tagErotic CouplingsI Cum on Tina

I Cum on Tina


Tina is a very sexy woman who really loves the attention I give to her breasts when we get together. Like most of my lady friends, she usually cums several times with me but unlike most of them, she cums from stimulation of her large and lovely breasts, especially their very sensitive nipples. She gets the most enjoyment from our love-making when her first climax is from my caressing, licking and sucking her there so that is how we always start. That's not the only kind of sex she likes, of course, and usually she cums the second time from my eating her pussy, and the third time, which is the best time for her, is from her own special way.

The first time we met was six o'clock on a summer afternoon. I had just completed some business on an upper floor in one of the old high-rise office buildings downtown and was riding down on the small, slow elevator, when a pretty, very voluptuous blonde woman boarded. That late in the day, we were probably the only people who would be using the elevator. As we stood on opposite sides of the cab, I couldn't help but notice her creamy breasts and how they were spilling out over the top of her dress.

I may have been staring because she suddenly looked at me, smiled and asked "You like?"

"Very much. You have really gorgeous breasts." I learned long ago that, in a situation like that, when I have been caught ogling somebody, it is much better to tell the truth. A lie won't be believed and might even be taken as an insult. Besides that, the truth, especially if it includes a compliment, might result in unexpected benefits.

"Want a better view?" Before I could reply, which would have been a strong affirmative, she unzipped her dress down to her waist, unhooked the front clasp of her bra, and pulled her clothing out of the way, giving me an excellent view of a pair of truly lovely breasts, with big, pink nipples. To give me an even better view, she bounced on her feet, causing them to jiggle up and down in a delightful and all-natural manner.

"Breathtaking!" I told her. "I could look at your breasts all day."

She stopped bouncing and smiled again, this time more lasciviously. "Is that all you would want to do? Just look at them?"

Well, of course that wasn't all I would want to do. Instead of answering verbally I stepped across the elevator, cupped one of the twin beauties under either hand and started licking one of her nipples. With just a few strokes of my tongue, her nipple became erect and when I switched my attentions to the other and caressed it the same way, it quickly hardened also. The unknown, but very sensuous woman was already sighing happily.

While the elevator cab slowly creaked its way to the lobby, I moved my mouth back and forth between her adorable nipples, spending only a few seconds on either one until I drew one of her luscious globes into my mouth and started sucking on it. Although she was sighing and cooing in pleasure and her upper body was squirming in pleasure against the wall of the elevator, she pushed me away.

"I really love what you're doing," she whispered into my ear. "But we're almost at the ground floor."

Reluctantly, I raised my head from her lovely breasts and watched glumly as they were once again enclosed inside her bra and behind the dress that the sexy woman zipped back up.

"Don't look so sad," she admonished me, still smiling. "I live a few blocks from here and we can go to my apartment and keep doing what we were doing just now. You were really giving my tits a great time and I don't want you to stop. Unless you have something else you'd rather do."

I definitely had nothing I would rather do so we walked together to my truck. During the short drive to her apartment, we exchanged names and some other information about ourselves. I learned she was a PTA mom but that her kids were away for a few days. She also told me she sometimes liked to show herself off as she had been doing to me in the elevator. "This was the first time I ever got such a great reaction, though."

At the apartment building where she lived, we again rode an elevator together but this time Tina's clothing stayed primly in place. However, that was not the situation as soon as we were behind the closed and locked door of her apartment. This time, after kicking off her shoes, she unzipped her dress all the way down and pulled her arms out of the sleeves. While it was falling to the floor, she unhooked her bra and let it drop too. Wearing only panties and her stockings, Tina spread her arms in an invitation to me to resume what we had been doing on the first elevator.

We did resume, or start over, and for several minutes, I licked her nipples, alternating between her marvelous breasts while Tina was sighing and cooing in my ear. Again, just as I started to graduate to sucking the luscious globes, she interrupted me but this time I was glad to comply with her suggestion.

"I really love that, George, even more now than I did before. But I know I'll love it even more when I'm lying on my back in bed."

