Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 11


"Not so fast," Tyrone said, still smiling but pulling them away. "These will cost you five grand. The heroin will cost another grand."

Jen gawked at the price. Six thousand! She never knew it was so expensive. She knew Mike would pay for it -- he never questioned her about the money she spent -- but there was a limit to what they had in their savings account. She'd have to cut down some. But she needed the pills Tyrone was holding, because she only had a few left at home.

"I don't have that much money with me," she said uncertainly.

Still smiling, Tyrone said, "No worries Jenny. Your credit is good with me. You can pay me the next time."

Relieved, Jen took the pills from Tyrone and hurried away, wanting to spend as little time with the drug dealer as possible. She felt good about herself, though. She'd solved the Tyrone problem. Now, she'd be able to use money to buy what she needed from Tyrone, and she'd never again have to see Bob or Jeffrey or any of Tyrone's other "business partners." She'd have to have sex with Tyrone from time to time, but that wasn't so bad. Actually, he was pretty good in bed.

Jen saw Darius with the other Stallions. She approached him. "Hey baby," she said rubbing his muscular arm.

Darius winked at the other Stallions, then leaned down and kissed Jen on her new pouty lips. As he did he reached between their bodies and cupped and fondled her new tits. Jen knew everyone was looking, but she didn't mind. This just proved how hot Darius was for her, and how much he wanted to get inside her pants. She wrapped her arms around Darius's neck and kissed him back, leaning into him and grinding her pussy against his crotch.

Darius abruptly pulled away, leaving Jen disoriented and panting. Laughter came from the Stallions and their girls, but in her disorientation she didn't notice. Darius downed his beer and put his arm around Jen's shoulder. "You ready?" he asked.

"I'm always ready for you," Jen cooed, smiling and rubbing his chest. She felt his hard pecs and six pack stomach, and got even more excited for him.

Darius led her across the bar into the back store room. Jen was a little surprised, but this wasn't the first time they'd fucked in a place like this. Clearly Darius was so hot for her he couldn't wait. No doubt they'd fuck once here, then go to his apartment for an all-night fuck session.

"You want some magic dust?" Darius said taking out a package of white powder.

Jen hadn't done coke in months (preferring heroin and the pills), but why not? "Sure," she said. Darius snorted a line up each of his nostrils. When it was Jen's turn, she snorted two lines up each nostril.

"Still a party girl, huh?" Darius said, impressed at how much Jen had snorted. He'd used the same words as Mandy, but Jen didn't notice. She was too busy enjoying the wonderful almost orgasmic euphoria caused by the coke.

"Wow," Jen sighed, her head rolling back. "Where did you get that stuff?"

"Tyrone, where else?"

"Wow," Jen repeated in awe, not knowing if the wonderful effect on her body was due to the cocaine alone, or combined with the heroin and pills she'd had earlier.

"Now I want to see these," Darius said, groping her tits.

"Okay, okay," Jen said giggling. She reached behind and unzipped herself, letting her new Fendi dress drop to the floor. She picked up the expensive dress and laid it aside, and then faced Darius and held out her hands. "You like?" she said with a smile.

Darius looked her up and down. Jen wore only a garter belt, stockings and heels. No bra or panties. Not that she needed a bra. Her brand new double D tits were firm and perfect and didn't need the support of a bra.

Darius was a connoisseur of the female body, and he appraised Jen. Clearly she didn't have the same body as when they'd first fucked. Just a few months ago her body had been perfect -- slim and firm and soft in all the right places. Now, while still a fuckable MILF, she wasn't nearly as sexually alluring as before, and couldn't hold a candle to young hotties like Christy, Teri and Mandy.

Her huge double D tits were perfect, but they were way too large for her body and clearly looked fake. Some guys might like that, but for Darius it was a turn-off. She was still pretty, but she looked older now. When he first met her, Jen could pass for a young twenty-something. Now, her face was showing every one of her 35 years. Darius knew she was into hard drugs like coke (and rumor had it she was taking pills and heroin), so her ageing in such a short period of time didn't surprise him at all. He cringed at the thought of what she'd look like in another 6 months.

But her fall from a fresh faced, superhot beautiful blonde to a barely fuckable coke whore turned him on. Especially since he knew he had something to do with it. He'd ruined her for normal men like her wimp husband Mike, making her crave handsome men with hard bodies and big cocks. He'd encouraged her drug use, gotten her tattooed, and pushed her towards getting bigger tits (even though he personally preferred flat chested girls, the way she used to be).

