tagIncest/TabooHunting Cabin

Hunting Cabin


As I drove up the highway, I wondered how serious he was about hooking up for a few hours of playtime. I mean, he was my cousin. We never talked about it, but he texted a lot of hints regarding it for when he visited during the holiday. I never knew if I should take him seriously. My conscious self, the sensible part of my brain, told me 'nah, how could he be serious, we're cousins for fuck sake?!' But the other part of me, the part of me with the little horns . . . said differently.

We hadn't seen each other for years, once in a great while at some significant family event - a marriage or funeral. I'd often wonder what made him still think of me, or to think of me at all. Mostly because he was married. Not just married, but married to a very stunning woman. What could he want with me?

Well, I was about to find out for sure in a few minutes. He'd texted me to come visit him at a cabin he was renting for the time he was here to hunt. I knew of the area only generally, so I was going to have to start paying attention if I wanted to find it.

After 20 minutes more of driving, I found the driveway I'd been searching for. Lo and behold, there was his truck with Maine plates. I pulled up alongside it, and let my vehicle idle while I contemplated what I was doing. "I'm just visiting a relative," my horned self insisted. With that, I turned off the ignition and reached for the door handle.

The night air was cold and I could hear the water down below somewhere, splashing from the strong wind that was blowing down from the north. They've been predicting snow all week, and I, for one, was looking forward to it.

As I walked towards the door to the cabin, I thought I could hear footsteps in the leaves to my left. I hesitated and looked that way for a minute before thinking my imagination was taking off again. I reached the door and knocked. And waited. And knocked once more.

Hmm. There were no lights on inside, except for a fire, I could tell, built in the central part of the cabin. He had to be here, his truck was here. Maybe he came out for more wood.

I turned to go back towards the footsteps I heard a few minutes ago, but realized all there were in that direction were trees. So I turned to the right side of the path, and sure enough, there was a very large wood pile. But Brent wasn't there. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck start to stand up, and I didn't like where I was suddenly. How well did I know Brent, after all? Not since we were kids. I didn't know him at all, as an adult.

Just as I was asking myself these questions, someone grabbed me from behind. I heard the zip of handcuffs and felt the cold steel around my wrists before I even knew what was happening. There was a hand over my mouth, as a voice whispered, "Don't scream, it'll do you no good anyway." And the voice was right; where was the next driveway? About a mile away? What did I get myself into?

As my assailant dragged me towards the cabin door, my eyes raced about, looking for any sign of Brent, hoping for rescue? Then it dawned on me. . . had he already been attacked too? I began to seriously panic at this point. I struggled against my captor, to no use, he was very strong, and as I could tell, very turned on.

He laughed. "Stop struggling Claire, it's only me."

Inside the dim light of the cabin, I looked around, finally looking at Brent who was still chuckling, "I really got you, didn't I?"

"Could you take these damn things off?" I demanded, turning to indicate I meant the handcuffs. He obliged, and as he was close to me, I could smell him. The scent was tantalizing, and familiar. Where had I smelled it before?

He plopped down cozily in a big overstuffed armchair, stretched out and smiled (very sexily, I might add) and asked how the drive was. We chit chatted for a good half hour, and he asked if I had anything to eat. I wasn't hungry.

Except maybe for one thing. I slowly sauntered over to where he sat in his armchair, all the while, knowing he was eyeing me up and down. I didn't care. I'm usually very self conscious and hate when people look at me, but tonight was an exception. I wanted him to look at me. I wanted him to want me.

When I reached the armchair, I slowly lowered myself down upon him, throwing one leg over to the other side of him, and sat facing him, straddling him. I put my hands on his shoulders and leaned in to kiss him, hard. Oh, the feeling of our lips meshing together, our tongues intertwining, made me instantly wet! I wanted him, but I wanted to make the foreplay last as long as I could. I kissed him harder, and with more intensity, until I could barely breathe, and then I let up, until our lips were barely touching. All the while, his hands were on my hips, grinding me into him. I could feel his hardness, almost bursting through his trousers, and we were both so wet, I stifled a moan in the back of my throat. I was so horny.

Suddenly and abruptly, he pushed me off of him and got up. I was confused and stood up, adjusting my clothing, feeling the dampness between my legs. He was pacing the room.

"What's the matter?" I asked. He didn't reply. He went into a room I assumed was the bathroom and shut the door behind him. I walked the small cabin, noting where the bedroom was and wondered if he was ok. I was somewhat out of breath from our make out session. I walked to the bathroom door and knocked lightly. "Are you ok?" I asked hesitantly. I realized that he might be feeling some guilt about what we were doing. After all, we were cousins, and were meeting here secretly. Should I be feeling guilty as well? I wasn't.

