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Having just moved into a spacious, three-bedroom home, Beth and her boyfriend Brian, along with Shannon (a mutual friend for some time), settled into their new life. Beth and Brian had been dating for over a year, and to the common person, they seemed deeply in love. Shannon on the other hand, suffered from a series of failed relationships with young men her age. They were all in their early to mid 20's, with Beth being the oldest at 24.

It was perfect. All three worked and enjoyed staying up late to watch movies, or to discuss life's many mysteries. There were no odd feelings of distrust or worry between them whatsoever. Brian worked at a local pizza parlor as Beth was employed at a video store. Most of them kept odd hours, yet always seemed to find time to visit and catch up on day to day life. On some days, Brian would catch Shannon walking from her room half-dressed, but usually didn't think anything about it. Nudity, or odd situations just didn't seem to affect the three.

They were all relatively normal as far as social standards were concerned. No one ever did drugs, or walk a dangerous line in any facet of their life. It was becoming a safe harbor for peace and happiness... At least until the day that Brian suddenly was gone. Apparently, Brian had become unsure about his affair with Beth. Their long term commitment was beginning to unravel at the seam, and no one seemed to know this except for Brian himself. This all seemed so unlike Brian to just suddenly leave like this...

Shannon couldn't understand what he was thinking to leave a woman like Beth. Not that sexuality had everything to do with a relationship, but Shannon thought Beth was the perfect mate for anyone lucky enough to capture this woman. Beth was blessed with a shapely shrine of flesh. Alluring and intoxicating to anyone who had the opportunity to gaze into her profound blue eyes, her body was of robust, yet toned proportion. Full, abounding breasts... curves and features that simply made her irresistible. Her elongated, golden blonde hair fell past her lower back, and was kept that way since her teenage years. Her bronzed skin was unblemished by time, or age in every way.

She appeared as a silky Angel of innocence in the winter, and in the summer, she was a golden temple of sensuality and seduction-- thrilling to the eye and mind in every way possible. Not the lean and bony woman most see in GQ, Beth's body was filled with luscious curves adorning her thighs and stomach, as well as her voluptuous hindquarters. Her round, fleshy ass was shaped perfectly... her lower back dipping into her spine, her ass gently spanning outward and formed two of the most delicious ass cheeks a woman could have. And yes, Shannon was envious of this creature.

Shannon was amazed at how little Beth reacted to Brian's abandonment. Not the usual torrent of tears and cries, Beth remained calm and collected during the next few days. Shannon didn't want to say anything for fear it would open a door that should remain closed. At night, Beth softly closed the door, and remained inside until the next day when she had to work. It was as if Shannon was watching her friend shift from a fun-loving young woman, to a reserved, bitter woman.

Shannon spent the next few days worrying about her friend. And, it was no fault when her mind began envisioning various erotic scenarios with her luscious roommate. Was this so wrong in aspiring to be with such an enticing matron?

"Am I becoming a lesbian?" she asked herself as images of the voluptuous vixen and her swarmed throughout the young woman's mind. She had never considered herself attracted to other women before, except for a chance rendezvous with her Mother when she was 18. It was actually a mistake how she ended up sharing a shower with her that night before her senior prom. Shannon's body glowed with fondness as she recalled how her Mother took extra time to lather her Daughter's backside. Careful, gentle hands graced the young lady's flesh as the two came together in a most taboo encounter. Never fully sealing that brief encounter, Shannon always felt robbed of what could have been a night of beauty and complete euphoria. It was then Shannon realized the resemblance that Beth and her Mother shared... enticing bodies, full, spherical breasts that cried out for affection... healthy, savory abdomens that cried out for impregnation. It was all too much for her mind, and her senses begged for release. And at the height of her peak, Shannon gently whispered the name that was ringing true in her ears... Beth.

The next day, Shannon woke up early to find Brian moving out all of his belongings. Respecting the two's privacy, Shannon remained out of their way for the rest of the day, until she had to go to work. And then, she didn't make any effort whatsoever to bid her (now only one) roommate farewell, despite her deepest desire to do so. That night at work, all she could reflect upon was Beth. What was she doing-- thinking, wearing? How was she handling Brian's recent departure? Was this a perfect opportunity for her to seduce the object of her many desires, or to leave her alone for the wounds to heal. On her break that night; Shannon took an extra few minutes to call Beth at home, just to make sure how she was. The answering machine picked up... She held her breath, realizing that the words she would utter would (now) be from a concerned lover who only wanted to cradle her wounded beauty. Her voice trembled with anxiety...

