tagIncest/TabooI am Loved and Hated

I am Loved and Hated


I could not believe it. My father in law Siddhartha was standing there in only a wet towel. He was a small man. Short and lean and was like me dark complexioned. His son my husband Adhitya his only son on the other hand was tall and broad shouldered, and of wheaten complexion. In our high families we are usually of wheaten complexion. My father in law and I are exceptions. He was calling out to my husband his only son Adhitya loudly as if he is cross. I thought something terrible might have happened. My husband was slowly eating my clean shaven pussy, when his father made his untimely entrance. He relishes eating me and that is almost a hobby with him and one which I enjoy tremendously. It was on my mother in law's insistence that I shaved my pussy. I also thought this may entice my husband to love me more as I was no means a hot wife or for that matter a sexy woman.

My husband wanted me often. He would call me from my house hold duties to our bedroom in the hearing of all the house hold. When I am in the room he would invite me to lie on the bed. He would crawl next to me and kiss my lips while his hand cupped my naked pussy. I usually reward him with a low moan so that he may insert his big fingers into my pussy while pressing gently on my clitoris with his thumb. When I emit a long groan as my hips jump off the bed he will kiss me to muffle my sound and slows his fingering allowing me to return to Earth softly. He will then smile and kiss me. He will then resume his finger fucking. Then he will kiss his way down my body with a somewhat long delay at my breasts. He will nibble the nipples gently drawing them into his mouth and swirling his tongue over it until I emit a low moan. He liked to get to my pussy without ever passing over pubic hair. He lowers his head and kiss the inside of my thighs. He likes the aroma of my pussy especially when it is aroused. He love the scent of an aroused woman and loved to suck his fingers after they had been coated with my pussy juice. I will put my hands on the back of his head. I will then guide his lips and his tongue to the exact spots I wanted. He will keep his neck muscles loose and will allow me to control his movement and the pressure. I cannot take it too long he has got a gifted tongue I will suddenly clamp my thighs around his head and shove my pussy hard into his face and I will come. He never loses patience and rushes me to my climax. He seemed to be always in control. He keeps me on the edge as long as possible.

He will say many endearment while all these are going on. I know it was acting on his part to get me aroused. Then he will again start with my breast which are a modest 32 and slightly hanging and due to the sag it appeared still smaller as if I am a boy. I am by no means voluptuous like my mother in law. My nipples tend to become large when aroused and my breast becomes fuller and thrust upwards defying gravity. At those times I am almost like a voluptuous model with my lean body but usually I am considered too thin and small. He enjoys sucking my engorged nipples into his mouth and it acts as a condiment to his love making.

He then descends to my feet and then slowly licks his way up to my sexy triangle at the top of my legs, through the channel that is created when the legs are pressed together. I will start climaxing even before he reaches my vagina. He licks on my clitoris. He will not allow it to lay cocooned in its sheath. He with his tongue licking on it makes it swell and deliberately draws all of it out from its protective sheath. He then sucks it into his mouth and nibble on it like a miniature cock. Today he just had me unsheathed when his father entered our room unannounced and called out to him in a very authoritative voice.

We were startled. He immediately rose and was all attention. I was completely forgotten. I tried to cover up but my father in law's voice stopped me.

"Stop it Badhra keep your hands at your side."

I was immobilized by his strident voice as well as my husband's attitude. I was lying there in all my naked glory with my breasts and shaved pussy on full display. My uncocooned clitoris felt cold when it lost the warmth of my husband's mouth. I laid my hands at my side and obeyed him blindly.

It was nearly one week since our marriage and the entire guests and cousins who were there for the wedding and who stayed behind has gone back to their cities. I don't know where my mother in law was, as it was in the morning she might be in the kitchen preparing the lunch.

My father in law just stood there and stared at my husband. He was squeezing his cock through his towel. His cock forming a formidable looking tent. My husband moved towards him. On reaching him Adhitya my husband and his only child kneeled in front of him and unfastened his towel. He very carefully folded the towel and kept it on the pristine floor rubbed and cleaned to sparkling by my mother in law. After he had the towel off his big hands took my father in law's big dick and began to squeeze and fondle it. It was huge even when flaccid. I wondered how such a small man can have such a heavy prick. I think everything that he eats goes to his penis. He began to stroke my father in law slowly but firmly. I did not think I would survive the shock that it gave me.