The bathroom door opened. He walked out looking embarrassed, "I'm ok," he replied. He walked past me towards the dining room table and sat down. "Look, I know this sounds crazy, but I felt . . . "

" . . . guilty?" I broke in. He looked surprised as he looked at me and laughed. "Yes, I suppose guilty might be the word I was looking for. As good as that was all feeling, and as long as I've been looking forward to this, I felt a sudden wave of guilt."

I walked over to him, took his hand and pulled him off his chair. As he stood, I took both his hands and put them on my waist, sliding them all the way up until they were over my breasts. He began to rub them, to rub my hard, erect nipples through my top. "I just want you," I said, "we have nothing to feel guilty about, what we are doing is natural." With that, I pulled my top off, revealing a pink see-through bra, which he immediately undid from the front. His mouth went to my nipples instantly. I could feel his mouth on them and I could feel my clit tingle with each flick of his tongue. Mmm, I wanted that tongue so bad!

I rubbed his crotch, feeling him grow hard again. I wanted to let him loose, let him out of those confining trousers, and be free. I wanted to finally see what he's been teasing me with all this time! I wanted to lick him, and stroke him and suck him. I wanted him in my mouth!

His hands ran down my body to rest on my ass and he squeezed me and pressed his hard on against me over and over while he thrust his tongue in my mouth again and again. I turned and hopped onto the kitchen table and undid my jeans, and pulled them off. "Mmm," he moaned, and smiled as he pulled up a chair to where I sat. I sat in front of him and spread my legs, to reveal that I was wearing pink panties. He started to rub me through my panties, but they were already soaking wet. "Let me taste, are you sweet or salty tonight?" and he stuck his finger inside the panties, and I gasped as he rubbed my clit up and down. He withdrew his finger and licked it, closing his eyes, "mmmmmmmm, I really think you should take these off," he suggested, and helped me take the panties off. When they were off, he immediately helped himself to a second taste, but not with his finger. Oh god, his tongue was better than I could have imagined. He licked my pussy until I lay on the table quivering and gasping his name. I never imagined anybody could eat my pussy the way he did and for as long as he did. Every inch of my body was tingling from my orgasms - and I had to feel him inside me, right then! He stood up, and let his trousers slip off, revealing his rock hard penis, and without hesitation, slammed into me just as fast and hard as I asked him to! I saw stars! But wow, I was in heaven... mmmm.... he fucked me good. I have to say, I've not been properly fucked until that moment. I orgasmed multiple times while he ate my pussy, and then I quivered until I tingled.... I nearly was numb.... but when he fucked me, everything came back, every feeling I ever had, I felt the orgasms coming again, and they were going to be even MORE intense than the first ones. This was unbelievable. It was as though I had taken a pill that made me sensitive to everything that touched me. And the core of it all was in my pussy. I asked him if we could move to the bedroom, because I wanted to fuck him.

He obliged. We went to the bedroom, and he lie down on the bed for me. Instead of fucking him, though, I thought I'd like to suck his dick. He was very good size too. Longer and thicker than average, so this was going to be a little bit of a challenge. But I didn't mind. I slid up between his legs, and grasped his penis in my hands, it felt so hard and so powerful. I took the head of it in my mouth and rolled it around in there for a little bit, loving the feel of it. Slowly, I started sliding the shaft of it in... slowly, slowly... until I felt it go past my gag reflex , slowly, there, it was all in, and so I fucked him with my mouth, in and out, and took it out and put it in, my mouth was so warm and wet, and I could hear him moaning, and he was holding the back of my head and fucking my mouth at the same time I was fucking him. Mmmmmmm, god did I love his perfect dick. Soon, I heard him say he was going to cum, so I moved my lips and my tongue faster and faster, until I felt the warmth inside my mouth, and I sucked and sucked until I got every last drop.

We both lie there panting, holding each other. And I started to kiss him softly on the face, his lips, nibbling a little bit on his bottom lip, on his chin, on his throat, biting him softly, over and over, giving him tiny little bitty hickies where nobody would ever see them. Suddenly he grew hard again. This time I threw my leg over him, straddling him, facing his feet. O M G . . . I could fuck him for the rest of my life. But I fucked him for about 5 more hours before we fell asleep exhausted. I left in the wee hours of the morning, but we planned for me to come back again the next night.

I love my cousin :)

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