Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 09


Lilly crossed her arms, looking annoyed. "I'm saying we're tired of you showing the rest of us up. We're tired of you flirting with our husbands. If you want to dress and act like a slut, do it someplace else."

Jen's face grew red with shock and anger. She pointed at her outfit, a loose peasant dress that ended close to her ankles and black flats. "You think this is a slutty outfit?" she asked sarcastically.

"You're only wearing that because you've gained so much weight," Lilly said, her malicious smile revealing how much she enjoyed the insult.

Jen couldn't believe what she was hearing. She thought these neighborhood wives were her friends. "I can't believe you're being so mean," Jen said, feeling her eyes tear up. "I thought you were my friends. What do you do, talk about me?"

"Don't act so innocent," Lilly hissed, unmoved by Jen's tears. "We've seen you go out at night dressed liked a slut, and come home late, your clothes barely on. We've seen you with different men. I don't know what games you're playing, but we don't need any of that in this neighborhood."

Jen couldn't stand to hear anymore. She rushed away and went outside. Only then did she let the tears come. She wrapped her arms around herself, her body trembling in anguish. She didn't know what to do. She felt lost and distraught. In desperation, she reached into her purse, frantically searching. Then she felt them, in the zippered pocket. She pulled them out, and in the light from the kitchen window she saw them -- blue and red pills. She'd resisted taking any since that first time with Tyrone, afraid at how wonderful they'd made her feel. But now she swallowed them without hesitation, and the pills immediately began working with the heroin she'd shot up her arm earlier that day.

Almost immediately life was good again. Better than good, it was wonderful. Her head rolled back, and as blissful euphoria washed over her she opened her eyes and saw the starlit sky, and she thought how beautiful and wonderful it looked, how beautiful everything was, how wonderful life was.

She wiped her tears away with her hand. Using the light from the kitchen she fixed her hair and makeup. Through the kitchen window she could see the entire party, although of course they couldn't see her because of the light difference. She saw Lilly, still talking and laughing with the other neighborhood wives. Millie had joined them, and they were all gleefully listening to her. Jen knew they were talking about her. But now it didn't bother her. Life was good again.

She looked at the group of neighborhood wives. The wives ranged from early to mid-30s (like Jen) to Millie, the oldest in her mid-50s. They all looked dumpy, women who no longer cared about how they looked. Jen knew it was mean to think that, but she wasn't in a charitable mood. Her eyes focused on Lilly, who at 30 was the youngest of the group. She had a cute face with a short bob of blonde hair, but after having two kids she'd let herself go, the most generous description of her being pleasantly plump.

She turned to go back in and almost stumbled into someone.

"I'm sorry," the man said. Jen saw it was Kyle, Lilly's husband. "Oh, hi Jen," Kyle said as he recognized her. Jen didn't know him well, other than he was shy, and appeared happily married to Lilly. Jen suspected Kyle had a crush on her, as she often caught him looking at her. As if confirming her suspicions, Kyle seemed to get nervous and looked shyly away.

Kyle had a cigarette in his hand. Clearly he'd left the party for a smoke. What Jen did next wasn't planned. It wasn't premeditated or a conscious decision. Instead, it was like something snapped in Jen's head.

"Can I have one?" Jen found herself saying.

"Oh, sure," Kyle said nervously. "I didn't know you smoked." He put the cigarette in his mouth so he had both hands free to get another one.

"You don't have to light another one," she said. She reached up and took the cigarette from his lips. "We can share this one." She took a long drag, the entire time looking into Kyle's eyes. Then she purposely blew the smoke into Kyle's face, acting like it was an accident. Kyle coughed, and she took the opportunity to step closer and put her hand on his chest. "Oh, I'm sorry," she said rubbing his chest as if in concern. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay," he said, blushing at Jen's closeness and her hand on his chest. Jen realized they'd never been alone together before, and certainly had never stood so close to each other.

They were so close her breasts almost touched his chest, and she didn't step away. "Are you really okay?" she whispered, continuing to rub his chest.

"Uh -- well --" Kyle said awkwardly. With her hand on his chest, Jen could tell his heart was beating rapidly. Kyle looked away as if embarrassed and not knowing what to do, and Jen took the opportunity to glance down. His pants were tented with a hard-on.

"Here," Jen said, putting the cigarette to his lips. As she did the back of her hand softly brushed across his cheek. She felt his body shudder.

The end of the cigarette was covered with her red lipstick, and it immediately rubbed off onto his lips. She giggled, and raised her hand again to his lips. "We better do something about that, I don't think Lilly would like it," she said as she sensuously rubbed her fingertips across his lips. "That's better," she said after all the lipstick was gone. "It tastes like strawberry you know," she added, and then pressed her finger between his lips. He eagerly sucked her fingertip like a nipple.

"Did you taste the strawberry?" she whispered, pulling her finger away yet leaning even closer to him.

"Yeah, ah --," Kyle said awkwardly, feeling guilty about being so close to another woman. Obviously trying to change the subject, he blurted out, "You take dance, don't you? Tammy's starting dance this year."

