I Can't Make It Without Mom's Ass


"You're staring at how my asshole pulls out, aren't you. Your dad was fascinated by that for some reason. It must be a guy thing. I guess like father, like son."

"It's so unbelievably sexy, mom. Your beautiful."

"Why thank you, Alex."

I almost came seeing this sight when I did it a couple of times, so I looked at the bed spread to calm myself down a little before a geyser erupted in my shorts. It wasn't time for my big finale, yet. I pushed back in half way just to pull back and watch that spectacle again. I couldn't take it anymore. I decided the next time I pulled my finger out, I was going to replace it with my throbbing cock. I slowly inched my finger out while, at the same time, releasing my cock from my drawers. I moved the tip to where my finger had been and rubbed around her rosebud. Man! The feeling was beyond belief. Pre-cum was leaking from my cockhead which I smeared all over her tight hole. I wanted her to still believe it was my finger doing all the rubbing. After I felt it was too much, I told her I was going to push my thumb in her ass. Instead, I pushed the head of my cock in real slow and ready to hold her hips if she decided to struggle, which I knew she probably would.

I pushed in a little more and she gasped but said to go slow. Looking down at my uncut cock, I could see the skin pulling back from the pressure of getting into her sweet ass. As I pushed in more, the bulbous head of my dick came out of its sheath into the open, revealing its angry head. The veins on my cock stood out like they were going to pop under the strain. After a few more seconds of penetration, the head finally lodged itself into the ring of her tight asshole almost making me spill my juice into her rectum. I was trying my best not to cum until I could bottom out deep into her bowels. I knew once my thighs mad contact with hers, the game would be up, so I took it nice and slow pushing in another inch. Then another. She grunted when I cleared her ring but didn't tell me to stop. I took that as a good sign.

I now had at least three of my six inches of meat packed into her round, bubble butt. I used my left had to pry her cheek to the side watching her sphincter stretch away from the side of my hard cock. This had the effect of loosening her muscles up and letting me in quicker. I would've used my other hand to help but then she would start to question what was really in her ass. Not a good plan. I pushed in another two inches and thought it was time to pull back before our thighs came into contact. Her sphincter really stretched out with my cock this time until only my head was in her warm sleeve. I then reversed my direction and pushed in but with more force to get a rhythm going. I loved how her tight, pink hole clamped around my stiff pipe drawing me closer to that long awaited end. I picked up the pace since I knew it wouldn't be long now. My cock plunged to the base making our thighs come into contact. I didn't mean for that to happen, but at this point, I was too far gone to have cared if she found out that I was fucking her with my cock instead of my thumb. In fact, I wanted her to know it was her son plowing that sweet ass of hers. This way I could sink in the last inch of my cock and finally close the gap between us. I wanted to feel those warm cheeks resting up against my thighs as I hammered into her buttery hole.

When she felt my hands grip her by the hips, she didn't make the connection until it was too late. She made an attempt to move forward but my iron grip kept her in place. My mom struggled a little more but I guess she realized it was just better to let me have my way with her. She made this sexy moan every time my heavy balls slapped her pussy lips. After awhile I began to feel something sticky and wet form on the front of my nut sacks. I looked down as my cock sawed in and out of her pink hole and noticed a thick string of her juice stretch from her pussy to my balls each time I pulled out to my head. Knowing that I was responsible for making my hot mother wet made my balls twitch out of control. I knew I only has seconds before I blew my load into her ass. She made one final attempt to get me not to fuck her anymore:

"Uh! Alex."

She tried to talk but I was pile-driving her so hard, the air left her lungs.

"Uh! You tricked me. Uh! I'm your mother; you're not supposed to fuck me. Oh! How can you do this to me? Why, uh! Alex? Why?"

"I...couldn't help...uh! help it, mom. I need you so bad. I need this ass."

I couldn't talk anymore; the portion of my brain that operated on instinct took over. All reasoning was gone. I was reduced to the level of a Neanderthal. I became a savage bent on tearing her ass apart!

Her sphincter muscles began to twitch out of control. I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I would be coating the walls of her bowels with my potent cream. I pried both halves of her plump cheeks far apart. Her sphincter stretched so wide I thought it would tear at any moment. Just then, I heard a deep groan come from my mother's lips. She had that look women have when they're ready to give birth. Suddenly, her groan turned into a loud scream which took me by surprise. Her slim fingers clutched the sheets until the whites of her knuckles showed through. At that moment, I felt a warm liquid spray onto my balls. It felt like pee more than anything else. I glanced down and realized my mother was cumming. And really hard, too. She squirted her love juice all over my balls and thighs. This sent me over the edge. I pounded her sexy ass for about six strokes until I felt the beginning of my load make its way up my cock-shaft. I told her to get ready as my cockhead jerked and swelled, unleashing my scalding cream into my pretty mother's ass. I yelled as I pumped load after load deep into her bowels.

"Ahh! Ahh! Ahhhhh! Oh mommy I can't stop, you feel so good." I thought my cum would stop but it kept on coming like a hose, until my balls felt completely drained of their contents.

The feeling was so intense that I almost passed out until I gulped some air into my lungs and my vision returned to normal.

I felt faint and out of breath and my cock looked as if a fine layer of skin had been rubbed off. It was raw with a reddish hue from all the friction it went through. Her ass made a slurping sound as I pulled my cock out. Her anal hole was wide open and my cum was sliding down to her pussy. I never saw anything like it before. It made me want to rim her gaping hole, which is exactly what I did. I dove in to slurp at her dilated hole as she caught her breath. I licked the inner walls of her rectum clockwise then counter clockwise all the while slobbering copious amounts of saliva around her abused entrance. I was a starving mad man licking away at her flesh and giving her the rimming of her life. She tried to pull away but I held on for dear life. It was so good, that is, until her hole closed around my tongue preventing me from moving around. Since it made sense at the time, I decided butt fuck her with my tongue until my jaw got tired. She told me to stop with a hint of anger in her voice. When I didn't relent, she slammed her lovely ass against my nose stinging the hell out of it. At that point I knew fun time was over. She told me to get out of her room as she turned over to sit on her pear-ass. I noticed her eyes were wet and red from crying. I told her that I loved her and walked back to my room leaving her sobbing on her bed.

My mother never allowed me access to her ass again and told me she was very disappointed in me. I tried to explain my feelings for her but she wouldn't listen. A few weeks after the event, she finally came around and we had a much needed talk. She was embarrassed by the fact that I made her reveal an intimate part of herself, which was that she was a squirter. She explained it only happened when she came really hard. But, the real thing that bothered her was how I took advantage of her ass in such a way. I told her lust took over my mind and that I still loved and respected her. I asked for her forgiveness with tears in my eyes. I guess I must've reached that part of her heart only a son could gain access to. Thinking back on it, she told me it was a small price to pay if it meant having her son back to normal. I kissed her on the cheek and told her I would always desire her more than any other woman. She smiled at that and said she knew but told me to forget because it wasn't going to happen.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: I was grounded for six whole months for not respecting her wishes. It was harsh but I knew I deserved it. I'm going to keep trying to win her heart. It's my mission—whatever it takes!

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