I straightened up and Tina leaned on me while she pulled off her stockings. Picking up them and her dress and bra from the floor, she started down the hall, clad only in her panties. Eager to again feel the delightful texture of her nipples on my tongue and to fill my mouth with her soft flesh, I followed her into her bedroom. After depositing her clothing on a chair, Tina lay on her back, a pillow under her head, cupping her breasts with her hands and smiling another invitation to me.

Once again, I answered with great alacrity, kneeling on her bed beside her and, after kissing each nipple, drawing a succulent globe into my mouth. She immediately started cooing and, after a few minutes of her breasts sharing the attentions of my mouth, Tina was moaning from pleasure while her upper body writhed on the bed, presenting them to me. When I looked toward her pussy, I could see she was starting to hump into the air and I could see and smell her delectable pussy juices wetting the crotch of her panties. I started to kiss my way down her lovely body toward the awaiting wetness.

She perceived my intentions but once again Tina stopped me. This time it was so I would continue paying homage to her marvelous breasts. "I know you want to eat my pussy, George, and I want it too, but first I want to cum from you sucking and licking my tits."

I get immense pleasure from making love to my lady friends, and I was already thinking of Tina as being part of that group. One reason I enjoy myself so much is that I always listen to them and do what they want. If they don't tell me, I ask. That way, they get the maximum pleasure from our love-making and this results in much more fun for me too. Most women can't cum without stimulation of their clits, but some, like Tina, are so sensual they can, and those women often like to enjoy their first orgasms without that stimulation.

Since we both wanted my mouth to keep a firm contact with her breasts, I changed my position so that my left am was across her belly, with the elbow bent so that hand cupped one breast. My right hand held the other gorgeous twin and there was enough of my weight on her that, although she could squirm, it would not be so much that I couldn't keep my mouth where we both wanted it. Her head and legs and the rest of her body were free to thrash around as much as she wanted.

Once we were in position, I started licking a nipple again, alternating between broad strokes of my tongue and short jabs with just the tip. After a few minutes of that kind of attention, switching my mouth back and forth between her nipples, Tina was moaning again and I could feel her upper body moving under me. Her pussy was fucking into the air and the crotch of her panties was soaked with fresh juices.

Spreading her lovely breasts apart, I buried my face between them and rubbed their soft skin against my cheeks. After licking the channel between, I started licking one of the lovely globes while caressing the other with my face. After my tongue had traveled up to the areola, I turned to the other breast and licked it the same way but this time, when I reached the apex, I drew a luscious mouthful into my mouth and started to suck. My lips formed a seal on her soft flesh and while I sucked, my tongue caressed her precious nipple. From her arousal, I could feel it was fully erect, with tiny, hard ridges that pleased my tongue as I licked.

"Yes! Yes! Like that. Oh, God, that feels good," Tina interrupted her moans to encourage me as my mouth pleasured itself and both of her lovely mounds in turn. When I glanced toward her face, I could see her head tossing from side to side on the pillow as she immensely enjoyed what I was doing. Mostly, though, instead of looking, I concentrated on what my mouth was doing and how I was enjoying it almost as much as Tina was.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she whimpered, and I could smell her delightful pussy juices as they started to soak into the sheet under us. Tina's fingers were clawing my back and, although her upper body was held in place, her ass rocked and thrashed on the bed and her legs kicked up and down. "Keep sucking! Keep sucking my tits! I'm gonna cum."

Both of us wanted her to cum and a few minutes later, we got our wish. Her fingernails dug into my back and the movements of the rest of her body became even more erratic. "Suck me. Suck me. Suck me," she continued pleading. Her entreaties were totally unnecessary because I wanted nothing more than to do just that, and my lips remained securely clamped to her lovely breast, with my tongue caressed her nipple. She gave an abrupt jerk and her body completely relaxed after her climax.

Knowing she was through cumming, I removed my mouth from the wonderful mound that had felt so good and looked toward her pussy. Her panties, which were of thin material, had soaked through and I could see the outline of her labia, waiting their turn with my tongue. Before that could happen though, I picked up the other pillow from the head of the bed and got between her spread legs.

