tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersI Bought Them For You Ch. 02

I Bought Them For You Ch. 02


Monday morning's commute was little more than a blur for Mark; all he could think of during the long drive was the past weekend's events.

Kate and he had fucked like rabbits after she finally finished playing games with him. Only minutes after he came in his panties, he was all over her. His cock hard again, he pressed her down on the table and took her; a hard, fast, fuck that showed her he could take what he needed when he needed it. Yet, lying alone in bed, hours after she had gone home, the feel of the panties pressed against his cock resurfaced in his mind.

The car in front of him slowed suddenly and Mark hit the brakes, cursing the distraction. He remembered thrusting his crotch against Kate's foot, and the feel of the panties, hot, slick and wet as his cum soaked the thin material. His cock grew hard, again.

Kate didn't call him the next day, Mark was too confused and too nervous to pick up the phone and call her. He spent Sunday pacing in his apartment and trying to ignore his hard, throbbing cock; trying to ignore the flimsy black panties that still lay in a crumpled ball on the floor of his bedroom. Why hadn't he just thrown them out?

That night he gave in, no one would know; even Kate wouldn't know that he had slipped back into the tight black lace panties. No one would ever know how he laid in bed last night, stroking his hard cock until he flooded the material again; or how he had woke in the middle of the night to do it again, and again. By morning, the panties were stuck to his skin; he should have thrown them in the trash right then, but instead he put them in with the laundry.

A blaring horn brought him back to the present and he swerved out of the way of another car. Three times last night and his cock was hard again. What had the bitch done to him? How had she gotten so far into his head?


Most of the office lights were off when Mark arrived. It had always been his habit to arrive well before most of the staff. He enjoyed the quiet and often did his best work before the others arrived. He sat down in his cube and logged onto the computer, eager to bury himself in work. A quick glance at his inbox showed twenty-three new emails. Plenty to keep him busy.

First, to prioritize: Mark scanned through the list of emails and froze, a chill shot up his spine. Half way down the list Kate's name leapt out at him. Before he even had time to think about what he was doing he clicked on her message. It was short but it made his stomach lurch:

Mark, Enjoy your present sweetie Kate

Mark re-read the one line email several times, trying to find some hidden meaning. Was she talking about the panties? Was there some other present he didn't know about? Was this a completely new game she was playing now? He heard footsteps and minimized the email.

"Morning Mark," a familiar voice chirped.

"Morning Christie," Mark swiveled round in his chair and nodded to the blond woman walking past his cube. His eyes lingered on her full ass, prominently displayed by the tight pants she was wearing. With a shake of his head, he turned his attention back to the computer screen. He had a feeling it was going to be a long day.

He read Kate's email one more time, and then shrugged; while he couldn't shake the nervous feeling her message gave him, he couldn't think of anything he could do about it either. Burying himself in work still seemed to be the best option.


"Looks like someone got a present!" Mark cringed as John's booming voice alerted half the office to the arrival of a parcel. "Aren't you the lucky man?" John's obnoxious commentary continued.

Mark glanced up with a mixture of annoyance and curiosity at the sudden intrusion into his cube. John was holding a thick padded envelope. His words sank in; a present. Mark felt his palms begin to sweat.

"Ah, thanks," Mark mumbled, reaching out to take the envelope from John. His mind was moving at a million miles an hour. He needed to open this somewhere private. If it was from Kate, there could be anything inside. John had other ideas.

"So, what'd ya get?" He bellowed and Mark fought the urge to strangle him. The last thing Mark needed was more people taking an interest in this envelope. As if on cue, he heard footsteps as people in the neighboring cubes took advantage of the excuse to get away from the grind. Mark winced as the crowd began to form.

"Aren't you going to open it?" He heard Christie's perky voice, asking the question that could expose him to ridicule for months. At least six people had gathered at his cube now. His stomach fluttered as he studied the envelope. Whatever was inside, it was small and light, he didn't recognize the company name on the label. Unable to think of a good reason to stall further, Mark reluctantly broke the seal.

After tearing the envelope open, he tipped it downwards intending the contents to fall onto his desk, but nothing came out. Frowning, he shook the envelope and a scrap of red material floated out, falling onto the desk. Mark felt beads of sweat forming on his brow.

"Something you want to tell us?" John sniggered crudely. Mark felt his cheeks flushing. One of the female onlookers let out a nervous giggle.

"It's ah, it's a present," Mark stuttered, aware that his face must be crimson. Trying to ignore the continued giggling, he finished his hasty excuse, "for my girlfriend."

"Gonna get some huh?" John let out a course laugh. Mark, his heart thumping in his chest, forced his body to relax. John continued, "I didn't know you had a girlfriend. You should bring in a photo. I'd love to see her wearing those." John laughed again and Mark kept the grin plastered on his face. Fortunately John turned to leave, obviously bored with the subject. The rest of the audience lost interest too, and Mark took a deep breath and turned back to his computer, the crisis averted.

