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I Dream of Jeannie


Jeannie awoke slowly, stretching her lithe, sleek body on the silky, sensual satin sheets. Another frustrating day was about to begin. She had been stuck in this bottle for so many centuries. She was one horny little genie and was getting frustrated with getting herself off every night. (Not that, that wasn't fun) While she loved making love to her magnificent body, something was missing. A fun partner, male or female did not matter, just hot, wet sex. What she really missed was a good, hard, throbbing cock.

But, that was what was so frustrating. Her most recent master, Maj. Nelson, Major Anthony Nelson, seemed like the most perfect one to satisfy her cravings. He was young and in great shape with the longest, hardest cock she had ever viewed. It looked about 8 inches, cut with the largest head and very thick. She creamed just thinking about it.

And that was the trouble, she could only dream about it since Major Nelson, Anthony she sighed, was not even thinking of her as a woman with woman's needs. To him, she nothing but a magic machine, to turn on or off as needed

She thought back to the day her bottle had been found on the beach by Anthony. She had been so horny. When Anthony had rubbed the bottle and Jeannie saw her new master for the first time, she thought, wow. This is going to be fun.

She knew from her past masters that one thing they always (if they were male and some females as well) wished for would be sex and often sex with her. She always worked hard to please her masters and boy did she please her masters. A genie with hundreds of years to practice and many masters to practice with, had made her a very accomplished genie in the sex department.

Jeannie knew that she was a very beautiful woman. With her long blond hair, full and firm breasts, curvy hips and a very tight cunt with a natural blond thatch (sometimes clean shaven) at her pussy. Jeannie's face was lovely with pouting, sensuous red lips that just looked like they were made for sucking cock or pussy (something she just loved to do as often as possible.)

Unfortunately, Anthony was not acting like a typical master at all. His friend Maj. Healy, looked like he wanted to fuck her at the drop of his hat, (he looked like he could be a fun fuck too) but Anthony seemed to be totally oblivious to her needs and her charms. God that man was so frustrating.

She has hinted so many times about how she could make his every dream come true and nothing. He treated her like a piece of the furniture. Never expressing any desire for her. There was nothing wrong with his sexual abilities. She often secretly watched him and his many girlfriends having sex, as she masturbated furiously, and she was very impressed by his abilities as well as his magnificent cut, 8" cock. What he could do with that man meat was amazing but never with her.

She was beginning to wonder what was wrong with her. Anthony had never seen her nude as she was always in "uniform" and he had never asked her to be in anything else or even nude. Anthony was becoming very comfortable with her around, to the point where he wasn't bothered being nude when she popped in every now and then to check up on his needs.

He was also jerking that magnificent cock more and she just loved the way he shot his cum so far on his chest. He surprised her, one day, by licking his cum off his had and seemed to enjoy the taste. She was wondering if he might be bi. Wouldn't that be amazing! "Ohhh, the possibilities in that" she thought. But, she seemed to be getting no closer to finding out that when she first got out of her bottle.

So here she was, lying on her couch in the privacy of her bottle. She was one frustrated Genie and one hot genie as she slowly moved her hands along her sleek body, cupping here firm breast, pulling on her large sensitive nipples. She tugged each nipple in turn to her mouth as she licked each hard sensitive point in turn. Jeannie visualized Tony as he serviced one of his many girlfriends. The image of his hard body and stiff prick sawing back and forth in some juicy hot cunt was almost more than she could stand.

She moaned and moved her finger lower to her blond thatch. Her cunt was on fire and leaking cunt cream just thinking about Anthony and that rigid cock of his. She could just feel him filling her as she slowly separated the folds of her hot, wet dripping pussy lips. Her back arched, as she seemed to feel Tony's man flesh slowly enter her steaming hole, his full heavy balls, slapping against her hot ass.

She fingered her hole with one hand while she softly rubbed her clit with the other. Her clit was engorged and erect and almost as large as a little cock and as sensitive. She started to rub harder and faster as she moved closer to her climax, moaning Anthony's name and rolling side to side as she humped here hips upward in more frenzied movement as her fingers drove deeper into her wet cunt.

