I Dare You To Stop Me


"Don't move!" she screamed as she waited for the waves of pleasure to die down. It took a minute or two of her holding me in place before she was ready for the next step. She signalled the fact by releasing her grip on my back and allowing me some movement which I jumped on strait away.

I pulled myself out until my tip was just at her opening and then filled her up again seeming to push the air right through her and out her mouth in another gasp. I held it there just for a moment this time and then started a rhythmic motion keeping my penetration deep inside her and moving just an inch or two in and out. I'd never known a girl to be so wet and there was a wonderful squelching sound as my groin pushed against hers every time I filled her up fully with my forward thrust. I gradually increased my movement inside her until I was giving her the full length of my 8 inches all the way in and out. I kept the whole pace slow as I didn't want to rush it and blow my load too soon. In fact I didn't want this time to end at all so was desperately trying to hold back but the moment was taking me over. Every time I felt myself getting close I backed off the speed and changed the rhythm. She must has sensed this and probably also the concern of her brother impregnating her and responded with the sexiest words I had ever heard.

"I dare you to cum in my mouth," she said through panting breath.

I had been holding back for so long that this was the only indication I needed and I increased my speed and pace till I was thrusting myself deeply in and out of her and pounding her body deep into the sofa. The thought of coming in her mouth and not worrying anymore about holding back sent me quickly to the point of no return. After several more intense thrusts with her almost unable to breathe I pulled out of her slippery hole and quickly moved myself up towards her mouth which she opened willingly. I continued to jack myself towards her with my hand and could feel the waves of ecstasy now coming over me. There was no more holding back and I couldn't prevent myself from letting out a moan and calling her name in pleasure as I shot my load straight into her willing mouth.

"Ohhh Elise. Fucking hell!" I pretty much screamed it out and kept breathing heavily as I ejaculated spurt after spurt onto her. Most went straight into her mouth but some missed and covered her beautiful face with my white love. As my convulsions eased off I pushed my penis forward into her mouth and she willingly sucked the last few drops out of me. I could feel her struggling to swallow my load while my penis was in her mouth but she managed in the end after a few gulps. She pushed her lips together as she let me free from her oral grasp and sucked the tip as it slipped out. She looked so horny lying there having swallowed most of my load with the rest dripping down her face and onto her chest.

"Wow sis. That was just amazing," I said without thinking about who I was actually talking to. After the words left my mouth the reality dawned on me again and I realised that I had just fucked my sister. MY SISTER! She could obviously sense what I was feeling and with a cute little smile on her cum stained face she replied.

"You fuck real good John and who would have thought that my big brother would make me cum more than anyone else."

I'm not sure whether her smile made it better or worse but I could feel my head throbbing a little now and thinking that my hangover was kicking in early. "Oh sis. What have we just done?" My whole reality was catching up on me and my energy was slumping just thinking about it.

Elise lifted herself up and used her fingers and lips to swallow the last parts of me off her face. She then moved further forward and kissed me on the lips again. I wasn't sure how to react and pulled away a little but she refused to let me go and for every move I made away she made one forward. "I don't regret a thing and you shouldn't either. It's just sex, it doesn't mean we're in love or anything right?"

Her openness made me feel a little better about the situation. "I guess?" I said more questioningly than certain.

"And you didn't cum inside me so no baby problems right?"

I responded with the same answer. "I guess." But this time I said it with more assurance and less question.

"See? It's all ok," she seemed very relaxed about the whole situation as she swung her legs over the sofa into a seating position and started to pull her red thong back on. She still insisted on teasing me by pushing her bum out as she did so I could see the fullness of her moon once more. She didn't bother with her bra or leggings and picked up and offered me my boxers back again. "Let's go to bed," she said as she handed them back to me.

"Yeah, I'm starting to feel hung-over already," I responded as I pulled my boxers back on to make me feel less self conscious.

"My room or yours?" she asked in an almost matter of fact way.

"What do you mean?" I asked her, not knowing her intention.

