tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI Became an Exhibitionist Ch. 01

I Became an Exhibitionist Ch. 01


This is the first of many chapters of the story of Paula Bradshaw and her venture into exhibiting her body in public. This is an introductory and fairly tame (as things progress) start, so now over to Paula.

I have become an exhibitionist. My name is Paula and I have been married to Dave for three years, we are both 28. We don't yet have any children but we are hoping to start a family soon. This is the story of how I started to enjoy exhibiting my body.

It all started when we went to Corfu for a fortnight a few years ago. It was right at the start of the season but it was pleasantly warm even in the evenings. We had gone with another couple, Cass and Stuart. They have been friends of ours since before were married. Our holiday apartments were next door to each other in the village of Dassia between Ipsos and Corfu town. Naturally enough Cass and I went topless on the beach as did most of the women there. Seeing some of the sights on the beach, I did not feel too bad about my size 12-ish body. We had a great deal of fun frolicking in the shallows wearing only our bikini bottoms.

In the evening we would walk down a track about 800m to the main road and choose one of the tavernas in which to eat. The lads would wear open necked shirts sometimes with shorts and we girls would wear sun dresses. It was too hot to wear bras which pleased the lads no end. Often the dresses were the sort that buttoned all the way down to mid calf with some of the lower buttons left undone to help us cool down a little. When sitting in the bar or at the table, the skirts would either be pulled up over our knees or would slide apart to reveal our legs a little.

One night we decided to go to a disco and as the evening wore on we noticed a lot of men were watching a particular girl dancing. She was wearing a wrap around skirt which came to just above her knees and a tee shirt, which although it had a scooped neck, it was more revealing from the side as it was cut very low under her arms. This, allowed a fine view of the sides of her breasts. She was obviously having a good time and a very good and active dancer, at one point, momentarily she gave a quick flash of nipple. It seemed strange that the lads who had spent all day on the beach surrounded by hundreds of topless women and mostly ignoring them, stood transfixed by the opportunity to see a quick flash in what are not the best lighting conditions in the disco. The movement of her skirt with it's scalloped wrap over gave a flash of thigh and the men, more in hope than anticipation thought they saw a glimpse of panties.

All the way back up the lane to our apartments Dave and Stuart were jabbering on about this girl and how turned on they were by the prospect of her clothes revealing a little more of her body than was the intention. Cass and I told them as far as intent went, we thought that she knew exactly what she was doing.

When we got back to the apartment block, the pool looked super with the underwater lighting on, we were larking about when suddenly Dave and Stuart grabbed me and threatened to throw me in. They held me over the corner of the pool with Dave holding my legs and Stuart holding me under the arms. My dress which was unbuttoned up to mid thigh fell away and the skirt dropped into the water, they soon realised this and lifted me up and down wetting my dress a little more each time. I shouted as my bum dropped into the water, "You've just wet my knickers".

Dave remarked, "It's your own fault, you shouldn't be wearing any." Inevitably we all ended up in the pool clothes and all.

The next day, Dave's remark kept coming back to me, so I hatched a plan wondering all the time if I would have the nerve to go through with it. At dinner that night with my dress having a few more buttons than usual done up, I announced that they wouldn't be able to wet my knickers tonight as I didn't have any on! The lads immediately took more interest when they realised I was naked under my dress. Stuart then asked Cass if she was wearing knickers and she slapped his hand and said, "of course," and she added that she didn't know whether I was kidding or not. Dave suggested there was a very easy way to find out. I was beginning to regret my action at the first hurdle.

We were sitting on the terrace of the Taverna eating our meal, so I though at least I was safe for the duration of that. However, Dave told me to move my chair back a little and undo a strategically placed button just long enough for him to check. So with my napkin placed on my lap I undid two buttons and moved the napkin away whilst Dave parted the dress and patted my pubes. He confirmed to the others that what I had said was true whilst I quickly did the buttons up again. Stuart then said that we couldn't have one lady at the table wearing knickers and the other not doing so and asked Cass what she was going to do about it.

Nothing! that's what she was going to do! but I saw her mouth twitch a little and the merest hint of a smile. Any way the lads persisted and finally she agreed to take her knickers off too. So she disappeared to the loo, the thing was, on that particular night she was wearing a slightly shorter skirt than mine, that was fairly full and it swished about as she walked.