"Beth, this is Shannon. I just... wanted to see how you were." She again sighed heavily, feeling the love swell beyond the limits of her soul. "I was thinking about you, and..." Suddenly, there was the sound of a phone picking up.

"Shannon?" uttered a feeble sounding Beth.

"Beth?" replied a surprised, yet relieved Shannon.

"How are you?" she asked.

"Okay. I was asleep." Beth replied. "Are you at work?"

"Yea. I'm on break, and was thinking about you. I hope you're okay." Shannon was becoming confident in her speech. She heard Beth coo in appreciation for her thoughtfulness.

"That means so much, Shannon. Thanks... I'll be alright." said a much more relaxed Beth.

"You didn't deserve what he did to you, Beth. What an asshole."

"He had his reasons, I'm sure." replied Beth. Always the kind and forgiving woman, Shannon leaned back against the wall, rolling her eyes back in her head... totally smitten with this girl.

"You're so forgiving. I wish it didn't have to happen to good people like you." Shannon said. If Beth only knew just how much Shannon was falling for her. "Do you want me to bring home anything when I get off work?" she asked, a little more energetically.

"Yea." said a flirtatious Beth. "Bring us home a gallon of your favorite ice cream, and I'll help you destroy it!" A thin smile came across Shannon's face, hearing the hope emerging from Beth's voice. Biting on her pinky nail, Shannon was soon fidgeting around like a teenager prepared for her first date.

"Yea?" asked Shannon. "Maybe a movie, too. What do you wanna see? You name it."

"Hmmm. I don't know. You decide." said a happy Beth.

"Okay." said Shannon, realizing she had to get back to work. "I gotta go now. I'll see you after 11, okay? Movie, ice cream, and all." Shannon said.

"It's a date, sweetie!" replied Beth, laughing to herself.

"Did you take your silly pill today?" asked a coy Shannon.

"Of course! I'd rather be laughing than crying, sweetheart! Wouldn't you?" she asked.

Shannon leaned her head against the wall, twirling the phone cord around her thumb-- hopelessly daydreaming of potential romance.

"Yea." Whispered Shannon as the tone of her voice oozed pure devotion.

"I'm glad you called." replied Beth, in a more serious tone.

"I wanted to." Replied Shannon.

"Really?" asked Beth.

"Really." Urgency crept out from under Shannon's voice. Beth was caught slightly off guard, but kept the conversation up beat.

"Okay, I'll see you after work. Be ready to get fat, babe!" she said as both shared a much needed laugh.

"Okay. Bye." said Shannon as she hung up. Leaning her forehead against the wall, she felt as if she was floating in mid-air.

The last few hours of work seemed to drag along at a snail's pace, but when she clocked out, she knew that it was all over, at least for a few days. Stopping by the 24 hour grocery store, Shannon picked out a 5-gallon bucket of Cookies and Cream because she knew that was Beth's favorite. After her purchase, Shannon made her way to the video store to get their movie.

While there, nothing seemed to catch her eye. All the new releases were already rented, and she didn't want to watch something that she had already seen. "Romance? No way. At least not yet." thought Shannon. In a last minute search, she noticed the Adult section of the store. Curious, and somewhat afraid, she ventured into the section. Amazed by all the selections, she didn't know where to start. What she liked was that all the categories were broken down... Gay, Lesbian, Anal, Amateur. Hesitating, she inched her way to the Lesbian section to gaze at the drop-dead gorgeous porn stars gracing each box. Having never explored Adult video before, a certain title caught her eye. "Precious Moments", an all girl feature showing the best scenes from the history of porn. She read the back, and the description seized her interests.

"This video combines all the tender moments... the sensuous kisses that ended up on the cutting room floor, the whispers of love that the Directors never wanted you to see. This video celebrates the beauty and magic that only two women can truly create. Enjoy!" That was the only convincing Shannon needed before grabbing that title, and heading toward the counter. The stage was set for the perfect seduction.

The drive home was agonizing. What would she say or do? Should she even approach Beth on the subject? She took a deep breath, and let the calming sensation of her love for Beth rule her thoughts. This, by far, was nothing to be worried about. Making her way to the door with her bag of "goodies", Shannon opened the door to find Beth on the couch, curled under a blanket, watching TV.

