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Husband for a Day


I drive through the gate of the school where I teach to get some documents from my computer. It is 3:30 pm on a Friday afternoon. The school is deserted except for Carol's car. Carol is a dear colleague and very good friend of mine.

As a rule the front door is always locked for security reasons and all staff members have their own keys. I am therefore not surprised to find it locked. I unlock the door, enter the building and lock the door behind me. I walk to my office which is adjacent to Carol's. As I walk past Carol's office, I notice her standing in front of her computer, printing some stuff. I sneak up behind her and give her a hefty smack on the butt. She gets a hell of a fright and lets out a loud scream as she flies around.

'You! I should have guessed!' she hisses as she literally starts attacking me. 'Out! Get out of here, you wicked man!' she shouts, pounding my shoulder with her tiny fists.

I laugh and walk to my office. I copy the files I need onto my flash drive and shut down my computer. I lock my office and walk past Carol's door. She is still standing in front of the computer. She is wearing a light pink summer dress with floral prints. I admire her awesome figure for a while. My eyes run up those sexy, long legs over her firm apple shaped butt, then to her slender back, her fiery red hair cascading over her shoulders, the latter covered by a fine spray the sexiest freckles. Her husband, Tim, is a lucky guy. What I'd give to be her husband just for a day...

I walk into her office and sit down behind her on her office chair. She ignores me. She leans forward to adjust the printer. The dress tightens over her ass. I cannot resist the temptation and place one hand on her ass cheek. No response. I gently stroke her ass and am surprises at how smoothly her dress slides over her silky panties. Still no reaction from her. I put both hands on her ass cheeks and gently kneed them. It does not seem to bother her. I slip my one hand between her ass cheeks and run it gently up and down the cleft of her firm ass. Only when I run my fingers past her asshole up to the point where I am sure I can feel the soft plumpness of her pussy, does she stand up. She pushes my hand away gently but firmly, not saying a word.

I drop my left hand and place it on the inside of her knee under her dress. Amazingly, she seems to be OK with it! I get bolder and run my hand up the inside of her soft, silky thigh. As my hand approaches the junction between her thighs, she reaches behind her and blocks my hand with hers.

'Don't...' she whispers. It is the first word she said since I have re-entered the office.

I drop my hand back to the inside of her knee and rest it there until she is comfortable with it again. Then I slowly stroke the back of her thigh with light up and down motions. She carries on printing her documents in silence, her back towards me.

I let my hand creep higher and higher up the back of her thigh until I can feel the silky material of her panties. I pause, waiting for reaction. There is none.

I place my hand on her firm panty cladded ass cheek and stroke it gently. I look at her. Her face appears flushed, her mouth slightly open. She does not look at me at all. Is she really still mad at me?

I make my next move. I slide my thumb and forefinger under the lower elastics of both legs of her panties. I pull her panties gently but firmly up the crack of her ass. A perfect wedgie! Slightly startled, she reaches behind her and puts her hand on mine over her dress.

'It's OK...', I whisper. She slowly lets go of my hand and carries on with her work. I gently stroke her bare butt cheeks. She leans forward to pick up a sheet of paper from behind the printer. This motion causes her pussy to push outwards and I take advantage of it to let my fingers slide over those glorious puffy lips. Is it my imagination or did I detect a little dampness down there..?

'No!' She jumps up and pulls my hand out from under her dress. 'Please... Let's not tempt fate. We're both married.'

I stand up and put my arms around her from behind. I cup her right breast with my hand while my other hand slides lightly over the mound of her pussy over her dress. 'Please... Let's stop this while we can. It can only lead to disaster..' she warns.

I put my hands firmly on her shoulders and push her forward gently, forcing her lean on the desk with her hands. Her firm butt shows off perfectly under the sheer fabric of her dress.

I put my hand on her breast again. She does not respond. I slip my hand into her dress and cup the warm, firm flesh of her breast in my hand. She is not wearing a bra. She does not need to. She puts her hand on mine to restrict the movement, but makes no attempt to remove my hand from her breast.

I drop my other hand and stroke the inside of her thigh. Again I let my hand roam higher and higher until I reach the firm roundness of her naked butt. Her panties are still wedged between her ass cheeks. I caress her bare butt. She doesn't resist. She removes her hand from mine and leans on both hands. Her head hangs down, her fiery red hair cascading over her face onto the desk. Her eyes are closed, her mouth slightly open. I can hear her breathing.

