Husband Finally Fucks Some Ass


"Eeeeeeee." Crying, "You're gonna...gonna make me cum! Oh god...yes!'

"Um...damn yeah!" Bob cried. He felt his own orgasm building urgently. Any second now he would cum, too!

Bob felt his cock ache and pulse sweetly. At the same time I moaned wantonly and squeezed his cock hard with my rectum muscles. I was trying to squeeze the cum out of his prick!

"Oooo...," Sue cooed. "Ooooo...ooooo...ooooo! Cum in me! Cum in my ass!"

Bob's cock couldn't hold back any longer. He felt a long hot spurt of semen shoot out, spraying inside my asshole. I screamed in pleasure and went rigid with him as another squirt of cum followed and then three or four more hard spurts pumped into me. His rigid hose filled me up with hot, creamy cum.

"Oh, god you're cumming in me!" I groaned in pleasure. "You're cumming in my ass!"

Bob cried out, feeling the sweet pleasure intensify as Cathy's hand closed around his scrotum, gently squeezing and kneading his nuts as they blasted sperm up his cock-tube. Then a warm slick wetness coated his balls and the insides of his thighs, dripping over Cathy's hand, and Bob knew he had filled my sweet ass with cum until it had overflowed and leaked out around his ass-squeezed cock. "Ah...!"

We all three hung locked against the brass bed frame for a long moment, then Bob sighed and collapsed back on the bed, pulling me down with him and away from Cathy. His cock pulled out and he lay with it resting half hard and throbbing against my thigh. My hand curled around it and I milked and jacked the last of his cum out lovingly as we kissed. Cathy was down between my open legs now, lapping and tonguing me in wild cunnilingus until I was panting and groaning into his mouth as orgasm after orgasm went through me from his wife's expert cunt eating. It was only later that Bob began to wonder where Cathy had learned to do that, and how often she and I tried it out...

Right then Bob concentrated on us two wanton women in their bed. Cathy got up and trotted nakedly to the bathroom as Bob kissed and sucked at my swollen, reddened tits. Cathy came back with a warm washcloth and cleaned up his cock. Before Bob knew it he was hard again from her loving hand though the washcloth.

"Oh goody, another erection!" Cathy cried.

She quickly straddled Bob in the middle of the bed, fitting her wet cunt lips down around his cock and bouncing up and down faster and faster until he made her cum. Cathy and I swayed over Bob, our tongue darting in and out of each other's open mouths and tweaking each other's tits as Cathy fucked on top of him.

Later Bob kissed and licked and explored every inch of my nice slim ass and then ate my hot cunt while Cathy sucked his cock. After that it was my turn to kiss and suck on Cathy's erect, hard little clit, returning the sexy action his wife had done for me. Bob got behind me again and finished what he had started doggie-style inside my cunt earlier. We all had another screaming cum climax again, although Cathy still seemed to be a little jealous when he fucked my cunt.

Although Bob was really exhausted by the workout we gave him, he still had enough to fuck my slim ass in the special way he and I wanted, and had been missing. We did it a couple more times, once in the morning before I had to get up and go home. After that Cathy and Bob laid in bed and fucked and talked about how much fun it had been, doing me.

Cathy never quits surprising Bob with new ideas for sex. Now, it's gotten to be a regular thing a couple of times every month with me. Bob learned Cathy and I still have our own private girl-on-girl sessions every once in a while, too. Our favorite activity is when Bob fucks my ass from behind while I eat Cathy's cunt! Whenever Bob or I need a little 'ass love,' Cathy arranges it gladly. She says it's okay if Bob fucks my cunt every now and then, too. Cathy even invited me to come over once and spend the weekend fucking Bob while she was out of town. Bob is a pretty lucky guy.

Cathy says she wants to keep up this three-way affair, at least until I can find a guy who can do my ass as well as Bob can. That may take a long time.

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