As I put my fingers inside the waistband to remove her wet panties, Tina smiled again and said, "That was wonderful, George. I hope you like the taste of my pussy juice because I have an ocean of it for you."

"I love it, and the more there is, the more I love it. And if your pussy tastes half as good as it smells, I will especially love yours."

She raised herself off the bed so I could pull her panties off, and raised her ass again so I could slip the pillow into place. With her legs draped over my shoulders, I wrapped my arms around her thighs so my face was inches from where I would be feasting. As usual, I paused briefly to survey what I expected to enjoy eating. Tina's pussy was a thing of beauty, with her soft blonde hair, trimmed so it just surrounded her outer lips. Those lips, as well of the inner pair, were swollen to a dark red, contrasting against her creamy skin and her pubic hair. Gently using my fingers, I spread them, exposing her delightful pink vagina, shiny with juices.

I had complimented Tina on the aroma of her pussy juices which were now spattered on her thighs, belly and all over her pubic area. My compliment had been completely sincere and I expected them to taste even better than they smelled, as do those of most women. Leaning forward I started licking the nectar from her thighs, then everything from her belly, reveling in the smooth texture of her skin. From the feel of my fingers and tongue on her very private parts, Tina was already cooing her pleasure, a delight to my ears.

After I started licking her crotch, she spread her legs wider for me, allowing me to get everything from around her pussy, including the outside part of her outer labia, even what had soaked into her pubic hair. After devouring all her juices, I began caressing her pussy with my tongue, starting with the silky skin between a pair of her inner and outer lips at their origin, just below her pink love hole.

From there, I licked upward, until I reached the point where the two lips are close together, where I turned my face to the side, allowing my tongue to probe the seam between them, stroking both lips at once. Very slowly, I licked upward until I reached the point where her inner lip ends by merging with the other inner lip. I continued until I reached the end of the outer lip, and even caressed her mons with my tongue, enjoying the feel of her soft pubic hair.

Tina was enjoying it too, with her pussy humping into my face, and she interrupted her cooing to let me know. "Oh, God, George, that feels really wonderful. Keep eating my pussy and you'll make me cum again."

That was my intention too although not for a while, and I brought my tongue back to lick her inner pussy lips where they meet. There they form a protective hood over her clit, and I gently licked the top of that covering. I could see the little cutie, so engorged that it was pushing its way out of its shelter and I gently touched it with my tongue. The reaction was immediate.

Tina moaned loudly; her pussy fucked more strongly into my face and issued a fresh gush of her fragrant juices. When I glanced up at her, I saw that her head, which had been fairly stationary on the pillow, was rolling from side to side while her body writhed under me. Because it was still too soon for her to start cumming, I kept my mouth away from her clit for a while.

The fresh juices tasted even better than what her pussy had produced before and, after savoring them, I started licking her other pair of pussy lips, the same way as I had the first. These labia, when I started licking them, were more engorged than her first pair had been and when I reached the end of the inner lips again, Tina was closer to being ready to cum. This time, after caressing the top of her hood with my tongue, I dragged the tip across her clit, and returned to start licking around her wet, pink love hole.

"I wanna cum, George. Lick my pussy! Suck my clit," were Tina's entreaties, in between her moans of pleasure. I knew she was just moments away from getting her wish.

Her body was thrashing so hard on the bed with her pussy fucking so hard into my face that I had a hard time keeping contact, but my arms around her thighs helped keep me anchored. My tongue probed into the lower edge of her love hole, squeezing out drops of nectar and I continued up one side of that lovely pink place, the tip of my tongue exploring under her inner lip as I moved. Back and forth my tongue moved, treating both sides the same and stopping in between to taste the delicious juices that were bubbling up.

By this time, Tina's thighs had rotated out, presenting her pussy more fully to me and her hips were swiveling under me, thrusting her legs out over my shoulders and back. She was ready to cum so I drew her love button into my mouth and started lightly sucking. My lips closed down on the base and my tongue caressed the sides and top of her clit while it was in my mouth.

