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I Didn't Even Know His Name


Im back. * wink wink *

I wrote this in a few short hours, thanks to the wonderful feedback I recieved on my last story.. which had a lot of people asking me to tell a story about me with a guy. This is for all of you.

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<3 your sexy little gutterslut


It was Saturday night, all my friends and I were about to leave for the club, but I had to look in the mirror one last time before spraying some perfume on and leaving.

“God Kandice, you’re hot!” I whispered to myself as I puckered up my lips, lifted my breasts with my hands and shut the bathroom light off.

Some guys said my best asset was my lips, eyes or tits. So I always made sure to have a big emphasis on them. The short black skirt I was wearing sure would tease the guys, especially if I was dancing fast enough to show them that I had no panties on underneath. My red tube top clung tightly to my chest, nipples erect and poking through the thin fabric. My long blonde hair was so shiny and straight, which is one thing I had always loved.

The drive to the club only took a few minutes. It gave me enough time to smoke on a joint, apply extra lip-gloss and stare at myself in the mirror, making sure I looked hot enough to attract a guy or two to bring home with me to the dorm. College life sure was fun.

The bouncer at the door asked me for my ID, I reached in my purse and pulled it out, handing it to him. Smiling, he leaned in to me, stamped my hand and said, “ Too bad you aren't 21, or I would buy you a drink.” I nibbled on my bottom lip, blew him a kiss and ran off to find my friends who were already in the bathroom, chugging down pints of vodka, which they had snuck in.

It never was fun to be at a club, sober. We use to get drunk before we came, but one time we all got busted and the club owner threatened to ban us from the premises if we did it again. But he didn't say we couldn't do it while we were there.

Some guy with a tight black shirt, and black leather pants was standing in the dark corner, sipping on a Heineken and staring me down. He wasn't really my type, so I just brushed my hair behind my ears, walked past him and met my friends.

We all took our turns drinking shots out of the bottle before prancing out to the dance floor to show these guys what they were missing. Some new rap song by Lil Jon came on, and me and my friends went wild. My friend Crissy got behind me and bent me over, spanking my ass as I grabbed my knees and shook my ass for all I had. It got me a little wet to see all these guys sitting at the bar watching me and my friends dance. I knew half of them were getting hard-ons watching, and I didn't mind. Too bad I couldn't help them out.

Some guy who thought he was Mr. Rico Suave came up and slid in between me and Crissy. He kept sliding his hands up and over my breasts as he grinded into my ass from behind. I was really getting into it, but he was making me so wet that I couldn't handle it. His hands went from my breasts, down to my belly, down to my upper thighs. His fingers slid up my skirt and I think he was trying to tug on my panties, when he got the shocker that I wasn't wearing any. Pulling my face close to his, he whispered something in my ear but the music was so loud that I couldn't understand him. Grabbing my hand, he guided me to the back of the club where the pool tables were. It was Saturday night, which is the best night to go out on, because drinks were so cheap, and also because hardly anyone played pool that night, instead they just sat at the bar and drank themselves into a stupor.

Sitting me on one of the pool tables he glared into my eyes for a moment before leaning in close, to gently slide his lips against the side of my neck. His kisses were from another world. I could feel the wetness gathering between my legs, as warm flashes shot up to my chest. Just before he slid his hand up my skirt again, one of the bouncers saw us and asked us to take it somewhere else.

Grabbing my cell phone out of my purse I called my friends that were still on the dance floor, and explained the situation to them, and when Rico Suave wasn't close enough to hear, I told my friends to not try and wake me up when they got home, because I was planning on getting lucky.

Yeah it’s crazy. Usually guys are the ones who go out to clubs and bars looking for some ass. But this is what me and my girl friends did every weekend. It was like a game to us, to see how many guys’ numbers we could get, and how many of them we could get to go home with us.

I guess you could call us sluts, but we wouldn't mind. We enjoyed every minute of it.

