I Dream of Jeannie


Roger's fingers are now making much more direct contact with Jeannie's clitoris. The more he rubs her clit, the more she is starting to dance on her tiptoes. He keeps rubbing her pussy faster and faster. Jeannie's now puffing like a steam locomotive, keeping pace with his furious rubbing. After a few minutes of this, Jeannie's body begins to convulse.

"Oh my goodness," she screams, "what is happening to me? I, I, I......Oh my, Oh my, Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Jeannie climaxes as her body goes totally limp in Roger's arms. She would have collapsed on the floor if he weren't holding her up. "Sensei," Jeannie pants while catching her breath, "what has happened to me? I have never known such pleasure. I feel so weak. I never knew that such feeling as this could exist."

"You've just had your very first orgasm," explains Roger, "How did you like it?"

"I enjoyed that very much, Sensei." responds Jeannie, "I liked that very much indeed."

Roger now moves back in front of Jeannie. "Good," he says, "you did very well for your first lesson. Now for homework, I want you to spend time later, by yourself, and use your own hands to touch your body. Your assignment is to see if you can make yourself have an orgasm, as I have done for you. I will leave my projector, books and equipment here. Do not touch them. I will return tomorrow, at the same time, for your second lesson. Now don't forget to complete your homework assignment." Jeannie, now with a wide radiant smile, acknowledges her teacher instructions. Roger heads for the door and leaves for the day.

Day Two

It is 9am sharp as Roger walks through the front door of the Nelson house. Back in the 60's life was much simpler and people more trusting. There was not the major crime that there is today. People only ever locked their front door at night. During the day, it was not uncommon for a neighbor, family relative or a close friend to just walk into a house and announce their presence. As Roger enters he sees a very attentive Jeannie sitting on the couch.

"I am all prepared and ready for my next lesson, Sensei," the perky Jeannie says. "I am impressed with your attitude," responds Roger, "It does a teacher's heart good to see a student eager to learn. Now, did you complete your homework last night?" he asks.

"Oh yes, Sensei," says Jeannie. "I did just as you told me and I had an orgasm by touching myself. I enjoyed it very much."

Roger chimes in, "So you really like cumming, do you?"

Jeannie looks confused, "Coming where?" she says, "Or should that be going where?"

Roger chuckles at her words. "The word is spelled c-u-m-m-I-n-g, Jeannie," he says, "It means to climax at your orgasm."

Jeannie says back, "Such a strange word. Are there other words I must learn?"

Roger looks through his paperwork. "Yes, there are, Jeannie. Somewhere here I have a list of words that you should study. I can't find them now but I will get you a copy. You see, there are clinical words that are normally used to describe the body and various body reactions. During a sexual moment there are different words to use that help to spice up the experience. For instance, your breasts are referred to as tits. Your bottom or rear-end is called your ass."

Jeannie giggles a little.

"Your vagina is called a pussy. A man's penis is called a cock and his scrotum is called balls. There are other words that you will learn as we move along. Do you understand what I have explained? Can you remember these words? "

Jeannie nods yes.

"Good then. So how many times did you cum last night."

Jeannie again looks confused. "I did my homework as you told me, Sensei. Was I to do it more than one time?"

Roger looks at Jeannie, "Well, I thought that maybe you had multiple orgasms."

Jeannie is now more confused then ever. "I do not understand what multiple orgasms is?"

Roger moves to the storage box on the table. He opens the lid and removes something and places it in his jacket pocket. "I can see that we need a little more space. Let's move to Tony's bedroom."

As they walk into the bedroom, Roger again gives Jeannie instructions. "Jeannie, I want you to remove your clothes again and lie on the bed."

Jeannie wastes no time taking her clothes off and clearly now is not embarrassed being nude in front of her teacher. She kneels on the bed, climbing to the center, and turns to lie on her back.

Roger continues, "Now Jeannie, I want you to masturbate yourself."

Confused again, she says, "Masturbate? What is that?"

More words for Jeannie to learn, he thinks. "Masturbation," Roger says, "is when you bring your body to orgasm by touching yourself. Last night you masturbated yourself, as your homework assignment. So I want you to masturbate yourself now, as you did last night."

With a much clearer understanding now, Jeannie begins to touch her body. Her eyes are closed as she feels her breasts, her stomach, her hips, thighs and legs. She spreads her legs apart as her hands touch her pussy. As she rubs her pussy, she is now starting to become very aroused. After several minutes of these actions, Jeannie is definitely ready to cum. As the moment of climax approaches, she releases moans of joy while her orgasm peaks. Fully expended physically, her body shudders from the wonderful feeling and warmth of her body's afterglow.

Roger reaches into his jacket and pulls out a 4" 'pocket rocket'. This is a small hand held vibrator with soft rubber nubs at one end. He turns it on and proceeds to rub it around Jeannie's pussy. Her eyes spring wide open with amazement. "Sensei, what is that? This feels so good."

Roger explains, "This is a vibrator, Jeannie, just lie back and enjoy the feeling."