"Yes! Yes!" she cried. Suck my clit!" A minute later, "Oh! Oh! I'm cumming," she crooned, and her legs clamped onto my temples. While fucking harder than ever into my face, Tina grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face into her pussy, holding me there. The backs of her calves drummed against my back while her ass rocked back and forth and bounced up and down. I held tightly to her thighs and kept my mouth wrapped securely around her clit and continued to suck and lick.

"Oh! OH!" Tina cried joyfully, as she climaxed with a spasm of her body. After that, she completely relaxed and her head sagged into her pillow, her eyes closed and a beatific smile on her face. While cumming, her pussy had produced another ocean of delectable juices and I licked up most of them, leaving enough inside her love hole to act as a lubricant. This was my first time with her and I didn't know just what she would want to do next but I expected it to be fucking so, after relishing most of her fresh juices, I slid out from under her legs.

As I was undressing, I took a condom out of my pants pocket and, after I was completely naked, I put it on and walked back to the bed. Tina saw my erect cock encased in latex and told me what she wanted to do next. I was agreeable with the idea, although it is not my usual way, which is more slow and gentle.

"I want you to fuck me now, George, and I want you to fuck me as hard as you can. Stick your cock in me and really sock it to me." I got back on the bed between her legs and prepared to do what she wanted.

Once again, Tina raised and spread her legs, her fingers holding her pussy lips open for me. Still kneeling above her, I inserted the head of my cock into the wet hole that was eagerly awaiting it. That feels good; now ram it into me," she directed.

Looking down and placing my hands on her thighs for leverage, I gave a strong thrust and saw most of my cock plunge into her pussy. "Ooooh, yeah! Yeah! Like that!" she encouraged me.

With one more hard thrust, my cock was embedded all the way, my wiry, dark pubic hair mingling with her soft blondeness. "Now, fuck me!" she urged. "Fuck me good and hard."

Since the pillow was still under her ass, her pussy was at the right level to fuck in this position so I stayed on my knees and plowed my cock in and out of her. After the second thrust, Tina fucked just as hard back to meet me. "That's good," she encouraged me. Fuck me like that. Fuck me hard."

As I pounded away and she pounded back to meet me, her whole body was writhing on the bed in front of me. After a few minutes, her hips started swiveling and her ass started rocking from side to side, driving her legs out and back beside me. As on the elevator, her big, lovely breasts were bouncing and swaying, a treat to my eyes, and to my hands too because I reached out and gently squeezed them. Tina liked that. "Play with my titties, George. Pinch my nipples," she told me and, again, I did what she wanted.

I was still kneeling between her legs, reaching out to caress and fondle her breasts and driving my cock straight into her pussy. From this angle and position, I had only minimal contact with her clit, which had been good because I wanted to build up to a big climax for both of us. Tina was already at that point though. "I'm getting ready to cum," she told me. "I need more on my clit."

After placing my hands on either side of her to support my weight, I leaned forward until we were in the missionary position. After a few more strokes, I curled my arms under hers and moved forward so my cock was driving down into her pussy, scraping against her clit and bringing both of us closer to cumming. "Yeah! Yeah!" she exclaimed. "I love it! I love it! Keep fucking me!"

I did but only for a few more strokes because Tina had other ideas again. "Between my tits! Fuck me between my tits!"

That puzzled me because any other woman would want to cum from fucking with my cock against her clit, but Tina was certainly old enough to know what she likes, and I still wanted to give her the best time I could. I pulled my cock from her pussy and started moving toward her breasts but she stopped me and removed my condom before letting me find a home in the warm channel she had created for me by squeezing her soft breasts together with her hands.

As I fucked her there, I could feel her hard nipples rubbing against my skin. Her upper body was held steady by my weight but her lower body and legs were pitching and tossing on the bed, although her hands still supported the channel that I was fucking. Tina's head was rolling from side to side on her pillow while she moaned and whimpered. I knew she was on the verge of cumming.

I was even further along than that and my cock started jerking and throbbing as it does when I am about to ejaculate. Tina felt it too. "My tits! She cried. Cum on my tits."

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