He began slowly; teasing my father in law with his warm breaths, then he received his member in his mouth and by using his beautiful lips, he kissed the head. My father in law let out a slight groan as my husband stroked his erect member backwards and forward very smoothly. He kept stroking with his big hands. He grabbed his son's shoulders. My husband began to vigorously stroke it. He grabbed the back of my husband's head and forced it to his penis. He thrusted his pelvis into his mouth and the speed gradually increased. He pulled my husband's hair hard and kept shoving his penis to the back of my husband's throat, my husband gagged but my father in law didn't care. My husband started to lick his head every time he came out of his mouth and judging by my father in law's moans he liked this. My husband locked his mouth on the shaft. He carried on his motion faster. He could taste a bit of pre cum in his mouth.

"Son I'm going to come! Ahh shit I'm going to come!"

My father in law grabbed the back of my husband's head and used his mouth as a tool as he pounded his throat with his massive erection. My husband gagged a lot but it gave his father my father in law a lot of pleasure. My husband kneeled there and grabbed his thighs to make him fuck his mouth faster. He wants to finish it as soon as possible. My father in law started to groan loudly and he felt my father in law's cock start to pulse in his mouth. He opened wide and sucked hard, taking almost all of his cock in. That did it and my father in law came with a loud bellow. My husband felt the load hit the back of his throat and quickly fill his mouth. He swallowed all of it. The scene was hornier than I could have imagined.

Even though like every good Indian girl I was a virgin when I got married, I had given my share of blow jobs to our sports studs in the colleges. So penis was not new to me. I have seen many in varied shapes and sizes. I was actually a blow job queen in my college. I was very much in demand in the boy's lodges. I have never seen a blow job like this.

I did not know what hold he had on my husband to make him do things that he is doing. My husband did not release his hold on his father's cock. Now my husband was slowly licking the under side of the cock of his father and cleaning him. He was stroking the flaccid cock all the while. He was waiting for the cock to become erect again. He guided him into his mouth. His tongue made circular motions around its tip while his fingers stroked the shaft. He caressed it, licked the penis and sucked him and yet he was only semi erect he was trying to get it erect again. I wondered whether he would be successful as he was able to perform only once in the night after that he sleeps like a log. His father is older than him. Nevertheless he continued his stroking. He stroked him with long firm gestures. He wrapped his hand around his maleness. My father in law's penis filled his hand as he massaged him. His cock began to grew harder in his hand. With that my wonder also grew. He was obviously a man who needed only little time to recoup.

My father in law's stare shifted and he was staring at me now. There was an ugly smile on his lips. He was massaging me with his eyes. His eyes stopped at my breast, my abdomen and my vulva. I can feel his eyes on my breasts and the navel. I am covered in sweat, no doubt glistening in the dim light of an early overcast morning emanating from my window and the light from the hallway. Legs spread wide, hips tilted upward, breasts heaving, I was just at the verge of my climax when he made his entrance. I am sure I am quite a sight to see. I sighed forcefully and lied there with my eyes closed. I stretch my entire body and breathed heavily. I was aroused. My eyelids flutter momentarily before I look up and see him standing there at the foot of my bed. However, he does not appear startled at all. His chin is tucked down and his eyes are piercing me from under a lowered brow. There is a glint of something I can recognize only as a powerful lust, and his chest is rising and falling dramatically. I realize that he is panting, and I let out another sigh as he smiles fiendishly.

I was in the same position that I was in when it all started. Now my father in law looked at his son with some contempt and my husband shriveled in front of him. As a dutiful son he came over to me and continued his ministrations with me as if nothing happened. I was aroused by the scene unfolding before me. While he was sucking on my breasts and squeezing, I was thrusting my breasts up into his face, encouraging him with my young sweet voice. Slowly, carefully, he began moving his hand down my body, caressing my firm flesh. Once he got to my stomach, he suddenly moved faster, burying his tongue into my navel. I moaned.