I gently tug on her nipple while running my other hand over her butt. She moans softly. I gently push her legs open with my knee. She spreads her feet slightly. I let go of her breast and put both hands on her butt. I slowly lift her dress and gather it above her panties with my left hand. My eyes drop to her flawless pale white ass. What a sight!

By now my aching hard dick is begging for release from the confinement of my pants. Without her noticing, I pull down my zipper with my other hand and take my dick out of my pants. It arches upwards, more than content with its new-found freedom.

Carol is standing motionless, her pale white buttocks looking very inviting. I spread her feet further apart with my foot. I run my fingernails lightly over her naked butt. She shudders and almost immediately I can feel the goose pimples spreading under my hands. She is really enjoying this!

I move my hand down between her thighs again. I move it up until I almost touch her pussy. I can feel her body tense up in anticipation. Then I move my hand down her thigh again, only to repeat the process again and again. Teasing, teasing but not touching. She moans softly again, her warm ass squirming under my touch.

Then I make my move. I swiftly move my hand between her thighs and cup her panty clad pussy. She lets out a loud groan and jumps at my touch.

'Please...' she whimpers. I'm not sure if she's pleading with me to stop or to continue. She makes a futile effort to get up. I push her down, firmly but gently. She succumbs and leans her head on her forearms on the desk, her naked butt protruding, her plump pussy filling up the hollow of my hand.

I gently kneed and stroke her pussy through her panties from behind. The crotch of her panties is sopping wet! She moans and squirms under my hand. My cock hovers impatiently over her ass.

I let go of her pussy and move my hand around her over her silky soft belly. I slip my fingers into the front of her panties. It gets entangled in a lush bush of pubic hair. My middle finger finds the top of her slit. I lightly brush it over her protruding clit. She moans and writhes under my hand.

I move my other hand to the front of her chest and start unbuttoning her dress, still stimulating her clit. She makes no attempt to stop me. I free her braless breasts from the dress and cup the left one in my hand. I gently roll her nipple between my fingers while caressing her cunt.

I move my middle finger further down into the wetness of her slit. She stiffens in anticipation. I easily find the moist entrance to her pussy and slip my finger all the way into her vagina. She moans loudly. I finger her pussy gently while tugging on her nipple. Her lower body is rocking against the motion of my hand. She whimpers as if in a trance. Her eyes are still closed. It is as if she refuses to look at me or talk to me for some reason.

Still fingering her pussy, I let go of her breast and pull the back of her panties over her round ass, exposing her plump pussy in all its pink glory! I pull my finger from her slick slit and spread her pussy lips with my fingers, opening it up nicely while stroking her clit with my index finger. Then I slip the index and middle fingers of my other hand effortlessly into her dripping wet pussy from behind. She whimpers and moves her ass rhythmically against my hand as I finger fuck her. Her eyes are still closed as she rests her head on her forearms.

Then I decide it is show time! I snuggle up behind her. I have to bend my knees a little to line my dick up with the entrance of her pussy. She appears blissfully unaware of my rock hard exposed dick and my intentions. Still fingering her with two fingers, I take the head of my dick between the other three, stroking my dick and fingering her pussy at the same time. I finger her with increasingly shallower strokes until my fingers slip out of her cunt. Almost immediately I place the swollen head of my dick against her soft, warm wetness. Opening her slit a little more with my fingers, I push gently. The soft, wet folds of her pussy engulf the head of my dick. I push harder and feel the velvety grip of her vagina around my dick as it snakes into her love hole. Then I feel my balls press against her pubic bone. I'm all the way inside her!

She remains motionless for a second or three. Then it hits her!

'No!' she almost screams as she realizes what is happening. She opens her eyes and tries to pull away from me. But there is no way I'm going to allow her to get away at this stage. I put both hands on her hips and pull her lower body up against mine, keeping the whole length of my dick firmly buried inside her pussy.

'Please! For God's sake! You can't do this to me!' she cries.

Now it is my turn to remain silent. I do not move. I just hold her hips with my dick buried inside her.

'John, please! I beg you!' she pleads. 'Stop this madness!'

I remain silent, concentrating only on holding her bucking rump still so that my dick remains inside her.