"I'm sure she'll love it," Jen said, knowing Tammy was his 5 year old daughter. She stepped away, and Kyle looked both relieved and disappointed. "She'll learn how to do this," Jen added. With her hands she pulled up her skirt until it was mid-thigh, then did an elegant pirouette. "Maybe Lilly could teach her."

Kyle's eyes were on Jen's long shapely legs. His eyes lingered on her feet. She wore ballet flats with satin ribbons that tied up her ankles and lower calves. "Do you think Lilly could teach Tammy how to dance?" Jen repeated. She pressed the tip of her foot against his ankle, as if prompting him to answer, although conveying much more than that.

Kyle seemed unable to speak. "No," he finally said, his voice hoarse with excitement, his eyes looking guilty. "She can't dance -- not like you."

"Not like me?" Jen said, and she raised her skirt higher so now her lacy stocking tops came into view.

Kyle's eyes bulged at the sight, his cock so hard it hurt. "Jen ..."

"Not like me?" Jen asked again, stepping closer to him.

Kyle retreated until his back pressed against the kitchen window. Jen stepped closer. "Lilly's not like me?" she repeated, their bodies so close Kyle could feel Jen's breath on his face.

"No, she's not like you," Kyle finally answered.

Jen leaned closer, pressing her body against Kyle's, pressing her leg against his hand so he could feel her lacy stocking top. "Lilly's not as pretty as me?" she asked, glancing over Kyle's shoulder through the kitchen window. She could clearly see Lilly, still with the other wives.

"No she's not," Kyle admitted, his face flush with excitement, his hand tentatively caressing her thigh over her stocking top. Then he realized his betrayal. He pulled his hand away and said, "Please don't tell her I said that!"

Extending on her tip toes, Jen whispered into Kyle's ear, "Don't worry, I can keep a secret." Then she reached between their bodies and ran her hand over Kyle's crotch. "Big boy, aren't you?"

Kyle moaned at her touch. "God Jen, we can't do this, Lilly's just inside, so is Mike!"

"Mike doesn't matter," Jen said dismissively.

"But Lilly ..."

Jen unzipped Kyle's pants and reached in, wrapping her hand around his shaft and making him gasp. "I'll make you forget about her." Jen got down on her knees and took him into her mouth. He was long but not thick, so she easily swallowed him.

Kyle groaned at the feeling of his cock in Jen's mouth. "Oh god, oh god, I can't do this, I'm married ...."

Jen took him out of her mouth but her hand was still around his shaft, slowly stroking him. "Do you want me to stop?" she asked. Looking into the kitchen window, she could still clearly see his wife Lilly even as she stroked her husband.

Kyle's face contorted with a rush of emotions, including guilt and lust. In the end his lust won out. "No, don't stop!" he begged.

Jen smiled. She stood up, facing the window. She pulled up her skirt again, this time until it gathered at her waist. "Fuck me Kyle," she said looking back at him over her shoulder.

Kyle didn't need to be asked twice. He pulled her panties down and then bent at the knees, using his hand to position his cock. Then with a quick upward movement he plunged into Jen's pussy. She grunted and moaned with the sudden sensation of fullness. "Yeah, that's good, fuck me!" she moaned.

Facing the window, Jen watched Lilly as Kyle fucked her. I'm fucking your husband, she thought to herself.

Kyle could see Lilly too. "We shouldn't be doing this, Lilly's right there," Kyle said guiltily, but he didn't stop stroking in and out of Jen's pussy.

"Stop thinking about her."

"I can't."

Jen pulled away. She heard him groan as his cock fell out of her. Quickly turning around to face him, she guided his cock back into her pussy while at the same time wrapping her leg around him. "Fuck me," she urged him, putting her arms around his neck and pulling his face to hers. She kissed him, and he didn't hesitate to kiss her back as he began moving in and out of her again.

As they kissed, she edged a hand between their bodies and unbuttoned her dress (it buttoned up the front). She pulled the cups of her bra down freeing her breasts, then pulled his head down. He eagerly sucked and fondled her bare tits as he continued to fuck her. As he did, Jen turned her head and looked at Lilly through the kitchen window. As Kyle fervently sucked her nipples and fucked her pussy, Jen watched Lilly through the window and smiled triumphantly.

A few moments later Kyle came. With his lust sated Kyle came back to his senses. "I can't what we just did," he said, hurriedly fixing his clothes, guilt and regret in his voice and face. "I've never cheated on Lilly before."

Jen softly stroked his cheek. "It's all right."

"No it's not!" he said pulling away from her hand. "I just cheated on my wife! I've never done that before! Do you know she's pregnant?"

"Oh," Jen said as she adjusted her clothes. I guess that's why Lilly looks so fat, she thought spitefully to herself. "Well, don't worry about it," she said somewhat flippantly. "People cheat all the time."

Despite his guilt, Kyle intensely watched as Jen fixed her bra and re-buttoned her dress. "You cheat on Mike?" he said, finally able to pull his eyes from Jen's bosom.

"Of course," Jen said, shrugging like it was no big deal.

Kyle gave Jen a long, inquisitive look. Then he hurriedly rushed back to the party.

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