of another. A voice he recognized. He stopped, and he listened. "Michael Stone will not be a problem once he is flushed from hiding," Nera said. Stone heard it plainly through the door to the Director's office. He took extra measures to enter the mind state of mushin, to conceal his presence from her vampiric senses. "When he is found," she continued, "he will tell us the whereabouts of the traitor and the abomination she carries." "You may have to force him from hiding," Shultz answered. "Even I do not know where he has taken Anita." "We will need leverage," Nera stated. "In Japan there is a teacher of martial arts....." Stone did not wait to hear anymore. He was slipping from mushin as anger infiltrated his senses. How dare that son of a bitch Shultz to betray them all this way! What was he going to gain? And now, even to betray Osato Sensei. No. It would not be this way. Stone skulked across the hill, hurrying to where he had stashed his car nearby in the countryside. He was also on his unmarked cellular phone, calling ahead to the airport, praying for an immediate flight to Japan.

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