tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHusband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 10

Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 10


Chapter 20

Jen woke the next morning with a terrible headache. She drank water and took Advil, but even after the headache went away she felt terrible. She'd acted like a cheap slut seducing Kyle. She felt dirty and ashamed.

Her body started to shake and she hugged a pillow, but shakes wouldn't go away. Life seemed dreadful. She knew what would make her feel better. With trembling hands, she injected heroin up her arm. She anxiously sat on the edge of the bed, head cradled in her arms, waiting for the euphoria and bliss. But they didn't come, and after a few minutes she started to panic. How could she make it through the day feeling like this? Her body shook again, worse this time, anxiety and dread sweeping over her. "I can do this!" she swore determinedly. After a few minutes she managed to pull herself together.

She took off the t-shirt and panties she'd worn to bed. Walking to the shower, she glanced into the mirror and abruptly stopped. She looked horrible! She'd gained so much weight around her belly, ass, hips and upper thighs. She remembered the cruel things the neighbor wives had said to her last night. The shakes returned and she collapsed to the floor, weeping, hugging her knees to her chest.

She crawled to her dresser and opened her lingerie drawer. She took out the bottle of blue and red pills, hidden under the flimsy bras and panties. She opened it with quivering hands and swallowed a pair into her mouth. She gripped the edge of the dresser, praying for the pills to make her feel better. After a few minutes it finally came, the wonderful euphoric feelings of ecstasy, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

Feeling much better, she walked back to the shower. She swayed a little as she walked; she always felt tipsy when she was high, like being a little drunk. She looked into the mirror again, and felt better now about what she saw. Okay, maybe she wasn't as thin as before, but her legs were still long and shapely, and her face still pretty. Clearly men still found her desirable. She thought of last night. She felt guilty about seducing Kyle, but the episode confirmed her desirability; it had been so easy to get him. And of course there was Zack. He clearly found her more desirable than his wife Millie. In fact, she knew she was prettier than all the neighborhood wives, and that made her feel better.

A few days later, Mike and Jen had just put their kids down to sleep when Jen's phone rang. She looked at the caller id – it was Tyrone. "I'll just be a minute," she said to her husband, walking into the den for privacy. She brushed her hair behind her ear and said, "Hello? Tyrone?"

"Hey Jenny," Tyrone said. "I need you to do me a favor. You remember Bob and Jeffrey? They're in town and want to see you."

"You mean tonight?"

Jen could practically hear Tyrone frown. "I've never said no to you, have I?" he said, an impatient edge in his voice.

No, he hadn't, Jen had to admit. He always gave her drugs whenever she asked. And she hadn't missed the edge in his voice, causing the chill of fear to run up her spine. "Of course I'll meet Bob and Jeffrey tonight," she said trying to sound cheerful.

"I knew I could count on you Jenny," Tyrone said, returning to his charming persona. "Wear something nice – how about that black dress from a few weeks ago?"

Jen knew the dress he was talking about -- the "freezes over" dress. She didn't want to wear it, but his request sounded like a command. "Okay," she agreed.

A little while later Jen stepped into Mike's home office. His jaw dropped when he saw her. "Wow," he said awestruck. "I'm betting you're not dressed up like that for me."

She gave him a tight smile. Sometimes his timidity got on her nerves. Any other husband would demand to know what she was doing. He just accepted she was going out. "It was a spur of the moment thing," she said, leaning over to give him a quick goodbye kiss on the cheek. His pants were already tented, yet she saw the beginnings of an anxious expression on his face. She felt another stab of annoyance, and left before she said something she'd regret later.

As she rode to the city in a taxi, she felt uneasy wearing the freezes over dress. It didn't hide anything, showing the bulges around her tummy, hips and ass. The taxi driver stared at her in the rear view mirror. Even though it was dark and he couldn't see, she shifted in her seat and pulled down her dress, covering up the slight bulge of her upper thigh above the elastic stocking top.

She also felt uneasy about being with Bob and Jeffrey again. When it was just Tyrone, she could convince herself she was partying with a friend, a Stallion. But with Bob and Jeffrey, she had to admit the truth, that she was trading sex for drugs. Feeling her anxiety grow, she reached into her purse for the small container of blue and red pills. She'd shot up heroin earlier that day but not taken any pills. She swallowed the pills, knowing she'd need them to calm herself and make it through the evening. She felt better after a few minutes, the drugs helping her to feel confident and sexy. Even wearing the freezes over dress no longer bothered her as much. She saw the taxi driver still staring at her, and she smiled at him.