He felt a little guilty over what he'd done. And as a connoisseur of the female form, he thought it a shame over how she'd loss her extraordinary beauty. But none of that prevented him from doing what he was planning to do tonight. After all, he needed to film the final chapter in his "ruining of Jen" series.

He fondled Jen's tits, and then pushed down on her shoulders. "I want to feel those lips around my cock," he said.

Jen smiled sultrily and looked up at him through her long eyelashes as she got to her knees. She unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. "I've missed this," she cooed as she wrapped her hands around his long thick shaft and licked his cockhead. She opened her mouth wide and swallowed him, bobbing on his cock while stroking his thick and long shaft.

"Yeah, like that," Darius moaned. He had to admit, Jen had always been good at giving head. Looking down at her while she knelt in front of him was a turn on. Her big puffy lips around his cock looked really good. Her pretty face, framed by her blonde hair, had an innocent sweetness to it, but with her sexy new pouty lips, the sweetness mingled with slutty, and it was an alluring combination.

"You really need it tonight don't you babe?" Darius said. When Jen moaned a yes (her mouth full of cock), he added "I bet you'd love more than one guy tonight, huh?"

Jen took Darius's cock out of her mouth. Continuing to hold his long shaft with both hands, she licked around his cockhead, and then breathed out, "That sounds so fucking hot." She WAS super horny right now, she hadn't had a good fucking or orgasm in months, and the thought of repeating the earlier threesome of her with Darius and Kyle made her lightheaded with lust.

Jen swallowed Darius again, and after a few more moments he groaned and arched his back, and then his cock flooded Jen's mouth with cum. Jen managed to swallow it all, pumping his shaft for every last drop.

Darius pulled out of her mouth and Jen stood up, her heels sliding a little on the slippery floor. She ran her hands over his chest and began unbuttoning his shirt.

"Not yet babe, give me a minute to recover," he said pulling away from her hands. "Turn around and let me look at that sexy ass of yours. Yeah, let me see that tat I inked on you. Lean over and put your hands on the table. Your husband still love how I branded you?"

"Branded me huh?" Jen said in a playful voice. "I'm not so sure about that. Mike hated it at first because I got it for you, but now I think he likes it." She laughed. "Sometimes I don't know about him."

With her back to him and leaning down on the table, Jen couldn't see Darius gesture to the other people silently entering the room. Jen sensed a presence behind her, then felt a hard cock pressing against her pussy lips. "You're hard again so fast?" she said giggling again.

She grunted as the cock penetrated her. "I guess so," she moaned as the cock sank into her.

"God I missed this!" she groaned as the cock penetrated her balls deep. She was a little surprised though, because he didn't feel as long and thick as usual. Maybe he was still recovering from the blowjob. The cock moved in and out of her, slowly at first, then faster, jack-hammering in and out of her pussy. "Yeah, give it to me, fuck me, harder!" she cried.

She reached back to his chest, but what she felt surprised her. Instead of feeling Darius's well defined muscular chest, she felt a thin, scrawny chest. "What?" she cried, looking back. She was horrified to see it wasn't Darius fucking her! Instead, it was the pimple faced boy she'd seen in the line outside! His 2 friends were in the room too, the fat boy and the smelly boy!

The deception revealed, Pimple Face pulled out and turned Jen around, so they were facing each other. Before Jen could react, he lifted her so her ass sat on the edge of the table, then rammed his cock back into her pussy. "Stop!" Jen cried, pushing against his chest.

"Hold her arms!" Pimple Face said, and Fat Boy and Smelly quickly got on either side and held Jen's arms down.

Jen saw Darius recording them on his iPhone. "What are you doing?" she cried.

"You said you wanted a gangbang," Darius said laughing.

"I thought you meant you and Kyle!"

Darius shook his head, pity on his face. "Did you really think that Jen? Seriously? Face it, you're old news now."

Jen teared up at hearing Darius describe her the same way he'd described Teri. Just then, Pimple Face groaned and squeezed Jen's big tits hard, his cock exploding inside her pussy.

His body was still shuddering from post orgasmic shock when Fat Boy pushed him aside. "My turn," he said, pointing his cock at Jen's pussy and ramming himself in. With one thrust he was in balls deep, and Jen yelped because he was bigger than Pimple Face. He ran his hands over her body, her tits, her stocking legs, her chummy stomach, all the while ramming his cock in and out of her pussy.

