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It is October 1st, the first day of deer season here.

Here is Wyoming, and hunting season is the ultimate as far as the residents are concerned. Everything else is second to hunting season even the schools consider the first day of hunting season to be an excused absence!

I decided to go hunting alone this year, as my usual hunting buddies could not make the annual trip until later in the month. I have never missed the opening day before so I figured I would just go on without them. I had 3 days to myself and settled into camp as usual.

I awoke to the natural sounds of mother nature and after doing the things that an early morning wakeup required I made my way out to the best spot I had found on other visits to this area to hunt my deer. I did not have to wait long before this very large buck came into site. I set my scope onto him and fired. He fell as soon as the bullet hit him. I hiked down to him, about 200 yards, and began to field dress him so I could carry him out to camp. This all happened on the first day so I still had plenty of time as far as my trip was concerned to play a little.

While I was field dressing the buck a couple of other hunters came by. We talked a little and I discovered that they were from another state and really had no idea where they were. I told them that I was through hunting but still had a few days left for my trip and would be happy to guide them. They were very happy and told me they would help me finish what I was doing so we could get started sooner.

We ended up at their camp about mid afternoon with nothing to show for their effort thus far. I told them that we should go to bed early as I would be taking them out an hour before dawn in the morning and they would all be getting the kills they were here for.

That morning we all headed out of camp and two hours later the 6 of us returned, all with nice sized bucks!

They were very jubilant and wanted to reward me for such a good hunt. I told them that that was not necessary as I was here for another two days anyway and I had enjoyed guiding them.

We began to pass a bottle of whiskey around and drink some beer. It was not long and we all decided to head into Deadwood, SD to do a little gambling. I was playing Blackjack and was doing very well when some of the guys came by my table and said they wanted to leave. I told them that I was on a streak and wanted to stay. They talked amongst themselves for a few minutes and told me that if they waited for me they would expect me to serve them in whatever way they wanted for the remainder of their stay. I was drunk enough and winning enough that I didn’t care so I said ok. They waited for me for almost two hours until I finally lost and decided I was ready to leave. We headed back to our camp.

I awoke the next day very hung over and wanted nothing more than to just lay in my sleeping bag. But the guys had other ideas. They made me get up, reminding me of my previous nights promise. I got up and cooked breakfast for us all. After breakfast I could see them talking amongst themselves and one of them came over to me and told me that since I had agreed to do whatever they wanted I would be their bitch for the rest of their trip. When I tried to argue they tied me up and said I had no choice, I was theirs now.

They then stripped my clothes from me and as much as I tried to stop it from happening my cock sprang to attention. They began to say things like “look he likes this” and “I bet he sucks cock real good”. I was very embarrassed as I had never been with another man before. I was then forced to my knees and a hard cock was forced into my mouth. This guy grabbed my head and fucked my face, yes he fucked my face, he didn’t let me or force me to suck him, he just plain fucked my mouth. When he began to come he held my head still and shot into my mouth and told me to swallow. I tried to swallow it all but could not and some of his cum ran out of my mouth around his cock and dripped down my chin. The rest of them cheered him on.

I was then bent over a picnic table and tied to it. My legs spread wide. I could feel someone greasing my asshole as another cock was pushed into my mouth. Then I felt a pressure against my asshole as one of them pushed his hard cock into me. I tried to scream but the sound was muffled by the hard cock in my mouth. Eventually the cock in my ass stopped moving and all I could feel was an immense pressure there. I soon relaxed and he began to move his cock out, then back in slowly. He began to move faster and I was moaning around the cock in my mouth. This was beginning to feel good. After a short time the cock in my ass began to stiffen more and swell, Then my assailant stopped moving and I felt him shoot his cum into my ass.

I did not get to rest from that assault as the cock in my mouth pulled out and then was pushed into my ass in one hard push. Again as I tried to scream another hard cock was forced into my mouth as soon as I opened it. This went on for hours as one after another had their turn with me, twice.

When I woke up the following morning I was covered in cum and very sore all over. I got up and bathed in the very cold stream. When I returned to camp I was immediately grabbed and it all started again. This went on for the next three days until their trip was over. I was taken again and again and loved every minute of it. I can’t wait until next hunting season!

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Used in camp

I had fun sex in an elk camp. I was with two other friends, neither knew I had sucked the other guy, and been fucked by them before. Each day I had come across them out in the timber, and given them blowmore...

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