"Hey!" said Beth saw Shannon walk inside.

"You didn't start the party without me, did you?" asked Shannon with a wry smile on her face. She took a brief moment to let the image of Beth's smile permanately ingrain itself into her mind. Getting out from her blanket, Beth made her way over to where Shannon stood. She noticed what she was wearing... Thin, pink boxer shorts that barely concealed her annular ass cheeks. And an extra large sweatshirt that did a good job at hiding the treasures beneath... but it was her hair that set all else aside. Attenuated, flowing strands of blonde hair that embroidered the top half of her flesh. All she wanted to do was run her impressionable fingers through each invaluable sliver of hair... using those tresses to ease back her face for their very first kiss.

"Set these down." she said as the bags softly settled onto the floor. Shannon's heart skipped a beat... "What is she doing?" she thought as Beth initiated a tender embrace. Perplexed, Shannon returned the hug... She was so incredibly warm.

"Thanks for calling me tonight. You were the only one who thought to do that. It really meant a lot." whispered Beth into Shannon's already trembling ear. For a fleeting moment of uncertainty, Shannon didn't know what to do, or say. All she could do was hold her... to grasp that priceless woman whom she'd fallen deeply in love with over the last few months.

"Now, let's see what you got me!" said an ecstatic Beth, almost as if she were a little girl on Christmas morning. Shannon had kept the video tucked away in her purse for safekeeping, so she knew the situation wouldn't present itself at an odd moment. A radiating smile graced across Beth's gorgeous face as she lifted the ice cream out of the bag, holding it as a game show hostess would an expensive prize. Shannon giggled, seeing Beth mock some famous celebrity. After opening the treat, the two settled back for a night of movies, and fattening foods. It was their night to let their hair down...

It was well into the night when Beth fell asleep on the couch. Shannon, who sat on the floor, was fighting to keep her eyes open. Some half-witted show was on the TV, and Shannon could have cared less. It was then the thoughts began racing through her mind... She sat up, and reached for the video tape in her purse nearby. Glancing over at Beth, who was laying on her stomach, Shannon felt that now was as good as a time as any. How would Beth react? What would she say? There was only one way to find out... As the VCR loaded the tape, Shannon nervously pressed the play button, and left the room. She wanted the sounds to fill the room first... Perhaps a way to subconsciously plant the thought into the young woman's mind.

In the bathroom, the smitten young Shannon nervously fixed her hair. Gazing into the mirror, she doubted herself time and time again. "What if I'm not good enough for her?" As she shed her garments, she slid on her pink nightgown. She knew pink was Beth's favorite color, and felt that it would be a nice added gesture.

Walking back into the den, Shannon saw the television still blaring. Much to her surprise, there sat Beth... gazing at the images on the screen with a look of utter astonishment. Shannon stopped mid-pace, seeing the paralyzed object of her desire.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have left that on." said Shannon as she quickly shut the TV off-not wanting to be obvious about her intent. Beth gazed upward, noticing Shannon's revealing wardrobe.

"It's okay. I heard these moans and gasps, and looked up to see these women kissing." she laughed. "I've never been woken up to that before." she said as she stood up to stretch. "

It looked interesting at the video store, so I thought I'd check it out. I wasn't trying to make you feel uncomfortable" trembled Shannon.

"It's okay. Put it back in." replied Beth as she sat back down, ready to watch all four hours of the tape.

"Really?" asked Shannon.

"Why not? I've always wanted to see what it looked like." Said Beth as she fluffed up her pillow, settling in. As Shannon turned around, a warm smile graced her face as she happily placed the video back inside the machine. Heading back to the couch, Beth noticed her roommate sitting on the couch opposite her.

"You can sit over here. I don't bite." Said Beth, waving her over. Her heart skipping a beat, Shannon did so, sitting next to the woman who held her heart captive. Their attention went to the images displayed in front of them...

