Hypnotized, Maybe?


"You want to what?"

"I want to try to hypnotize you. C'mon man, it's nothing worse than some of the other stunts we've done together." This, coming from Cliff. Sure, he's my roommate but sometimes I think he's plain crazy.

"Yeah, and how many of them did you start? And then try and tell me how many went right. Why should I trust you with this? For all I know, I'll wake up a few days later and in jail," I replied.

"Naw man, I won't have you do anything bad. I just want to see if I can do it," said Cliff. "Imagine if I can do it! I could become a world-class entertainer!"

I could imagine him doing much worse. But how could I say no? He's been my wingman for years now, since we were in high school. He's been trying everything he can to get me laid, but not many chicks around here dig a guy who is almost as effeminate as they are. Cliff doesn't have that problem, since he's a tall black guy who never seems to work out but is nevertheless buff as hell.

"Ok, Cliff, you can try it. But no crazy shit, ya hear me?"

"Dude, no crazy shit. Promise!" Cliff replied.


"Aaaand you're under my control... Hey, are you under?" Cliff said "Dude, don't kid around on me."

I wasn't really under his control. I just wanted to mess around with him and see what he had in mind. Either his hypnosis lacked something or I was just immune to it. So I figured, let's pretend to be under hypnosis. I could always bust him later.

Cliff issued his first command: "Cluck like a chicken."

I used my most monotone voice and said, "Cluck cluck." Surely he can't believe I'm under his powers, can he?

"Woah, it worked! Now what else can I make him do..." Cliff paused and started thinking. Oh boy, now I can see what he had in mind. Then he walked off and went into his room. I wondered what he had in mind. Then he walked out and it was all I could do to stay pretending. He had some women's lingerie in his hands!

He issued another command: "Ok Mike, take off your clothing and put this on. I've seen you sneaking away with some of the clothing from my conquests, so you must want to wear it."

Crap, I thought I was more stealthy than that. Yeah, I did like to dress up once in a while. And I make a sexy bitch when I go fully dressed, if I say so myself. I barely stand 5'5" and 110 pounds with long black hair. But still, dressing up in front of my best friend? What do I do...

I decided to do it. I can always claim to be under hypnosis and play ignorant. This could be my chance to get dressed up and not worry about being called out on it.

I started taking off my clothing. Jeans, t-shirt, underwear, all off. Cliff handed me a sexy black teddy and told me to put it on. It was all I could do to play along. It was just so soft, so smooth. I put my legs in and slowly slid it up. It had a deep thong back and underwired cups, lending me a slightly more girlish figure. The garters dangled from it, prompting Cliff to give me some black thigh-high stockings.

Oh god, the stockings were amazing. My legs were never very hairy to begin with, so when I slid them on it looked like my legs were totally smooth. I attached them to the garters, enhancing my ass even more.

"Man, Mike, you really look like a girl now. I always wondered why you kept your hair so long. Now I know!" Cliff laughed, "But you're still missing something... But what? Aha, I know now! High heels!"

He ran back into his room and came back with some 5" stilettos. He said, "Put these on, let's see what you look like then."

I wondered why did he have so much women's clothing in his room? I know he wasn't hiding it anywhere since he barely has anything besides his bed in there. Nevertheless, I put the heels on and wobbled a bit, just to complete the illusion that I was under his control.

"Damn, bitch, you are really fine! No wonder you can't get laid, nobody wants a man girlier than they are. But you said you ain't gay. Too bad, you'd get laid a lot more this way."

Thanks, Cliff, just what my ego needed. A big black guy saying it'd be better if I was gay after he made me dress up in lingerie. And then that's when I noticed "that" gleam in his eyes, the one where he thinks up something crazy.

"Well, as long as you're under my power I might as well enjoy it," Cliff stated, "Get down on your knees, bitch." And with that, he unzipped his pants and took his dick out.

Wait, what? He wants me to give him a blowjob? I never figured he was bisexual. He never seemed interested in anything but pussy.

"I should really stop this now before things get too far out of hand," I thought to myself, as I went onto my knees. But just looking at that huge black dick made me feel odd. It had to be at least 9 inches long and 2 inches thick! Cliff moved closer and commanded, "Until I tell you to wake up, your name is Michelle. Now suck my cock, Michelle. I'll treat you like the little whore you must be."

I couldn't resist. I know I should, but I just couldn't imagine *not* sucking on that monster.

Slowly, I put my mouth on it. Licking it, trying to put it in my mouth. I could barely get the head in. Instead of trying to get more in, I put all the skills I gathered from my days watching porn to work. I spit on his cock to provide lube and started jacking him off while I sucked on his head.

"Oh god, Michelle, you're better than I would have thought," Cliff moaned, "You're a natural-born cocksucker! You're better at sucking my dick than most of the girls I fuck!"

This made me oddly pleased. I had no idea why I was pleased to be called a good cocksucker, but I was still pleased. I continued my ministrations on Cliff's cock, until he grabbed my head and tried forcing his dick further down my throat.

"You're good, but you gotta get dick further down your bitch throat if you wanna be a good cocksucker," said Cliff as he forced his dick deeper down my throat, "Guys want their fucktoys to deepthroat them."

I was gagging and my eyes were tearing up, but he kept at it. After a bit, it started to get easier and I stopped gagging. He managed to get most of his dick down my throat! It was amazing, having that massive cock so far in my throat.

"Man, this is great! I think you deserve a special something now." He released my head and told me to get on my hands and knees. I was pretty sure I knew what he had in mind now. I hesitated a second before going down on my hands and knees. "If I went this far already," I thought to myself, "I should just keep going. This could turn out to be amazing."

