tagLesbian SexHymens Ch. 07

Hymens Ch. 07


Christine Miller was in a quandary, in order to continue working on her case she needed to get detailed information about the contents of the videotape they acquired from the scene of the last spontaneous orgy. Detective Estaria and his partner Margret obtained the video from the owner of the dude ranch where the orgy occurred.

Remembering how the surveillance video from their first crime scene affected her and Lieutenant Johnson, she agreed that it was a good idea for Estaria and Johnson to view the tape. Miller recalled the incredible sexual experience she, Johnson, Estaria and Margret had shared as a result of viewing the tape from the first crime scene and it seemed best if they avoided the opportunity of that happening again.

Strangely though, Johnson and Estaria had been very evasive in discussing the contents of the dude ranch tape and now she had no choice but to view the tape herself. Grabbing the tape from Lieutenant Johnson's desk she returned to her desk to jot down a few notes before going into the interrogation room where the video equipment was set up.

"You finally decided to see the tape yourself," Margret said, looking up from her desk. Margret Jackson had just joined the force from a private security firm and was still getting moved into the precinct. She was presently on the payroll as a consultant until they worked out all the details in getting her on full time.

"Yeah, Juan and the lieutenant won't give me anything, it's like they simply wanted to forget about the video," Christine replied, noticing Margret's well developed arms. "You work out?"

"Just here in the workout room. Back at the security company they had some incredible equipment, everyone worked out a lot. I guess I just fell in."

"I really need to do something," Christine replied, pinching the ample folds in her gut. "Hey, I'm gonna go view this video, you want to look in?"


"We'll get a look at out prime suspect and the device he's carrying. Apparently he found an inconspicuous corner and watched what happened. This tape has the brother and sister we interviewed."

"Oh yes, I'm glad I haven't eaten yet."

"You know, she actually liked it, was thinking about initiating more with her brother," Miller said with a shudder.

"I don't know, this case is just so odd."

Miller grabbed the tape and the two women headed to the interrogation room. Margret tossed her pad onto the table and sat down while the plump woman loaded the tape into their VCR. She walked back to the table and sat down next to Margret and started the tape. Fast forwarding, Christine watched the counter and stopped the tape.

"Okay, from what little I could get out of the lieutenant, the perp will be immediately visible along the top of the image. He pretty much stays at the edge of our view through the entire video. The brother and sister go at it over by the couch that's supposed to be about mid screen."

"Okay, let's get a look."

Christine started the tape, "There he is, just as the lieutenant said."

"He's carrying something, looks like a light," Margret replied.

"There, he put it down and looks like he's got a remote or something."

The light began flashing and Christine immediately began running her hand up Margret's muscular arm. The two women turned to face each other and without speaking a word, simply began kissing. Christine ran her hands down the athletic woman's back, reaching and squeezing her firm ass.

Their clothes seemed to melt off them as they groped and caressed in a passionate flurry of activity. Christine watched as the svelte Margret, seemingly fascinated in the ample folds of flesh, ran her face and hands all over her breasts, stomach, hips and thighs. Christine in turn, ran her hands over the firm ripples of Margret's body.

Climbing onto the table, Christine lay on her back as the thinner woman straddled her, lowering her wet pussy onto her face. Christine opened her legs for Margret, feeling the woman's hands rolling over her loose flesh. Tasting a woman for the first time, Christine sank her tongue deep into the wet cunt that pressed down on her face. The taste shocked her, but excited her at the same time. Feeling the sensations in her own clit and pussy, Christine quickly moved her mouth to Margret's clit.

The intensity of the moment, driven by the flashing light in the video had both women in a frenzy and they drove their dripping pussies onto each other's faces, both coming again and again. Feeling a fatigue in her jaw, Christine moved from under Margret and they changed positions, bringing their delicate lips together in a beautiful pussy to pussy kiss. In moments, the sensations that entered her intensely charged cunt drove her to another orgasm as she held Margret in a fleshy embrace. Both then collapsed onto the table breathless.

Catching her breath, Christine looked up at the TV monitor and noticed that the tape had ended. Still entwined with Margret, she looked for the remote control to turn the equipment off as Lieutenant Johnson came through the door. Both women quickly jumped up and grabbed their clothes.

"Ladies, calm down," he said, "I know what happens with the video and the flashing light."

"You mean you and Juan..."

"Yes," he answered sternly, his face flushed. "Anyway, the suspect in the video, we've got a name and an address. Get dressed and we'll all head over there." He quickly ducked out through the door, leaving the two, still naked women alone in the room.

"Ah, Margret, I'm not sure what to say," Christine said shyly.

"It was the tape, the flashing light."

"Yes, but it was so good."

Margret smiled, "Yes it was. I've never been with a..."

"Neither have I," Christine said, a tear rolling down her cheek.

"Wow, I wonder what it would have been like if we knew what we were doing."

"It could be endless, I mean..."

"Yes, with a guy, there's usually a definite end. With another woman..."

"...it could just go until we collapse."

"Yes, it seems that way," Margret replied, slipping on her panties.

They finished getting dressed and Christine popped the tape out of the VCR. They both moved over to the door when Margret turned to face the plump woman. She tilted her head and kissed her passionately on the mouth. Christine responded, embracing her athletic lover.

Stepping back, they straightened their clothes and then walked out of the interrogation room. Looking toward their desks, they saw Detective Estaria and the lieutenant waiting for them. They walked quickly, they had a suspect to round up.

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