Pimple Face and Smelly were on either side, groping and caressing Jen's body. Smelly took one of Jen's legs and licked her calf and slim ankle, turned on by her nylons, and he even licked up and down the stiletto of her high heel, like he was blowing it (clearly he was a leg man). Pimple Face saw what Smelly was doing and he shouted derisively, "Fuck, what are you a homo pervert?!" Both Pimple Face and Fat Boy laughed at their friend.

Jen stopped struggling and held onto Fat Boy's arms for dear life as he pounded her repeatedly with his big cock. He was so fat his bulging stomach pushed against Jen's chummy tummy as he fucked her. He leaned over to kiss Jen but she turned her head away. But Fat Boy turned Jen's head towards him (holding her head in both hands) and covered her mouth with his, thrusting his tongue down her throat.

Jen's body began responding to the fucking. The big cock inside her was hitting her clit and g-spot, and there were so many hands caressing her everywhere. At first she fought against the pleasure growing inside her, but then she surrendered to it. She was so horny (and drugs always made her extra horny), and she hadn't been fucked good or had a good orgasm in such a long time. But before she could cum, Fat Boy grunted and lurched, and then he was shooting his spunk into her pussy.

Fat Boy pulled out, and it felt like a tease as his long softening cock slowly pulled out of her pussy. She was panting, and so was Fat Boy. There was a pause in the action. Pimple Face was half hard again but he wasn't ready for action. Having just cum, Fat Boy was soft. Smelly was rock hard, and he was bigger than Fat Boy. But Smelly seemed shy and embarrassed from the taunting his friends had given him a moment ago.

Jen could leave if she wanted to. Pimple Face and Fat Boy were spent, and Smelly was paralyzed with embarrassment. She could get off the table, put on her dress and leave. Just like that, she'd be out of this situation. She knew this. No one would stop her.

But she didn't leave. She didn't even get off the table. Instead, she remained on the table, laying exactly as Fat Boy had left her, her legs spread wide apart and bent at the knees, her high heels flat on the tabletop. She was motionless, waiting.

Darius smiled, knowing exactly what was happening. "What are you waiting for?" he said to Smelly, still recording. "The horny slut wants you to fuck her. She's waiting for you."

"Yeah, man, fuck the old bitch," Pimple Face said.

"Yeah, fuck the cheap whore," Fat Boy added. "Look at her. She wants more cock."

That was all the encouragement Smelly needed. He got between Jen's legs and rubbed his thick cockhead back and forth between Jen's pussy lips. Jen moaned. He smiled lustfully. "You want my cock, don't you bitch!" he hissed, his confidence now fully restored. He rammed his cock into her balls deep, making Jen gasp. "You want this, don't you, you cheap whore!"

Smelly put Jen's legs on his shoulders, because he wanted to feel the nylon of her stockings rub against his neck as he fucked her. Jen groaned as he put her into this position, because it made his cock rub harder against her clit with each in and out thrust.

Smelly wasn't a good lover, he had no technique, he smelled like a sewer, but his cock was big and curved so he was hitting her clit and g-spot. "Oh god!" she groaned as her orgasm neared.

"Fuck!" Smelly yelled, and Jen felt his cock twitch in her pussy. He was about to cum!

"No, not yet, just a little longer!" Jen pleaded. She was so close!

Darius smiled at hearing Jen beg. A few months ago, she wouldn't have given these losers the time of day, none of the Stallions' girls would. But now she was begging them to fuck her.

Smelly ignored Jen's pleas, and as he pulled back on an outward thrust, he moaned and paused momentarily, and then he shouted in passion and slammed back in, his cock jerking and exploding his hot cum into her already well used pussy. He jack-hammered in and out, each time shooting more of his cum into her.

The feel of him shooting inside her and his powerful in-and-out thrusts were enough to send Jen over the edge. She arched her back and her toes curled in her high heels, and she rejoiced as she finally reached an orgasm, the pleasure pulsing through her body.

After cumming, Jen and Smelly gasped for breath. Their faces were inches from each other, and he panted his disgusted bad breath into her mouth, but Jen didn't notice. She was too high and relieved over finally reaching orgasm again (she hadn't been able to really cum since before her boob job). It wasn't a great orgasm, but at least she had cum.