Finally, with a shriek of pure pleasure and release, she came with body shattering convulsions of lust. Her climax was so strong that she almost passed out with the pleasure. Slowly, she calmed as her chest ceased heaving and her breathing returned more to normal. The smell of hot cunt was everywhere and she almost drifted off to sleep when she leap off the couch, as if zapped by a thread of electricity at the inconvient summons from Anthony.

Breathing hard, she instantly jumped up, magically cleaning herself, dressed and blinked herself into Anthony's presence.

"You called master?" Jeannie signed as she breathed deeply and hoped Tony didn't detect the hot scent of her still dripping cunt, as Tony finished drying himself after his morning shower. Tony had gotten so used to having Jeannie around and not thinking of her as even being female that he had recently become so causal about dressing that he often forgot about being nude in her presence. "After all Jeannie was just a genie. It wasn't as if she were a real woman", Tony thought.

But, Jeannie sure didn't forget how Tony's nude form affected her. Tony kept himself very fit as an astronaut. She gazed at his trim, hard body and couldn't help letting her gaze run lower to the hunk of man meat hanging between Tony's thighs. Even soft, it must have measured a good 7 inches. Jeannie mused about how Tony's cock would piston into a hot cunt as she remembered peeking in on Tony and his female friends whenever he brought them home for some fun and relaxation. As her pussy grew wetter and hotter she was brought back to the present as Tony continued to talk. She was a bit flustered and hoped Tony wouldn't pick up on that. As usual, Tony didn't seem to pay much attention to her except to tell her what he wanted.

"Jeannie, please get my uniform ready for me and, Oh yeah, I will be a little late tonight. The General wants me to show his niece around later. Don't wait up for me." Jeannie felt a bit of jealousy at that announcement and thought she might see if she could somehow work that to her advantage.

Jeannie, being the good genie she was, all she could only say, "Very well master. Have a good time." She then zapped Tony's uniform on him as he finished up in the bathroom, quickly grabbed his briefcase and headed out the door.

Jeannie was a bit annoyed that morning and very, very horny after her short self love session and was still plagued with images of Tony's cock in her mind. She knew that Maj. Healy would just love to get between her thighs and he wasn't bad looking, but he was no Tony and Jeannie was a one-man genie. So she sighed as she lay back down nude and gently toyed with her clit, softly, trailing one finger into the crease of her slick, hot pussy.

She was still hot from her earlier session and could not help thinking of getting Tony. Not only was Tony a great cocksman, but, Tony could spend hours lapping every cunt in sight. She visualized how he looked with his long tongue lapping lovingly at a woman's pussy and driving himself into other women she spied Tony fucking and visualized Tony's long hard cock driving hard into her when she suddenly came with a long shuddering moan. She cried a little then, realizing how much she so desired him and how he continued to ignore her.

Sitting upright, with a determined gleam in her eye and radiantly flushed after her orgasm, Jeannie made up her mind. She was going to get Tony to fuck her no matter what. "But how?" she mused. She could not just make him horny, he would only go out and fuck his other girlfriends and leave her hanging as usual. She though, "Hell, I am a 1,000 year old genie, with a lot of experience seducing men and screwing their brains out, getting Tony to do me should be child's play."

But, Jeannie didn't want to just fuck Tony, she wanted to have Tony feel something for her as well. So, Jeannie started to plan how to get Tony interested. Something else came to mind as she was planning. She remembered that Tony seemed to have a thing for cum. She remembered that Tony seemed to really have fun when his girlfriends swapped sperm.

That vision of Tony fucking his latest girl and kissing him with sperm dripped lips had Jeannie thinking. "Tony has never seen me without cloths so he really does not know what I look like. A lot of guys fantasies about hermaphrodites or she-males. As a genie, I can be a she-male or even hermaphrodite and be very functional. I wonder if that would interest Tony?"

She also giggled as she thought of enlarging Tony's already impressive 8 inches of man meat for him tonight. That could be very interesting and fun for him as well. It could give Tony some ideas of what she should do for him in other areas than just getting his uniform cleaned. So, Jeannie started her campaign.

