tagIncest/TabooI Came to California Ch. 01

I Came to California Ch. 01


I came to California to become an actor, same old story, and same old results. I met a guy at an audition and he told me I could make decent money doing nude modeling and print work. Tired of waiting table to make rent I decided to give it a try. One thing led to another and soon I was making adult movies.

I kept it a secret from my family, telling them I did bit parts in movies. During a call home mom announced that her and my sister Kristin were coming out to visit. She said she had important news to tell me and wanted to do it in person. I hadn't seen them in almost three years and looked forward to their visit.

I went to pick them up at the airport and almost didn't recognize them. Both were talking to a pilot and neither woman saw me as I approached. Walking towards them I noticed how drastically both had changed. Kristin had gone from a scrawny flat chested tomboy into a beautiful, curvaceous woman. She wore a white v-neck blouse and tight denim jeans, her short black hair usually cut like a boys was now long and silky and cascaded over her ample bosom as she played with it teasingly.

Our mom Jill Harmon had also changed dramatically. She had cut her long black mane in favor of a new short highlighted auburn color that accentuated her beautiful face. Sporting a short red mini skirt and clingy black silk blouse mom gave the pilot plenty to stare at. Red high heeled shoes drew the stares of passers by to her fabulous legs and several buttons open on her blouse had the handsome young pilots stare deep into her plentiful cleavage. As I drew closer I heard the pilot thank them for their phone number (my number) stating that he would be calling. I came up behind them and cleared my throat to get their attention. Turning around they both screamed Michael in unison before rushing in to give me hugs and kisses. The pilot excused himself politely and left without introduction.

We went to get their bags exchanging compliments as we walked. My sister said I had gotten more muscular and looked like a typical California boy. Mom stated that I had gotten taller and more handsome. I taunted Kristin teasing about how she no longer looked like a tomboy and telling her that dad was probably getting a headache over her and boys.

I asked about dad on the drive home and that's when mom told me the news. She said they were filing for a divorce. She went on to tell me that dad had moved out with a woman from work and that she had suspected he had cheated on her long before they separated. I was stunned and asked Kristin how she was dealing with this; she replied that as long as mom was happy it was all that mattered.

We arrived at my house shortly and mom remarked that it was quaint. My house was average, large enough for my needs and within walking distance from the beach; it had a pool and was very secluded being the last house on a cul-de-sac.

The women settled in to their rooms, mom taking mine and Kristin in the spare. Mom argued with me about the accommodations but I insisted that during their stay I would be more than comfortable on the couch in the den.

Still early Kristin asked if she could go for a swim until dinner. I said that it was a good idea and that mom should go lay out with her. I told them I would bring out some drinks and we could continue our talk. Mom said she had not packed a suit but that she would go out and keep Kristin company. Kristin offered one of hers and both went off to change.

Kristin first to emerge; walked past me out the door as she grabbed a drink on her way to the backyard. Now let me tell you that as stunning as my sister looked with clothes, she looked even better with minimal on. Her hair hung down around her face dangling just above the small pink bikini top she wore. My eyes darted instantly to her pert round orbs covered by the tiniest amount of fabric that you could call a top. Her torso was firm and hard tapering down to her small waist and her tight muscular abs.

As she walked her breasts jiggled ever so slightly. She had a towel wrapped around her waist and I followed her with my eyes as she made her way to a chair. Kristin turned to see me eyeing her through the window and as I shamelessly watched she whipped off the towel bending over to lay it flat on the chaise. Her ass had to have been the most perfectly shaped ass I had ever seen, hotter than any actress I had fucked for any movie. The tiny red g-string went deep into the crevice and separated her two firm, well developed butt cheeks. She looked toward me still staring at her and jumped headfirst into the pool.

Mom had come out of the room and walked up on me admiring Kristin. "She sure has grown up," she announced.

