tagSci-Fi & FantasyHylas and the Nymphs

Hylas and the Nymphs


The pitcher clasped tightly under my arm, I proceeded toward where I thought I had spotted a spring. It was suppertime, and the rest of the crew on the Argo would need fresh water.

When I finally reached the pond, I was sweating profusely. It had been quite a long walk and the day was quite humid. Looking at the inviting water now, I decided the crew could wait a few extra minutes for their meal.

After I had filled the pitcher to brimming, I hastily stripped off my clothes and sank gratefully into the cool water. Many have told me that I have an extremely handsome body, but I say that my body is no fitter that any other man's.

I sighed contentedly as I floated in the water at the pond's edge, my arms spread out on the bank behind me. The water was rather chilly and it gave me an erection down below. I closed my eyes and let my whole body relax in the refreshing water.

Then, I suddenly felt something new. Something that felt distinctly like hands caressing my thighs. I opened my eyes as I felt a pleasant warmness suddenly engulf my rigid shaft. Reaching down into the water I felt a mass of floating hair, attached to a head that was now running down the entire length of my cock and licking it profusely.

I had never felt such massively satisfying sensations before, and I gasped and leaned my head back as my mysterious visitor continued to work. I felt slender arms wrap around my waist and pull me further in. I began to moan, suddenly wanting desperately to see who was pleasuring me so much.

Then the warmness left my cock and I looked down at the water in puzzlement. Then a pair of hands came of the water and, grasping me firmly by the shoulders, pulled me down under the surface. Alarmed, I began thrashing about, trying to get away, get back to the surface, but something or someone was steadily pulling me further under. The water pressure was increasing and it finally caused me to lose consciousness.

When I came to, I finally saw who it was that had abducted me. Her face, a vision of pure beauty, hovered over me as her small, lithe form straddled my own equally bare body. I did not know where she had brought me, except to an amazingly comfortable bed, somewhere beneath the water's surface. I did not dwell on my location much at the moment though, too preoccupied was I with the woman above me.

She stared at me intently with soft, hazel eyes, her flowing brown hair framing her young face perfectly. Soft freckles patterned that face, and smooth lips were parted like a lover's. Below that, her shapely neck descended down into her torso, where her breasts stood out proudly, as if they had never felt the weight of age on them.

There was very little I could do but return her very intent look and wonder what this powerful sprite planned to do with me.

A smile slowly spread across the nymph's lovely face and I could hear her heavy breathing as she leaned her head down toward mine. I opened my mouth to speak, to reason with her, but no sound escaped me as she closed her mouth firmly over mine. Immediately every other thought was pushed clear of my mind as I concentrated on nothing but this fabulous kiss I was receiving.

I closed my eyes and returned the kiss, our lips massaging each others, our tongues tangling together in a meeting of passion. I dimly felt her body lower onto mine, her pert nipples pressing lovingly into my chest, her smooth abdomen gently caressing my stomach. I thought my head would explode with the sensations.

Then she suddenly pulled away from me and I was left breathing, panting even, desiring her to continue. I almost begged her to, but then I felt her lush lips brush my chest, and I realized that it was far from over.

She kissed and licked her way down to my firm stomach and ran her hands up and down my sides, causing goosebumps to rise on my skin. She continued downward until she reached the most male part of me and then she really got down to business.

My eyes rolled back into my head as she took the tip of me between her pearly white teeth for a moment, then took the rest of me into her mouth. I felt my body arch involuntarily as the sensations fell over me again. I reached down and grasped her head in my hands as she deftly moved it up and down, in a rhythmic pattern that gently massaged my shaft to the point where I felt ready to explode. But just then, she stopped what she was doing and sat up on her knees, looking at me expectantly.

I immediately pushed myself up and sat facing her, determined to give her as much as she was giving me. I placed my hands on her sides and gently pulled her to me and kissed her passionately. She slid her supple arms around my neck and kissed me with just as much vigor. I then slid my lips down and started nibbling her neck. She arched her back and presented her breasts to me. I had been with women before, but never had I seen ones as full or as round as hers. They were just the right size too, not too big, not too small, just enough to grab onto. I held one breast firmly in one hand and massaged the other with my lips. Her moans were becoming louder now and she raked her fingers roughly through my hair, her body moving and swaying against mine.

I alternated between breasts, giving each as much attention as I could. Then I let myself wander further down her voluptuous form. I felt her lean further back on the bed, giving me full access. I ran my hands and lips over the milky countenance of her stomach and abdomen. Her skin was the smoothest and creamiest I had ever felt, which shouldn't have been surprising, considering that she was a goddess, if a minor one.

