tagCelebrities & Fan FictionI Can't Stand the Rain

I Can't Stand the Rain


"Another delightful day." Claire said to herself, as she flung the curtains open to see a torrential downpour in progress. She sighed, and went to work straightening her apartment.

After twenty minutes of rearranging the same corner of the room over and over, she decided to give up. She just wasn't in the mood to clean. She turned on her computer and logged onto IM to see if her best friend, Erin, just happened to be up and sober enough to be online. They were thousands of miles apart, going to college on opposite sides of the country, but they still tried to stay in touch as best they could. Erin's perpetual partying often put a slight damper on Claire's efforts to contact her though. To Claire's surprise, Erin was actually on.

ClaireBear: G' Mornin', Hoochie.

BONDGRRL: Hey, Sweetums! How are you today?!?

ClaireBear: Fine... what's your problem? You're too perky.

BONDGRRL: I am in such a great mood today!

ClaireBear: Dare I ask why?

BONDGRRL: I had an AWESOME night last night. **playette wink**

ClaireBear: Oh, god. What happened?

BONDGRRL: It was so fucking incredible, Claire. God, I'd be that man's booty call for the rest of my life! **sigh**

ClaireBear: Where did you meet this one?

BONDGRRL: At the club last night. Breca had her eye on him, but I got to him first! **evil grin**

ClaireBear: You are such a whore, Erin!

BONDGRRL: Maybe- but I get great sex!

ClaireBear: Yeah, at least you're getting some. **pouts**

BONDGRRL: Chill, girlie. Your time is cumming. LMAO. Sorry, couldn't resist.

ClaireBear: Bad joke. Anyway, moving right along... If I disappear, it's probably because the electricity went out. We are having a massive storm here.

BONDGRRL: That's all it ever does there!

ClaireBear: I know. I can't stand the rain here.

BONDGRRL: "It can't rain all the time." **sigh** What a great movie. Hey- do you remember when we used to go puddle jumping all the time?

ClaireBear: Yeah, that was a great movie. And what do you mean- do I remember? You make it sound like it was so long ago- we just did that this summer!

BONDGRRL: We had a great summer, didn't we?

ClaireBear: Yes, we did. We always do. That's weird. Someone's knocking on the door. I'll BRB.

Claire jumped up and ran to the door, not having any clue who it would be. What kind of nut would be out in this weather? Claire swung the door open, and gasped in surprise.

"Oh my god..." she breathed, not really believing who was standing in front of her.

"Hey, I'm sorry to bother you, but can I come in for a few minutes, until this rain stops?" he asked.

Claire moved out of the doorway, stepping aside, and waving him in. She stared at his rain soaked figure- wet hair hanging in his face, the blue button-up shirt clinging to his muscular chest, his nipples prominent through the fabric, his pants hugging his lower body. She was instantly aroused upon her eyes falling on his cock- the wet material outlining his impressive size. "Um.. excuse me for a sec, please."

"Sure." he nodded as Claire raced off to the computer to tell Erin goodbye.

ClaireBear: I gotta go. Bye.

*ClaireBear has logged off.*


Claire took a deep breath before heading back to her surprise visitor. She walked cautiously back into the room, almost expecting him to not really be there, like she'd imagined the whole thing.

But he was still there. He came towards her, held out his hand to her and said, "Thanks alot for letting me come in. My name's Nick, by the way."

She took his hand, already fully aware of who he was, but she would play along. "Hey, Nick, it's nice to meet you. I'm Claire. And it's no problem- at all. Can I get you a towel?"

"Yeah, thanks." Nick said, smiling at her, causing Claire's heart to flutter.

Claire went to find a big fluffy towel, and brought it back to him. She watched as he shook the water from his hair, and then began to pat himself down. She desperately wanted to ask if he wanted help, but she bit her tongue.

After a few minutes of trying to dry off, but realizing he wasn't getting anywhere, Nick asked, "Could I throw these in the dryer? I'm not really getting any drier here."

"Sure. Um... the bathroom's over there..." Claire said, pointing down the hall.

"Thanks" Nick said, disappearing into the bathroom.

Claire sat on the couch, hand on her forehead, disbelieving that he was in her house- getting naked. 'God, I wish I was in there...' she thought, getting up and going intot he laundry room to get the dryer going.