Tyrone kissed her open mouth as soon as she walked into his Central Park apartment. "Fuck! You look hot!" he gushed looking at her, his hands running under her dress.

Feeling punch drunk from taking the pills, she giggled and pushed his hands away. "None of that, I'm here for your friends, not you," she said teasingly.

Tyrone's face darkened. She yelped as he suddenly grabbed her hair and jerked her head back. He ran his finger across her cheek and neck. It reminded her of the knife he'd once threatened her with. "You're here for whatever I want," he said in a low dangerous voice.

"I know, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Jen said fearfully.

Tyrone's friendly smile returned and he helped her back to her feet. "Go fix yourself up and then we'll start the party," he said patting her behind.

Jen compliantly went into the powder room, her body trembling from fear. She tried to calm down but her body wouldn't stop shaking. But she feared staying in the bathroom too long, so she hurriedly fixed her hair and makeup, and then came out.

Tyrone noticed the fearful quiver in her step. "Good," he thought to himself. "Jenny's a pretty girl, but she has to understand her place."

He gestured her to come to him. She sat down next to him, nervously crossing her legs. The motion caused her short dress to hike up her legs, exposing the bottom of her lacy stocking tops. She moved to pull the skirt down but he stopped her, placing his large black hand on her thigh. His thumb softly caressed the lace. He'd always admired her legs, especially how they looked in stockings. "You look good in this dress. Always wear them this short."

"Well ... um ... okay," Jen said.

He ran his hand through her blonde hair. "And let your hair grow longer. Down to your ass."


Tyrone smiled, pleased with her obedience. "Show me some love before you go see my friends," he said.

He spread his legs, and what he wanted became clear to her. She got on her knees between his spread legs. She undid his pants and pulled them down his legs. He sighed as she wrapped her soft hand around his erection. Then he groaned as she took him into her mouth.

Going down on him, Jen actually felt relieved and her fear lessened. Giving head was something she was good at, and she knew she could keep him from getting angry with her again by giving him pleasure.

Tyrone didn't last long, and after she swallowed his jizz, she got back to her feet, pulling her dress down. Tyrone watched as she reapplied her lipstick, and then he led her to the guest bedroom where Bob and Jeffrey waited.

The father and son were more confident and demanding with her this time. Maybe because this was the second time they'd had her. The father, Bob, walked around Jen like she was a piece of meat. "What have you been doing, spending all your time at an all-you-can-eat buffet?" he said, derisively slapping her ass.

Jen forced a smile, knowing Tyrone would get angry if she lashed out at Bob. "She's still pretty," Jeffrey said.

Bob took Jen's chin in his hand and moved her head back and forth, as if inspecting her. "Yeah, she is," he finally agreed, and then he pushed her down onto her knees. "Am I'm gonna fuck her pretty face," he said unzipping his fly.

Holding the back of Jen's head, he pushed his cock into her mouth, making her gag. He fucked her face so hard and fast that saliva and precum seeped from her mouth and down her chin and neck. A few moments later Bob grunted and came, shooting his spunk all over her face.

Jen didn't even have a chance to wipe the spunk from her eyes before Jeffrey pushed hard on her back, forcing her down onto her elbows. He roughly pulled up her skirt up and spit onto his cock, and then forced himself into her ass. She cried in pain, tears coming to her eyes and mixing with Bob's spunk still dripping off her face. Jeffrey fucked her hard and then he twisted her around, stuffing his cock into her mouth and making her gag as he shot his spunk down her throat. She gagged and almost threw up as she swallowed it, some of it drooling out the corners of her mouth.

She heard Bob laughing. "I love ass-to-mouth action!" he said approvingly to his son.

All of this had happened in less than 10 minutes. Having seen enough (to make sure Jenny did whatever they wanted), Tyrone walked to the door. "Enjoy yourself," he said to Bob and Jeffrey, knowing the father and son had just begun their fun with her.

"Hey Tyrone," Bob called out to Tyrone. "Next time, get us a slut with bigger tits. And not so fat."

Tyrone gave him a "whatever" shrug, and then left.