Startled and embarrassed I turned to face her. "Yeah, she sure...." I said stupidly, not quite finishing my sentence. Mom stood leaning against the doorway wearing a navy blue bikini that was several sizes too small and made of entirely too little material to hold her. Her breasts although slightly sagging ballooned over the top of the constricting fabric. Her tits looked like two large water balloons held by the tied end. They hung buoyantly on her chest and mom did little to try to hide them. She stood proudly allowing me to feast upon her aged beauty. Her body was tight and rivaled that of her daughter; it appeared mom had been to the gym more regularly since I had left.

"Look at you, you little hottie" I said, making mom blush.

"Get out of here" she responded, "this top is too small."

"For you, I replied, not for the average woman,"

"Why thank you honey," she said with a smile. She had a towel around her waist like Kristin and I could hardly contain myself wanting to get a look at what was beneath it. Handing her a drink I followed her out the door. Kristin was in the middle of doing a lap across the pool when she saw us.

"Geez, she said when she saw mom and I walking toward her, "You're way to big for that top, your going to stretch it and then it's not going to fit me anymore." She said this as she smiled and swam over to the edge of the pool.

I pulled up another chaise for mom as Kristin made her way to the stairs. Mom and I watched as she emerged from the water taking each step slowly and sensuously. Kristin stood at the top step and reached down for her towel, bending at the waist and jutting her Delicious ass toward us. Mom turned toward me and caught my appreciative look, I quickly glanced away pretending to look elsewhere.

"So, mom said as she sat down, tell us about the movie's you've done so far. You hardly mention them when you call and I haven't been able to find any of them at the video store?"

I noticed she had not removed the towel from her waist as I sat down to tell them my story. I was sure the suit was either too small or was cut similar to the one Kristin wore and that she felt self conscious about exposing herself to me. I was a little surprised at the disappointment I felt about not seeing the rest of my mothers body. "Oh well" I thought to myself, "they'll be here for awhile and there will be more time for that later.

Kristin came over to where we sat and seated herself next to mom listening attentively. I explained that the movies I made where low budget and that most were either released overseas under other titles or had not been released. Kristin listened as I told her some made up titles and then asked if I had worked with any actors who had made it big yet. I told her that so far it had been only other struggling actors and that so far none of us had hit the big time yet.

"So have you done any nude or love scenes in any of these movies?" Kristin asked playfully." I was surprised by her question and hesitated for several seconds.

"Have you honey" mom asked propping herself upright. This caused her breasts to jiggle and draw my eyes down towards them. I hesitated a little longer and then broke out in nervous laughter.

"That's a yes, Kristin interjected.

"Have you honey? Mom inquired again.

"I can't believe you two would even ask such a question," I responded.

"Oh come on, Kristin continued, it's not like we're little kids, have you or haven't you?

I looked toward Kristin, noticing that she was now at the edge of her chair fanning her legs open and closed.

"You really want me to answer, I said now playing to the line of questioning.

"We wouldn't ask if we didn't want to know" mom intervened, reaching for her drink and taking a big gulp.

"Yes! I have in a few of them, but not all of them, I said looking at first to Kristin and then towards mom. Gauging their reaction I could tell by the look on their faces that they were a little surprised by my answer.

"Is that a yes to the nude scenes or love scenes," Kristin persisted.

"Both," I replied feeling a little bolder. I looked at mom for reaction but received nothing in return.

"Were you embarrassed," Kristin continued.

"Why should he be," mom interceded "he has a beautiful face and body. Out here honey almost all the big stars have done some sort of nude role when they first start."

I sat there astonished; hardly believing these words were coming from my conservative, or so I thought mother. For a split second I actually began to feel that they would be able to handle the truth about what I did and was about to say so.

"It's not like he's doing porno or anything like that," she continued. So much for handling the truth.

"Are you working on anything right now? Kristin asked excitedly, maybe we could come and watch you work if that would be okay."

I told them I was between jobs but that I was auditioning for a few roles and that my agent was scouting a few leads for me. I told them that usually for small time actors like myself they usually didn't allow visitors on the set but that if I had the chance before they left I would take them to a film location. This seemed to appease them for a while and we began to discuss other subjects. One of the subjects I wanted to get to was how both of them looked so good.