"Goddamn, Michelle, you got a fine ass! How come you haven't had guys constantly trying to tap that?!" Cliff slapped my ass a few times. "Look at that jiggle! You'd have to be gay to not want to stick your dick in there!"

I thought, "Cliff, you moron. I *am* a guy, you couldn't have forgotten that already." And then I felt him lubing my asshole. He slowly applied the lube, groping my ass. This continued for a few minutes, just grabbing my ass and occasionally spanking it.

That's when I felt him put a finger in. It went in my virgin ass slowly. Oh damn, that feels good. I couldn't resist bucking my hips and trying to get his finger even deeper.

"You are just a goddamn slut, aren't you Michelle? Trying to pretend you're a virgin and everything, but look at how your ass is responding to my finger?" Cliff stuck another finger in and said, "Now how many fingers can I get in before this ass needs more than fingers?"

God, that was making my ass feel so good! He was wiggling his fingers around and stretching my ass. I started making moaning noises and that only seemed to encourage him even more. By the time he had 4 fingers in I was moaning loudly and bucking my hips pretty violently.

When he withdrew his fingers I actually whimpered. I was so horny that my cock was stiff as rock in the sexy teddy. The front of the teddy was getting soaked with my precum. I needed release, badly. And then he said the words that made me ecstatic.

"Bitch, stand up and get over here. I'm gonna fuck you like the dirty little cunt you are." He was sitting in a chair, naked and with his cock standing up, just waiting for me. I sauntered over to him, shaking my hips like the biggest slut I could. I slowly turned around, giving him a good view of my tight ass. And then I lowered myself onto his throbbing cock.

I couldn't even fit the head in at first, it was just that thick! His fingers were nothing compared to his cock! And then I managed to get his head in my ass with an audible "shlurp." I was in heaven! It just felt so good!

"Oh damn, baby! Your ass is so fucking tight!" Cliff moaned loudly, "But you need to get more in it!" He thrust hard, getting deep in my ass. I moaned with pleasure. His cock was hitting my in just the right place. My own cock was throbbing harder with each thrust he took.

My teddy was getting utterly saturated with my own cum. I could barely feel my own ass by now, I could just feel him going in and out of it madly. It was all I could do to keep from cumming myself. But then Cliff grunted, "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum deep in your ass, you dirty slut!"

And then I felt him unload. It was like a massive stream deep in my ass. The sensation caused me to cum along with him. I shot my load off in this stranger's black teddy. The feeling of the cum-soaked lingerie just felt so erotic.

And when Cliff stopped cumming in my ass and pulled out, I came even more. My ass felt so stretched, but yet I still moaned in pleasure. He made me turn around and suck his cock more, just to drain him dry.

I thought he was going to be done now, but he surprised me. After I sucked his balls dry his cock was still rock-hard.

Then he told me, "Bitch, I ain't done with your ass yet. Get up against that wall and stick your ass out. You're my buttslut until I tell you otherwise."

I went to the wall, put my hands on it, leaned over, and thrust my ass at him. I shook it at him, causing it to jiggle. Then I put on my best slut face and looked at him alluringly. Once I started purring at him, he grabbed my ass and starting fucking it even harder than before.

"Goddamn, Michelle, you have the finest ass I've ever fucked!" Cliff exclaimed, "I should have tried this hypnosis shit earlier! It would have saved me so much hassle finding willing broads to fuck!"

Oh yeah, I was still pretending to be hypnotized. Thankfully he didn't notice the slip-ups I did while acting sexy. I realized then that I could probably just start acting like a real girl and he would think I was under his power still.

I started moaning more, "Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck my tight ass harder!" He kept going, totally unfazed. "Make me your little fuckslut! I need your big cock in my ass! OH GOD, YES!" I screamed, "THIS FEELS SO GOOOOOOD!"

He still didn't catch on. Maybe he realized I wasn't hypnotized? Or maybe he just didn't care. He just kept fucking me, harder and harder. He picked me up like I weighed nothing and started fucking me that way. If anything, it felt even better since he could get his cock fully in my ass. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass.

Then he set me on my back onto the floor. He pushed my legs over my head and started thrusting again. His huge cock continued to stretch my asshole and hit the good spot deep inside of me.

Cliff started grunting, "I'm gonna cum again, Michelle! I'm gonna cum over your face, slut!"

This can't be too bad, can it? He's already shot a huge load in my ass and kept going, no way he can have that much more.

Cliff pull out and moved up to my face and said, "Get ready for this, slut! You're gonna get a cum bath!" I opened my mouth wide.

And then he released his load.

It hit my straight in my open mouth. Then he started covering the rest of my face. I was totally surprised. How could he still have this much cum?! He just kept cumming until my face was totally glazed. I was in shock.

"Goddamn, Michelle, that was great. I should just get you to stay girly and keep fucking you," Cliff wheezed.

Alright, that was it for me. "Time to end this charade," I thought.


I pranced around the house in my miniskirt, fishnet top, and leggings. It just felt so great, being able to wear women's clothing constantly. I felt so carefree.

Of course, it helped that I had a steady fuck. I never told Cliff I was never under his hypnosis. After that eventful day I just said "screw it" and decided to stay girly. Cliff told me to act and dress like a total girly slut and I just accepted it. So now I just stay home and continue to act slutty for him.

Of course, it's not just him anymore. I *do* find some dates to treat me. Rarely a night passes by without me getting laid now. I still can't find anyone with a cock like Cliff's, but I make do.


Cliff thought to himself, "Wow, that hypnosis worked great. Mike never realized that I put him under and made him think like it failed. Good thing too, because he is a stunning broad. I told him I'd get him laid someday, and it finally worked."

"I think soon I'll get some other guys and we can have ourselves a good ol' fashioned gangbang. She really deserves a present for being such a good cockslut..."

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