tagSci-Fi & FantasyHuntress of the Night Ch. 02

Huntress of the Night Ch. 02


Haron was a land of many species that could only exist in its northern climate. Aside from the vampire, none was so unique than the Snow Elves. This came less from their culture and more from the fact they were the only known elves to man. If any other elven races existed, they had never revealed themselves to other races. Sailors told stories of Sea Elves that dwell in the water, but those were sketchy at best.

Snow Elves had revealed themselves to the humans of Haron due to their mutual enemy, the vampire. The dark beings did not discriminate in their desire to turn or dominate others, and they had made a point to attack the equally long lived and powerful elves. They had united with the North Kingdom ages ago and when it broke apart allied with the different leaders that ruled the broken Haron. Their domain, the Crystal Forest, was open to travelers, though very few who were not traders dared enter elven land. Snow Elves took their long lives as a sign of superiority which turned into arrogance. Anyone who came to Crystal Forest who was not elven was treated like second class at best. This prideful, traditional culture is what made Caren deeply worried about their trip. More to be clear, who was traveling with her.

Kara did not have an ounce of respect in her body, and she had even less patience for what she viewed as annoying traditions. Many a faithful of the gods had left her presence deeply offended, and Snow Elves were ancient worshippers of Luna. The Lunar Monk could already see themselves in jail for Kara's mouthing off or trying to seduce men. Caren had brought this up to the Huntress as their trip began and Kara agreed. Caren and Jared had been shocked to hear their companion agree not to be herself among the elves. In fact the whole trip she had not had sex with anyone, a true rarity for the ever-horny woman. Caren might have thought her experience in the vampire cave was on her mind, but that was nothing new to the Huntress. The black haired vampire hunter, beautiful and well proportioned, had been caught and fucked by prey many times. Her sudden compliance was more worrying then anything, and Caren had a feeling it would lead to disaster.

She was proven right when they made camp one night, the icicles of Crystal Forest glittering in the moonlight a mile or two from their spot. Caren and Jared had finished a sparse dinner w1hen Kara appeared bare naked and the old look of burning lust in her violet eyes. In the cold air her nipples were already hard and there was the faintest sign of wetness at the groin. For Caren, trained to be a proper and reserved woman, this set off more warning signs than ever.


The Huntress smiled, "I hear elves have amazing sight, wanted to give anyone watching use a good show."

"Kara." Jared chewed on the last bit of meat and looked at his friend solemnly.

"You promised to behave yourself!" Caren wanted to throw a blanket on the nude woman before anyone, elf or not, saw them.

"And I will, once I'm satisfied."


"Of course. I've gone this long without sex, you can't expect me to meet the elves when I'm so horny do you? You do like to point out my lack of self-control."

Kara said this all so easily, it set Caren off more than before, "Go play with yourself then!"

Kara shook her head and smiled at her, "Past that point Caren. I need something more. And you two are going to help."

Caren felt dizzy just listening to this. Kara kept from having sex all this time just to blackmail them? Jared set his plate down and watched the two. He already knew how this would go. Caren would argue, but Kara would win as always.

"Two?! Leave me out of your perverted needs Huntress!"

Kara shrugged, "Fine. I guess I will need to find a nice elven man to fuck me. Maybe more. Who knows, they might even be ok with another female in the mix."

Caren stared at Kara, who was smirking in lustful triumph. How did she end up with this piece of Makon-spawn?


"Very nice."

"Quiet, tramp."

Kara chuckled as she looked over Caren. The monk had eventually given in and agreed to fix her 'problem'. The silver haired woman lay naked on the ground as Kara took in the rare sight. She had finally gotten the prissy Caren to do what she wanted. Caren's breasts were smaller then Kara's full rack, but she was still amazing in a slender, pure way. Jared sat by them, his large cock already getting hard at the sight of the two naked women in front of him. Kara would need him much harder for her needs, so she knelt over Caren and began.