"So speaking of looking good, look at you two, you must be making old Mr. Randall have a heart attack." I said jokingly. Mr. Randall was an old neighbor who was in love with my mom and used to spy on her as she gardened in the yard.

"He did honey," mom said looking sorrowful.

"Because of you, I said mildly surprised.

"No, she said laughing and waving me off with her hand. Because he was old. Your sister and I have been going to the gym nightly and swimming, trying to take my mind off of your dad and... well at least I have something to thank him for he got me in shape."

"Great shape, chimed Kristin, show him the rest of the package" Tugging on the towel around moms waist Kristin attempted to pull it free from beneath her. Mom fought back holding the towel and wrenching it away from Kristins’ grasp.

"Oh come on, your telling him it's ok to show his body but your afraid to show him how hard you've been working on yours." My sister continued.

"Stop it, I am not afraid or embarrassed, she replied, it's just that this bikini is a little small that's all." "Heeelllooo mom that's the style, Kristen said sarcastically, just take off the towel it's not like he hasn't seen you before."

I could tell my mom and sister had grown much closer since I left, appearing to be more like friends and not mother and daughter. I sat laughing at there jibes and held my breath to see if mom would relent, which she did to my delight.

Standing up from her chair mom reached a hand to her side and still staring at my sister began to pull the towel away from her waist. Teasing my sister as if doing a strip tease my mother slowly peeled the towel back inches before snapping it closed again. My sister laughed at this little show and mouthed something to her which resembled to me like the word "Tramp." Turning toward me this time she again began to remove the towel this time pulling it open even more, gauging my reaction as she opened it. Tossing the towel back onto the chair she stood staring at me.

The small navy blue bikini bottom was cut high on the hip and so tightly pulled up between my mothers legs that there was no mistaking the outline of her muff. Staring deeply into the small patch of fabric covering the place I had been born from, I said nothing. Doing a little turn to show me all angles of the small suit I felt the stirring of an impending erection. The thin strap meant to cover her ass appeared as nothing more than dental floss in the fleshy ass of my mothers. Her ass cheeks were as hard and firm as Kristin's and if you saw her only from the back you would have sworn she was a woman in her twenties.

"Well, what do you think" she said, standing still long enough for me to examine her more thoroughly.

"I think, that they ripped Kristin off with that suit, I said laughing, there isn't much to it."

"Not the suit silly, me" she said

"Oh you, you look great mom, actually both of you do, and that's exactly why I won't be having any of my friends come over while you're here."

They both let out a laugh and my mother walked over bending down and taking my head in her hands she placed a small peck on my forehead. My face now inches from her enormous breasts I inhaled her perfume sharply as I felt my hard cock jerk upwards. I needed to get away quickly or the tent in my pants would give away my true thoughts.

"I'm going to go put on my trunks and join you, I said quickly getting up and heading for the door, hoping neither had seen my rapidly inflating member. Once inside the house I headed for the bathroom, quickly removing my slacks and underwear, my cock sprang free and pointed to the ceiling.

Taking my cock in hand I cracked the mini blinds looking out over the pool. The women were laughing and making gestures and although I could not here them I was sure it was about me. Kristin was staring at moms boobs and then down between her legs mimicking someone ogling her and then they would laugh and stare toward the house. I didn't care and I actually enjoyed the fact that they knew I had appreciated how delicious their bodies looked.

I grabbed a bottle of lotion from under the sink and squirted a gob down upon the bulbous head of my cock and began massaging it over the mushroom tip. There was no way I would be able to go back outside without jerking off. Going back to the window I was delighted to see mom face down on the chair and Kristin reaching over to the table to grab the suntan lotion. Squeezing a stream of lotion on her shoulders and back, Kristin began to work it into her skin soft and slow. I watched as she undid the strings to the back of moms suit and worked her hands around the sides of her back and around to the front touching the exposed sides of her breasts. Mom acted very cavalier as Kristin worked the lotion over her tit flesh, even smiling as if it felt wonderful.