We shifted our positions then, and I laid her out fully on the bed before me. Gently pushing her toned legs apart, I lowered my head down to her small, hairless opening. I felt her legs wrap around my shoulders, to hold me firmly in place. I tried to accommodate her as best I could. I stuck my tongue into her as far as it would go and swirled it around inside. She was nearly thrashing her body about now and I fought to maintain my position. Her head was tossing about and hands grasped wildly at the bedspread. She moaned much louder now, almost screaming.

I finally ceased my work and glanced at her, as much as I could move my head. She looked back at me, her expression wild, her hair in disarray. She unlocked her legs from around me and let me straighten my up, while she too arose and faced me. She placed her hands on my shoulders and, with surprising strength, abruptly pushed me backward onto the bed, my head hitting the pillows straight on.

She mounted me again, and this time began rubbing her genitals against mine. She took hold of both my wrists and moved my hands onto her breasts and left them there. I squeezed them as she tilted her head back and moaned anew as another orgasm took her. I felt my own coming on as my shaft straightened and went into her. Her moans were getting louder again and she rocked against me, as if trying to get as much of me into her as possible.

Taking my hands away from her breasts and, instead, gripping the sides of her torso, I pulled her down toward me and kissed her anew. Then I rolled the two of us over and buried her under my broad form.

Her arms went around my neck, her legs around my hips, and I was thrusting against her with as much strength as I could muster. She broke our kissing and turned her head away, her moans of pleasure rising rapidly to screams of ecstasy. I realized that I was screaming too, these feelings I was experiencing unlike anything I had ever dreamed possible.

We rode together for bit longer, until finally I was forced to give to her exactly what she had been seeking. She arched herself against me again, her limbs tightening, like she was trying to merge our bodies into one. We cried out together as we both climaxed simultaneously.

I finally felt her relax against me and, devoid of strength myself, I slid sideways off of her, but she held onto me and rolled with me, until we lay side by side, staring into each other's eyes.

The nymph's eyes were big and beauty and tears of happiness touched them. She softly kissed me once more, then, sighing contentedly, she closed her eyes and laid her head against my collarbone.

Unable to think or do anything anymore, I too shut my eyes and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

When I awoke some time later, I found myself lying alone in the large bed. I raised my head and looked around for my sleeping mate. She was nowhere to be seen. I was however able to take in my surroundings for the first time: I was in some sort of cavern, a small room of one anyway. It was probably under the spring, I realized, recalling my last moments on the surface before the nymph had dragged me down into the water.

I sat up. The bed was big and comfortable, with fluffy pillows and few sheets, and large enough to accommodate several individuals. I wondered what a water nymph would need a bed like this for. Probably to entertain "guests", like me, I reflected.

As I slid off the bed, sweat from the previous night's activities still glistening on my naked body. I looked around for my clothes, but did not see them anywhere. I glanced at the opening in the wall where the room connected to a larger cave. Hoping that I might find my clothes there, I ventured out.

As I turned a corner, I stopped dead in my tracks and I stared goggle-eyed at what I saw. A group of seven naked young women were standing together in the room talking. The one speaking to the rest seemed to be my partner from last night, but it was difficult to tell because they all looked identical to each other: each one had a lovely, round face covered in freckles; silky, brown hair; strong, nubile bodies; pert, supple breasts; and smooth, creamy skin.

I then remembered in the tales I had heard that naiads (water nymphs) often lived together in family units. The nymph who had snatched me was telling her sisters about their new "houseguest".

I suddenly thought to go wait in the bedroom, while they decided my fate, but, too late, one of them spotted me and they all turned and looked at me.

Part of me felt nervous as they surveyed me like a piece of meat. What would they do to me? Throw me out? Let me stay? Kill me? I didn't want to think about that, but naiads were known to be powerful beings and it would certainly be in their power to dispose of me that way.

I looked back at the nymphs and saw that they were smiling at me. As one, they began slowly to walk toward me with hungry looks in their brown eyes. One of them even licked her full lips enticingly as her eyes roamed over me.

I suddenly realized what was going to happen next and it instantly gave me an erection. Seeing this, the nymphs quickened their advance and gathered around me, gazing in wonderment as if I were the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.

They started to run their hands over my nude form, gently caressing my skin and tickling the hairs on my chest. The sensations were rising up in me again, as the nymphs softly massaged my muscles. One even stroked my rigid shaft and caused me to shudder with delight.

Then I felt their lips on me. They were kissing my neck, shoulders, chest, back, buttocks, and legs, anywhere they could find space on my body. One of them grabbed my face and kissed me full on the mouth. I closed my eyes and deepened the kiss, drinking in as much of her as I could. It felt like the kisses I had received before, but I wasn't sure if it was her I was kissing. At the moment, I just didn't care.