"You can't fuck me and then leave me to sleep alone. How insensitive would that be." She turned to face me and reached out her hand offering to lead me which I accepted not knowing what else to do. "My room I think. It tidier!" She looked at me with those beautiful big brown eyes again and that same cheeky smile on her face. "Come on," she said as she led me upstairs towards her bedroom. "Let's clear up in the morning."

*~*~* Part V *~*~*

She pushed her bedroom door open and led me through. I really wasn't sure about anything that was happening right now but seeing as I'd just had sex with my sister, I decided that sleeping next to her wouldn't make things any worse. Also, the way she looked at me with those beautiful eyes made it very hard for me to say no.

Her bedroom was exactly what you would expect from a 19 year old girl and reminded me how young she really was. Lots of posters of the current hot famous boys and pictures of her with her mates in various provocative poses. As expected though it was very clean and tidy and it had the aroma of her perfume which reminded me of the intimacy we had shared and took my mind off anything else.

She led me to the bed where I sat down and waited for her to return not quite knowing what to do. She headed off to the bathroom and came back presently with a toothbrush in hand.

"Use this," she said as she motioned for me to follow her back. "I always keep a spare just in case."

Just in case of what? I thought to myself, but either way I followed and joined her in brushing.

Every few moments or so I let me eyes drift down to her amazing ass showing itself off through that sexy red thong and couldn't help thinking about pounding it again. Now some guys might have thought it strange, with her breasts fully exposed that I was constantly focussing on her behind but that's just me, I love girls asses.

When we'd finished brushing she led me back to the bed and sat me down as she pulled the covers open. Luckily it was a double bed so we had plenty room and I wouldn't have to be too close to her, which might have made it awkward for the whole night. She climbed in first keeping her panties on and pulled her knees up in a foetal position facing away from me. This gave me the most amazing view of her ass as the cheeks pushed together and formed a beautiful peach. I had to resist grabbing it there and then and kept reminding myself that she was my sister and that I just shouldn't be having these feelings. I climbed in next to her, kept enough distance so that we weren't touching and pulled the covers over us both.

"Come closer John," she whispered. "I want you to hold me."

She reached her right hand back and pulled on my waist to indicate she wanted me to move. I don't know why I was feeling awkward at this point, I mean I had just fucked her so why was sleeping with her so different? I shuffled closer till my groin was touching her behind and put my arm around her waist.

"That's better," se said and I could hear a smile in her voice as she snuggled down and pushed her whole body back so we spooned together. "Always remember to hold a girl after sex John. It may not mean much to boys but to girls it's so important. It's the sort of thing that will make them fall in love with you as well."

She turned her head round to make sure I could see she was joking and then laughed as I can only imagine how my face must have looked.

"Goodnight lover," she whispered as she turned away from me and reached over to the bedside light to put the room into darkness.

I drifted off to sleep pretty quickly. I think the combination of alcohol and the late night sent my body off. I remember Elise moving around a little during the night and having to alter my position to make sure I kept holding her throughout. The morning arrived as the sun came in through the curtains and I woke up in a similar pose to where I'd drifted off. She felt my waking movement and moaned a little obviously not wanting to wake up herself.

I slowly removed my arm from around her waist and rolled onto my back putting my hands behind my head. My thoughts turned to the night before and now that I was sober I couldn't believe what I had let happen. Maybe Elise sensed my concern because she woke up at this point and turned her whole body round to face me.

"Morning lover," she said as she looked up at me with those huge brown eyes.

"Um, morning," I replied a little hesitantly figuring she would be regretting things too but it certainly didn't sound like it.

"Thanks for staying with me last night. It felt so nice to have you holding me while I fell asleep and now when I wake up as well." She had turned to face me and put her hand over my waist to cuddle up.

"Look, sis," I said as I was thinking about how to approach the whole situation but she didn't let me even begin.

"Don't think about it John," she interrupted. "If you do then you might start to question everything and as far as I'm concerned we haven't done anything wrong."

