tagNonHumanHunter's Moon Ch. 01

Hunter's Moon Ch. 01




Its getting close to midnight now, the wolves have already gotten to the other girls in my apartment, I can hear their screams of pain slowly becoming howls of pleasure as they're made bitches of the wolves.

I don't know how long I have before they come after me, but my time here is short.

Whoever is reading this, you are the last hope for the human race, you must not submit to the seductions of the werewolves.

Then again, these journals may be the last record the human race ever has of life before the Wolfsbane Virus, and the worst part is, I was the one who started it all.

At the moment, I'm already infected, lying naked on my bed, my door locked, but that won't keep them held off for long.

I feel a burning in my pussy as if it begs to feel the cock of a male deep into it, and its infecting cum shot deep into me, making me a bitch of my own creation.

But maybe, I should start from the beginning.


Two weeks ago, I was a hopeful scientist at the biggest genetics company in the country, its my job to figure out new drugs to help people using genetic engineering.

My superior in the company, a middle-aged man named Dr. Michael Stevenson, I always thought he was handsome, but I never said anything because he was already married, but my pussy ached everytime I saw him. I always thought he might be interested in me, but he had never made any advances.

"So, how far are you on your latest project?" He asks me.

"Its almost done, I just need to test it on humans," I say, offering him a glass of water.

"Well, I'll contact the FDA," he says, sipping the water.

"I'll figure something out," I say, and he nods, walking away.

I smile lightly, looking at the empty vial in my hand.

If I had known what the virus would do, I wouldn't have ever slipped it into his water.

The virus in question would infuse the DNA of any living being with that of a wolf, it would increase their sex drive and allow them to live longer. I had tested it in various animals, and it worked fantasticaly, but I had never tried it in humans before.


About a week later, I had taken a day off to spend some time with my boyfriend. My two roomates, Mary and Selene where out for the day, and my boyfriend was comming over to watch a movie with me.

He was supposed to be here at 2 o'clock, but it is well after three when he finally arrives. I open the door, now Ricky, my boyfriend, had always been a little bit of a prude, always said we would only have sex after marrige, but we had yet to get married, so I was suprised to see him at my door completely naked, his cock standing at full erection, I smile, it had to be at least a foot long, and I usher him in.

"What happened to your clothes?" I ask him.

"I don't want to wear them anymore," he says, and gives me a smile. Then it occurs to me that I had seen a lot of people walking around naked today, but it never struck me as weird. "I want to, no, I need to fuck you, Katie."

"Alright then, come with me," I say, walking up to my room, watching Ricky follow me, I lie down on my bed, and move to strip off my clothes, but he places a hand on mine, and just rips them off, giving me a smile, I shrug, and slip off the ruined clothing, revealing my nicely shaven pussy and 34D breasts.

"Get on your hands and knees so I can take you like a bitch!" Ricky says, I smile, and turn around, getting on my hands and knees like a dog.

Now that I look back on this moment, I can't believe that I was so submissive to my boyfriend, who I thought was a devout christian. But now, I was on my hands and knees, about to be fucked by him doggy-style, I should've been suspicious of this from the beginning, but my mind told me no. I moan a little as I feel his cock pressing against my wet pussy, at that time I was still a virgin, still pure, but I knew that was all about to change, and I was happy.

I gasp as he pushes into my tight pussy with his huge cock, and in a swift moment, takes my cherry that's been in place ever since I was born. I let out a moan, feeling a little blood drip down my pussy as I feel him fuck me harder and harder, my breasts bouncing everytime his huge cock penetrates my tiny pussy.

Then, a strange feeling is felt in my pussy, it takes me a second to realize that his cock feels different, it reminded me of the time I had been dared to give the family dog a hand-job, a little rough around the edges, as he presses against my body, I feel fur growing from his pores, his hands that where on my back become stubs, and his fingernails grow out into sharp claws, jabbing into my soft skin.

He lets out a loud howl, and cums deep into my now stretched pussy, before removing himself from me, allowing me to turn around and get a good look at him.

His entire body is now covered in brown fur, his mouth and nose has melded together and pushed out to form a snout, his ears are now pointed, his hands and feet have become paws, and a long tail stretches out behind him. I watch his wolf cock stretching out in front of him, and he smiles at me while I look horrified. The beast that was once my boyfriend falls to all fours, and comes up to me, taking a long sniff of my pussy.

