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Hypnotic Massage


This is my second story. I really appreciate the great comments from my first story. This story is a bit less character oriented and more set around the situation. It is also based on real events with the usual caveats of changing the names, etc.

* * *

It's been a long week. It was two weeks before finals, so the semester projects and papers were all coming due. All of that was on top of the normal course work. It's times like this when I regret deciding to "challenge myself" this semester.

I lay in bed contemplating that I would likely forget about the hellish week and decide to really challenge myself next term. My thoughts turned to my girlfriend, as she should be here any minute. She had it even worse than I did. Sure her course load was lighter, but she also had to work more than twenty hours a week to make the requirements for her student loans. While my parent's aren't rich, they are well enough off that I didn't have to work while studying.

I heard the key turning in the lock and looked over to see the door opening. Lisa came in and started dropping things as she made her way slowly toward the bed. Her book bag dropped with an impressively loud thunk. Her keys flew across the room to land on desk which was the only other piece of furniture, aside from the bed, in the studio apartment.

I could tell she was really tired because she didn't even bother to hang up her coat, she's normal very tidy, instead letting it fall off her shoulders to the floor. She unbuttoned her jeans and started lowering the fly before collapsing face down on the bed next to me. She seemed to muster up the energy to face me and said, "I'm so tired honey, would you mind if I took a nap before we go to dinner?"

The circles under her normally bright blue eyes wouldn't let me say no. Even if I was practically starving. "That's fine, Lisa," I said as I pushed some strays blonde hairs off her face. Stroking her cheek gently. "Even better, how about a massage?"

She closed her eyes and smiled like an angle, saying, "That would be wooooonderful."

Yeah, wonderful for her. A girl had once told me that my massages were better than sex. I think the chances are she just hadn't had enough good sex, but they are still pretty good. While for most people a nice full body massage degenerates into hot steamy sex, for me I end up with a sleeping wet noodle and an unrequited erection. The things I do for love.

I sat up and moved to the foot of the bed. Lifting each of her feet in turn I untied and removed her shoes. I then pulled off her socks and gave the arch of each foot a little tickle. Lisa growled a little and threatened to kick me in the face so I gave up that tactic.

"We have to get your jeans off," I said to her. When I say we, I meant it. While she isn't overweight, she has very wide hips, and being a guy, I have never figured out how to get jeans past a woman's hips. With her help and considerable grunting on my part we got her jeans off and in a pile on the floor.

"You have to do the rest, I'm toooo tired!" she declared.

She was wearing one of my old button down shirts, so I turned her on her side to get at the buttons. Once that was done I had her positioned face down again and pulled the shirt down off her arms. When the shirt was off, I realized she was wearing one of those front snapping bras. Rather than turn her again, I slid my hands under her and unclasped the bra. I pulled the two halves from under her, allowing my fingers to graze across her nipples, giving a slight pinch as I did.

"I thought you said a massage, you horn-dog. Remember, 'just a massage,'" growled Lisa.

I took a moment to look down at her as she lay prepared for the massage. Lisa is a bit on the tall side, with really long legs. They are actually as long as mine and I'm more than six inches taller than she is. The legs meet at hips and a bottom that, although wide, are not that thick. Her waist narrows dramatically before gradually widening to her chest and upper back. I practically licked my lips thinking about turning her over and seeing her lovely breasts.

Patience, I reminded myself. Work comes first. Well, a massage isn't really work, although it can be tiring. Plus I had something in mind, something that I realized I had been thinking about for a while. I had never taken a psychology course in my life, but I knew my girlfriend and thought she would enjoy this.

I stood up long enough to remove my clothes as well, leaving me naked and her in only her panties. I always leave them on when I am giving her "just a massage," since the sight and smell of her sex is way too distracting. Even the sight of her panty clad bottom is a distraction, but I can usually control myself. Usually.

I lifted her left foot and started the massage. I pressed the heel of my thumbs into her arch and rubbed in little circles. Watching her little toes wiggling from the pressure. I held her calf close to my chest, letting my body warmth be felt as I continued rubbing her foot.

"Lisa, I want you to relax. I know you have been pretty stressed lately, and I don't want this massage to be for nothing. As my hands are rubbing you, you will find it harder and harder to use those muscles. As I rub your foot, you will find you can no longer even wiggle your toes, it is so relaxed."

I continued rubbing her foot, now working on the individual toes. I continued down toward her heel and massaged the sides of her heel and down toward her ankle. She must really have been stressed because even her ankle was held rigidly in place. I massaged down toward her knee.