Caren shivered as a hand pressed on her breast and gave it a squeeze. Kara took the other in her mouth and sucked on it, earning a cry from her companion. Caren wanted to shift away, but the Huntress pressed her knee against the monk's bare pussy, rubbing it up against her as she ravaged her chest. After a while she kissed her way up Caren's neck and sucked on her lower lip. Caren closed her eyes, hoping to ride out the session until Kara moved on to Jared. Kara would not have that, however, and her lips moved up a bit to catch the monk in a kiss. She was rewarded with muffled sounds of pleasure as her hands roamed all over her slender body, savoring the feeling of Caren's juices on her knee. Jared was quickly at full erection thanks to Kara's makeout session, and when the Huntress lifted her head to gaze at him he resigned himself to his job. Grinning her usual sexy grin, Kara moved her leg away from Caren's pussy and pressed her body against the monk.

"Her first, big guy."

Caren went wide eyed and looked wildly between the woman holding her down and the man looking exasperated at them both.

"No! No, no, no! This is to make you behave, not me!"

Kara leaned in and blew a burst of hair in Caren's ear before chuckling, "And I will behave after Jared shows you a good time. You're not a virgin right?"


"Well that's that then! Don't worry so much, he can cum in me if you're so upset by it. Jared....make sure she does climax though."

Jared knelt down behind them and looked at the two wet pussies pressed against each other. He had his own problems about sleeping with his childhood friend, and even more about Kara using Caren in her games. But Kara was the sort of person to keep her word and cause trouble with the elves.

Caren whimpered helplessly as the head of Jared's cock parted her lips. She had only had sex once in her life, a village romance when she was younger. She had never slept with Jared, but she had, thanks to Kara, seen him naked enough times to know he was far bigger than her old crush. Thankfully Jared was understanding and eased himself into her as gently as he could. Halfway in he began thrusting, grunting at the feeling of such a tight pussy. Discomfort from his size in her slowly faded as Caren got used to him, right around the time that Kara starting licking and sucking her breasts again as she waited for her turn. Caren's moans grew louder as Jared picked up pace and pumped her pussy along with Kara's body rubbing against her. Kara savored the sounds of Caren in pleasure as her tongue flicked across her hard nipples and her hands explored her body. The monk barely noticed Kara as her pussy was stretched around Jared's cock, which was now pumping in and out of her at a steady pace. Unlike Kara, who preferred it rough and usually encouraged Jared to put it all in, Caren's body obviously wasn't ready for that. Besides, if he put any more inside her tight pussy, he might just blow. Having not had sex in years, she was tighter than Kara. After a few more thrusts Jared couldn't trust himself anymore and drew back. Caren was relieved when Jared pulled out, but sighed when she felt his tongue take the place of his cock as he expertly ate her out. Jared had learned a lot during his friendship with the Huntress, as he poked and stroked all the right pleasure points and sucked at her opening. Pleasured by both Kara and Jared's tongues Caren was quickly worked into a climax.

Kara watched happily as Caren's face twisted and her body shivered in orgasm. Her own body tensed in anticipation as Jared shifted behind them. Jared entered her, harder than usual. He was clearly upset about her little game. As pleasure rippled up her body from his hard thrusts she made a note to try this again. But now she just focused on enjoying the cock reaming her. Below her, Caren was once again blushing at her position. Still pinned down by Kara, she had an interesting view of the Huntress's breasts bouncing with each thrust, the look of joy in her purple eyes, and the large dick moving in and out of her. Jared, having just switched from one woman to another, might have climaxed first if Kara wasn't so horny to begin with. As it was, she gave out first, a deep moan signaling her orgasm. Scooping Kara in his arms, he pulled her off Caren and onto the ground next to the grateful monk. Kara pouted, but quickly changed her manners as Jared pulled out of her pussy and blew his load on her ass and legs.

Kara rolled over and looked from her own wet pussy to the still panting Caren beside her and grinned, "Yea, I think that will do."


Kara fell asleep soon after, after cleaning herself off and giving Caren a teasing goodnight. The monk sat infront of the fire, glaring at it as if it was the Huntress herself. Jared sat by her, reading a book. The whole calmness of the situation only made her less calm. Despite her usual control, Jared picked up on feelings quick. Or maybe he just figured it out since he had his dick buried in her not long ago.


She held up her hand for silence, "I am fine, Jared."


"Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be? I have only been forced to have sex, against my will, by that perverted, insane, morally dead tramp!" Caren poked the fire with a stick for every word she had against Kara. Jared sighed in understanding.

"Caren, I did warn you about Kara's habits when we first met you."