Jen staggered from the bedroom 2 hours later, feeling used and humiliated. The father and son had fucked her repeatedly in all her holes, and she literally dripped with their cum. She went into the bathroom and collapsed, hugging her knees to her chest. She wept, feeling cheap and ashamed, like a worthless slut.

She finally got up and tried to clean up, but her hair was matted with spunk, and her dress soiled with sperm and other sex juices. She didn't want to take a shower in Tyrone's apartment, and she didn't have any other clean clothes anyway, so she left the bathroom to go home, her body still quivering from the terrible demeaning experience.

She didn't want to see Tyrone, but he came out to meet her. "You okay?" he said, putting his hand on her shoulder.

Jen shook her head and jerked away from his hand, not wanting him to touch her. He was her real tormentor after all.

"No need for that Jenny," Tyrone said reproachfully. Then he handed her a pair of pills. These were green and yellow. "Take these, you'll feel better."

Jen looked warily at the pills, but the prospect of feeling better was too alluring. She took the pills and swallowed them. It took a moment, but then her body began tingling and rapturous euphoria gushed through her. She couldn't believe how wonderful the pills made her feel, it was like the ordeal with Bob and Jeffrey had never happened. "Th-th-thanks," she stammered, her voice slurred from the drugs. She awkwardly moved towards the door. She wanted to go home, but she didn't know if Tyrone wanted anything else. But he made no move to stop her, so she left.

Mike was still awake when Jen got home. He wanted sex, but she begged off saying she was too tired. It was true she was tired, but really she didn't want to play her husband's games tonight. Jen took off her clothes and got into the shower. As she walked to the shower she swayed like she was drunk (drugs always made her feel that way), and when she spoke she slurred her words, but Mike didn't notice because of his lust (and he assumed she was drunk from alcohol). Jen fell asleep almost as soon as her head touched the pillow, leaving Mike disappointed and frustrated. He got up from the bed and looked back at his wife. Assured she wouldn't wake up, he picked up her clothes and took them into the bathroom. He studied her dress, seeing how it was splotched with drying cum stains. Her stockings were laddered and the lacy stocking tops still moist with sex juices. He felt lightheaded as he put the dress to his nose and breathed in the pungent smell of another man's sperm.

He took out his hard cock and wrapped one of Jen's ruined stockings around his shaft. With his hand stroking his cock over the nylon, he kept the dress to his nose, smelling the cum, fantasizing about how Jen had been fucked that night by Darius and probably other Stallions. Within moments his body convulsed and he added his cum to the silky nylon of the stocking.

Mike moaned as he came, and Jen woke up. Her blurry eyes focused on her husband in the bathroom, his briefs down his thin pale legs and around his ankles, holding her soiled dress to his nose, her stocking around his small penis as he masturbated. She shook her head and rolled over away from him. Staring into the darkness, she wondered about her husband, and herself too.

The next day Jen felt guilty and, that evening, gave Mike what he wanted. She lied and told him she'd been with Darius. She told him Tyrone had joined in, and Mike got excited that she'd been in another threesome and been fucked by a black man. She suspected Mike would've been beside himself with excitement if she'd told him she'd been with a father and son, but the truth bothered her to think about. Mike urged her to put on the freezes over dress and ruined stockings as she told him the story. She did so, even though it upset her to put on the soiled reminders of her demeaning experience with Bob and Jeffrey. Mike pushed her onto the bed and pushed the dress up around her waist, and then went down on her. He seemed as excited by the smell of dried sperm as her pussy. He managed to get Jen off, and then he got on his knees between her legs, masturbating as she told him again the made up story of how Darius and Tyrone had gang banged her. With one hand he played with himself, and with his other he caressed her stockinged legs, paying special attention to where they were laddered and the patches of dried cum. He didn't seem interested in fucking her, seemingly content to let her lovers have exclusive access to her pussy. When he came he shot his jism onto her dress and stockings.

A couple of weeks later Jen got dressed to go out and party with the Stallions. She desperately wanted to see Darius (especially when she was high, since drugs made her forget about the bad things and still got her horny). Part of her want to see him was to prove to herself she was still desirable. It'd been weeks since she'd last seen him, and in that time he hadn't called even once. What decided it for her was the drugs. She was running out and needed to see Tyrone, but she didn't want to go to his apartment (afraid of who else might be there). She could get more drugs from Tyrone at the bar, and it'd be safer to see him in a public place.