He shoved his mouth into my dripping slit, swiping his tongue and sucking at the sweet juices he found there. Molten heat spread between my legs, the soft tongue on my pussy being the most fantastic thing I had ever felt. He devoured my pussy, sucking and nibbling, eating for all he was worth with his tongue taking long swipes up and down the pink slit. It was sweet juices all over his lips, and he could feel my submission as my body arched against his mouth

"Ooooooohhh I moaned. I had my legs spread wide, feet flat on the bed with my knees in the air, my hands had found their own way to his head to keep it there on my vulva. Between my legs my husband's head moved quickly, up and down, making long swipes with his tongue.

Putting his shoulders under my thighs, he lifted my legs in order to give him more access to my sweet pussy. I thrashed and moaned, pleading with him to put his penis in me, panting and gasping, I was in the heavy heights of sexual ecstasy. He sucks my unsheathed clitoris into his mouth and began to swirl his tongue around it like on his father's cock. He was soon drawing it in and relaxing and then drawing it in rapidly. Soon he had me in the throes of another climax and I was howling like a hyena. his tongue got tired and immediately he was on top of me and had his enormous cock inside me in no time. He started pumping into me with vigor but he was too fast and hot. I could feel him ejaculating in me and I was frustrated. I was at the verge. He rose from me and in one smooth action my father in law was in my well lubricated vagina without wasting any time. I could feel the head begin to enter me and it was delicious. Suddenly he pushed his entire length into me in one thrust. I was so wet and ready that it slid in easily. He began long hard thrusts into me. Each time he pounded his cock into me he shoved me upward toward the head board. I pushed upward as hard as I could, meeting his thrusts, driving his length deep inside me as far as it could go.

I was so wet I had soaked his crotch and each time he plunged his cock into me it made a wet slapping noise. Slap, slap, slap. Sometimes when he pulled back out of me there was a wet slurping noise as my sopping pussy reluctantly let go of his shaft. My father in law was grunting with each thrust, and I couldn't help but grunt along with him each time he penetrated me. Our wild fornication was loud and furious and it just excited me even more, knowing that my husband was eating his heart out seeing me thus.

After what seemed like hours of endless climaxes, but couldn't have been more than a few minutes, my father in law thrust wildly losing any sense of rhythm slamming his hips into me hard. He pulled me back to meet his thrusts, which somehow became more powerful, harder, and rougher. I knew he was about to cum, that he was about to shoot his load into me. I thrust my arse up opening myself to him as far as I could. He bellowed loudly as he came. he came with gusto filling my fertile womb with his semen. His weight fell on me. I was drained.

I felt a hand at my breast and opened my eyes to see my husband gently fondling my breast. His eyes were pleading with me to except it and not say anything to anybody. My father in law rose from me. He gave my nipples one after the other a kiss gently sucking each one into his hot mouth. My father in law did not even touch my breasts he just used my vulva to get his release and finished with me. My husband was very loving and gentle and began to shower my pussy with kisses. His tongue began to trace its way along the slit. At the top of the slit the tip of his tongue encountered my engorged clitoris. He alternated between flicking it with his tongue and sucking on it. He would then abandon my clit and slowly run his tongue along the pussy lips until finally he was at the entrance. Then he would give my pussy a French kiss, again sucking on my clitoris. I was gasping for air. On his final trip from my vaginal entrance to clitoris I grabbed the back of his head and pressed his face hard against my sex. All the soreness I felt moments before were gone now. Breathing became momentarily impossible. I trembled. I was again hot and ready for another bout I never thought I had it in me.

My father in law bellowed out my mother in law's name.

"Yeshodha Yeshodha Yeshodha"

Soon my mother in law was there. She was a big women and very voluptuous. Her lustrous black hair, free of any hint of gray, cascades past her shoulders to the middle of her back. Her cheekbones are high and prominent, and there are just the hint of the beginning of "crow's feet" at the edges of her dark brown eyes. Her breasts are big; she was a 36D, and she had large well-shaped rear end. After five children, she weighs only 145 pounds, and has worked hard to maintain that weight. Her massive jugs are capped by dark, purplish-brown areola the size of coffee-cup saucers and two inch long nipples. She is proud that after suckling five infants, she can detect only the slightest hint of sag. Many of the other mothers she knows have long succumbed to the effects of gravity; she is glad of her "good genes".

