tagMind ControlHypnotic Sex Slaves...

Hypnotic Sex Slaves...


On the bulletin board it was suggested that I was being too conservative. Okay, here is a story that could happen, but certainly shouldn't happen. Unfortunately, I know of at least two criminal cases where doctors were convicted for taking advantage of their patients. One with drugs, one without drugs. In these stories we only deal with hypnosis. This story did not happen.

* * * * *

"Harry, you never spend any time with your family! You are always at your damned office seeing patients."

"Jennifer, you like to live well and so do I. If I don't spend that time seeing patients we are going to have to cut back on things like the opera box and the European vacations. What brought this outburst up?" I knew that Jennifer did not complain about my hours unless she had something pretty specific.

"It's the twins. They have been moping around. Complaining that 'life is not fair' "

"What does that mean?" Our twin boys, Stan and Sean, were eighteen and suffering from late adolescence insecurities. As a psychologist I could recognize the symptoms, but I sure wasn't going to try to deal with it.

"They went out on a double date and the girls were rude to them. They felt completely rejected."

"Terrific, what do you want me to do about it?"

"You are the famous psychologist, couldn't you do something for them?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"I don't know, hypnotize them to be happy, something?"

"Jennifer, you know that I won't screw around with our children."

"Could you find them some girls who would make them feel good?"

"Make them feel good? How the fuck am I suppose to find girls that would make Sean and Stan happy?" When I got frustrated I swore. Jennifer was used to it and ignored it.

"I don't know. Maybe you have patients who would like the twins?"

"Jennifer, I can't just tell a patient that I have two over sexed, eighteen year old sons that want to be made to feel good."

"You know, Harry, I put up with all kinds of shit from you and when I ask you to do something, you make fun of me." Jennifer was beginning to look teary. Great!

"All right, all right, don't cry. I'll try to do something." I didn't have the slightest idea what. But, I sure knew that I wanted to quiet her. Jennifer's father was Charles Slade, a very rich man who had given us a lot of money. Charlie was ninety two and Jennifer was the apple of his eye and only child. I was planning on how I was going to invest his hundred million dollars.

I forgot the conversation immediately. I never expected the subject to come up again, until ...

"Dad, Mom said you were going to get Sean and I a couple of beautiful concubines." Oh, Good! Stan was practically drooling. The twins were reasonably good looking young men, about six feet, 185 pounds, in athletic condition. They were just insecure.

"Stan, did your mother say how I was to do this feat?"

"Sure, she said you would convince a couple of your famous patients that Sean and I were terrific and they should be nice to use." He had a lear on his face when he said "nice."

"When is this going to happen, Sean and I are tired of being virgins?" That was subtle. On one hand, I was pleased the twins felt they could talk to me, on the other hand, in this case I had too much information. Clearly their mother thought I would do something. If I didn't do something Jennifer would feel that I embarrassed her with the twins. Not good.

"I'll keep working on it."

"Soon, please?"


The next day at the office I went over my patient list. I had one patient, a young aspiring actress, who was afraid of flying. She was seeing me to overcome her phobia. I had been treating her conventionally, with therapy. We were exploring her history to discover the root of her phobia. I thought it probably related to her favorite aunt dying when she was twelve. Her phobia was actually a fear of dying.

Her family was rich and they could afford extended therapy. She had been coming in twice a week for about two months. She was still deathly afraid of flying, but now she would get on planes without fear of having a panic attack. She still needed a lot of work. I was certain she would accept hypnosis as a treatment option. Her name was Charlotte. She would be in today.

Charlotte was very pretty. She looked like "Buffy the Vampire Killer." "Charlotte, this is going very slowly. Would you like to try hypnosis?"

"Oh, yes, Dr. Windsor, that would be wonderful."

"Buffy, I'm sorry, Charlotte, sit in the large chair." She giggled. I had made that slip several times and had explained that was my favorite TV show.

"Put your head back and relax. Watch my finger. As it gets closer to your nose you will feel your self going into a trance. As the finger gets closer, the trance will get deeper. When the finger touches your nose you will be in a very deep trance." I slowly brought my finger toward her nose as I spoke. Her eyes started to cross and then her eyes closed when I touched her nose.