"Nothing wrong?" I said. "We had sex Elise. Me and You. brother and sister. That sounds pretty wrong to me." I was taking an annoyed tone but she just seemed to ignore it.

"Don't be silly John. It's only sex. It doesn't matter that we are brother and sister so long as it felt good and we love each other." She sat up a bit more now and looked at me waiting for a reaction.

"I don't think that's how it works," I replied trying to make her see sense.

"No, that's exactly how it works and I'm not going to stop doing something that feels good just because people say it's wrong. What do they know?"

I could feel her childish stubbornness coming out and decided to put my foot down. "Well it's certainly not going to happen again, that's for sure," I said as I sat up and turned to face her. "What about if I hadn't pulled out in time and cum inside you? Imagine if you got pregnant. Did you think about that?"

"I haven't stopped thinking about it," she replied. "I dreamt about it most of the night in fact and it made me feel so happy and horny at the same time. But you're right, it's risky and I'm not going to let you have sex like that with me again. There's plenty of other things we can do."

Her attitude was really shocking me but I also knew my little sister and to a point, she was almost convincing me. I was really wrestling with my emotions. On the one hand I knew it was wrong but on the other she really did turn me on and part of me wanted more of the same.

"I thought it was the alcohol talking," she said as she rolled her whole body on top of mine and pulled her head up towards my chest. "But I'm sober this morning and now I want you more than ever."

The warmth of her body on mine surprisingly made me feel a little more at east and I put my arms around her holding her close.

"Don't get me wrong Elise. You really turn me on but..."

"I know, I can feel it," she said as she stopped my sentence in its tracks and grabbed my penis through my boxers.

I hadn't even realised, but I had a full on erection trying to push its way out of my boxers. My brain was saying no but my body obviously had other ideas.

"Well, I have you all to myself for another day and I'm not going to let you out of this room." She sat up provocatively and moved her legs either side so she was sitting on my thighs.

She rolled her hands up my legs and let her fingers drift under the bottom of my boxers, one on either side. They crept up my inner thigh and found their way to my balls. She gently gripped them in her thumb and forefingers and rolled them in a little squeezing motion.

"Mmmm. That feels amazing," I responded to make sure she knew I liked it, but I'm not sure she needed any confirmation as she could feel my body reacting to her touch.

She turned her hands to face upwards, grabbed hold of the fabric of my boxers and pulled them straight down. My penis got caught in the material as it tried to escape and ended up being pulled down with them. She giggled as she saw what was happening but continued to pull them off until the strain of my penis became more than the grip of the fabric and it sprung free, slapping onto my stomach.

"Wow. It's bigger than I remember," she said as she put both hands out and stood it to attention.

I could do nothing but lay there as my sister grasped my penis. Her small hands did make it look even bigger I must admit. She looked up at me and smiled as she lowered her head down sticking her tongue out to lick the tip. She rolled it around in circles and kept her gaze on me.

"Elise, that feels amazing," I said as I watched her drop her head and let it slip into her mouth. She moved up and down just a few inches lining it with saliva for better lubrication.

I reached forward and placed my hands on her head to guide her as she continued. She tried to press up against my hands to free herself but I playfully resisted before eventually letting her up for air.

"I can barely open my mouth wide enough to fit it all in," she exclaimed as she eagerly bobbed her head straight back down on it again.

It had gone in about 3-4 inches when I could feel the tip making contact with the back of her throat. I put some gentle pressure on her head this time to see if she could go down any further but it looked like this was all she could take. I relaxed off as she was struggling for air and allowed her to lift her head up. A line of saliva hung from her mouth to my penis as it had caused her to salivate much more than normal.

"Sorry!" I said, indicating that I didn't mean to push so hard. "Did that hurt?"

"It felt a bit strange, kinda like I was about to choke but it didn't hurt." She put her hand on my shaft and started to masturbate me while we talked. Her saliva making her hand slip up and down with ease.

"I've never tried it before," she said innocently. "I wonder how the girls get it to go all the way in?"