He felt someone moving behind him and turned to find himself looking at Christie's chest. She reached over him and scooped up the red panties. She dangled them from her index finger, "A thong hmm? Very sexy." She raised an eyebrow and Mark felt his face flush again. Christie frowned, looked at the panties again, "They look a little big, are you sure you got the right size?"

Without waiting for his response, she tossed the thong to Mark and turned to leave. Mark caught the panties and watched Christie's ass swaying as she walked away, again feeling his begin to stir. Damn but he was horny today.

Forcing his feelings aside, he stuffed the panties back into the envelope. Christie was a damn tease and the last thing he needed, was for her to know she had gotten to him. Her wicked grin as she had dangled the panties from her finger was putting all sorts of images in his mind.

The ringing of his cell phone jerked Mark back to reality. Grabbing the phone, he raised it to his ear, "Mark speaking."

"Like your present?" Kate giggled. Mark's throat went dry. Glancing nervously behind him, he sank down in his chair.

"Well?" Kate teased.

"Ah... yes," Mark mumbled his reply, glancing around uncomfortably.

"What, I don't get a thank you. Panty Boy?" Kate laughed.

"Thank you," Mark muttered into the phone as he hunched down in his seat.

"Put them on."

"What?" Mark shivered. She wasn't serious was she? Here? At work?

"I want you to put them on," Kate said, her calm voice leaving no room for argument. "Go to the rest rooms, strip down and slide that sexy red thong onto your sissy ass."

Mark coughed and shifted uncomfortably in his chair. He felt his cock stirring as she teased him. Kate laughed again. She knew she was getting to him.

"You know you want to," she said, "Look at them."

Knowing it was stupid, Mark reached in and pulled the panties back out of the envelope, rubbing the soft, silky material between his fingers.

"Think how nice they'll feel pressed against that hard cock of yours. It is hard isn't it Mark?" Kate purred.

"Yes," Mark whispered, the words choked reluctantly from his throat. Kate's peal of laughter was triumphant.

"Does your girlfriend know?" Annette's voice startled him and he spun round in his seat, cheeks flushing bright red.

"Know what?" He asked. Annette grinned and nodded towards the panties he was still holding in one hand. Mark felt his cheeks glow redder.

"Oh, your girlfriend knows all about you and your kinky sissy desires," Kate's voice in the phone.

"Ah, they're the wrong size," Mark gasped, "I'm checking to see if I can exchange them." Annette nodded and turned away.

"They're the perfect size panty pervert," Kate snickered, "Big enough to fit, but small enough to hug your cock. I bet you can't wait." Mark moaned softly, his prick twitched inside his pants.

"Take your pretty, sissy panties to the restroom Mark. Now!" The tone of command in Kate's voice was unmistakable; Mark's hand trembled as he stuffed the panties into his pocket and stood up.

"Okay," he muttered into the phone.

"Don't hang up yet," Kate didn't try to disguise the note of triumph in her voice, "I want to be there with you when you put on your new panties."

Mark hunched his shoulders as he shuffled towards the restrooms, reluctant to draw any attention to himself. Just as he was reaching safety, the door to the women's restroom opened and Christie walked out. Mark felt beads of sweat forming on his forehead as he forced himself to smile at the blonde, trying not to let his eyes stray to her full chest. She flashed him a smile as she walked past and he let go of a breath he hadn't even realized he was holding.

"What's taking so long sissy boy?" Kate whispered in his ear. "Don't you want to wear your new red panties for me?" Her laughter made him shiver. Hurriedly he opened the door and stepped inside, glancing around to see if anyone else was already there.

The restroom was empty and he felt his muscles unknot as he walked into a cubicle and locked the door behind himself. "I'm there." He rasped into the phone.

"Strip." Kate's voice commanded and he hastily obeyed, struggling to pull his pants down with one hand, keeping the phone to his ear. His boxer shorts followed rapidly.

"Now slide those silky panties up your legs perv." The note of triumph in Kate's voice was becoming harder to ignore, but so were her commands. Reaching down he tugged the red thong up his legs.

"Is your cock hard sissy slut?" Kate cooed. "Of course it is. You wouldn't do this if your cock didn't twitch every time you think about wearing women's panties." She let out a peel of laughter. "Look at yourself panty boy. You're standing in a public restroom wearing a red silk thong over a throbbing cock. Am I wrong Mark?"

Mark groaned, her words hit home like bullets. His cock was straining at the tight material of the panties and once again he was playing Kate's game.

"No." He whispered. Kate laughed again.

"Do you need to cum sweetie? Do you want to christen your new panties?"

"Yes!" He gasped.

"Tell me what you are."

Mark trembled, was that the door? Had someone come in?

"Tell me." Kate's voice was like steel.

"I'm a sissy." Mark groaned. Kate snickered.

"Pull your pants up sissy perv. You're at work." Mark groaned in frustration. "Keep the panties on Mark and come by my apartment tonight so I can see them in person." The phone went dead.