As he rubs her pussy, he gives much more attention to her clit. Already swollen, it now is fully exposed outside her pussy lips. The continued vibrations now have Jeannie squirming on the bed.

"Please do not stop, Sensei. It feels soooo good," she says.

Within no time at all, Jeannie is approaching her second orgasm in as many minutes. Her body spasms with joy, one more time. Her breathing is so laborious now that catching her breath is all she can do. Roger, in the meanwhile, has not stopped his relentless attack on her clit. He keeps the vibrator firmly placed where he knows it is doing the most good. Less than a minute goes by when suddenly Jeannie's back begins to arch. She gets to the point where only the top of her head and the tip of her toes are touching the bed. Shouting with extreme pleasure, Jeannie reaches her third orgasm. Roger removes his hand from her pussy and puts the 'pocket rocket' away.

"Now that is a multiple orgasm. How do you like it?" Roger asks.

"I will tell you when I can breathe again," pants Jeannie. "I never knew that this could happen," says Jeannie. "How wonderful it was. How many times can my body do that? How many multiple orgasms have you ever had, Sensei."

Roger responds, "That is a special sexual luxury only experienced by women. When a man climaxes, his cock goes soft quickly and it takes twenty minutes or so before he's really ready to climax again. I guess a woman could orgasm until she passes out. Now you may get dressed again. We will continue class in the living room."

Jeannie dresses and follows her teacher into the next room.

"Now we will begin to study the various types of sexual activity between a man and a woman. As a woman, one of the first things that you should learn is how to properly perform oral sex on a man. I have some books here with pictures of women pleasing men with oral sex. I also have a movie on my projector for you to view. Your assignment tonight is to look at these pictures and the film I am giving you. I want you to become familiar with the aspects of oral sex. I will return again tomorrow and we will discuss what you have reviewed."

Jeannie stands up, "Oh yes, Sensei. I will study very hard. Thank you for today's lesson."

Roger gives Jeannie the books and shows her how to operate the movie projector. He then leaves the house and drives away.

Day Three

Maj. Healy is punctual as usual, walking in the front door. He sees Jeannie sitting on the couch with her books opened on the table. She is intently looking at the pictures.

"Well, Jeannie," says Roger, 'what do you think you can tell me about oral sex so far."

Jeannie looks up from the table saying; "I know, for sure, that oral sex in when a woman puts a man's penis in her mouth."

Roger interrupts, "Now Jeannie, I told you to study those sexually spicy words. Repeat what you said without using clinical terms."

Jeannie repeats, "I know, for sure, that oral sex is when a woman puts a man's cock in her mouth."

Roger almost creams in his pants. Hearing this sweet little thing speak like that is wonderful. She is such a naturally sexy woman.

"I have a few questions about oral sex though," continues Jeannie. "What is that white fluid that comes out of his cock? Why do they mostly shoot it on the woman's face? I heard them, in the movie, use the word 'blowjob'. I think that they are calling oral sex, a blowjob; but the women don't blow. They seem to be sucking the men's cocks. Could you explain these things to me, Sensei?"

Roger jumps right in, "Those are good questions, Jeannie. You reviewed your assignment very well and you have come to some fine conclusions. First of all, oral sex on a man is called a blowjob. No, you do not blow a man's cock. You do indeed suck it. As I am sure you noticed; the women also licked his cock, as well as sucking and licking his balls. When a man reaches a climax, he ejaculates sperm from his cock. That's what the white fluid is. It is also called cum. I know that also means a woman's orgasm but they use the same word to describe both. The shooting of sperm on the woman's face is strictly a visual detail for the movie. They call it the 'money shot'. This is so the viewer knows that the man has cum. So you should have noticed that the women put the cock back in their mouth and suck the remaining sperm."

Jeannie quickly responds, "I wanted to ask you about that also. Are you supposed to suck the sperm? What does it taste like?"

Roger answers, "All the woman I have know have told me that sperm tastes good. They like it. They also have told me that it is full of protein, so it is healthy; and that swallowing it also helps to keep their face complexion soft and smooth." Roger tries to keep a straight face.

Jeannie nods and thanks her teacher for the explanations to her many questions.

Roger moves toward the table where his storage box is. He removes the lid and places it down. Turning back to Jeannie, on the couch, Roger says, "There are some very important things for you to know about giving a proper blowjob. Tony feels the same way about it as most men do. If you want to really please a man, there are three simple rules to follow. The first is that you must always swallow a man's cum. The second is that you must learn to take a man's cock completely in your mouth. This requires that the man's cock go down your throat. This is called 'deep-throating'. We will cover this later today. The last is the most important of all. As you experience giving blowjobs, you will become aware of when a man is about to cum. When you know that a man is going to cum, you must immediately start to deep-throat him so that he shoots his cum down your throat. Do you understand everything that I have explained to you?"

Jeannie timidly looks up at him, "I think I do. Could you please explain more to me?"