As she returned to the table, she was being very careful in the way she walked and her face was as red as a beetroot. The Stuart told her not to worry as he asked her, "When was the last time someone has seen your knickers without you meaning them to see them?" She felt better after that. The lads were all for going to the disco again, but Cass and I could foresee a particularly vigorous form of dancing suddenly becoming the vogue! So we settled for a walk through the gardens of the two big hotels on the seafront. It was a lovely feeling with a slight breeze coming off the sea to feel the wind getting into very intimate places. Of course the lads could not keep their hands off us and as we turned up the quiet lane to go home I found more and more of the buttons on my dress were getting undone, Stuart had one of his hands over Cass's shoulder and down inside her tee-shirt and the other up the front her skirt. How we made it to the top of the lane without making love, I do not know. From that moment on knickers were banned in the evening for the rest of the holiday.

As the holiday went on, our skirts got a little shorter, or the extra button was left undone, we even persuaded the lads to go out one night with just the shirts and shorts on, with no underpants but it was a hilarious disaster, they both got erections and were in danger of their pricks showing. Towards the end of the second week we went for a night out in Ipsos, I was wearing a white cotton dress which came about mid thigh and had a strappy top, one of the straps kept slipping (why is there always one?) but it bothered me less and less as the night went on. Cass had on a silky dress which clung and swung in all the right places. We ended up in the Foam Disco in which at the end of the night they fill the dance floor with suds. We decided to wait and watch the fun, enjoying our dancing.

When the announcement came that the next dance was to be the foam dance, I was dancing with Stuart, he persuaded me to stay on the dance floor with him and get covered in foam! Dave and Cass were watching from the bar. When the foam started it was so thick and deep that I almost lost contact with Stuart, them I found him clutching me and having a quick feel in the confusion and under the cover of the foam. It was the first time that he had touched me like that and although he was very naughty, I didn't really mind, but I didn't want it to go any further, Just then the other two arrived and we all danced in the foam together.

When we came to leave, I realised that my white cotton dress was almost transparent, you could see the areola around my nipples and the distinct shadow of my bush. Cass's turquoise dress was also soaked through and sticking to her hips and the tops of her legs. We tried to get a taxi back to Dassia but none of the drivers would take us as we were too wet, So we had to walk the two miles back to the apartments. I was apprehensive but slightly thrilled to know that people could see I was naked under my dress and the troublesome shoulder strap kept slipping and in the end I just let it slip.

When we got back, as our next night was to be our last but one, the lads said we should do something special. We planned to go shopping in Corfu town the next day and they said if we promised to wear them, they would buy us a new dress each for the evening. Cass and I agreed that we would, then the lads told us that they would choose the dresses!

We had a super day sightseeing and browsing in the hundreds of little shops in the narrow streets and having lunch in a delightful little Taverna. We then went shopping for our new dresses. Stuart chose a really nice print wrap-over dress for Cass which was fastened by two buttons, one inside and the other outside, it was a nice length too, being about three inches above the knee. It had a matching tie sash belt. Dave chose for me a really fine pleated dress in a very pale green-almost white, which had a boat shaped neck, which meant that it went in an almost straight line from shoulder to shoulder, the sexy part was that in tended to slip off the shoulder a little. The length of it was just below mid thigh and it had a slit up one side almost to my hip. It hung beautifully when I was standing and the material was very light and comfortable.

We booked a table in a posh restaurant in Corfu Town and went back to Dassia for a siesta and to get ready for the evening. It was a lovely warm evening as we rode into Corfu in the taxi Dave sat in the back with Cass and me whilst Stuart rode in the front. Dave held both our hands and gave each of them a squeeze and said that he hoped we would have a great night. We walked round the town for a while before taking our place in the restaurant.

Our table was in a little booth in which we could all sit on a semicircular seat round the table. As on previous nights we girls had had to leave off any underwear. Dave kept "accidentally" brushing the top of my dress off my shoulder, it was cut so wide that it only stopped slipping when the other side came into contact with my neck! Whilst sitting still and eating it came down to halfway between my shoulder and elbow but there was no real danger of my nipple popping out although the top of my breast came into view. The waiter gave us a great deal of attention throughout our time there. I found that I liked the attention particularly as Dave was so evidently proud of me. Stuart has slipped his hand under the table and parted Cass's dress so it draped down either side of her legs showing her thighs and belly. She was sat quite close to the table so only we could see what he had done. It was a great meal and we drank quite a lot of wine and became a bit merry and noisy.