"Your whole body is limp and you feel yourself floating deeper and deeper. Can you hear me?"

She answered in a dreamy voice. "Yes, I hear you."

"Charlotte, I am going to waken you by counting to three. You will waken from a very deep trance. You will not remember anything that I have done since you entered this room. Do you understand?"

"Yes." In the same voice.

"When you wake you will do everything I say, without question or hesitation. Do you understand?"


"One, two, three."

She slowly opened her eyes. She looked around. "What are we going to talk about today?"

"Today, I wanted to talk about how you relate to your mother. Lift your right hand in the air and hold it there."

She lifted her right hand straight up and acted as if nothing had happened. "How do you get along with your mother?"

She started to talk without lowering her arm. "Why are you keeping your arm in the air?"

"I don't know."

"Open your blouse."

Without hesitation she unbuttoned her blouse. She had a pink bra on. "Take off your bra."

Again without hesitation she removed her bra. Her breasts were magnificent. Very firm. She really did not need a bra. She obviously got sun without wearing one. She kept right on talking about her mother.

"Charlotte, go into an even deeper trance."

She fell back with her arm still in the air. After every move she put her hand back in the air.

"Charlotte, are you a virgin?"


"Do you have a boy friend?"


I couldn't resist. I took my penis out of my pants. It was already getting erect. I walked up to her. Charlotte, give me a blow job?"

She opened her eyes and looked at my erect penis. She bent forward took it into her hand and guided it into her mouth. It was very warm and wet. She seemed to be familiar with the procedure. She quickly sucked me to ejaculation. She swallowed the load. I took out a napkin and wiped her face. While there I felt her breasts. Firm satin. Well, back to the matter at hand. Charlotte was clearly a very good subject.

I had her put her clothes back on. The next patient was due in fifteen minutes. I told her we spent the period talking about her mother and she would feel a little better about flying. I also told her that I would be calling her and she would not remember the telephone calls.

"When you hear my voice you will go into a trance. No one else in the room will know that you are in a trance. Do you understand?"


"When ever I take your left hand and hold it you will go into a deep waking trance. Only I will know you are in a trance. Do you understand?"


She got dressed, thanked me for a productive session and agreed to come back in two days.

My last patient was at 7:00 PM. I called Charlotte at home. She had her own apartment in an expensive part of town. "Charlotte, this is Dr. Windsor."

"Yes, Dr. Windsor."

"Are you alone?"

"No, I am not alone."

"Who is with you?"

"My best friend, Grace."

"Tell Grace you would like her to meet me and I was going by your apartment on my way home. I had to pick up your insurance papers for processing."

"Grace, Dr. Windsor is coming by for some insurance papers. He has to come by here on his way home. I'd like you to meet him?"

"What did she say?"

"She would like to meet you."

"I'll be right there."

Charlotte lived ten minutes from the office. While driving over I mulled over what I was going to do with this opportunity. If I blatantly tried to hypnotize Charlotte's friend and it didn't work I would be in deep shit. She would wonder what was going on and could cause serious problems. Subtlety was called for. I hoped my wife and kids appreciated what I was doing for them.

It was a small luxury apartment building in a cul-de-sac. When I rang the door bell Charlotte let me in. She had changed to Jeans and a t shirt.

"Dr. Windsor, please come in. What was it you needed?"

I took her left hand. Holding it firmly, I whispered to her. "Tell Grace that I am really neat and I make you feel good and you want me to make her feel good too,"

Grace was a cute women who appeared to be about twenty two. She was similarly dressed.

"Grace, Dr. Windsor is really neat. He makes me feel so good. I asked him if he could make you feel good too."

"How do you make Charlotte feel so good, doctor?"

"By hypnosis, would you like to try?"

"Can you make me do things I don't want to do?"

"Of course not. That is well known that you can't make someone do something that they wouldn't want to do. I can make you relaxed, comfortable and feel very good."

"Charlotte, what do you think?"

"Do it Grace, do it." She said that with great enthusiasm.

"All right. I'll give it a try."

"Let me demonstrate on Charlotte first. It always goes better when the potential subject sees another person succumb.

"Charlotte sit in this chair." I led her to an over stuffed chair in the living room. I took her left hand and held it.

