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I Can Dream About You


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I watched you. Every night, I would hurry home, braving the traffic and squealing my tires as I went too fast around corners, my breath tight in my lungs ... all in an effort to get home ... to watch you. Nothing could compare to the vision that was you. I tripped on the stairs so many times that I bloodied my shins and I didn't bother to clean my shoes. You see, my blood was a sacrifice for you. A way to let you know how much I loved you and how much you meant to me. But I was always in the shadows, never important enough to capture your attention so I had to do something; something that would let you know just how much I love you.

It wasn't my intention to hurt you. I never wanted to make you cry but I just couldn't stand to see you with her. I'd watch her from my window. Pulling into your parking spot in that shiny silver BMW, her platinum blonde hair perfectly curled and a sundress covering her perfect body. She'd always slip out, apply more Cherry Blossom lipstick to her mouth and tuck it into her Prada bag as she climbed the stairs.

As always, you were doing your daily exercises and I was watching raptly as you lifted the heavy barbells and your muscles bulged with each effort. I imagined that I was there beside you, waiting to rub warm oil into your skin and massage the aches away. But you never asked so my fantasy never grew wings. But you asked her. She'd always pause at your door, sniff something from a vial into her nostrils and knock. You'd set the weights down and come to the door, eagerly French-kissing the whore as she stepped into your apartment.

I would watch you kiss her, wondering why you'd choose her over me. I know I'm not that pretty but I clean up well and I'd be the best girlfriend you ever had. I know in my heart that no one would treat you better than I could. No one would wait on you hand-and-foot like I would. And no one would swallow your cum whenever you wanted like I would. Can't you see she's a fake? Can't you see that I'm the one you're supposed to be with? Can't you see that?

I made a decision when I saw her that night. I wasn't sure what upset me enough to leave my apartment but I ran down the stairs, so angry that I missed a few steps and nearly twisted my ankle. The pain didn't matter, though. All I could think of was that you didn't know I was here, that I was better than she was and could take care of you better.

I opened the door to your apartment. You'd left it open in your hurry to bed the whore and for that, I was grateful. For a long time, I couldn't move. I was really in your apartment, not just using my binoculars to pretend that I was there. I could smell your sweat still hanging in the air from your workout but as much as I wanted to stay and enjoy it, the sounds of you and the whore from your bedroom drew my attention.

She was on top of you and I could see your thick cock sliding into her hole. I couldn't think any longer. She wasn't supposed to be there; it was supposed to be me. Your cock should have been pumping into my pussy, not hers. She didn't care about you the way I did and I was so disappointed that you didn't see that. Maybe you didn't deserve my love and care, either. Maybe you were just leading me on as so many others had.

The knife was in your kitchen and it was so easy to plunge it into her back. I was shaking when she screamed but I stopped when I saw her blood spurting out of the slit. I should have sliced her horizontally so I cut her again, making sure that she would never use that whore walk to trap another man. And then, you screamed at me. You didn't understand why I'd killed her. You didn't understand the sacrifice that I had made for us. You didn't understand the depth of my love for you.

I am enclosing my right pinkie finger in this letter. It is a token of my total devotion to you and I hope that you will see me once they release me from the hospital. I love you so much and I look forward to the day when I can see you face-to-face and you and I become one.

Until then, I can dream about you.

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