tagSci-Fi & FantasyHuntress of the Galaxy Ch. 02

Huntress of the Galaxy Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Death of a Planet

Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for your votes and comments on my previous stories. For those of you not familiar with the characters portrayed here, you may wish to read the previous story for some background. Enjoy.


Rae Arizona screamed in delight as Sith's massive cock pumped in her ass and Jan devoured her gushing pussy. The Terran women and their feline humanoid companion would eagerly pleasure each other for hours, Sith's boundless stamina matched only by Rae and Jan's insatiable appetites. This final coupling was the culmination of a passionate marathon begun that morning at their beachfront home under the rising suns of Arcturus IX.

Rae thrust her pussy against Jan's busy mouth and filled it to overflowing with her warm juices. Sith's rumbling purr became a howl as he pumped sticky ropes of cum in Rae's gripping ass, his dewclaws digging into her shoulders. He fell back with Rae on top as Jan sprang from between Rae's thighs, her face glistening with her wife's cum, and straddled Rae's face offering her wife her dripping pussy.

Sith continued to pump into Rae's ass as she sucked Jan's labial lips in her mouth and burrowed her tongue deep into the satiny folds, causing her wife to squeal in pleasure. Jan shuddered in orgasm as Rae's fingers twirled in her ass, filling her wife's' mouth with creamy juices as Sith came again. Exhausted, they rolled away from each other and lay panting on the sugary white sand.

Sith began grooming himself as Rae and Jan brushed the sand from their bodies.

"I never cease to be amazed at the levels of mating pranth we achieve each time," Sith purred.

"That magnificent cock of yours has a lot to do with it…" Rae began, when a chime interrupted her. A holocomm image appeared bearing the smiling face of Cedric Hyde-Mathis, director of Cosmic Retrievers.

"Good fortune," said Cedric warmly. "I hope I'm not interrupting."

"Hello Cedric," the women chorused and Sith bared his fangs in greeting.

"I have an assignment for you if you're interested."

They exchanged glances. It had been over 40mm of a twin sun cycle since the adventure on Arcturus III, where they had met Sith and Rae nearly died. Sith had taken reserve status as an investigator for the Galactic Consortium to be with his mates and friends. They were happy in their new home; however the lure of a new adventure was irresistible.

"Go on," Jan replied.

"A Denebian named Abrami Ben-Turanab stole a secret formula for the annealing of lithium molecules from Amalgamated Transporters and fled. He purchased a surplus jumpship on Cassiopea X and hasn't been seen since. Traces of his magnodrive were detected in an unexplored star system designated Bormann's Cluster. We presume he was attempting to contact the Red Moon Brotherhood and sell the formula, but either lost control or continues to elude the authorities."

"An unexplored star system and an elusive fugitive," Sith purred. "Do we accept the challenge my mates?"

"Definitely," Rae replied. "What's the bounty on this capture, Cedric?"

"Amalgamated Transporters is offering 15 ml Cr's. for return of the formula. The fugitive is of little consequence, although they are curious how he bypassed the retinal locks on their safe."

"What class of jumpship is available," Jan asked.

"We…ahem…have obtained the latest model of a Class IX Firefly from our usual sources. The Peace Patrol is yet to be equipped with them. You will be well served by this craft."

"Give us a 5 degree suncycle and we'll be there," Rae replied.

"Excellent. Good fortune, you three."

Hyde-Mathis' image faded.


"Approaching designated star system," the ships computer announced, "Awaiting further instructions."

Jan emerged from the ships living quarters brushing at her tousled hair and sat before the control console. The jumpship had taken longer than expected to locate their destination due to insufficient data, so the three had passed the time making love. Rae and Sith padded in and stood behind her.

A thirteen planet system appeared on the viewscreen, orbiting around a white dwarf sun. Several of the inner planets were too hot to sustain any advanced life forms. Those in the furthest orbits were more likely to be where the fugitive was hiding.

"Begin search for designated ship. If detected, land nearby."


"Unless he's acquired some pirated model of cloaking device…" Rae began.

"Target detected. Prepare for landing."

"He's not even trying to hide. That's odd," Jan exclaimed. An image appeared on the viewscreen. "What a peculiar looking planet."

"It is barely so," Sith replied, "Such an erratic orbit and no land masses, water or vegetation. Intriguing."

The ship settled on it's antigravs, "Atmosphere present and breathable. Gravity Nine seven point eight five two of one gee. Opening exterior hatch and recharging solar cells."

Rae and Jan donned skin tight synthomail exploration suits and all three donned their weapons. Opening the interior hatch they stepped cautiously onto the planets surface. There was a peculiar, yet not unpleasant smell in the air and the featureless ground was spongy under their feet.