She took extra care picking out what to wear. Stockings, a garter belt and high heels, of course, and no panties. She decided to wear a padded bra, hoping that bigger breasts would draw attention away from her not so petite waistline (Dr. Ambrose was so busy her boob job was still months away). She picked a loose blouse and skirt to hide her bulges. The skirt was new, and shorter than she normally wore. She remembered Tyrone's preference, and she wanted to keep him happy for the drugs (and she also feared him and didn't want to cross him). Anyway, she knew her legs were her best feature, that and her pretty face (she covered up the growing lines around her eyes and mouth with heavier makeup). She shot up heroin and took a pair of blue and red pills (her second time that day). The blue and reds weren't as good as the green and yellows, but she didn't have any of those (apparently they were very expensive). She closed her eyes enjoying the familiar punch drunk high spread through her. Feeling the wonder produced by the magic drugs, she looked in the mirror and smiled, pleased with how she looked. "I'm still hot, I'm so going to enjoy Darius's big cock tonight," she thought confidently to herself.

Luckily Mike was working late, so she didn't have to see him before going out. She knew she had to humor her husband, but it was always the same and it was growing tiring. She kissed her kids goodnight and waved to Maria as she left, not wanting to deal with her judgmental nanny. Walking to the taxi she felt a little unsteady in her high heels (drugs always made her feel drunk).

Little did Jen know that Millie and Zack were looking at her through their window (they'd seen the taxi arrive). "There she goes again!" Millie said contemptuously. "My god, do you see how short her skirt is, it barely covers her ass! She looks like a cheap whore!"

"Yeah, you're right," Zack said agreeably, his cock stiffening in his pants.

There was a long line to get into the club. She went to the front of the line as she always did. "Where do you think you're going?" one of the bouncers said looking her up and down.

"I'm meeting my friends inside," Jen answered.

The bouncer waved at the long line. "So is everyone else," he said dismissively. He routinely let the super hot girls cut the line. This MILF had a pretty face and nice legs, but she wasn't super hot. "Go wait in line like everyone else."

Jen's cheeks flushed in embarrassment as she heard laughs from the people in line. "I was just here last month," she said, her whisper coming out like a plea.

The bouncer shrugged uncaringly. "Back of the line," he repeated. A young girl in the line yelled, "Hey old lady, the back of the line is that way." That caused more laughter in the line. Jen heard some other girls say "Can you believe how short her skirt is? What a slut!"

Jen felt like crying. In desperation she reached into her purse and pulled out some money, offering the bills to the bouncer. "Can I go in now?" she pleaded. The bouncer looked at the bills in Jen's hand. He shook his head dismissively, seeing they weren't nearly enough to cut the line. Jen heard more laughter from the people in line. Just then she felt someone touch her shoulder. She turned and saw it was Teri, her dance instructor.

"Hi Jen," Teri said, looking at the money in Jen's hand and taking in the situation. Then she looked at the bouncer. "She's with me."

The bouncer looked Teri up and down. She wore a body-hugging dress made of lycra that showed off her flat stomach and the rest of her tight body. It had a plunging neckline that showcased her big firm breasts. The dress came down to about mid-thigh (short, but not as short as Jen's), revealing her lean dancer's legs. It took the bouncer only a moment to see that this new girl was a super hottie. "Go on in," he said. Shrugging, he added, "I guess your friend can go in with you."

Teri looked Jen up and down. Even though she'd helped Jen, she acted cold and standoffish. Without saying anything more, Teri walked into the club. She walked right in, but Jen was stopped by another bouncer at the door. "Forty bucks," the bouncer said. She couldn't remember the last time she'd had to pay a cover, certainly not since partying with the Stallions. Her cheeks growing red again, she quickly paid the bouncer, hoping Teri hadn't noticed.

Jen made her way through the crowded club, finding the Stallions and their girls in their usual spot, at the center of the club. Teri was already there, sitting next to Darius. Her heart leaped at the sight of him, and she felt herself getting wet. He was so incredibly gorgeous! She couldn't wait to get him into bed!

She approached him but he got up with Teri before she got there. They moved towards the dance floor. She stood awkwardly next to the big table, as none of the other Stallions offered her a seat or even approached her. She felt relieved when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning, she saw it wasn't a Stallion, but Christy.

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