Hypnotic Sex Therapy Ch. 06


"Damn, Barrett!" Carla flashed in anger. "You're fitting this cheap little slut for a dragon dress already? You just met her! I've been to your parties a half dozen times and what do I get?"

"My darling Carla, you know you are my one of my first favorites. But the position I am in is not all of my own making." Mr. Barrett pushed his probing finger into Rebecca's ass all the way to the third knuckle, making her cry out in a mix of pleasure and pain. "If I promise you and your handsome partner an extra special treat at the next gathering..." the older gentleman looked at Andrew meaningfully, "would you go fetch your brother-in-law for me, assuming he has the time to do me a favor?"

Andrew, eyes fixed firmly to his fiancée's increasingly abused bottom, was oblivious to the glance directed his way, and to Carla licking her lips in response as she studied the young man's bulge, so obvious down the leg of his pants.

She laughed, "I'll hold you to that, Barrett. I'll definitely hold you tight to that. And you know Spencer, if he doesn't have time, he'll make time. You're doing him a favor." She blew the older man a kiss and with a long lusty glance at Rebecca's gyrating naked backside, turned to go.

Barrett looked at Andrew and smiled. "It's so nice dealing with a family owned business, don't you think? Much more personal service than you get at the chain stores." He slowly withdrew his finger from the young woman's sensitive sphincter, and without hesitation put it into his mouth to savor her musky taste. He raised the other hand to pick up the spanking where he left off.

"Three, four," smack, smack. It hurt more when the blows resumed, especially following on the pleasure of having her pussy and ass fingered during the break. Rebecca started to protest that he had already gotten to six...but the sharp, painful slaps had her kicking her dainty feet and clenching her eyes tightly to keep in the tears.

"Five, six," these were the hardest yet. For a moment, Andrew questioned whether the stranger was taking the game too far, but as he looked down to ask Rebecca if she wanted Barrett to stop, he noticed that she was panting and quivering as though on the edge of an orgasm.

The older man had reached beneath the young women with his other hand. His fingers trailed through her soft curly hair covering her mons. His index and ring fingers spread her swollen lips and his middle finger lay gently across her clit and teased her opening.

"Seven, eight." The slaps came down quickly and hard. Rebecca yelped and her hips bucked away from the source of the pain, driving her clit hard against the meaty part of his finger between the second and third knuckles. Now she was quaking for real as the throes of a climax rapidly started to build.

He raised his hand for the final blows and she raised her hips, her body betraying her and reaching up to meet the pain halfway. He had to lift his hand between her legs to stay in contact.

"Nine." She spasmed and groaned as the twitch of her hips drove his thick finger inside, curling toward her g-spot. Now she quaked and gasped in full throated, crashing surges. He felt her gripping his finger, as though her sex had a mind of its own, bearing down to squeeze him with each wave of orgasmic contraction.

"Ten." She screamed loudly, her body stiffening and bucking. He located her secret spot, deep inside her sex, with the tip of his middle finger and gently rubbed it. She screamed again. Reaching out blindly, her eyes still clenched shut but unable to staunch the tears of painful pleasure, she found Andrew's calf with one grasping hand and gripped it tight as she thrashed out the last of her thunderous climax.

Moments later, she stopped thrashing and went limp, not quite unconscious but nearly so; she was spent, splayed over the older man's knees. She sighed and twitched slightly as he withdrew his finger slowly from her overheated pussy. A sheen of sweat covered her bare legs and back, her ass showed the handprints of the hard spanking she had received.

Andrew was amazed at his fiancée. She had been transformed, over the course of a day, from a demure, quiet girl to a ravenous, sexual beast. He felt a twinge of jealousy, after all, it was another man who had spanked, fingered and rocked her to the core, but overwhelming the jealousy was pure animal lust. She had cum at the hands of a stranger, in full view of anyone who might have happened into the store, humiliated and sexually conquered, and he had never felt as close to her as he did in that moment.

He glanced down and saw two growing wet patches on his khaki slacks, one at his ankle, where her nails had torn into his flesh through the fabric, and the blood slowly seeped through. The other was at the tip of his still hard cock, where the pain in his leg and the awesome power of her climax had driven him to a silent orgasm of his own.

She looked up at him and smiled weakly, strands of silky brown hair stuck to her face, wet with her sweat and tears.

Andrew looked from her to Mr. Barrett. The older man seemed paternal in his attentions now, stroking her hair and the back of her neck as she purred, her energy slowly returning.

Another man had entered the area, tall and dark haired, carrying a tape measure and a small wooden stepstool. "Carla said you wanted me to measure her for a dragon dress?"

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