She wasn't satiated yet, though. So when Smelly pulled out and another man took his place, she didn't object. The new man pushed into her messy pussy and pumped back and forth, and she raised her pelvis and pushed back in rhythm with his rapid thrusts. The new man mauled her big tits as he fucked her and ran his hands over her long stockinged legs. He didn't last long and Jen didn't cum again, but she still enjoyed the fucking. It was only after he shot his load into her and he pulled out that Jen noticed he wasn't Pimple Face, Fat Boy or Smelly. She'd never seen him before, a balding middle aged man in a cheap suit who looked like an insurance salesman.

Then the stranger was replaced by another man she'd never seen before, a paunchy Italian Guido type with jet black hair slicked back with a lot of cheap smelling hair jell. He pushed into Jen and soon he was pounded her pussy. Jen moaned and wrapped her legs around him, urging him to fuck her harder and faster. She was frenzy with lust and out of control, fueled by all the drugs she'd taken earlier.

Guido pulled out and climbed onto the table and straddled her chest. He spit on his hand and then rubbed the spittle between Jen's breasts. Then he positioned his cock between her tits and squeezed them together, and then he pumped back and forth, and for the first time in her life she was getting tit fucked (before her boob job, her tits were too small for this). She didn't feel anything because her nipples were numb, and she felt empty and disappointed with no cock in her pussy, but that didn't last long because another man took Guido's place in her pussy. Soon both men were rocking back and forth, one between her tits and another in her pussy.

Guido groaned and came, blasting his semen all over Jen's tits and face. A lot of male voices complained since they hadn't had their turn yet, and they didn't want to touch another man's spunk. Guido told them to fuck off and left. Another man got smart. He grabbed Jen's new Fendi dress (the only thing around resembling a towel) and used it to wipe off the spunk.

Some men pulled out a rollaway bed that the owner kept for times like this. Jen was hauled to her feet and pushed onto a man already on the bed. That men entered Jen's pussy with Jen on top of him, and then another man got behind her and penetrated her asshole. Jen grimaced in pain at the sudden, unexpected intrusion. But before she could complain, a third man pushed his cock into her mouth and began fucking her face.

Up to now, Jen had been in a drug and lust induced frenzy, like an out of body experience, only partially aware of what was being done to her. But having three men using her at the same time brought her out of it. She realized she didn't know who these men were, they were all strangers.

The three men came, spurting their spunk everywhere, some in her pussy and down her throat, but a lot all over her body. Her dress was used again to wipe the spunk away. Jen had a moment to look around the room, and was horrified to see it was crowded with men, and she didn't know any of them!

Jen didn't see any Stallions, although she did see Mandy and a few other Stallion girls, watching and laughing at her. She tried to get up from the bed but then more men pushed her down and penetrated all her holes, and again she was being pussy, ass and face fucked all at the same time. Tears rolled down her face even as a cock slammed in and out of her mouth. She was taken repeatedly. When one man finished, another immediately took his place. The line of men never seemed to shorten, as more men came into the room, and many men got back into line after cumming in Jen.

Darius had a hard-on as he videoed Jen pulling a train with the men from the bar. It'd been easy to set up. All it took was one or two whispers and offers to fuck a busty blonde, and it'd spread like wildfire through the bar. None of the men here were Stallions of course. Jen had the reputation now as a cheap drug addicted skank, and none of the Stallions would have anything to do with her. Some of the Stallions were probably tempted to fuck the coke whore, especially the ones who'd never gotten into her pants when she was the hottest thing going. But they surely weren't going to join into this gangbang with all these losers.

Darius decided he'd recorded enough. His cock was ready to burst. On the one hand he felt sorry for Jen, they'd spent good times together, and her fall from the pinnacle of beauty and popularity had been so sudden and devastating. Paradoxically, that was the same reason he was so hard. As he turned to go, he saw more losers crowding into the room. This train pull was going to last for a long time. He took one last look at Jen, on her back surrounded by men, all her holes filled.

The gang bang went on forever. If anything, the crowd of men got bigger, not smaller. Jen wanted to die, and she was near passing out when she heard a female southern voice angrily shout, "What the fuck is going on here?" Then a moment later, the voice said "Get off of her you bastards! Leave, all of you, or I'm calling the cops!"

The men filed out of the room and soon they were gone. Jen was crying, her arms around herself and curled up in a ball.

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