tagMind ControlHypnotised to Quit Smoking Ch. 02

Hypnotised to Quit Smoking Ch. 02


I got home and walked through the front door to find my husband sat in front of the T.V. I felt like a woman possessed as I approached him and kissed him passionately.

"How did it go tonight?" he asked.

"It went well but right now I need you inside my mouth" I said smiling.

His face lit up immediately. I got down on my knees between his legs and urgently unzipped his pants, pulling them off with his boxers in one swoop. As I took his semi-cock into my warm mouth he became instantly solid. I squeezed his balls and wanked his cock as I sucked hungrily on the head. Within seconds I could taste the saltiness of his pre-cum as he grabbed my head and thrust his hips upwards. Sensing he was about to erupt I stopped wanking his cock and sucked only the head of his now throbbing meat and was soon rewarded with a mouthful of hot cum.

"Fuck me Kate what did that guy do to you?" he said grinning from ear to ear.

"Nothing, I just felt horny tonight. Besides would you rather your cock in my mouth or a cigarette?" I said still wondering myself what had just come over me.

The following week I left for work reminding my husband I would be home late, due to my second session with the hypnotherapist.

I met my colleague Carol for lunch and she asked me how last week went with the therapy. Lighting my cigarette I proudly told her that this was my first cigarette of the day. Nervously I asked her if she had any side effects from the hypnosis. I felt better about the whole thing when she admitted that she too had an increase in her sex drive during the treatment. She told me not to worry and to enjoy it as a few weeks after the treatment her sex life returned to normal. We laughed as she sounded disappointed with that statement.

I couldn't believe how fast the week had gone from my last session as I once again pulled up outside the house.

John opened the door and welcomed me in telling me to take a seat.

"Hello Kate it's great to see you again. How are you feeling?" he said.

"I'm good thanks John." I said feeling less nervous than the previous week.

"How is the smoking going?" he said taking notes.

"I'm down to 5 or 6 cigarettes a day, but weekends I'm still smoking 10." I said ashamedly.

"Well that's a big step in the right direction Kate. Like I said it will take the 5 sessions to cure you". He said smiling.

"Ok then Kate if you would like to remove your jacket and get comfortable we can begin." He said.

I removed my jacket and placed it on the arm of the sofa as I led back and closed my eyes.

"Just like last week Kate you are feeling very tired as you begin to fall asleep. Falling deeper and deeper and now you're asleep."

As I felt John lifting my arm and letting it drop, I suddenly realised what was happening. The horror of last week flashed through my mind. Why didn't I remember? Why did I come here again? I could picture myself undressing for this man. Oh god no I could even see my hands unzipping him and then pleasuring him. How could I be so stupid to come back again? Why didn't Carol warn me?

"Take off your blouse and bra Kate." He said with authority.

I stood unbuttoning my blouse as it fell to the floor. I reached around and unclasped my bra hearing Johns groans once again. "Now sit back down hike up your skirt and take off your panties."

I did as he instructed sitting there with my shaven pussy on show for his pleasure.

"Now masturbate for me Kate. I want you to show me how you pleasure your pussy."

I placed my heels onto the table and spread my legs. I wet a finger with my mouth and began to slowly circle my clit as I cupped my left breast. As the heat between my legs intensified I slid the finger between my lips. I was so wet I felt no resistance as I slid another finger into my body. "That's it Kate you are a very sexy woman. I want you to confess your dirtiest fantasies as you pleasure yourself. What is your ultimate fantasy Kate?"

"I fantasise about group sex."

"How many people are in this group Kate?"

"I'm pleasuring four men. I don't know them but we are in a hotel room."

"What turns you on so much about this fantasy Kate?"

With one finger rubbing my sensitive clit I pushed a third finger into my pussy. The walls of my womb welcomed the intrusion as the pleasure intensified. My breathing became short and fast as I tried to speak through moaning lips.

"Just the thought of pleasuring men other than my husband turns me on. To have every hole filled with cock."

"Go on Kate tell me more."

"I want to feel dirty in my fantasies because I don't know these men. I want to act like a slut to be lost in lust."

"Stop masturbating Kate!"

His words sounded so powerful I instantly stopped what I was doing. The pleasure was immediately replaced with frustration as I began to squirm uncontrollably on the sofa. I need to cum and I needed it now.

"Do you want my cock Kate?"

"Yes I want your cock."

"Where do you want my cock Kate?"

"In my pussy I want it inside my pussy"

Just then I felt his cock rubbing up and down my slit. I thrust forward trying to get it inside but he moved away before rubbing it again.

"Beg Kate. Look into my eyes and beg for my cock. Tell me how bad you want it. Tell me how dirty you are Kate."

I opened my eyes and found John completely naked wanking his impressive cock. I felt I had the devil in me and the only way to get him out was to fuck that cock.

"I want your cock John. I need to feel your cock pounding my body. I want to clamp my dirty married pussy around you cock until it shoots its hot sticky cream inside my body."

"You filthy fucking whore, here take my cock slut and don't stop till I cum."

I screamed out loud in delight as he rammed his cock deep into my body. I came instantly as he thrust harder and deeper.

"Are you on the pill Kate?" he said between grunts.

"No I'm not protected." I said.

"You will be next week but for now your mouth will do."

John quickly pulled out grabbed my head and pushed it to his cock. Hot cum shot into my mouth as I closed my lips around his cock. John kept thrusting and groaning until his balls were completely empty. Swallowing his cum he told me to lay back and close my eyes.

"You will now get dressed Kate and tidy yourself up."

Once I was dressed and my body was over the sex we had just had, I began to feel the shame of what I had just done. I was out of control or rather not in control. I couldn't understand how I knew what was happening, but still unable to stop it.

"Tomorrow morning you will book an appointment to see your doctor. You will tell your doctor that you want to start taking the contraceptive pill. Do you understand Kate?"

"Yes I understand."

"Next time you want a cigarette you will think of your family. As you think of your family the cravings will ease. Now you are falling back to sleep Kate."

Once again my mind went blank.

"Kate you can open your eyes now, you are no longer hypnotised."

I opened my eyes feeling very tired and stiff as I looked around the room remembering where I was.

"You feeling ok?" he said looking concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine just feels weird I guess when I wake up." I said.

"Well Kate good luck for the week ahead and I'll see you next week."

"Thank you and yes I'll see you next week John."

I sat in my car adjusting my mind back to reality when I noticed my panties were soaking. Panic struck as I briefly wondered if John had done anything while I was under hypnosis. I started the engine laughing off my paranoia and headed home. I would speak to Carol in the morning and check this was normal.

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