I think she was genuinely unsure rather than teasing at this point so I decided to give her some instruction from my limited experience.

"Well, I read that if you make a swallowing motion with your throat then it opens up and makes it easier."

"Really?" she said and seemed a little shocked that I might know how it works. "Is that true?"

"That's what I read."

"Does it hurt?" she said as she continued to jack me off.

"I don't think so. As long as you can overcome the gag reflex then it should just slip down." I was trying to word things in a way that would make her attempt it and I didn't have to wait long before she did.

"OK," she agreed as she lowered her head down once more. "It better not hurt though or I'm blaming you," she said with a smile as she put it in her mouth again and eased it through till I could feel it once again at the back of her throat.

She looked up at this point for some guidance and I did the only thing I knew how and put my hands back on the top of her head to give her a push.

I could hear her starting to choke so I lifted the pressure off allowing her out an inch or so. She seemed to recover pretty quick so I pressed her down once more.

"Now make a swallowing motion with your throat," I instructed as my tip pushed at the back again. She responded and created a mixture of choking and coughing as she tried to push me in further but it just wasn't happening. This time she raised her head up quickly before I could resist and took it out completely.

"Fucking hell John. Are you trying to choke me to death?" The smile on her face told me she was ok but I think there was also a part of her that was serious.

"Sorry, I was just trying to help."

"Well if you're going to do it, then do it properly," she said as she placed the tip back in her mouth, then as if she'd forgotten to say something, took it back out again. "I want you to really force my head down this time, OK?"

I looked a little shocked but nodded in agreement. She too nodded a little confirmation then put it back in as far as it would go. I resumed my hold and this time pushed a little harder. I could hear and feel her trying to swallow but obviously struggling with my girth.

The thought of choking my little sister with my penis made me even harder and enlarged my head which didn't make matters any easier.

She was choking on me but still indicating that she wanted me to push even harder so I responded and pressed almost double this time. I also lifted my groin up as I tried to push it further in from below.

Suddenly I felt a really tight sensation like I was having the blood squeezed out of my penis and my groin seemed to move forwards with ease. As I looked down my little sisters nose was pretty much touching me belly button.

"Fucking hell sis," I shouted out as she had managed to deep throat me all the way. Somehow my entire 8 inches had slipped in and been clamped with her tight throat muscles.

She grabbed my hips indicating that she wanted me to hold the position for a moment or two to prevent her gagging. It didn't take her long to adapt and once she did she let her mouth up just an inch or so and then instantly pushed it back down. She repeated this a couple of times and by now was almost sending me into ecstasy.

"That feels fucking amazing," I said as her head bobbed up and down on my dick. I could feel it brushing the inside of her throat and it was just the most incredible sensation I had ever felt.

She kept on for a moment or two longer and then quickly pulled her head up. As my penis left her mouth she coughed out a huge amount of saliva. She spluttered a few more times and looked up at me, her mouth juice dripping out onto my legs. She waited until she had my full gaze and then spat out the rest onto my penis.

"You liked that then?"

"Fucking hell yes!" I almost screamed as my whole body was still recovering from the incredible feeling.

"I'm so fucking turned on now," she said as she used the back of her hand to wipe away the remaining saliva from her mouth. "I want you to fuck me as hard as you can."

As she said it she rolled onto her side, grabbed her own panties and practically ripped them off her body. She then got on all fours and faced away from me placing her hands and forearms on the end of the bed pushing her ass out towards my face.

The view of that amazing behind was the only invitation I needed and as I was so incredibly turned on after her deep throat, I couldn't get inside her quick enough. I manoeuvred myself behind and pushed her legs apart so I could get my whole body in between. Her pussy was dripping wet as I reached my hand forward to rub it; she was so slippery with excitement. I positioned my penis at her opening and rubbed a few times to coat it in her juice.

"No, John," she called back without turning her head. "I told you not to fuck me like that anymore. I don't want to worry about getting pregnant. Fuck me the other way." She pushed her ass up as high as possible and gave her asshole a squeeze which opened it up just a little.

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