The first scene was of two voluptuous, tanned brunettes bathing in what looked like an old Roman bath. Their movements were slow and careful, taking extra time to wash each inch of their bodies. A flurry of kisses soon followed, each one more aggressive than the last. The scene then dissolved into a dining area, where all they could see was a pair of oiled buttocks raised from beneath the table. Adorning the fleshy globes were an assortment of fruits and leafy vegetables, making the flesh appear to be the main course of a very special dinner. The other brunette was led in, completely blindfolded, by two other exquisite female servants. Securing her hands behind her back, the two slaves sat her in a chair, and placed her beside the table where her feast awaited. Unraveling the blindfold, the slaves departed the room in respect for their Master's meal. Attentive to the sight, the Master leaned over, and took one of the grapes between her teeth. Applying gentle pressure, the grape's juices burst forth, marinating the bronzed spheres below. As the juice deluged the skin, she watched as it gradually settled between the heightened knolls of subdued flesh. Parting her lips, the Master then delicately grazed the surface of the cheeks-warming the skin with her anxious breath. Her movements were painstakingly slow, but certainly appreciative. Turning her face, she rested her cheek against the plumpness of her slave's rear. With eyes closed, she nuzzled the moistened globe with her face, slowly turning to plant a bountiful kiss upon the beloved nourishment. It was then Beth and Shannon lost sight of the Master's lips, as it fell between the elevated cleavage.

A gasp of astonishment came from Beth...

"Total surrender. She totally gave herself to that her." remarked Beth. Shannon looked at her friend with a hushed gaze of agreement as she turned the television off. Silence crept into the room as Beth still gazed at the blank screen. An unsettled stillness saturated the room. The moment presented itself better than Shannon had thought. If she was going to surrender herself to Beth, now was that chance.

"I know what she must have felt like... giving herself to her like that." uttered a poised Shannon. She was indeed sure of herself-the thoughts, and her love. Beth's gaze slowly shifted to the woman sitting next to her... Sharing a gaze that spoke a thousand words, Beth felt there was more that should be said.

"How do you know that?" asked Beth. With that, Shannon gathered her convictions, and raised up before her, standing in front of her object of wanton desire. A shared look of lust was cast as Beth watched Shannon's hands reach up to grasp the thin straps that held her nightgown on. Beth then took notice of Shannon's well-defined body, concealed beneath the thin material. She had looked at her roommate's features before, but never in such a manner. Beth's heart skipped several beats as she struggled to catch her breath... For once in her life, Shannon knew exactly what she was doing, and this by all means was the moment that would define her entire existence.

"Because... I would totally surrender myself to you. I love you, Beth. I always have." As the last word escaped Shannon's lips, Beth watched as the soft, pink nightgown drop to the floor. Disrobed completely, Beth's expression fell void... Never before had a woman done this for her... Directly in front of her was a woman, young and so in love with her. So taken that she would sacrifice all that she had ever known for just this one chance... a wager on what she felt was right.

Not one stitch of clothing hung from Shannon's flesh...

"Oh my God." Beth uttered helplessly as she could not help to gawk at Shannon's healthy breasts. She slowly crept forward, as Beth was still motionless. What would Beth do? She had never been in a situation like this before, especially with someone who adored her as much as Shannon did. Before long, Beth's face was directly in front of Shannon's ripe cleavage. Her stare was affixed on the incredible sight as an erect nipple softly brushed across her face. A defenseless moan of astonishment came from Beth as she felt Shannon's hands clutch the sides of her face, motioning her to look up.

"I'll stop if you want." whispered Shannon as her eyes still held it's command on Beth. She could stop this, right now if she wanted to. Turn her back on this moment-- this delicate, shapely woman. Lifting both her hands, Beth took hold of her fingers, threading them between her own, and with a sigh of assurance and grace, she confidently uttered...

"No. I want this. I want... you." A smile washed across Shannon's face as her hands tightened their hold. Beth felt both of Shannon's soft breasts nuzzle closer, almost enshrining her head between her incredible breasts. Unhurried, Shannon leaned over, raising Beth's youthful face... Not a sound could be heard, or a doubt felt as Shannon parted her lips.

"Oh My God." Yielded Beth as her eyelids fluttered closed. She took a deep breath and held it as if she were dipping beneath the water for a swim. Tepid warmth gradually enshrouded her motionless mouth. No force, no urgent pressure... just warmth, just love. It was in this glowing radiance that Beth realized she was sharing her very first kiss with a female. So many thoughts raced through her mind as she felt Shannon's lips fondle hers. For some reason, Beth let go of the breath she held in her lungs. Blending it with a moan of total and unconditional abandonment, Beth knew she was going to be with this woman for a very long time.

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