Caren's mood only got worse, "You told me she was very sexually active, a fact I knew when she first found me tied up. You never mentioned she was a blackmailing woman who goes this far just to get her way. It's like a child in an adult's body! How can you stand her!"

Jared shrugged stiffly, "I'm her friend, and I want to be there for a friend."

"Be there for her? More like in her! You don't even want that kind of relationship with her, so why?"

Jared glanced at the tent and sighed, "It's her way of to cope. Her non-violent way, anyway."

Jared stood up and bid her goodnight. Caren sat there longer, pondering. She didn't know the details of Kara's past, but almost everyone knew the basic story of the Huntress. Vampires killed her family at a young age. Sadly a common tale in Haron, but Kara had become uncommon by later killing a Vampire Lord and committing herself to exterminating the vampire race. That would be the violent way of coping. As Caren put out the fire and prepared to rest, she wished Kara would keep her coping to herself and the willing.


The Crystal Forest got its name for the countless icicles that hung from the trees. It was said that they had never melted in the sun and that the elves only added to them. Some of the larger icicles Caren looked at may well be centuries old. Truly amazing. Kara had no use for them, however. She strode through the snow covered woods with measured but easy steps. Her violet eyes scanned the surroundings for an ambush that would be easy in this environment.

"That is not needed, Kara. The Snow Elves will not needlessly harm anyone that doesn't mean them harm."

Kara snorted at Jared's claim and turned to Caren, "So what do you know about these people?"

Caren inspected another icicle as they walked. They must look beautiful in the moonlight.

"They are ancient worshipers of Luna, my Goddess of the Moon. They in fact claim to be the first. It's possible, given their long lives, but it doesn't mean all that much to anyone other than them. We don't often get along, elves and human servants of Luna."

Jared kicked some snow off his boots, "And this thing we are here for?"

"The Lunar Cuirass." Caren said it with a great deal of awe, "And artifact of Luna. It's not elven, I am not even sure the elves realize it's here. I didn't fully recognize it at first from my vision since the Cuirass has been lost for ages. I can't begin to guess what it does, but its power is tied to the moon."

Kara had a thoughtful look on her face. Looking down, she noted her own leather protection was not always up to par. She just didn't like chainmail or the heavy stuff. Leather showed off her figure so much better. Still, blessed silver might work.

Jared glanced around the trees, "Know it or not, the elves will be unlikely to give it up to us."

Kara's lips split into a savage smirk, "Not a problem."


Kara drew Bloodbane and moved to the side as an arrow shot past. The trees came alive as an elven archer pointed his bow at the three humans. The white haired male wore only leather pants and boots. His slender chest, along with the rest of him, was pale and shimmered like a frozen lake in the sun. His ears were pointed and his eyes were larger than a humans, not unsightly but simply structured differently. His bow was pointed right at a grinning Kara.

"A good welcome, elf."

"Thieves are not wanted in our land. Desecraters even more so."

Kara tilted her head toward her companions, completely unconcerned with the arrow at her heart, "We haven't even done anything yet, have we?"

Jared shook his head. Caren stepped up and tried to diffuse the situation.

"Peace, Snow Elf. We mean your people no harm."

"No one that comes seeking Luna's gift ever means no harm."

So they did know about the Cuirass. So much for quietly taking it. Kara shrugged, "Maybe they don't like being welcomed with arrows? Humans might shoot them at each other a lot, but at least we can get around to a handshake."

The elf did not lower his bow. Before Caren could speak again Kara was sprinting toward his tree. The Snow Elf let loose the arrow the moment she moved. The Huntress leapt to the side and threw one of her silver daggers at the tree. It sunk into the wood next to the elf, doing nothing more than distracting him before he drew and fired his next arrow. This one struck Kara right in the chest, and through it. Shock registered on the elf as Kara faded away only for another Kara to be seen flitting among the trees.

"Illusions, the tools of a thief!" The Snow Elf jumped nimbly from tree to tree after Kara.

As he landed on a branch three Huntresses tossed daggers at him. The elf simply fell backward and hung from the branch with his legs hooked. His first sight was the real Kara, a grin on her face and her eyes blazing with zeal, jumping right at him with her red bladed rapier thrusting out. Bloodbane was a cursed weapon last owned by the Vampire Lord Andre, who Kara killed at the age of eighteen. It was her proof to killing the Lord and her trademark. The curse was one of instant death, so long as two things happened. The strike must touch the heart of the enemy, and it must be the tip of Bloodbane that does it. Living or undead both fell to that curse. This elf would be no different.