Rico and I drove back to my dorm in complete silence. I lit up a joint and passed it to him, who took a couple hits off of it, then passed it back to me. Putting it out in the ashtray we hopped out of his car and went inside the tall red brick building, which was my home away from home.

Unlocking my door and slipping inside before anyone saw us, we giggled a little, and stepped inside my room, and no sooner then the door latched, he picked me up and carried me to my bed. Rolling over, and climbing on top of him, I was kissing his chest, neck and face as he pulled my tube top above my breasts. Squeezing them inside his palms, he massaged my nipples with his fingertips. I could feel his cock growing erect inside his pants. I rubbed my hand down his body to feel it growing, but he grabbed my arm, pulled it away, and asked me to wait. Rolling me over onto my back, he pulled my skirt down, and threw it onto the floor. My body was so cold, but his fingers warmed me up quickly as soon as I felt one slide between my pussy lips, rubbing up and down just before I felt a warm, wet tongue replace it.

It was so natural, the way I felt such pleasure, and immediately spread my legs open as wide as I could. I could feel his thumb pressing down on my clit, as his tongue and middle finger slid inside me. I never was one for oral sex, but with the way he did it, I could enjoy this kind of stuff everyday. It didn't take much of his licking, sucking and fucking my clit and pussy hole with his fingers and tongue, before my body started shaking with this incredible pleasure, that was causing me to scream out, as I gripped handfuls of his hair tightly within my fingers, and dug his face on my pussy even harder and faster.

Sweat was dripping down my body as I rolled over onto my elbows and knees, to turn on the fan that was near by my bed, and before I could lay on my back, I felt something thick and hard rubbing the back of my leg.

“Oh yeah baby, fuck me with that hard cock.. mmm yeah”

was all I could say as I pinched my nipples with my fingers, awaiting his cock to slowly enter me, so I could fuck him like he's never been fucked before.

His hands gripped my hips, as I felt him slide it in, inch by inch, until it was buried deep inside my tight little cunt. Arching my back as I pushed my ass back into him, not focusing on the speed, but focusing on how deep and how hard it was.

I never was one to fuck like a jackrabbit. I've always been the kind of girl that would rather get a really nice rough fuck, instead of a ‘fast’ in and out kind of thing. He worked it like I’d never experienced before, but I wanted to show him just how good I could do it.

Reaching around my body, I slid his cock out of me, as I asked him to lie on his back. His eyes lit up, and by the expression he had on his face, I could tell not many girls have rode his thick 8-inch cock.

Sliding my right leg over his, I lined my pussy up right above his cock, and stuck the tip in, as I grabbed a hold of the bed post, and pushed my pussy all the way down on his cock. He was so thick and long, it felt like he was about to rip me apart, and I loved it.

I slowly lifted my ass up, letting his cock slide out of my pussy a little, before letting my body go back down. His hands met my ass and helped lift me up and push me down, fast enough to get my heart rate going again. I watched my tits bounce up and down as my tight little cunt engulfed his cock, over and over. My clit was so swollen and tender as I bounced up and down on his cock, closer and closer to reaching an orgasm.

I watched his eyes, which were glued to his cock sliding in and out of me, and it turned me on knowing how much pleasure I was bringing to this man, not only by giving him the fuck of his life, but by letting him watch me as I rubbed on my clit, as his cock slid in and out of me.

I felt my cunt get ever warmer, as little bursts of warmness shot up my body. I was close to an orgasm. I spread my legs a little wider, and was slowly grinding my pussy and his cock together, when I felt my clit pulsating. I closed my eyes and let this wonderful feeling take over my body, and right then, a grunt escaped his throat, and I could feel his cum shooting up inside me, as his cock jerked back and forth. He pushed me off his cock, and onto my back, and climbed on top of me, and slammed his cock into my pussy for the final few seconds of his orgasm.

Out of breath, I rubbed my pussy a little until I fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, he wasn't lying next to me. But there was a piece of paper with his phone number on it, along with his name.

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