She struggles in vain, but her struggling only causes my dick to move in and out of her pussy. Slowly the struggling subsides. Could this be a sign of surrender? Or is she merely giving up her struggle to avoid my dick moving around in her pussy?

We stand motionless in this position, my hands still gripping her firmly at the hips. She lies on her forearms again, her chest heaving as she breathes heavily.

I relax my grip on her hips. She does not pull away. I still remain motionless. Then she moves slightly. Is she humping against me? Then she stops. I wait. Then, there it is again. She is definitely making a very subtle rocking motion with her lower body.

I take that as a sign of consent. I start fucking her with long, slow strokes. She moans and throws her head back, her eyes closed again. She meets my every stroke eagerly.

Then, suddenly and totally unexpectedly, she moves forward and stands up. My dick slips out of her sopping wet cunt. She turns to me. I feel a fair amount of guilt. I am somewhat ashamed of myself.

But there's no anger in those emerald green eyes. No regret. No shame. A little fear perhaps, blended with lust.

'We have to stop this right here...' she says firmly. 'I should not have leaded you on. I'm sorry.' she says firmly. 'This never happened, OK?'

'No, no! It's all my fault! I started all this. I'm the one who have to apologize.' I say. She stands in front of me. For the first time I see her proud bare breasts, firm, flawless milky white orbs with very feint light pink nipples -- the trade mark of a true redhead. I estimate them to be a size 34C, maybe bordering on 36. She makes no attempt to cover up.

My dick stirs again. I look down. It is still rock hard, poised like a cobra ready to strike. I pull her gently towards me. My hard dick pokes her in her soft underbelly. As her butt moves away from the desk, I notice her panties drop around her ankles. She bends down to pull them up, but I stop her.

'Don't...' I whisper and pull her towards me, crushing her bare breasts against my chest.

'John, we can't. Please. Don't pressurize me.' she says firmly. 'You know as well as I do that this is very wrong. There is no way I can make love to you.'

'I'm afraid we already have.' I say.

'Have what...?' she asks, somewhat surprised.

'Made love. Even if it was for a mere few seconds, we did it. Nothing is ever going to change that. I can never pretend that it did not happen.' I say.

She does not reply.

'Whether we continue and finish off what we started or not, it won't change a thing. It won't make things more wrong than it already is. I have no regrets about what happened.' I confess. 'And, yes, I would like it to continue.'

She looks at me with uncertainty in those clear green eyes. I can see she is in two minds. Her mouth opens to say something, but she stops. I pick her up and make her sit on the desk. As I do so, her panties slip over her one shoe and dangles from the other foot. I take it off and drop it on the floor. She does not seem to notice. Her dress now covers her lower body to well below the knee. I sit down on the chair in front of her.

'Do you realize the enormity of what happened here today? How am I ever going to look my husband in the eye? God, what on earth possessed me...? You must think I'm a total slut!' Guilt is setting in big time.

'Listen to me.' I cup her face between my hands. 'We've been great friends for years. You are a wonderful woman. I have been attracted to you for a long time. But, out of respect for you and your marriage, I have always tried to suppress it. Today... Well, it just boiled over. I couldn't help myself.' I confess.

Her face lightens up somewhat. 'Really? I never realized you had feelings for me. And all this time I thought...'

'Yeah..? Thought what?' I push her.

'Never mind...' she whispers. She smiles and squeezes my hand. She leans forward and gives me a friendly peck on the cheek. I look at her. Her fully exposed breasts do not seem to worry her. Those roseate tips pointing at me become too much to resist. I flick her left nipple lightly with my index finger. It responds immediately. She looks down at the hardening nipple and suddenly seems embarrassed by it.

'You're a naughty boy...' she whispers and pulls the sides of her dress over her breasts, still not making an attempt to button up. 'And a very dangerous man!'

I smile at her. I move my chair slightly forward and position myself between her spread knees. I put my hands under her dress and move them all the way up the outside of her legs until they rest and her naked hips. She does not seem too uncomfortable with it. She pushes the dress down between her legs.

Then it hits her. 'Oh, my God! My panties! What's happened to my panties?' she shrieks.

'Relax. There they are. You don't need them right now.' I say as I gesture toward the panties lying in a crumpled bundle on the floor.

