tagInterracial LoveI Couldn't Say No

I Couldn't Say No


I wanted Jim and I wanted him now. There were times that he teased me into thinking he wanted me and then he would send me on my way. At first I got upset and angry, but then I was so happy he got me to cum on fingers and go to bed having dreams and images of what it would be like to have him fuck me.

Five years it will be in May and I will never be able to go back to being just a white girl teased by a black man that wouldn't give it up for me. He teased and he make promises of fucking my brains out, fucking me in the ass and cumming all over my face and titties that I got off on just thinking about it.

Let me back it up. Jim and I met and I fell for him immediately. I wanted him that first day I met him but he couldn't because he had to go right home. He is married and has children and his wife caught him a few years ago and she keeps him on a tight leash. There was a gap of over a month a few years ago that we hardly spoke, text or met and I hooked up with an old high school friend (a black guy) and I asked him to make love to me. I had a "hard on" for him in high school but it never went past the making out and touching stages as I grew up with racist parents. That made Jim so mad and I told him I would never do it again and that it meant nothing to me and the only reason I did it was because I was missing him. He forgave me after be pleading with him all day and then he said I would have to find a friend of mine that he could fuck and force me to watch and I didn't have anyone. Instead I would give him money and buy him gifts and that's part of the "pact" me made.

One day he called me and said that he wanted me to meet him and he would be taking us "somewhere" that I have wanted to go for a long time. I had no idea what he was talking about. I met him in our usual place and he told me to lock up my car he was driving so I got into his truck and off we went. I asked him where we were going and he did want to tell me because it was a surprise.

A surprise it was as we pulled up to a hotel and he told me that he was going to keep his promises. We got the key and just about got in when he pushed me down on the bed and unzipped his pants and dropped them and his shorts down and then both off as he climbed and dangled his extra large long and thick black cock in front of me. He changed his tone of voice with you to put on a demand that I suck his cock hard and lick it and jerk it and I was told to make him hard. I enjoyed sucking him off and his cock grew and I got more wet than ever before. As he got hard, he pulled his cock from my mouth and fucked my pussy and he played rough. He told me that he won't tolerate me screwing around on him, when he wants to have his cock sucked he will ask and I better be there. Also he fucked me doggy style and then got out a large tube of lube and lubed up my nice big fat white ass and his huge black cock and then before I knew it he started to enter my ass. I started to freak and he told me that was my punishment for fucking someone else. He asked me to tell him what happened and how was he and I told him that I sucked him and he fucked me and that was about it.

He was very good as he didn't cum or anything and then he started to get rough with me as he handcuffed me to the bed posts and spread my legs and cleaned up and shaved my pussy. He then put some cocoa butter on it and rubbed it in and then proceeded to tell me that I was his cock sucker forever I am not to ask any questions. When I have my monthly, I would be subjected to sucking him off anytime he wanted me. I couldn't say no or he would make demands that I could get hurt.

One night he got me in a hotel room and then he really pumped and banged me so hard I could feel my teeth rattling. We never had protection when we had sex and we always were lucky, but not this one time. Our relationship changed when I called him on the phone and asked him to meet me in our place and he did and I dropped the bomb that I was pregnant. He told me that it couldn't be his as he slapped me across the face and threw me to the ground saying that this wasn't suppose to happen.

In October, we had our little baby and I had some complications with his birth. I was losing too much blood and I almost died. He had to play it cool that he was coming to see me because no one knew it was his baby. It wasn't going to be easy trying to explain why I am white and my baby is black. He came to see me and told me to keep the baby a secret and give it up for adoption which I refused to do. He came over to my place after my discharge and he knew I was still weak he hit me and threw me down and treated me like I did something to him. I started to bleed again and I was scared but lucky I did stop. I didn't report him and to my surprise I enjoyed the rough sex. I still have our baby and he has agreed that he will be named on the birth certificate as the baby's father.

For Christmas he bought the baby a lot of things and he bought me a wedding rings so I wouldn't be questioned too much. We engage in rough and kinky sex. I let him have things his way and I love being his little cum slut.

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