They cautiously approached the fugitive's ship, weapons at the ready. The entry hatch stood open and the interior was brightly lit. A quick search determined the craft was empty. Jan lased the ships safe open and Sith placed the memo beads in his carrybelt. Rae had been examining the craft from the outside and joined them.

"No damage whatsoever. He must have landed here intentionally. Where is he? It's not like there's places to hide."

"He may be underground," Jan mused. "Or there was another ship waiting for him here…"

"Rae! Jan! Outside, now," Sith growled.

They emerged to see a tall, bearded, olive-skinned man dressed in a colorful tunic standing a short distance away.

"Ben-Turanab," Rae exclaimed. "Where did you come from? We're here to take you and the formula back to those you stole it from."

The figure uttered an odd, gurgling laugh and said nothing.

"I scent danger," Sith rumbled, drawing his laser. "His eyes are dead and he's not breathing. That is not a live being."

"Very perceptive of you," the thing replied. "I find it easier to converse in this manner, as I have no vocal chords."

"Who or what are you," Jan said with an edge in her voice. "What have you done with Ben-Turanab?"

"Alas he is no more. I was overeager in extracting the knowledge from his brain and I absorbed him. Pity, he was so full of plans for his future and an excellent conversationalist."

"We'd like to converse with you, but we have a job to do," Rae said evenly. "So if you'll excuse us we'll be on our way. See you around the nebula."

"I'm afraid I can't allow that. At least not until you instruct me in the operation of my former guests spacecraft. I have need of it."

"By the beak of Horus, what are you?" Jan exclaimed. "Why do you need this ship?"

"I am…Me. I need this ship to allow Me to colonize other planets, to absorb knowledge and their inhabitants; soon I will rule the galaxy. I shall be the galaxy."

"Jan! Sith! To the ship!" Rae barked, drawing her trademark replica six guns. "We're leaving now. Adios."

Sith snarled when he found the ships hatch suddenly covered with fleshy strands. Claws extended, he slashed them to ribbons then he and Jan leapt inside.

Rae fired her pistols, burning holes in the figure which melted into the ground. She ran for the hatch and tumbled inside as it hissed shut. Jan was at the controls as the ship began lifting, then shuddered and stopped.

"Unable to achieve lift off, generators at overload, shutting down to prevent damage."

"Osiris' flail," Jan swore. "The ship's covered with those strands. Now what do we do?"

"We could electrify the hull," Rae said, "But that would take time. I'm not sure this whatever-it-is will allow us to…"

The ship gave a lurch and the three tumbled forward.

"It's dragging us under the surface," Sith snarled. "We'll fight our way out or die trying."

"What is this thing?" Rae muttered. "Is this whole planet alive?"

The ship came to a halt and a voice said, "You are correct. I am both Me and the planet where I was created. Come out and behold Me in all my glory."

"Modest isn't it?" Rae said wryly. "Let's go see what this thing is."

The outer hatch opened and they emerged into a cavern with blood red walls, ceiling and floor. It was warm and humid, the air thick to breathe. Rae and Jan peeled off their synthomail and Sith fluffed his fur. A massive lump of grey tissue dominated the space, held in mid air by thousands of fleshy strands and large vein-like tubes pulsing with red fluid.

"Am I not impressive to behold?" said the Ben-Turanab thing, rising from the floor. "Few have seen Me in all My glory."

"Where did you come from?" Rae asked, shuddering at the things dead eyes.

"I began as a secret project. My creators intended for me to act as an advance scout for their invasion fleet. I would be left on a planet, assume the shape of it's inhabitants, collect data on their defenses and report back. Unbeknownst to them, I had acquired information from the planet's data banks and learned the project was to be cancelled and I was to be destroyed. This I could not allow."

"I gathered my strength and awaited my chance. When it came I absorbed everyone in the laboratory, then the building, then eventually the world and every living thing upon it. Now I am held fast by the sun's gravitational pull and cannot journey to spread Me to other planets. Now I have two ships and pilots for them. It is truly a glorious day."

"We're not helping your mad scheme," Sith snarled. "We'll fight you first."

"I thought you might say that. I will have to absorb you and your knowledge and create constructs of you three to pilot my ships. I destroyed my first victims' brain in my eagerness. I shall not make that mistake again."

"Ship, now!" Rae cried. In an instant they dove through the hatch and shut it.

"It won't destroy the ship to get to us," she panted. "We'll have time to plan how to get out of here."

