Husband & Wife Rape


Next the couple was raped in front of one another. They were each made to look at the other as dicks were rubbed on faces and other body parts prior to insertion. Then the dicks were inserted into Carole's pussy, ass, and mouth. Jim's ass and mouth were battered with dicks for several hours, as was Carole's. Cum and piss mixed with blood as their orifices gave way. There was a break for two hours. Jim and Carole were allowed to be together alone in a room. They held each other and wept. They were given food and water to drink.

After the break, Jim and Carole were made to have sex with one another on their sides. Then two men came to the bed where Jim and Carole laid and each took the ass of one of the couple. Jim and Carole each had a dick in their ass and were made to continue to have sex in this manner as the men enjoyed themselves. Carole and Jim humped one another as the men behind them pushed their dicks all the way into their asses. Soon the men came and made the couple clean their dicks clean. Then Carole and Jim were made to take turns sucking the cum out of one another's asses and eat it!

Jim and Carole were made to do 69 on one another. Carole was on top. In this way Carole's pussy and ass were still open for receiving dick and did. The men took turns fucking Carole in the ass or pussy and sometimes they made Jim drink their jism. It was sometimes possible for the men have Jim eat their asses as they fucked Carole in one of two holes or receptacles. Then Jim was on top doing 69 to his wife and while she sucked his shaft he was being raped in the ass repeatedly. Carole too had to drink sperm and eat ass as her husband had done. Jim could not resist and came at one point in his wife's mouth. She was surprised by it but swallowed anyway.

Then men told the couple that the rapes to them were vengeance for Jim's rape of a mother and daughter earlier that month. Jim buoyed his head in shame and Carole was in shock. The mother and daughter had recognized Jim on the street and followed him home and told some "friends" of theirs to take care of it instead of going to the Police. They were told if they went to the Police Jim would have to face rape charges of his own. Then the couple was driven home and given tapes of their ordeal. Scenes from their rapes made plenty of money for the men who raped them and for the mother and daughter that were raped. Carole became pregnant and had twin dark skinned babies, which they kept. Neither of them was infected with any decease. Carole was able to give head, swallow cum, and take it in the ass from then onward. Jim too liked to get a dildo in his ass every so often.

But it was not over yet. Jim and Carole had a daughter of their own that was just away at college and would soon be coming home to be raped with the rest of her family. The Big dude that drove the van did not get his share that fateful day and wanted to get his. His dick was 12 inches long when it was not erect and was 4 inches round. His balls were the size of tennis balls and when he came he easily filled a cup. His dick would be not match for their daughter's sweet snatch.

The End?

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