I began stroking my cock as I watched the two women; my prick fully engorged it stood thick and proud from between my legs. I focused my full attention to making myself cumm. I peered out the window again and watched as Kristin worked more lotion up moms legs and inner thighs. Mom squirmed when Kristin's hand moved near her cunny, relaxing again as her hands went up over her exposed ass cheeks kneading them in her hands.

Seeing Kristin palming moms glorious ass was all it took, stroking quicker now my breathing grew shallower as I pumped my meat between my palms. One last look at the two hard bodies just outside the window and I released my load. Rivulets of cum shot up in the air and on the wall, several drops getting onto the blinds. Trembling I squeezed my cock for all it was worth. Taking one last glance out the window as Kristin hit the water. I cleaned up the bathroom wrapped a towel around myself and went to my room to don a pair of trunks.

"What took you so long, mom said as I walked outside, I was hoping you would put lotion on me."

"I'll do it now, I said pretending not to know Kristin had already done so.

"Kristin already did."

"Well then if you don't need me I'll just swim for awhile."

Diving in I headed for Kristin grabbing her legs and pulled her under the water. Laughing as she came up for air Kristin smacked me on the head before making her way to the stairs. Again she took each stair slowly and sensuously, flexing her ass muscles with each step, water dripping, and beading off her lithe body as she moved. I stared openly at her as she walked over next to mom, turning to give me one last look she laid down next to her.

I swam for a while doing laps across the pool as the women sunned themselves. Stopping occasionally to peek at them I remembered why I had to stay in the cool water. A half hour later I saw mom stir from the chair and turn over. Holding her top against her chest she made her way to the stairs and lowered herself in. I swam over to where she stood and she turned her back toward me. She asked if I could tie the top for her, which I hesitantly did and then joined me in doing laps.

I was down by the shallow end of the pool and in the middle of a lap when suddenly I felt legs clamp around me from behind, squeezing me and drawing me down into the water. Turning around quickly I reached for her, grabbing the first thing I could. Unable to see and still being held under water my arms went around her lower waist. Her taut smooth ass cheeks firmly in my hands I broke the surface, gasping for air. Her arms tightly around my neck now, I shook the water from my face looking deep into her sky blue eyes. She smiled at me laughing as we held onto each other, our groins pressed together separated only by thin pieces of material.

"Are you trying to drown me? I said smiling.

"Just checking to see if your swim lessons paid off," she grinned.

We chuckled, still holding each other tightly, her legs still wrapped around my lower back, heels pressed into the crease of my ass. We stared deeply into each other's eyes like two lovers locked in a passionate embrace. Mom removed one hand from around my neck and caressed the water from my face.

"You look so much like your Dad," she said softly. "You know I love you very much."

"Yes, and I love you the same," I replied drawing her in even closer to me.

Our faces now just inches apart I began to feel a little awkward unsure of what was happening. My hands still gently rested on mom's splendid ass cheeks cupping them. I looked over to the chaise where Kristin lay, nervously checking to see if she would catch us in this compromising position. Kristin unmoving during the playful raucous appeared to be asleep. Turning once more towards mom she lowered her face to mine slowly and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. My cock immediately began to stir, rising up between her tightly wrapped legs. Steadily it pressed against her opening trying to force itself inside.

The sensation of my cock pressing between her legs must have snapped her back to reality. Just as I was sure something more was about to happen, mom released her legs from around my waist pushing away from me, forcing me to release my grip on her buttocks. As I watched her make her way to the stairs and begin her ascent she turned once more to face me, smiling regretfully. Standing there with an immense hard on now throbbing under the water I stared at the peach shaped ass I just held.

Walking over to where Kristin lay mom stood over her, quickly flinging her hair back and forth she sprayed Kristin with cold water. Kristin jumped up startled, pushing mom away from her, laughing mom took the chair next to her. They began to talk softly and quietly as I resumed the difficult task of swimming with an erection.

Time went by and my erection subsided. Looking over to the women as they made their way to the house, I called out to them, asking them where they were going. Both said they were going in to take showers before getting dressed for dinner.

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