tagSci-Fi & FantasyHunter of Evil Ch. 06

Hunter of Evil Ch. 06


Chapter 06: Theft

"Give the boy to us."

Gracia looked up at the two intruders in her court. One was a man, tall though he hunched over as if bearing a terrible burden. His eyes were black save for a small glint of red from his pupils. He reeked of humanity but she could taste a hint of one of her subjects upon him. The woman at his side wore little under her traveling cloak exposing the stripes of fur that matched her raven dark hair. A tail swayed behind her and a pair of cat-like ears twitched upon her head. "I don't know what you mean," the Faerie queen said as she shifted in her chair to give her perfect form the best presentation.

"Paul, he's a werewolf," said the woman, speaking for the first time since they arrived.

Gracia studied them with a bemused expression. "Come with me and we will negotiate his release," she said as she stood and lead the way to her private chambers against her advisers' wishes. She made sure to sway her hips in the most tempting way possible as they followed.

When they entered the lavish sleeping quarters she shut the door, locking it with her magic. "I know well of both of you, Murdoch and Alaine," the queen said as she shed her translucent dress, her gossamer wings catching the sunlight to give her naked form an unearthly glow. "You've been hunting my children and subjects for awhile now. Yes I know of you two very well."

"If you're going to refuse our request, then why invite us into this farce?" growled Murdoch, his curved fangs glistening.

"Because I'm not going to refuse you," smiled Gracia as she settled onto her bed.

"What do you want?" gasped Alaine as even her breath was taken by the queen's beauty.

The faerie traced a hand over her plump breasts and waiting hips. "As I said, they are my children and so I am without a suitable mate to keep me company."

"You cannot have my husband," growled the other woman.

"Of course not!" laughed Gracia. "I am not asking for him for a lifetime. ...Just tonight."

The request did catch them off guard. Murdoch reached out and took Alaine's hand for since their union they discovered they could now share thoughts when touching.

Could you try to hide your lust of her? Alaine laughed at him.

Even you find her attractive to an extent he scolded back.

I know you're just dying to fuck her brains out, but I don't want to share you.

As if she was listening to their exchange, Gracia suddenly said, "Of course, your lovely wife is more than welcome to join us and partake in the fun."

This does seem to be the most peaceful way to get Paul back noted Murdoch.

"Oh what the hell? This could be fun," said Alaine out loud as she reached up and tore the leather bra and loincloth off, leaving her as naked as the queen. In the blink of eye Murdoch shed his own clothes and approached the Faerie's bed. In truth he had been extremely horny since their arrival. The queen's body was beyond flawless, muscular and trim, every curve a testament of perfection. Her hair was a multicolored hue of blues, reds, greens and so many more that sparkled like the night sky on a moonless evening. Small tattoos in the corner of each eye heightened her beauty and contributed further to her exotic air. Her wings faded away as she leaned back and opened herself to him. He studied her bald pussy that seemed to long for his intrusion.

But before he could enter her, the queen reached out and drew Alaine to her. He watched his wife resist a moment before her body shuddered with pleasure. In a trance, she climbed onto the bed as well and straddled the queen's face, grinding her pussy upon the other woman's face as a meow of pleasure escaped her lips. Overcome, Murdoch moved forward and brushed the head of his engorged cock against the queen's cunt. Immediately juices that sparkled like her hair spilled out and the lips of her pussy pulled at him. Murdoch barely had the head of his cock in before he felt resistance -- she was so tight. For a second he wavered until her strong smooth legs wrapped around him and pulled him forward. With a groan he pushed himself forward until his cock bottomed out in the queen. He growled with both pain in pleasure for Gracia was impossibly tight and he felt as if at any moment he might break off inside her. Her body shifted, whithering in pleasure as she gripped Alaine's hips and increased her oral ministrations. At this the cat-girl graduated from moaning to full blown screaming. Murdoch pulled out slowly before slamming deep within the queen again, this time causing himself to cry, "Oh FUCK!"

"Oh fuck is right," gasped Alaine as her husband started a rhythmic thrusting, pushing Gracia's face deep into the other woman's cunt. Murdoch leaned forward to better penetrate as Alaine braced herself against his shoulders. Gracia's pussy did not loosen even as he pounded her harder and harder, his hips moving of their own accord. Suddenly her cunt loosened and he slid a little deeper before she clamped hard onto his cock again, pulling a cry from his throat as he erupted inside her. Murdoch felt Gracia pull his cum deep into her even as her pussy pulled even more insistently upon him. Suddenly Alaine lifted his face to hers and they shared a passionate kiss even as his balls swelled toward another orgasm.


It was a full day before the two humans departed, taking the werewolf with them. Looking in on her mistress, Ariel saw the Faerie laying exhausted upon her bed, covered with the sexual juices of the prior evening's orgy.

"Did it work?" she asked as she drew a sponge of morning dew and started to clean the queen.

"Of course," Gracia laughed as her hand trailed to her stomach. "The fool girl didn't even know she was with child when I took it from her womb." Sitting up she looked at her hand maiden with a mischievous twinkle. "Let the humans have their champions for now. Soon my own knight will arise..."

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