tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHurricane's Super Villain Ch. 03

Hurricane's Super Villain Ch. 03


The big day was finally here. It was the afternoon of No Mercy and everyone was gathered around the ring as the ring crew scrambled around setting everything up. Shane and I told pretty much everyone about our relationship and we were sitting together talking over the nights events. Rico joined us and we talked over what was going to happen during his match with Shane.

After a few hours, everyone was backstage getting set up as the fans were let into the arena. Shane and I had to stay away from each other since a few fans had backstage passes.

Heat went on air at 7. At 8 it ended and No Mercy was underway. Two matches took place, then it was my turn.

I had a fatal 4 way for the women's title against Victoria, Trish and Lita. I was eliminated first because Hurricane came out and distracted me, allowing for Trish to roll me up. I chased him backstage. Victoria went on to win the match.

Two more matches passed and it was Hurricane vs. Rico. The match went back and forth, then when Hurricane had Rico knocked out and was Hurri-posing, I ran to the ring with a cloth in my hand. I jumped on Hurricane's back and knocked him out with the ether soaked cloth.

Grinning over the unconscious Hurricane, I kicked at him until he rolled from the ring. He won by disqualification but the place went crazy as I did my best to drag him up the ramp. Once I got him backstage, we immediately headed for my locker room and began to set up for our little segment.

One more match went on, and it was our time.

The titan-tron comes on and shows Hurricane with his eyes still closed. His eyes flicker and he looks up and seems startled. He goes to rub his head but realizes he is strapped by his wrists and ankles to a table.

"Fyre," he groans "what the hell do you want with me?"

"Isn't it obvious?" I purr as I rub my hand along the table and walk to beside him. I lick my lips and grab the top of his shirt, ripping it part way open.

"Let me go."

"No." I reply with a grin. "Superhero or no superhero, you're still a man. I've got you exactly where I want you." I lean over and kiss him, darting my tongue around in his mouth. He seems reluctant at first then gives in and returns the favour. My hands rip his shirt the rest of the way open. I stand up suddenly and look at him with my fingers over his lips.

"There's just one thing I have to do." I look at the camera man and walk away from the table that Hurricane is strapped on and toward the camera man. I shove him backward and slam the door. My laugh is heard from inside.

"Well, that's that." I grin. "But I still have you where I want you."

"I've never been this turned on..."

"I can see that." I say as my eyes wander. I walk over to him slowly and stop, resting my hands on his chest. I rub my hands along his chest a little. "Superheros always escape from supervillains on their own, my dear Hurricane. However, I get the feeling you don't exactly want to escape." Hurricane writhes in his restraints and gives up with a sigh. I grin. "You won't escape, but even though you may want what I have, you will definitely want off this table."

Hurricane looks at me and shakes his head. "When I get out of here you'll be sorry, Fyre."

"Heh, if you're not worn out first." I lean over and hover my lips over his. Hurricane goes to kiss me but I move back just enough so that his lips are a fraction of an inch from mine. "You know what you want, but getting it is a completely different story."

I walk around the table, running my fingers along the edge and stop at the head of the table. I put my hands on his and lean over, sticking my tongue out and hovering it over his chest. I feel his head rubbing into my breasts even though my shirt is on. I stand up quickly and look down at him. I rub one of my fingernails over his exposed cheek. "Do as I say," I grab his chin and look in his eyes "and nothing more."

I walk around to the side of the table and rub my fingertips over his chest. Eventually, one finger circles each of his nipples while Hurricane pulls against his restraints. I grin and lean over, flickering my tongue teasingly against each one. He moans and pulls his arms harder. "Don't do that," I grin, "You'll hurt yourself."

I sit on the edge of the table, then move to position myself so that I'm straddling his waist. Hurricane watches me as I remove the fishnet shirt I have on.

"Argh, damn these things. Untie me, Fyre." Hurricane grunts as he attempts to touch me.

Amused, I laugh "Not until I see fit."

Again, I rub my fingertips against his chest. Soon enough I'm rubbing his chest with the palms of my hands, massaging it. Hurricane moans and I feel him moving slightly beneath me. I grab his waist and pin him down to stop his moving. "What did I say? You do want to be untied don't you?"

He pulls his arms up, trying to get free. I smile and laugh to myself then sit on his midsection. I lean over and lick at Hurricane's neck. My tongue licking up and down slowly, teasing him. He moans and moves slightly under me while I suck his neck a little, stopping to kiss it. I move and kiss his lips then go back to my straddling position.

Hurricane smiles up at me. "My hurri-senses are tingling."

I shake my head and look down at him. "I can tell." I take off the top I had on under my fishnet shirt which leaves me in my leather pants and a strapless red bra. I get off the table and stand beside him. "I think I've teased you enough. You have to promise if I let you go you won't run away."

"I'd be crazy to." Hurricane replied.