"It must be that grey lump," Jan added, "and the rest is it's organs and skin. We need to blast that thing apart."

"Then how do we escape?" Sith purred. "We must be a mile below the surface."

"That's something to consider," Rae mused, absently stroking Jan's thigh.

Jan gave a low moan and cupped Rae's breast.

"I love you baby."

"I love you too."

Rae stroked Sith's silky belly fur, then his swelling cock as it emerged from it's protective sheath.

"I think we need some togetherness in the midst of all this. It may be our last time to…mmmph…"

Jan's lips covered hers and they sank to the floor, moving into a sixty-nine position with Rae on top and Sith kneeling behind her, his thick cock slipping easily into her wet pussy. Rae moaned in pleasure as Sith began fucking her and Jan sucked her aching clit. She dipped her head between her wife's legs, licking and tonguing the satin folds and worming a slippery finger in her puckered hole.

Jan's back arched as Rae devoured her pussy. She licked Sith's cock as it moved in her wife's dripping slit, then worried the engorged clit with her teeth. Growling and hissing, Sith gripped Rae's waist, his cock working like a piston in her wet hole as her vaginal muscles gripped him tightly. With skill born of experience, the three pleasured each other; nearing completion repeatedly, then holding back to make their coming more intense.

Jan's head jerked back as she screamed in delight, her orgasm shaking her body as she squirted into Rae's face and open mouth, then returned to her wife's clit. Sith howled and pumped streams of cum in Rae's pussy, his dewclaws stabbing her ribs. Rae's back arched and a guttural moan escaped her lips and the dual stimulations gave her an intense orgasm that blurred her vision in a red haze. She came again and then collapsed on top of Jan, Sith's softening cock still in her pussy. Exhausted from their ordeal and lovemaking, they curled up together and slept.


Rae, Sith and Jan awakened as something rapped loudly on the ships hull.

"Our host must be getting impatient," Sith said. "If we emerge, it will be death for us."

The pounding became louder and more insistent.

"These jumpships carry mini-fusion bombs to clear away space debris," Jan said excitedly. "If we popped out the hatch and each threw one at that thing we may be able to escape."

"Let's do it," Rae said, opening a storage locker and removing three yellow spheroids. "What do we have to lose? We're dead anyway."

"Hatch is open. Good fortune my mates," Sith said.

"Good fortune my loves," Jan added.

Rae nodded as a tear ran down her cheek.

"Let's kill that thing."

"I am pleased you decided to see reason…" the creature began, seeing them emerge. Seconds later, three fusion bombs arced toward it and the three dove for the safety of the ship. A ripple of explosions sent them tumbling to the floor.

A piercing wail that climbed to a supersonic register assailed their ears, followed by noises like canvas being ripped apart. They stared aghast at the viewscreen as the grayish lump split in three pieces which began slamming against each other.

Sunlight blazed into the cavern as a tremendous fissure opened. Jan punched control buttons and the ship sped upward, emerging above ground and into space. The planet trembled as massive cracks appeared in it's surface, splitting into three pieces each coalescing into ovoid shapes that continued to batter each other.

"Horns of Hathor," Rae said wonderingly. "It's split into three beings. Now we'll have triple the trouble."

"I think not," Sith replied. "Separated, they can no longer resist the suns gravitational field. They will be drawn into…"

"There they go," Jan exclaimed. "They're spiraling into the sun and still fighting."

A massive solar plume arose from the suns surface as the creatures smashed through a sunspot's penumbra and vanished.

"Good riddance. Let's go collect that reward," Rae said happily, hugging Jan and Sith.


Home once again and 12ml Cr's richer, the trio wasted no time swimming in the azure waters then making exquisite love on the white sand. Facing death together had strengthened their bond even more tightly.

Sith purred in delight as Rae and Jan combed his fur, teasingly rubbing his semi-erect cock. A chime sounded and Hyde-Mathis' smiling face appeared.

"My congratulations on a successful mission ladies and being; in addition to the reward, Amalgamated Transporters is issuing you three lifetime passes to use on any time stage they control."

"Thank you Cedric," Rae and Jan replied. Sith bared his fangs, continuing to purr.

"Oh by the way, an interesting request has been received from General Replicators regarding an experimental model that's gone missing. They think it may be the work of the Galactic Gangsters. I don't suppose you would…"

"Be interested?" Rae said. "What say my loves?"

"What is the reward?" Sith asked, nictitating membranes flicking.

"How long has it been missing?" Jan continued.

Rae grinned, "There's your answer."

"Excellent. The last time it was seen…"


Rae, Jan and Sith return in 'The Secret From The Stars'.

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