A sound came from near them; a second later an arrow struck Bloodbane and broke its direction. The blade grazed the elf's arm as both of them went to the ground. Caren and Jared ran up to Kara as more elves appeared. Unlike the first one, they wore light chest plates of enchanted ice and their bows and swords matched the make. Several of those bows were aimed at all four of them as an elf wearing an open blue robe walked forward.

The robed elf looked at them with a slightly bemused and annoyed look before bowing, "I am Rolastran, of the Crystal Forest. Please forgive the impudence of Aldran here."

Not waiting for a reply, Rolastran glared at Aldran, "And as for you. We have told you repeatedly not to play the part of a soldier. This is the fourth time in months you have felt the need to take matters into your own hands."

"But Counciler, they..."

"Yes, yes I already know. Scouts, REAL scouts, have been following them since they arrived. That does not excuse you any more than it does them."

Aldran was silent as the Counciler turned to Kara, "It may be late for this, but I welcome you to our forest, Huntress. You as well, human servant of the Moon."

His words were polite, but laced with elven condensation for the humans. Caren bowed stiffly, "The pleasure is ours, Snow Elf of Luna."

Rolastran nodded in acceptance and clapped his hands. The soldiers brought Aldran to his feet and surrounded the humans, "Now, let us meet with our peers and talk. You have much to explain, humans."


Ice, ice everywhere. The homes, bridges, statues, and even lanterns were crafted from ice. Including the open council they stood before.

The elves had no name for their city. Crystal Forest was their domain, so all of the forest was their city. The five councilers sat on thrones of ice arranged in a circle of ice. Three men and two women. Elven women looked like the males, though their female proportions were much slimmer than humans. All of them had the white hair of those blessed by Luna, all Snow Elves did. And so they had treated Caren, a Lunar Monk, oddly. They felt themselves superior servants of the Moon Goddess, but at they also respected someone blessed by their deity. Jared well seen as an average human, though some of the women looked at his strong frame in interest. In the end it was Kara that got the most attention. Even the reclusive elves had heard of the woman that stalked the vampires. As servants of Luna and ancient enemies of the vampire, the elves saw her as an interesting human. A wild, offensive, but interesting human. It also meant they knew why there were here.

"The Lunar Cuirass." Rolastran sat at the foremost throne as head of the council "You come for the treasure of our people. You cannot have it."

Kara frowned in annoyance, but Caren held up her hand, "It is not as if we are looking to sell it off for wealth. It is needed."

A female councilor brushed them off, "Yes, you have already tried to tell us that you were sent here. By Luna no less. Absurd. The Cuirass has been ours for ages. Luna did not call for it even during the collapse of the last united human kingdom. You would have us believe that the Goddess wants this dark human to have it?"

Caren glanced at Kara in worry, but she didn't look offended. In fact she seemed mildly flattered by the name.

They were being difficult. But now Caren believed she knew why her vision had been so detailed. Luna was with her, "Luna showed me where it is. A lake in a cavern, hidden under an old ruin."

The council was silent until Rolastran spoke, "How do you know that? No human, or elf beyond this council, even know where it is kept."

Caren smiled in victory, "I do not know why Luna showed us this. I can only assume she sees it as a way to our goal."

Another councilor looked that them, "Your goal? Any goal of the Huntress must end in death."

Kara spoke now, standing arrogantly as she made her claim, "I am going to kill the Vampire Lord Narkin. I have no idea what your Goddess made me come here for."

"Narkin!?" The council burst to life at the name, and Kara's flippant tone toward their deity.

"You seek the most powerful vampire?"

Caren nodded, "He attempted to kidnap the Huntress for some reason. I sought Luna's guidance, and was shown the Cuirass."

Rolastran settled into his seat and sighed, "I see. I think I understand our Lady's will now. Narkin is ancient. He earned his solitude by defeating the other Lords and showing them he was beyond their undead politics. He has been silent in the north for ages. The Goddess must believe that that silence is going to break soon."

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