"Lisa, keep relaxing as my fingers loosen the muscles. Each time my fingers pass over the muscle it will become more relaxed. The tension is ratcheting away under my fingers. Now your calf is as relaxed as your foot. You can't even move it anymore."

To test out my progress, I slowly ran my finger down her calf and toward her foot. Normally her foot would jerk away from being tickled, but aside from a twitch in her thigh, nothing happened.

"Very good Lisa. See how good it feels to be so relaxed," I said as I slowly lowered her foot onto my lap and lifted the other. I continued the massage and the slow dialog with her right foot, then her ankle and finally her calf. I could see her back was even relaxing as the tension in her feet went away.

"Now Lisa, I don't want you to fall asleep," I said as I lowered her other foot onto my lap. This seemed to jar her a bit, as I saw some tension return to her back. But her feet didn't even twitch.

"Lisa, imagine that you are floating in the ocean. Like when we went snorkeling last spring break. The water is supporting your weight and you can feel the warm sun on your back, relaxing every muscle."

My hands were now working on her lower thighs. I was digging the length of my thumbs and the heel of my hands into the tight muscles. I would lift her calf gently to relax the muscle and rub the tension away. All the while the dialog was continuing.

"Your thighs are now relaxing. Wherever my fingers touch the tension disappears. My fingers feel like the gentle waves and the sun's heat. The heat penetrating into the muscles pulling away the tension."

The next real hurdle was quickly approaching as my hands continued upward. She is very ticklish on her inner thigh, especially when I get close to her sex. I usually have to avoid the area altogether or risk starting over. My hands continued upward, feeling the muscles relaxing as I moved. I could also see a faint spot of moisture developing on her panties. So far so good.

"Lisa, are you still awake?"

"Yes..." I heard her faintly say, from very far away.

"You aren't ticklish any more are you? You are way too relaxed to be ticklish."


"As I continue upward, the tension will drain away." I gulped briefly before continuing, "As the tension drains away, you will become more aroused. You are so relaxed that the gentle touches will cause arousal instead of tension. You can't be tickled when you are so aroused, right Lisa?"


My hands were by now massing her inner thigh mere inches from her dampening panties. Normally she would be thrashing uncontrollably if I did this. Experiment completed, I continued the massage down the front of her legs. Reaching under her to massage her quads.

"You legs are so relaxed that you can't move them anymore. You can still feel my hands and the heat from my body, but it only causes you to relax further and further. Right Lisa?"


I raised her legs enough to slide out from under her. I repositioned so I was kneeling over her, one leg on either side of her bottom. It took a supreme effort to keep my now erect penis front resting on her bottom.

I placed my thumbs on either side of her spine, right above her bottom. I started working them in a circular motion, pushing the stress out away from her spine.

"Lisa, continue relaxing as my hands move higher. Remember that when my hands massage a muscle, you can no longer seem to move it. Your legs are already floating far away, and now your back is floating away."

With my thumbs near her spine, my fingers snaked out to the sides, massaging the sides of her waist. I would move my hands over her smooth waist, wrapping my fingers under her and rubbing her belly. I always loved her belly, and took the time to rub it in appreciation. My thumbs trailing down her sides as I did so. I only realized later that this would normally reduce her to a pile of giggles.

I repositioned myself so I was basically sitting on her bottom. I let my erection lie along her back, a small drop of precum landing on her spine.

"Can you feel how hard I am? Seeing how well you respond to my touch. Can you feel the heat of my cock against you?"

"Yes!..." she replied. A little stronger, but still very far away.

I reached down on either side and started massaging her hands. By this point she was so conditioning that a mere touch turned her tension into jelly. But I still meticulously worked each area of the hand. The thumb's heel, the flesh between the thumb and other fingers, the fingers themselves, all quickly fell victim to my massage.

As I worked either hand, I rubbed the tip of my erection up and down on her spine. Making a slick patch with the precum. I bent over her so my body was inches above hers and started whispering my relaxing phrases right in her ear.

"Can you feel me against you? Can you feel my hand cock against you. It almost feels like I am inside of you, doesn't it? Pushing into you while you lie there utterly relaxed."


My hands were moving up her arms as I whispered in her ear, "Relax... Feel me against you, as if inside of you."

"Can you feel me inside of you," I said while sliding myself along her back.

"Yes... please..."

My hands were working on her upper back and her shoulders. The massage was getting less thorough but having a stronger effect. I started sucking on her earlobe between whispers of "Relax" and "deep inside of you."

I moved my hands under her chest, palming her breasts. "Can you feel me deep inside of you? Deeper than I've ever been before?"