"Claire?" Nick called from the living room.

She went back into him, and her eyes got wide when she saw. Nick was standing there, bare-chested, the towel pulled tightly around his waist.

He handed her his clothes, giving her a sheepish grin. "Thanks."

"Not a problem." she said quietly, unable to take her eyes off his near naked form. She tossed the clothes in dryer and returned to the living room, to find him having made himself comfortable on the couch.

Claire was just about to sit down on the chair opposite the couch so she could look at him when the lights flickered. She had two thoughts then, 'hell yeah' and 'oh shit'. She excused herself to go find some candles to light for just in case the electricity went off. While ruffling through the closet looking for the candles she dared to hope that things would go more the way of 'hell yeah'.

She had no sooner located the candles, then the whole house went dark. She was fumbling around trying to locate the matches in the abyss of the junk drawer, when she heard, "Hey, Claire?" from the other room.


"It's REALLY dark in here." Nick said, sounding more than a little scared.

"That's generally what happens when the lights go out." Claire called back to him, trying to stifle the giggles that were wanting to escape.

"It's... uh, kinda creepy." he said, wishing she'd hurry up whatever she was doing so he wouldn't be in the dark alone.

"Nah. 'The darkness is full of silence and possiblities'. Nothing creepy about it. " Claire replied, walking into the room carrying two candles. She put one on the end table between the couch and the chair, and another in the middle of the floor.

"Possibilities, huh?" he asked, flashing her a sexy grin.

"Yeah, all sorts of them." Claire returned his grin, and sat down on the floor in front of the chair.

Nick slid down off the couch and onto the floor beside Claire. They talked for a while, getting to know a little about each other and how Nick had ended up out in the rain.

"I was pissed at Kevin, and went for a walk, and ended up kind of stuck, since I don't know where anything is here I just kinda wandered around, but decided to take a chance on going to someone's house, and something lead me here..."

"I'm glad it did." Claire said. She was caught completely off guard when Nick leaned over to her, pressing his lips against hers.

He pulled away from her, and she could see him blushing in the faint glow of the candles.

"I'm sorry." he said softly.

"Never be sorry." Claire replied, moving over closer to him, and kissing him deeply.

Nick's hands wandered across her back, pulling her onto his lap as their tongues continued to tango. Claire shifted herself, so that she was straddling him, facing him. Her fingers searched his chest, feeling his muscles contract under her touch. She continued down over his abs, until she reached the towel. She broke the kiss to see if he would protest, as she tugged gently on the tucked end. When he made no attempt to stop her, she pulled the towel from around his waist and let the ends drop the floor. She glanced down, her eyes taking in the sight of his dick, getting harder under her gaze.

He reached for the hem of her shirt, pulling it up over her head, revealing her perky breasts, covered by a white lace bra. Claire reached behind her back, unsnapping it, and quickly sliding it off. His hands went to her breasts, cupping them together, caressing them. He licked his lips, before dropping his head to swirl his tongue over her nipples. Claire gasped from the attention of his tongue- warm and velvety against her sensitive flesh. He nipped and licked while Claire carefully shifted herself, reaching for the candle that was in the center of the floor, but never moving away from the sweet torture of Nick's tongue.

Claire pulled away from Nick, just enough to put a little distance between them. She tilted the candle over Nick's chest, the melted wax dribbling down onto him.

"God damn!" Nick yelled, startled by the sensation of the heat on his chest. "What was that about?"

Claire looked at him, sensually pouting, "What? You didn't like that?"

"I dunno... maybe you should do it again..." He whispered, before claiming her lips in another searing kiss.

She pushed him back, leaning him against the couch, and brought the candle down closer to him, dripping the wax into a looping design across his chest from one nipple to the other. He trembled from the exhilarating affliction of the erotic mix pain and pleasure.

"Gimme that." Nick said, rearranging Claire, to where she was draped over his lap, her body fully exposed to him.

He took the candle and very slowly trickled a burning trail of intense ecstasy from her neck to her belly button. She shuddered, moaning his name as his hands wandered over her body, rolling off the soft wax.