That evening, Jeannie tracked down Tony and his date Anna. Anna was tall, blond (like her) co-ed and very well stacked. Jeannie decided to slowly increase his cock size as he was getting hot and bothered by Anna's deep kissing action and her rubbing of his cock through his pants. Invisibly, Jeannie watched.

As Tony was getting Anna hot and helping her out of her clothes, back at the motel, he began to have the strangest feeling in his crotch. He always enjoyed the feeling of a very full cock but this time he felt much fuller and stronger than usual. His cock seemed ready to tear through his uniform trousers as Anna was frantically working at getting his zipper down.

Anna was finally, gorgeously nude and her hands were busy working his pants and briefs off his slim hips, when she gasped in wonder. She had finally worked his pants off after removing his coat, tie and shirt and was simply astounded by the sight and feel of one of the most magnificent cocks she had ever seen in her life. Her cunt started to leak as it heated red hot at the thought of stuffing this piece of man meat inside as far as it would go.

Tony opened his eyes when he heard Anna gasped, always finding satisfaction when his women admired his package, and was himself shocked and very pleased by the sight of his cock. He had always been well endowed with a cut, 8" long and very thick cock but what was between his thighs was magnificent.

He could only think of Jeannie as he surveyed his manhood. He wasn't sure how or why she had helped him out but he would think about that later. This impressive uncut cock was sticking up from his cleanly shaved crotch. ('Now that looks and feels great,' he thought.) This cock was at least 12" long, uncut (he always wished he was), 5" thick with a deep purple flaring head.

He gasped in pleasurable wonder as Anna's mouth stretched around the head, trying to get as much in as possible. Anna teased him by licking down his shaft to his heavy balls, taking each lovingly into her mouth. She lowered her head as much as she could over the bulbous head of Tony's cock, also running her tongue up and down the length and licking the head like a giant lollypop.

Anna wrapped both hands around his glistening shaft as she murmured praises about his cock and licked it all around the crown of the deepening purple glans. While Anna was paying homage to his cock, Tony was busy as well. He moved around until he was lapping at one of the sweetest pussy he had ever muff dived into. She gasped as Tony's tongue flicked her engorged clit and drove deep into her hole.

The worship in Anna's eyes was over whelming as she tried mightily to suck Tony's cock down as much as possible. She had always loved to deep throat every cock she had ever played with but there was no way she could ever down this cock. So she continued to lap, suck and blow the living daylights out of this cock every way she knew how. And she did know how in every way.

Soon Anna was a hot as she would ever get and pushed Tony back on the bed as she climbed his magnificent stalk. Anna slid her slick, hot cunt along the length of his rod, savoring the hard but soft feel of him between the lips of her slit. Soon, the sensation became too great and she could not control herself any longer. She had to have as much of that rod of flesh inside her now.

She raised herself and poised her cunt over the tip of his cock and began to slowly lower her hot pussy ever so deeply. The sensation was so intense for Tony and Anna that it was almost painful but they couldn't stop. Anna's cunt was so tight and hot while Tony filled Anna's cunt in all ways possible. Anna could not get all Tony's cock inside her but that didn't matter as she started to ride him for all she way worth.

As they started to move they lost themselves in the sheer pleasure of their fuck and lost all track of time. Jeannie watched with pleasure as Tony and Anna worked Tony's new equipment in every way known to man and woman until Tony was completely drained and Anna too sore in all the right places to continue.

The sight of Tony's huge cock sawing into Anna's over stretched cunt as she road him until dawn was a sight to behold with all their cream just gushing out and around Tony's man meat. The images of Tony's massive cock ramming into Anna's over stretched, mouth and dripping pussy gave Jeannie enough stimulation to keep her gasping long into the night and early morning as she climaxed over and over again.

The action was so hot that Jeannie blinked off her own clothes while watching Tony and Anna. Jeannie enjoyed the view so much that she started to think about Tony's interest in cock as well. So, Jeannie magiced up a massive 11", uncut and thick cock of her own while keeping her dripping, luscious cunt intact. Jeannie added a pair of big, low hanging balls to set off the combination. She was enjoying playing with own new equipment while getting off on watching Tony and Anna fucking and sucking their brains out..