"Charlotte count to ten. With each number you will go into a deeper trance. At ten you will be in a deep trance." I could have recited Happy Birthday and it would have had the same result. Charlotte went into a deep trance. Her body relaxed completely.

"I will no wake you by counting three. When you wake up you will feel fabulous and you will describe how you feel to Grace." I was slightly concerned that Charlotte's amnesia would be apparent to Grace and I thought it was too soon for that. By having her describe how she felt neither one would realize that Charlotte was somnambulistic.

"One, two, three."

"Oh, Grace I feel radiant. You just have to try it!" She was really enthusiastic.

"Grace, you want to try?"


"Charlotte, let Grace sit in the big chair. You sit on the couch. Grace, count to ten. With each number your body will feel more relaxed. At ten your body will be completely limp. Put your head back, close your eyes and relax." I knew that Grace was conditioned by watching Charlotte. My only issue now was whether Grace was somnambulistic. If she was going to remember what happened while she was hypnotized that would not work in this case.

Grace counted to ten. I watched her body as she counted. It became visually more relaxed and when she got to ten it was completely limp. "Grace, you are in a deep trance. Your trance is so deep that you will not be able to move. Try to raise your arm?"

Grace tried to raise her arm. She slightly shifted her shoulder and nothing else happened. I let her struggle for a while. Struggles like that are the best way to dramatically deepen a trance.

"I am going to waken you by counting to three. When you waken you will still not be able to move and you will not know why. When ever I hold your left hand you will go back into a deep trance. One, two three."

Grace opened her eyes but did nothing else.

"Grace could you help me get a file?"

Grace just lay there.

"Grace is something wrong?"

"No, I just can't move."

"Why not?"

She started to laugh. She had a pleasant laugh. "I don't know."

I took her left hand and held it. "Grace go back into a deep trance."

I took Charlotte's left hand and didn't say anything. "Did you girls have any plans for tonight?"

Grace spoke. "No, we were just going to hang together."

That was true. " Grace do you have a serious boy friend?" "Not right now."

"Grace are you a virgin?"


"When ever you hear my voice or think of my voice the two of you will both get very sexually aroused. Do you both understand?"

They both said yes in unison. "Are you aroused now?"

They again both said yes in unison. "I want you both to take off all of your clothes. Fold them neatly."

They both stood up and began to pull off their jeans. Then their shirts came off. What bodies. In unison they both took off their panties and bras and stood before me naked. Charlotte was a real blonde and Grace was a brunette. They both looked like they worked out. I was glade I stayed in shape. I would be better able to test the merchandise for my twins.

I quickly took off my clothes. "Grace, you suck my penis and Charlotte you lick Grace's cunt." At my age, I wasn't sure how long it would take me to get hard again. Grace sucked with enthusiasm and Charlotte licked Grace. I wondered whether that was a new thing. I would have to ask. Clearly Grace enjoyed it. I did get hard.

"Charlotte, get on your hands and knees right here. Grace you get on your hands and knees in front of Charlotte. Charlotte, I am going to push my penis into you while you lick Grace. You will cum when you feel me ejaculate. " They took the positions. My plan was to finish in Charlotte's ass if I could hold on. Not to worry, nature helps out 55 year old men that way. After a few minutes of very pleasant pumping I told Charlotte that I was changing point of entry. I pulled out of her vagina and put my dripping penis up to her anus. "Charlotte relax your sphincter."

She did and I pushed. It was glorious. I was thanking my sons for being insistent. When I came, both women had their orgasms. Grace made moaning noises and Charlotte vibrated on my penis and said "Oh, oh, oh."

"We all need to wash up. Lets all of us go into the shower."

We all went into the shower and washed off. I was truly enjoying myself. When we finished washing I had the women dress and come back into the living room.

"I am going to wake both of you. You will feel wonderful and will not remember what we did. You will not know you have been hypnotized. You will do everything I tell you while I hold your left hands. Grace you sit in this chair in front of me and Charlotte you sit on my right. I took both of their left hands.

I want you to call my house tomorrow and tell my son Sean that the two of you want to go out with Sean and Stan. You will make a date to meet at my house. Do the two of you understand?"

They both said yes. I let go of their hands.

"How do the two of you feel?"

"Terrific, in unison."