I smiled and untied one of his ankles. I walked around and untied the opposite hand. After undoing the other hand and leaving one ankle tied down, he sat up and looked at me. I stared at him and unzipped my leather pants, stepping out of them leaving myself in bra and panties, matching red. Hurricane shook his head and looked me over with a grin. He leaned over to undo the final restraint but found the knot was under the table.

"Untie me, Fyre." He demanded.

"No." I playfully replied as I walked over to him. "Lie down and I'll untie you."

He did as I asked, and I walked around, untying his ankle. I stepped back as he sat on the edge of the table rubbing his wrists and rolling his ankles. He turned and stared at me, his eyes lustful and wanting. God did I love that look.

Hurricane took off his torn shirt and wrestling boots and got up, walking over to me. He pressed his lips firmly to mine and grabbed my hips. One hand held me into him as his other rubbed up my back and undid my bra letting it fall to the ground. I hooked my hands in his pants and pulled them off him. He stepped out of them, kneepads and all. I felt his tongue press into my mouth and his hard dick pressing against my pussy through my panties.

His hands grabbed my ass then I felt his thumbs pull my panties down. I kicked them off and turned around. Placing my hands on the table, I bent slightly and he was immediately behind me. I felt his hands rubbing my hips, then only one on me. He guided his dick into my pussy then grabbed my hips again.

I held the table as he started fucking me slowly. He gripped my hips tighter as he sped up his thrusts, fucking me to the hilt. I moaned in pleasure as he began fucking me his hardest. I gripped the table and he grabbed my hips pulling me back onto his hard cock. He moaned and leaned over, rubbing my breasts in his hands as he fucked me.

Moaning, I pushed back and stood up. I turned and grabbed his shoulders and pushed him into the wall. "Lie down." I instructed him. Hurricane did as he was told, and I climbed on top of him. He went to grab my hips but I grabbed his hands and pinned them above his head.

I straddles his hips, and still holding his hands above his head I moved down onto his dick. I slid up and down his length slowly at first, rolling my hips as I did. He moaned and pushed his hands against mine. I used all my force to hold his hands down while I fucked him.

Eventually, I let go of his hands and grabbed his shoulders. Riding him harder as we both moaned. I leaned over and bit his lip gently as I kept moving myself up and down. Gripping his shoulders tighter as he moaned louder, I slowed my pace. When I felt his hands grabbing my hips to move me faster, I grabbed them and pinned them over his head again. I fucked him slowly to keep him from coming soon.

Moaning, Hurricane moved under me. He started pressing his hips into mine as I moved up and down on his cock. I kept my hands on his wrists and began fucking him hard again. He shoved my hands away and grabbed me, turning me over so he was on top. He placed his hands on either side of my shoulders and fucked me like a lust ridden animal.

I moaned along with him as we came closer to climax. His dick fucking my pussy, and us both loving every second of it. Without realizing it, I arched my back and grabbed at the nearest thing, which was his chest. I scratched him but it hardly seemed to phase him as he thrust into me one last time, as hard as he could. His moans filled the room as he came. I grabbed his back this time and arched my back up into him. I came shortly after him and his sweaty body collapsed on top of me.

I laid down flat on the locker room floor with my eyes shut. He kissed me a few times, sucking on my bottom lip. Hurricane gathered me in his arms and we laid there for a few minutes.

"I think good prevailed." He finally groaned between breaths.

"If that wasn't a sin nothing is." I smiled.

"True." Came his response. Panting, he got on his knees and looked down at me. I sat up and we stood together. He pulled me into him and kissed me again.

We both put our clothes on, at least what was left of them for him. A knock came on the door just after we finished dressing. I opened it and the camera guys were there.

"We're ready when you are." The camera guy said. I nodded and went back inside. I kissed Hurricane all over and made sure he had some lip prints on his chest. We wanted it to look good.

The titan-tron came on and showed the locker room door opening. "Such a sinful superhero!" Came my voice as I threw Hurricane out of the locker room looking like he just had the best sex of his life. He slouched against the wall as I raised my eyebrow and flicked my tongue at him before going back in the door. He rubbed his sweaty face and chest which was scratched and covered in lipstick. He rubbed his eyes and laid against the wall still breathing heavy.

Matt Hardy walked over to him and crouched down. He looked at him and stood up. He offered his hand to Hurricane to help him up. Hurricane accepted and pulled himself up.

"What the hell happened to you?" Matt asked as he pointed out the scratches and lipstick on Hurricane's chest. "You look like you got caught in the middle of a catfight!"

"Let's just say my superpowers are completely drained after what just happened." He replied. "But damned if I didn't just get some super villain ass!" Hurricane punched one of his hands as he said it and Matt looked at him laughing.

I poked my head out of the locker room door. "Correction. I was the one who had YOU tied up." I closed the door.

Matt looked at the door, at Hurricane and shook his head. Hurricane and Matt walked away talking as the camera faded.

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