It had been a long time since she had tried on a cock and with her own cunt intact and functioning, She found the combination just too erotic to believe. She magiced up a full length mirror and viewed herself fully erect, with her trim female body, beautiful breasts, and found the sight was so hot she could not stop getting herself off at the same time.

As she watched Tony fucking Anna, she rubbed her clit below her low hanging balls and the 11" of man meat above it, she wished she had a nice hard cock to plow into her over heated cunt. Then she got a fantastic idea. She had a cock so why not fuck herself?

So she manipulated her new 11", uncut, thick cock around and rammed it into her own cunt and the feeling was over whelming. She loved the feeling of being filled and the sensation on her cock head and clit at the same time so intense that she filled her own pussy with her own cock cream over and over that night. Jeannie blinked back to her bottle finally to exhausted to continue. Jeannie drifted off into a well-earned slumber with a smile on her face and dreams of sharing with Tony in her future.

When she woke up later that morning, Jeannie decided to take a shower in Tony's large shower. She decided to keep the cock and pussy combination intact as well. The hot running water felt so sensuous and she almost found herself ready to cum again. Her thoughts kept drifting back to what she watched that night. She could think of nothing else as she soaped up her steaming cunt and slowly growing rock hard cock.

Late that afternoon, Tony came home to change and get some rest. It was Saturday and he did not have to be back at the base until Monday morning. He was still floating high after his marathon fuck and suck session with Anna and the fun he had with his newfound toy. He thought he should be angry with Jeannie for what she did to him, but could not find anything wrong with his enlarged cock and new found stamina. He was relieved to find he still had his new uncut meat this morning and he promised to call Anna again when she was in town. If she had not been so sore from all the fucking and sucking of the evening, they might still be in her room.

Anyway, he needed to act mad with Jeannie for doing something to him without his permission even if that change had been such an improvement. After all, she was suppose to be his genie and only do what he wished. As he entered the house, he heard the water running in his room. 'Now that is too much" he thought. "Using his stuff, changing him physically and using his room without asking or permission was stepping out of line and he would straighten Jeannie out right now'.

As he began to enter the bedroom, he glanced at the mirror in the bathroom and came to a screeching halt. He had never seen Jeannie without her harem costume and what he saw in the mirror made his new cock stir. Jeannie was very nude and built like a total goddess should be. Her breasts were a perfect 36 C and her long legs just seem to go on forever. Her ass was gorgeous and firm with just the right shape to ride forever.

As he gazed at her form, Jeannie turned half way to the right and he suddenly became aware that there was something added to that luscious form. She had no bush and hanging between those heavenly thighs was one of the most beautiful cocks he had ever seen. It was uncut, soft about 7 or 8 inches long and thick. As he watched, that cock became hard and erect, about 11" long, thick and uncut. Jeannie began to soap it up while her other hand circled and pulled on each nipple in turn. "My God!!" he thought, "Jeannie is a she-male"!!!!!!(he could not see Jeannie's hot cunt from his angle)

Secretly, Tony had always found she-males interesting and often wondered what it would be like to have fun with one. He loved the look of cocks and could even envision himself sucking on cock but never found the idea of sex with a male to be of interest. But, a cock connected to a beautiful woman's body like Jeannie's? That was another thing all together.

Tony's cock, while a little tired from Anna's fuck session, was getting hard from looking at Jeannie's form and cock. It threatened to break out of his pants. Tony found he was a bit confused. While wanting to discipline Jeannie for what she had done to him last night, he really wasn't displeased either. He had never thought of Jeannie as female or desirable before but now? Oh sure, Jeannie had a female shape but she was a genie, not a real woman. Now this was a different situation altogether, hmmmmmmm.

Now, genie or no genie, God he wanted to fuck her so much and he really wanted to get his mouth around that fantastic cock of Jeannie's as well. But, how to proceed? He did not know what would be proper to do with a genie. Could he use Jeannie as a sex slave or partner? He was not sure and he was not sure how to find out. After all, he had a good thing going and did not want to screw it up.

Therefore, Tony decided to back out quietly while Jeannie was busy in the shower and think on it. He also needed to relieve himself as well. He had a hard time getting the image of Jeannie's nude form and large hanging cock out his mind as he left the room quietly.

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