People said my husband took after his mother's brothers in physical size. They were all very big tall and strong with broad shoulders. Seeing him nobody could guess what he did in his private. I know that his cock descended from his father's side. It was enormous like his father's. It puzzled me why he acted a sissy. It was against all popular and traditional norms.

My father in law did not have to say anything, he had such a command over the entire house hold, she was soon at his side with a towel and began to wash him gently and soon had his 9" cock completely in her mouth. He groaned and groped for my mother in law's shoulders to steady himself on as she proceeded to suck his dick. Her tongue massaged and flicked at the head of his dick as she alternated her hands up and down the shaft. "Oh, fuck, oh god..." were the only words he managed to spit out. She stopped the licking and started to suck his cock again while moving her tongue around the shaft.

My husband has brought me to the verge of another climax by his fabulous cunnilingus. I was crying out for his cock. Suddenly my father in law pushed him away and was into me in one smooth thrust and was again pumping into me with his son, my husband, and his wife, my mother in law, as spectators. I exploded and my father in law pumped into me with renewed vigor. But I could not take more and I was rolling my head from side to side.

Suddenly my father in law was out of me with a plop sound. He stood up and with his hand on the back of my husband's head bends him down and began to fuck his mouth with his cock fresh out of my vulva. My husband's mouth slid over his smooth skin which was slick with my pussy juices and his pre-cum. Before long he had my husband bending down with his head on the bed and moaning from pain while my father in law slowly began to screw his ass. Even though slick with my husband's spit and my pussy juice my husband's lightly furred, crinkled anus resisted his stiff cock as he pushed his mushroom head against his tiny hole. The pressure of his cock knob increased against his anal ring.

"Unnnh, ooooh," my father-in-law squealed as his cockhead entered my husband's small opening. He tried to move away from his father. With one hand over my husband's shoulder, his other hand keeping his long cock from bending, as my husband knelt on his knees in front of him he held him in place. My husband kept his head low, down on the bed.

"Take it you good for nothing." my father-in-law's voice was hoarse. My husband didn't want it, it was apparent.

"Hunh, hunh, hunh," he gasped, breathing rapidly, trying to accept the pressure, the stretched feeling in his now ovaled hole.

Pulling with rough, firm pressure on my husband's shoulder, he straightened the bend in his cock that was caused by the tightness of my husband's hole as he held his fat mushroom crown just inside his slowly yielding sphincter.

"Aaaaaah," my husband groaned in pain as an inch or two of my father in law's man meat slithered past my husband's gripping ring of soft, wet flesh, his cockhead slid deeper into his rectum, .

"You are doing fine, sissy?" his father said.

"Hunh," my husband gasped again, breathing raggedly. "Umnh huh. More. Put more in me," he said. I knew he was saying it to please his father.

"Rock back on me," he instructed my husband. "Fuck my cock up into you, just the way you learned to take it down your throat. The way you saw your mother doing it the other day."

"Oooooh," my husband shuddered, his body trembling, feeling hot, sweaty.

"Is that all of it. Are you all the way in me?" he asked.

My father-in-law chuckled. "About half of it, boy," he answered.

Now past the point where his cock had bent before as he coaxed it into my husband, he let go of his shaft. My father in law was wriggling his long cock in my husband's ass opening him further, bit by bit of his rod eased further into him. My husband's asshole might have been tingling all inside, filled deeper with his cock, the knob lodged way inside him, the shaft working him to open wider for him.

"Fuck back on me again, boy," he said, "Take it all in you now. Feel it slide up in you."

He sure felt it as his eyes were filling up with fresh tears. All of his cock entered him, his full nine plus inches, buried to the hilt in him. His sweaty body pressed against his sweaty back. His wiry, black pubic hairs in the cleft of my husband's ass. His balls resting against him. Hot, wet pressure deep in his ass.

He eased back an inch, and then another, and then another. His cockhead raked against his rectum. My husband shuddered.

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