"I have two handsome twins I wish the two of you could meet?"

Grace spoke. "Dr. Windsor, I'm sure that we can do that."

That night I told Jennifer that everything was under control.

"Oh, Harry, that is wonderful." She then gave me a passionate kiss. My mind was willing but clearly, the body wasn't. I gently stopped her as she was reaching for my fly.

"Honey, it's been a hard day at the office. I am worn out."

The next day at dinner Stan announced that one of my patients had called and said she and a girl friend wanted to meet Sean and him. I told him to make the date and have them meet at the house Sunday, when I would be home.

The boys did that. Now I had to decide how to proceed. I knew I had decided long ago that I would not practice my profession on my children, but this was different. I could not take a chance that something would go wrong. I told the boys to meet me in my office at seven tomorrow morning to discuss their upcoming date.

The next morning we left at the same time in our own vehicles. When we got to the office, I ushered the boys into my office. I had two hours until my first patient. The boys had to be at the university by ten.

"I wanted to meet you guys here because I don't think your mother should be involved in this guy thing. Do you agree?" They both agreed. "I want to hypnotize you two to make sure that you perform Sunday. Is that all right?"

"Why would you want to do that, Dad?" From Sean.

"The two of you are nervous about the date, right?"

They looked at each other then at me. They glumly shook their heads yes.

"Well, I am going to condition you so that you will be confident and won't be nervous."

"Okay, Dad. We'll do it."

"Both of you sit on the couch. On the opposite ends. Watch this spinning dial. " I had a dial that I sometimes used to capture the subjects attention. "As the dial spins you will feel yourself sinking into a trance. Deeper and deeper. Your eyelids are getting heavy and you can't keep your eyes open. Your eyes are locked tight, you can't open them." I repeated the process for several minutes. When I was sure they were under I tested them.

"Try to open your eyes?" They tried and couldn't. "When I count to three you will waken. When I say sleep you will go into an even deeper trance."

"One, two, three." They opened their eyes.

"When are you going to hypnotize us?" By Stan.

"Sleep.' They both slumped. "On Sunday when you meet the girls you will feel very confident. Stan you will be with Grace and Sean you will take Charlotte. You will suggest that they go to Charlotte's apartment. The girls will agree. When you get there I will be there. You will not see me. You will hear me in your minds and do everything I tell you."

I told them that they would not remember being hypnotized and woke them. When they woke we swapped dating fables. After a while we broke up after I hugged both boys and told them I loved them.

Sunday, right on cue, the women showed up. I had previously conditioned them to suggest going back to Charlotte's apartment. I left ahead of them and went to the apartment. They drove separately and arrived at the same time. I was already in the apartment, having received a key from Charlotte.

"This is a swell apartment you have, here" My sophisticated son, Sean. I stepped into the room.

"Sleep, all of you."

They all sprawled on the floor. All of them were in jeans and shirts. "When I wake you, you will feel very aroused. You will take all of your clothes off, getting even more aroused as you do so. Sean you will carry Charlotte into the bedroom. Stan, you will stay with Grace in this room. I will direct what you do next."

They all woke up and took their clothes off. The women were eyeing the boy's penises. They were large and quite erect. So much so that getting the pants off was difficult. When they were all naked, Sean went over to Charlotte and swooped her up. The boys were involved with athletics and were strong. Charlotte put her right hand around his neck and her left hand on his erect cock. The three of us went into the bedroom.

"Stan, Grace, freeze until I come back."

"Sean, tell Charlotte to give you a blow job."

"Charlotte, give me a blow job."

Charlotte proceeded to suck his cock while holding his balls. "Sean, you will not ejaculate until I tell you." Charlotte sucked for about a minute. Sean looked like he was in pain. "Sean you can ejaculate."

He shot and she swallowed. He seemed to go on forever. "Charlotte, keep sucking Sean until he becomes erect again." I figured I had three minutes. Oh to be 18. I went back to Stan and Grace. They hadn't moved.

Stan was erect. I felt Grace, she was a swamp. "Grace, lay on your back with your legs spread and your knees bent." She did. "Stan, take your penis and put it into her." He did.

"Stan, pump until I tell you to cum. Grace, when you feel Stan cum you will have an orgasm."

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