She looks at them. 'Man, what are you doing to me...?' she whispers. She puts her hands beside her on the desk. One side of her dress falls away, exposing a perfect, firm breast. That succulent, light pink nipple hovers inches from my face! Immediately my dick springs to attention again and protrudes through my still open fly. It is hidden from her view by her dress.

I lean forward and kiss her nipple gently and pull away almost immediately. I watch in awe as it hardens.

'Let's go home...' she almost pleads.

I look into those green eyes. She can't be serious... I lean forward and close my lips around her nipple. I suck it gently into my mouth. She moans softly.

'Please... We can't do this.' she pleads.

I let go of her breast. 'Relax. It's not like we're doing anything we haven't done before, now, is it?' I tease. She does not find it amusing. I immediate latch my mouth onto her nipple again while I stroke her naked butt under the dress. Her breathing gets heavier. Then I feel her hand on the back of my head, pulling me into her breast. I take my hand out from under her dress. I uncover her other boob. My hand closes over it and I fondle it gently while sucking on the other one.

She holds my head between both her hands and kisses me gently on the earlobe. It sends shivers down my spine. I have to get her out of this dress! I have to have her completely naked!

I let go of her right breast and slowly start unbuttoning the rest of the buttons. She seems OK with it. Only when I reach the buttons covering her crotch area does she stop me. I say nothing. I remove my hand and start unbuttoning the dress from the bottom upwards. Again she allows me to do that until I reach her crotch area. Again I stop. Her pussy area is now only covered by a piece of dress held together by two buttons. I decide not to push my luck

I focus on her breasts again, taking her one nipple in my mouth. Almost immediately I feel her hands pulling my head to her breast. She moans softly as I nibble on her breast.

I stand up and look into her emerald eyes. I take her head between my hands, running my fingers through those fiery red tresses. I lean forward and kiss her passionately on the lips. She returns my kiss. Her arms fold around my neck as her tongue slips into my mouth. I move my hands down and push her dress over her shoulders. She holds her arms back to assist me, not breaking the kiss. She starts undoing the buttons of my shirt. When she is done, I step back. I take off my shirt and put it over the chair.

I turn to her. She is stark naked bar for the two buttons holding the dress together over her crotch. She looks down at my hard dick pointing at her. She smiles.

I move towards her. She welcomes me by wrapping her arms around me. She spreads her legs slightly. My dick touches the softy inside of her thigh. For a moment I get impatient. I have to get into that paradise again! I reach down to my rock hard cock, wanting to thrust it all the way up her inviting pussy. Her fingers close around it before my hand gets there.

'Slow down...' she whispers and gently starts stroking my cock. I kiss her again. She unbuttons my pants and pulls it down. I slip my hand down between us and undo the last two buttons of her dress.

I step back again to take off my shoes and pants. I look at her. Her crumpled dress is forming a pool of pink around her exquisite naked body. My eyes drop to the junction of her half open thighs. She sports a full bush a bronze colored pubic hair, neatly trimmed along the bikini line and around her pink outer labia. The glistening pink inner labia peek shyly through the puffy outer lips.

I drop back into the chair and wheel it closer to her. I spread her legs, lifting her knees. She realizes what is coming. She lies back on her elbows and puts her legs around me, placing her feet behind me on the back of the chair. Her glistening pink oyster lies in front of my face. I can't wait to taste her nectar. She throws her head back and closes her eyes in anticipation.

I blow lightly over her bare pussy. She shudders. I gently kiss the inside of her thigh, higher and higher. I feel her body tense up as I reach her pussy. Avoiding contact with her pussy, I drag my tongue down the inside of her other thigh. She sighs in disappointment. I repeat the process, teasing her, torturing not only her, but myself as well. I cannot wait to get stuck into those moist pink folds! It takes a lot of restraint to avoid that juicy pussy.

Then I can't take it anymore. Without warning I latch my mouth onto that dripping oyster, forcing my tongue as far as it can go down her vagina. Delicious! She cries out in pleasure, pulling my face into her cunt, almost smothering me. I take my tongue out of her delectable womanhood and run it up and down her sopping wet slit. Then I focus my attention on the hard, pink protruding nubbin at the top junction of her inner labia. I gently flick her clit with the tip of my tongue. Her lower body jumps every time I make contact with the tiny organ.

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