He continued to touch her, keeping his hands on her body, as he kissed her all over. She loved the feeling of his lips everywhere on her skin. Every place he kissed seemed to tingle, even after he'd moved on. His kissed trailed down her body, grazing over her stomach. His fingers brushed through the hair between her legs, before spreading her knees apart and groping her pussy, then sliding inside her. Claire inhaled sharply, loving the teasing motions of his fingers moving inside her. Nick slid out from under her, and straddled her, without stopping the rhythm his hand was keeping.

He leaned down, his mouth hovering over her pussy, glistening with her excitement. He blew lightly on her clit, causing her to whimper and buck her hips up towards him.

"Taste me..." she pleaded, running her nails through his hair, then down his neck and across his shoulders.

"With pleasure." His tongue slid slowly over her vagina, before darting inside her. She could feel him twisting and curling his tongue, making her scream almost immediately.

"Nick... I want..." she moaned.

"What do you want?" he asked softly, bring his face up to hers.

"Give it to me." she demanded breathlessly.

"How do you want it?" he asked, knowing she would let him do whatever he wanted anyway.

"I don't care, just fuck me!" she begged.

He rolled her onto her side, and propped her up on her elbow. He positioned her, keeping one leg on the floor and grabbing the other, resting it against his shoulder. He straddled her grounded leg, and thrust downward swiftly, penetrating her deeply. She cried out at his suddenness, and in relief that he was finally inside her.

The lights flickered back on then, allowing Claire to observe the adorable contortions of Nick's expression as slid in and out of her. Claire's gaze shifted from Nick's face, to see the intimate meeting of their bodies. She watched as Nick's penis disappeared inside her and then reappeared, only to be thrust back into her more forcefully.

Nick had also been watching, but turned his eyes from the action, to look at Claire. When he saw that she had been looking, too, he was even more excited. His pace increased, and his hands slid down her calf, over her thigh. He kissed the inside of her ankle, as his fingers continued to brush their way to her pussy. Claire used her free hand to guide Nick's fingers to throbbing clit, keeping her hand over his as he delightfully stroked her.

With all that she was feeling, plus seeing the act itself, Claire was wired with near-orgasmic tension, desperately needing release. She grabbed at Nick, getting ahold of his shoulders, pulling him toward her, while turning onto her back and spreading her legs wide apart. He placed his hands on the floor, beside her head, holding himself slightly up over her. She could feel his dick gliding against her silky walls, tickling hot spots she didn't know she had. She began to shake slightly, feeling her climax rapidly approaching as Nick grazed against her clit with each movement he made. Claire raised her hips to him, and tightened her twitching muscles around him. The extra pressure was all the coaxing Nick needed, and he came hard. She felt the warm fluid filling her, setting off her own surrender to a fiercely intense orgasm. Claire shrieked as her body quaked from the waves of satisfaction cresting over her again and again.

Nick embraced her, kissing her forehead, and smiled at her. "I'm gonna have to remember where you live, for next time I get caught out in the rain."

"I hope you do," she replied, returning his hug. She reluctantly let go of him as he started to get up.

"I hate to just leave like this, but I have to get back to the guys, we have a radio interview this afternoon before the show. Can I get my clothes?" he said, looking regretful.

"I understand. Let me go get them for you." Claire said as she picked up her own clothes and walked into the laundry room.

She gathered his clothes and grabbed an extra umbrella she kept around. She returned to him, handing him the clothes and the umbrella.

"Thanks, Claire." he said, pulling on his partially dried clothes. He kissed her softly on the lips as he went to the door. "Thanks again, for everything. Hopefully we'll see each other again. Bye." He winked, and turned to leave.

Claire watched him put up the umbrella and disappear down the street. She put her clothes back on, running her hands over her body, already missing his touch.

She went back to the computer, and logged on to IM, hoping Erin would still be there.

ClaireBear: Erin!

BONDGRRL: Oh, you decided to return, huh? Gee, thanks.

ClaireBear: I definitely have to rethink my opinion on the rain out here.

BONDGRRL: Why is that? Did you get a little thrill from being nearly-electrocuted leaving the computer or something?

BONDGRRL: <-- is a little pissy

ClaireBear: yeah, I can tell you're pissy. And yeah, I got QUITE the thrill... not from the comp though...

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