After we left, we were walking down the street when we came to a disco and decided to go in. The DJ was really good, he was an English guy and played some great records including some old style Rock'n'roll. I was jiving with Dave and were really getting into the swing of things, my dress had slipped down to its apparent maximum of half way to my elbow but I was jigging about so much that it actually went past my elbow and my breast popped out. I moved to adjust my dress but Dave put his hand on mine and stopped me from doing so, I thought "what the hell" and carried on dancing. Later during a smoochy number Dave and I were dancing up close when we saw the other two dancing even closer, then I saw why, Stuart had undone both buttons on Cass's dress and only the sash was keeping it closed. It seems that they had been turned on by my dancing display and hence they wanted in on the act. We were all up for sex when we got back to the apartments that night I can tell you.

Our last day was spent lazing on the beach, then a siesta then packing (yawn) The only clothes we kept out were our travelling gear and tee-shirts and skirts for us girls and Shirts and shorts for the lads for our last night. We planned an early night as we had to leave at 7.00am in the morning to catch our flight home. So after a quick meal and a last few drinks and we started the walk up the lane. As we turned the corner, Cass spotted a thread hanging from my skirt. It was a floral print miniskirt and she pulled the thread and the seam started to unravel, I tried to stop her pulling but she laughed and pulled even more. Soon the seam had opened almost to the waist band and she began to look for a similar thread the other side. Luckily for me the sewing was good that side. In the struggle I grabbed one of the shoulder straps of her sleeveless tee shirt and pulled it down her arm, there was a ripping sound the shirt tore all the way down her back. The lads then joined in and pulled the other side, soon her tee shirt was in two pieces either side of the lane and she was left topless. The lads then started on me, Dave took the good side of my mini and ripped it up the seam, so now I was left with just two flaps of material front and back. We were still only 20 yards or so into the lane and we still had to go past the brightly lit supermarket which was still open!

The lads took one flap each of my skirt and then it was gone. My tee shirt was just long enough to reach the top of my bush, so I slipped my arms out of the shirt and let it go a little lower. Cass's skirt was knee length with an elasticated waist so she pulled it up over her boobs and it was just long enough to cover her bum.

We were all falling about laughing as we made our way up the lane, which was dark with only the occassional light, when we met someone coming the other way, it was our neighbours on their way for a last night drink. We said goodnight as best we could as we passed, then I noticed the lads walking either side of me suddenly, one of them grabbed me and held me when I saw the other, Dave I think it was, reach for my tee shirt and pulled it down to my hips. There was that tearing sound again, it was still in one piece but didn't resemble a shirt at all, I was reduced to holding it up to my front, with a bit going round my bum. I was giggling with nerves but I found it also very exciting to be almost naked in public (well as public as a quiet lane is at night).

The big moment came when we got back to the apartments, as we had to go past the swimming pool and horrors, the under water lights were still on, worse, there were some people in the pool! They had a grandstand view of our party as we arrived, then Dave made a big thing about having lost the key, (he hadn't of course) and kept me waiting in the reflected light of the pool while he went through an elaborate search of his (two) pockets. I was exhilarated when we got in and as we made love that night, Dave asked me if I had enjoyed the evening, I told him I had enjoyed the whole holiday and found this night particularly exciting.

The next day on the flight home, Dave said he looked forward to more of the same when we got home, but I said it was a very different thing in a hot place where no-one knows you to flashing in the local high street. A smile came over his face and he said "I am sure we will think of something."

About a week after we got back, I had washed and ironed all the clothes we brought back from the holiday, and they were stacked on the bed before I put them away. Dave came in picked up one of my dresses and said "I shall always remember the holiday of no knickers."

I turned and kissed him and said "yes it was exciting wasn't it"? "would you like me to do it again?"

You can imagine his reaction. "OH! Yes my darling." However the practicalities of the sort of thing we got up to in Corfu, also happening in the UK, were not the same at all. It was not yet full summer (when is it ever?). You could not go out with bare legs and I have never been a fan of stockings and suspenders, whilst tights (my normal wear) would ruin the effect. I decided to try a pair of hold-up stockings, these would be saved for an appropriate occasion.

Well that was the fairly tame start of it and the next chapter will tell how things began to escalate back home.

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