I made to put my arms around the nymph and pull her body to mine, but I felt hands grip my arms and I was suddenly pulled away from her. I looked around at the nymphs as they wrapped their hands and arms around various parts of my body and lifted me right off my feet. I did not protest or try to resist as they carried me back into the bedroom, laid me onto the bed, and then climbed on top of me.

I wondered briefly how I would be able to handle the attentions of seven nymphs if only one took all of my energy. I didn't have more time to think though, as they began to kiss and lick their way over my body again. One of them crawled up to the head of the bed and dangled her plump breasts abovemy face. I tried to reach up and grasp them and suck them, but my arms were weighed down by two nymphs who were sucking on my hard nipples. The nymph at my head snuggled up to me and kissed me from above.

I kissed back with renewed gusto because the other four nymphs were now taking turns giving me blowjobs. Each had a different technique, it seemed; they massaged me with not just their teeth or tongues, but their hands as well. It felt unbelievable. One nymph even took my cock and rubbed it in between her breasts. I wanted to look down, to watch what was happening as I felt it happen, but the nymph at my head had my full attention at the moment, and the nymphs at my sides were pressing themselves fully against me and running their hands and lips over my torso. I reached my own hands around and felt for their breasts, and squeezed them, and they grinded themselves harder against me when I did.

These were the positions we maintianed for a time, until I suddenly lost control and came in one of their mouths. I broke away from the nymph at my head and looked down finally, as that nymph drank down my fluids without hestitation. She released me then and licked the last of it from her lips.

With a another seductive look in her eyes, she pushed the others away and spread herself out on top of me, facing upward. I immediately wrapped my arms around her form, as my cock found its way between her cheeks. She groaned deeply with pleasure as I massaged her breasts and raised her hips to give me full access. She rode me like this for a while, her moans building and her hands running up and down my sides. The other nymphs were watching us, enraptured, rubbing themselves as they watched their sister work.

After a bit, she stopped swaying against me and, reaching down, guided me to her waiting hole. She sat up on top of me then, and I sat up with her, to increase my penetration. She moaned loudly and reached behind her to grasp my head as I started to pleasure her again. I held her tightly against me and kissed her neck, as I felt her back rubbing my stomach as she rode me. The other nymphs were playing with each other now, as well as themselves, and seemed to be sharing in their sister's ecstacy.

When I had finally satisfied her, the nymph sitting against me leaned her head back and gave me a long, passionate kiss, as if thanking me. She then got up, leaving me sitting in the middle of the bed, the other nymphs around me, watching me in seeming agony.

One of them crawled in front of me on all fours, and stood with her ass facing me. I immediately understood what she wanted and I got up on my knees and entered her from behind. She immediately started moaning loudly, as I held on to her hips and continually thrust myself into her. Her body was trembling terribly, her breasts swinging freely beneath her. She then straightened up against me and reached around to grab my backside, her nails raking my skin painfully. I wrapped my arms around her torso and she turned her head and kissed me deeply as we continued to move together. By now, the other nymphs were beside themselves with desire, rubbing themselves until they were sore and staring at me with desperate longing.

Already feeling spent from the previous action, I did not last long with this one. When I had finished, she pulled away from me and I felt hands grasp me from behind and pull me eagerly back onto the bed. I didn't know how much longer I would last, but the nymphs refused to stop until I had pleasured them all.

One of the nymphs rode me like the very first one had, her hair swinging back as she tossed her head, her breasts jumping about wildly. I brought myself up against her and bit her hardened nipples. She gasped and clung to me, her nails also digging into my back.

Another one chose to wrap her legs around my head, giving me access to her genitals, while she went to work on mine. As I pleasured her hole, she worked harder and harder on my shaft, her soft hair falling over my legs. She even bit it once and I yelped in pain, but it felt good nonetheless.

Two more nymphs lay on either side of me on the bed, with their legs locked around each other, and while I pleasured one, the other would pleasure me from behind, kissing and caressing the wounds on my back and tickling me gently in certain places to increase my arousal. I was forced to alternate between them, pleasuring one and receiving pleasure from the other each time.

Finally, they all went at me at once, wanting even more, and we became a heaving mass of sweating flesh and intertwined limbs, with me trapped helplessly in the middle. Every inch of my body touched smooth skin and I kept feeling something or other grasping my continuously rigid cock. I gave until I could absolutely give no more (I was surprised I had lasted as long as I had), and my body, completely exhausted, went limp.

Deciding now that a break was warranted, the nymphs released their hold on me and let me collapse onto the bed, where I lay unable to move. They spread themselves out next to me, on top of me, and around me, and settled down to rest. As the nymphs snuggled up to me, part of me wondered if this was how my life was going to be from now on: an endless series of orgies with a bevy of beautiful women. And as unconsciousness finally took me, another part of me asked why that was a bad thing?

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