"I can smell it inside you, Katie," he says in a growl-like tone. "Your womb is filled with the cum of a werewolf, and soon it will spread, and you shall become a bitch in forever heat. Though, we should be thanking you, it was you that created the virus that made this happen, and what better way to thank you, than to make you one of us."

This isn't Ricky anymore, I realize, this is a werewolf that inhabited Ricky's body, and all because of my virus. Now I was infected too, and it would only be a matter of time before I became one of them.

"Get away from me," I gasp out, and the wolf just smiles.

"What, dont enjoy your own creation, mother," he grins, and begins licking at my pussy, I close my eyes, waiting for the transformation to overtake me, but it never comes.

There is a slamming of a door downstairs, and in a flash, Ricky is gone out the open window, but not before he bites me. I lie back in slight relief as Mary comes into the room.

"Katie, what happened here?" She asks me, I try to cover up my naked body, and then realize that Mary is naked too. "I just met with Selene, we're all in the same state, where you raped by a wolf?"

"No," I say. "It was Ricky, and I did it willingly," I finish up, and cry. What had I done? I wanted to help the human race, now I had probably condemned us all to being werewolves for eternity.

"Is everything alright, Kat?" Mary asks.

"Yes, everything is fine," I say.


The next day I went back to the lab, something had compeled me to get rid of all my clothes, and I saw that I wasn't the only one. Most of the town was parading around in the buff, I sometimes even saw couples in the middle of fucking on the side of the road, in public even though we all knew it was against the law, how many of these people where already infected I wondered, or where they just taking advantage of the situation.

When I got to work, I saw Dr. Stevenson in his office, he gives me a smile, and waves me off.

I take a seat at my table in the lab, and start trying to work on an antidote for the monster I created, but something was wrong, all the vials of virus where gone.

I get up, and see Dr. Stevenson standing behind me, I look him over, seeing his cock, not as big as Ricky's probably about 7 inches, but still it turned me on.

"Hmm, Katie, I need a status report on your project," he says, and I turn around.

"Well, my virus just went missing," I tell him, looking a little nervous.

"Well, that's too bad," he tells me. "After all, what a tragedy it would be for your miracle drug to get into the population."

"You did it," I say in realization. "You stole my virus and infected the population."

"I wouldn't have if you didn't infect me in the first place," Stevenson says. "And I think I should return the favor, its time for you to reap the benefits of your own creation, get on your hands and knees bitch!"

When he called me a bitch, it triggered something in my brain, so I nod and do as he says.

Instead of taking me in my pussy, like Ricky did, he forces his cock into my mouth. I begun to suck it, moaning as I realize that this might be it for me, I would become a bitch very, very soon. I suck harder, my tongue wrapping around his cock as I await the transformation to begin on my body.

But it dosen't come, at least not for me, the harder I suck, the more Dr. Stevenson changes, but this time I have a front-row seat to it. I begin gagging on his cock as he cums, and slides it out of his mouth, I watch as it changes, becomming more barbed, and I watch as his entire body becomes covered with fur, I get turned on a little by this. His mouth and nose form together and elongate to form a snout as his ears move up his head and become more dog-like. His tailbone elongates to form a tail, which wags a little as he looks at my body.

"Why didn't I..." I start.

"Transform?" He growls. "Bitches can only be transformed a week after infection, and by the smell of you, I'd say you where just infused yesterday."

I nod, and watch him walk away.

A part of me was actually looking forward to becomming a bitch, but the other part didn't like the thought. I groan as my pussy begins burning, wanting to be fucked, I didn't really care any more about gender, I just wanted to feel someone inside me.

I left my desk to go find someone else to fuck.


For the next few days, I try to avoid everyone, trying not to trigger the bitch inside me that was wanting to be fucked.

Finally, on Friday evening, its all too much for me, I was at home at the time, and my pussy was burning in pain, wanting to be fucked by somebody, anybody. At that moment, the bitch in me takes over. I hear sounds comming from upstairs, and I walk up to the room that Mary and Selene shared, I knew that even before infection, they where both bisexual, they had occasionaly had sex together, and invited me, but I had always refused until now.