"Yes... deep..."

I pinched her nipples between my fingers and rubbed myself in earnest against her back. I started feeling her buttocks squeezing.

"You bad girl, your cute little bottom isn't relaxed!"

"No please... please let me..."

I slide my hands down her body, sliding them along underneath her. I sat up enough to get my hands under her hips. I allowed my fingers to dip briefly under the front of her panties, barely touching her pubic hair. I then brought my hands around and starting rubbing her bottom.

"Nggghhh..." she muttered as her buttocks stopped clenching. "Please!"

"Shhhh... Relax..." I murmured, lying back on top of her. My fingers and hands slid back under her chest.

"Feel all the week's tension draining away. It is building up in your pussy, and when I thrust into you it will all be released. All the tension will be drained away as your pussy clamps down around me and you come for me."

"Yes, please... hurry..."

"If I hurry it won't all go away. You have to trust me, and relax."

"No... hurry..." she said. I saw her face start scrunching up in concentration.

I pulled my hands from massaging her breasts. Usually they are extremely sensitive, but with how relaxed she was her nipples wouldn't even stay erect. I laid my weight on her, allowing me to bring my hands up to stroke her neck and face. I massaged her temples and started whispering, "As my fingers massage, all the thought muscles are relaxing. All you can do is move the tension down to your pussy. Waiting for me to thrust deep into you and release all your tension."

After a few moments her face started relaxing. She looked more and more like the angel I had fallen in love with as the tension melted from her face.

"Are you ready, my love?" I whispered into her ear.


She was so relaxed, it almost seemed like she had stopped breathing. I slide down her body to align myself for the thrust, kissing her neck gently as I did so. I realized that she was mine to do with as I pleased. But somehow it felt wrong to take advantage of her while she was under my massage spell. So I left her panties in and whispered, "are you ready?"


As soon as she said it, I thrust my hips against hers, my painfully erect cock trapped between her bottom and my stomach. I even grabbed her hips for effect pulling her against me.

Her eyes shot open and she pulled in a huge breathe. I could feel a single wave of tension shoot through her body before she went incredibly limp. I could feel her sex twitching against me, the only muscle in her that could still move. Her breathing was ragged, and while her eyes were open she couldn't focus. I pulled her harder against me, as if I were really plunged deep inside of her shooting my seed into her.

Her breathing finally started slowing down, and her eyes drooped closed. A slight smile started to show on her face.

"I'm going to pull out now. As I do you will start getting control of your body back. But you will still remain very relaxed." I pulled my hips back and she inhaled sharply, something she does when I pull out after a particularly hard orgasm. A few staccato breaths and she was back to her relaxed even breathing.

I rolled over to lie on my back next to her. Feeling as exhausted as if I had been making love to her the entire time.



"Time for you to go to sleep."


I quickly fell asleep as well.

* * *

I woke up to a pitch black room and felt Lisa on top of me. More importantly, I was buried deep inside of her and she was rocking her hips slowly. I was buried deep inside her and she was on fire, and wetter than she had ever been. Her long hair flowed loosely against my chest and I could hear her panting slightly.

Somehow she could tell I was awake because she said, "That massage was amazing." She rode for a few more seconds before continuing, "But it felt incredibly weird to orgasm like that with nothing inside of me."

She continued rocking and started bouncing slightly. Her breath was coming faster as she leaned down. She trailed her very erect nipples through my chest hair before whispering, "I woke up and realized what your had..."

She broke off as I felt a convulsion around my cock. A line of hot fluid trickled down my balls and I could feel it cooling rapidly. During the slight convulsion she had lost her rhythm. She paused a moment and continued, harder than before.

She grabbed my earlobe in her teeth, flicking her tongue against it before releasing it to say, "... realized you had tricked me."

Her hands found my chest and she started digging her nails into me. "Just come... talk... morning..."

She was riding me very hard now... I grabbed her hips and started my own thrusting. Soon we had a rhythm that would send me over the edge in no time. I grabbed her hard and thrust deep into her. My hold body tensed as I finally shot into her. I could feel her shuddering on top of, and around me.

Panting heavily she laid down on top of me. One of us would twitch, causing a matching reaction in the other. Gradually the twitching stopped altogether and we were both breathing relatively normally.

I could start to make out some things in the near total darkness. I could see that she had her lower lip clenched in her teeth. She was sitting up now with her hands on my chest. I heard a sharp intake of breath as she pulled herself off me.

She rolled to the side and draped herself across me before whispering, "Now you can go to sleep."

And we did.

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