Mark reached down and gently squeezed his cock through the panties. He didn't have to follow Kate's instructions. He didn't have to keep the panties on. He didn't have to go to he apartment tonight. He squeezed his cock harder, stifling a groan. But he knew he was going to.

The door to the restroom opened and Mark hurriedly pulled his hand away, then reached down and pulled his pants up, feeling strangely vulnerable despite the locked door to the cubicle.


Much like the ride to work, the rest of Mark's day was a nervous blur. The panties were tight enough that he could never quite forget that he was wearing them and he spent the day alternately excited and scared of discovery. As the hours crawled by, he found himself anticipating and dreading the end of the day and his visit to Kate.

By the end of the day he was a nervous wreck. It seemed as though every woman in the office was somehow teasing and taunting him. Every laugh, every whisper, it was all about him. And Christie continued to saunter around the office in her tight fitting pants.

Finally, it was time to go home. Mark switched off his computer and tidied up his desk, delaying his departure as long as possible.

"They were a good choice." Annette spoke from behind him. Mark spun round, startled.

"The panties." Annette continued. "Good choice. Red is a sexy color and I'm sure they'll look really hot... when you get the right size."

Mark felt his cheeks turn flaming red as he looked into Annette's amused face. "Th. Thank you." He managed to stammer.

"Best of all, "Annette continued, "With a thong there's no panty lines, so no one can tell you're wearing panties. I have a pair just like them!" With a wink she turned on her heel and walked away. Mark stared at her receding back, a sick feeling in his stomach. Was he reading too much into her parting words or did she somehow know?


That sick feeling returned as Mark stood outside the door to Kate's apartment. There was still time to leave, to end Kate's game. His hand hovered over the doorbell. If he left he would regain control, he didn't to have to humiliate himself in front of her. But part of him wanted to, wanted her to see him in the panties, wanted to experience her reaction.

The door swung open and Mark stared dumbly at Kate's amused gaze.

"Were you planning on ringing the bell? Or did you just want to stand in the hall with a boner in your pants sweetie?" Kate smirked and Mark felt his cheeks flush bright red.

"Well... show me." Mark glanced around in horror, surely she didn't mean to strip him down out here where anyone could see. Kate giggled.

"Don't be shy sweetie." I already know you're wearing them. Reaching out, she ran her hand over Mark's crotch, gently cupping the bulge that was forming. "I just want a little peek." Mark groaned as the palm of Kate's hand pressed against his stiff cock.

"You don't mind... do you?" Kate bit her lip, gazing into his eyes. Mark swallowed, unable to speak and a sly smile formed on Kate's gorgeous face. Her hand moved up to Mark's belt buckle.

"I just want to see my sissy boy in his pretty red panties." She cooed as her fingers deftly unbuckled his pants. Mark closed his eyes, his heart hammering in his chest, his cock throbbing.

"That's it sweetie." Kate breathed in his ear, pulling down his zipper. "Show me your panties."

Mark shuddered helplessly as his pants slowly fell to the ground, exposing his red thong panties to the hall. Kate grinned triumphantly as she gazed down at him, lingering on the bulge created by his cock. When she looked up there was a challenge in her eyes.

"You like them don't you sissy boy? Show me how much you like your panties."

Her teasing sparked anger in Mark. He glared back at her, clenching and unclenching his fists. Kate smirked at him.

"Or do you prefer cumming in your panties sweetie?" She giggled. Growling, Mark moved towards her. Kate laughed. "You might look threatening if you weren't wearing such a cute little thong."

Something inside Mark snapped. Kicking his pants aside he stepped towards her. For the first time a hint of uncertainty showed on Kate's face and she moved back into her apartment. Mark slammed the door open and stalked towards her as she continued to back away until her legs were pressed against the table edge.

Without hesitation, Mark pushed her down onto the table, the wait of his body holding her there as he pressed his cock against her, his mind clouded by a mixture of fury and lust. Kate locked eyes with him and suddenly the look of fear was gone, replaced by one of outright triumph.

"Yes." She hissed, her hands reaching round to cup his panty clad ass. Mark reached down and pushed her legs apart, enjoying her moans. He gasped as one of her hands slipped his cock free of the panties, stroking it.

Part of his brain noticed that Kate wasn't wearing any panties, but he was too far gone to care. Pulling her hand out the way he thrust his cock into her, grunting with the effort. Kate let out a low groan, her hands squeezing his ass.

"Show me." She breathed into his ear and he slammed into her again and again. "Come on sissy!" She egged him on. He pounded his cock into her driven on by lust, her moans of pleasure just infuriating him more forcing him to fuck her harder and faster.

He came with a strangled groan, pumping his seed into her, gasping for breath as his body spasmed. Kate lay beneath him, accepting him inside her. Her lips still near his ear.

"I can't wait to take you shopping this weekend sweetie." She giggled.

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