"Mary, Selene?" I ask, knocking on the door. Mary answers, her pussy dripping with cum, Selene is lying on the bed, fingering herself, I remember that they too are infected, but I can have sex with them without activating the transformation until tomorrow. "May I come and join you?" I ask, feeling my pussy getting wet.

"Sure," Mary says, and leads me in, Selene smiles and motions for me to lie down next to her.

"I knew that the feeling would get too much for you, Katie," Selene says. "And now you're ready to learn how to please a girl," she says, and sits up, rubbing my pussy lightly, she kneels down, and begins licking it, I let out a moan, feeling the girl's tongue on my pussy turned me on greatly. She begins to move her tongue in and out of my pussy, letting it move all around.

At the same time, Mary positions her own pussy over my mouth, and instinctively I begin licking and probing at her pussy, once I get my first taste of another girl's pussy, I immediately want more, and go faster, adding a finger at the same time, using my other hand to fondle my breast.

I let out a loud moan, unhindered by Mary's pussy as I cum, at the exact same moment Mary cums too, and I swallow it all up, lying back as the two girls smile at me.

"Well, since this might be your last chance to try it..." Selene says, and reaches under her bed and takes out a strap-on dildo. "Get on your hands and knees, bitch," she says forcefully, and I comply.

Up until midnight, we all fuck with each other lesbian style. At 11:55 we stop, wanting to save what was left of our humanity for men the next evening.


(continued from introduction)

My mind finally got control of myself again, and that is how I found myself in my room, locked away from the wolves outside wanting to make me their bitch.

When I first proposed this idea to the head of the company, I said that we have nothing to lose. Well, in the end we're gonna lose it all, our humanity, our lives, everything.

The iroic thing is, the virus did what I wanted it to do. The only thing was, it didn't do everything it should have.

I didn't understand what I was doing...

I'm afraid that will be etched on the tombstone of the entire fucking human race.

Now that I've written this journal, I am ready to give into my instincts.

Fuck this life, I'm ready to become their bitch.

-End Journal entry of June 22nd, 2007.


Katie shuts her journal, the burning in her pussy is now irresistable as she hears the howls comming from downstairs.

She unlocks and opens the door, and walks down the stairs into the living room, pushing back her long platinum blonde hair as she walks into the room.

Two male werewolves that Katie dosen't recognize are in the middle of fucking Mary and Selene. Katie watches the girls hold their heads back as they howl in pleasure, feeling the two males fucking them faster and faster as their bodies, already covered in fur, transform into full werewolf, I see their breasts actually growing a little bit larger, they're now the same size as mine, and nipples growing down their chests, showing their marks as bitches to the new order. They both howl as the males cum deep into them, and the two new bitches laugh in their wolfish way.

"We have company, Leon," Mary growls to the male that had been fucking her. The now recognizable Leon Stevenson, my boss' 19 year-old son turns to look at Katie, smiling and showing his long fangs.

"You're ready, I see," he says, and nods to his friend.

Out of the shadows steps Ricky, and then it hits her that they all want to fuck me at once.

Katie gets down on my hands and knees, as she had grown accustomed to over the last week, and Leon's friend moves under me, slipping his long cock into my pussy. Ricky forces his into her mouth, and I begin to suck it as Leon slips his into my ass without any lube, this was going to be painfull.

As the three male werewolves fuck Katie in all her holes, she finally feels the transformation overtaking me.

There is a burning that starts in her pussy, but then moves along every fiber of her body. All three of the men cum at the same time, filling up every hole, and they slide out of Katiee, moving over to Mary and Selena, where they proceed to fuck them a little more.

Katie on the other hand, begins to transform in a painful way. I stumble over to a mirror to watch as my hair becomes more sleek, and begins to sprout in every place on my body but my pussy, which grows slightly to fit the huge cock of a male werewolf, I feel myself fall to the ground as my bones adjust. My entire body is soon covered with silvery fur, my nose and mouth fuse together to form a snout, my tailbone elongates behind me to form a magnificent tail. My fingers shorten and become stubby, then my nails elongate to form claws, and my stomach swells, as nipples form along it.

She holds her head back and howl, expressing her new-found pleasure of being a werewolf. There is a sudden burning in Katie's pussy, and she knows that its time to hunt more converts, but first, she wanted to be fucked again, and Ricky happily obliges.


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