"Well Jeannie, what we are going to do now is have a working lab session. To help you practice cock sucking, I have brought some sexual aides. So that you know, Tony's cock is 9" long and just over 1 1/4" in diameter."

Jeannie's eyes light up and she lightly licks her lips.

"I have a series of vibrators and dildos, which are meant as learning tools for you. Most of them are 9" long but they are wider, at 1 ½" in diameter. This will give you a much more realistic feeling to how Tony's cock will be in your body."

Jeannie has now scooted herself to the edge of the couch. She appears very eager to see what comes out of the box. Roger pulls a few of the dildos from the box. He leaves the vibrators inside. Handing the dildos to Jeannie he says, "Now I want you to practice giving blowjobs with these. They will get you used to the sensation of a cock in your mouth."

Jeannie immediately puts the head of one into her mouth. She licks the tip and then starts sucking it in and out of her mouth like a lollipop. She smiles and giggles, "Am I doing this right, Sensei?"

Roger is about to faint. Watching Jeannie's luscious mouth with a cock in it is unbearable; even if the cock is a fake one. Jeannie continues to suck on the dildo. Remembering the pictures, film and her teacher's lecture; Jeannie tries to put the dildo farther in her mouth. As the head gets to the back of her mouth, she hits her throat opening. Jeannie tries to push it in more and she gags. "Oh my, I wasn't expecting that. I don't think I can put it in any farther."

Roger explains, "That is your gag reflex, Jeannie. You must learn to relax your throat muscles. Take your time. Don't try to force it. I know you will accomplish it soon. I have another type of cock aide for you. It will help you to learn to deep-throat."

Roger reaches into the box and pulls out a 16" long soft jelly dong. It also is 1 ½" wide. From the tip of the head on, there are markings indicating from 1" to 14" along the length of the dong. Jeannie's eyes grow wide as saucers.

"Sensei, I will never be able to get all that down my throat," she exclaims.

Roger laughs, "No Jeannie, I never intended you to try. You see the markings on the side. I want you to practice until you can get it into your mouth to where it shows 10". This will insure that you can deep-throat Tony's 9" of cock."

With relief Jeannie says, "Thank goodness. I will practice, as you say Sensei. I like the way this feels. It is not as hard, like those dildos. I think that I can learn to deep-throat with this."

Jeannie places the dong in her mouth and starts her sucking and stuffing again. After a while, it appears that her throat is starting to relax and open up. After pushing 5" into her mouth for a few minutes, another inch suddenly goes in. Over the next few minutes she continues to get the dong farther and farther down her throat. Roger throws out some encouraging words as Jeannie eagerly consumes the dong.

Roger then tells her, "Jeannie, it is important that when you are giving a blowjob to try and look up at the man. It is very sensual to have the woman making eye contact with you at this moment. Since you are sitting down in front of me, look up at me as if it was my cock that you were sucking on."

Jeannie does as she is told. Roger now has this beautiful blonde shoving a dong down her throat while staring up at him with her deep blue eyes. Clearly, the fluid running down Roger's leg is not urine or sweat. Backing off his own desires, Roger tells her what a great job she is doing. He suggests that she keep trying to go deeper. It is not long before Jeannie can easily swallow all 10", as instructed. She has no trouble with gagging. She has even managed her breathing and is using her tongue to lick the bottom of the dong, as it moves in and out of her throat. Roger tells her that it is o.k. to stop now. Jeannie slowly withdraws all 10" from her throat and mouth.

"Well done, Jeannie. We have had a very productive day. Tonight I want you to continue to practice your cock sucking and deep-throating. I want you to also try and use the dildos to see if you can learn to get them farther into your throat. I'm putting a new movie on the projector that I want you to watch. It is an instructional film with tips on how to properly deep throat. I think it will be very helpful to you. I think that you have grasped the concept of cock sucking very well today. Tomorrow we will go over the next sexual act for you to learn." Have a pleasant evening. See you tomorrow."

Jeannie jumps up to attention. "Thank you so very much for what you have taught me today. You are a wonderful teacher, Sensei."

Day Four

Roger comes through the door to find Jeannie with the jelly dong going up and down her throat. She quickly removes it when she sees him.

"Getting in a little late homework, I see," says Roger.

"I was just practicing, Sensei," answers Jeannie.

"That's just fine," he responds. "Now, did you practice last night with the dildos?"

Jeannie runs over to grab one of the dildos, "Oh yes, Sensei. Watch this." Jeannie has evidently learned a great deal from the instructional film. She has learned to tilt her head back and open her throat. With complete ease, she is running the 9" of hard dildo up and down her throat, her fingertips just grasping the end. She pulls the dildo from her mouth.

"Very good, Jeannie. You have studied extremely well. I would say that you have this problem licked."

They both whimsically laugh at Roger's cute little play on words.

"All right then, Jeannie. Today you are going to learn about vaginal sex. Your new word today is 'fucking'. Anytime a man's cock penetrates a woman's body it is called fucking. Today's lesson will be about fucking your pussy. There are different types of fucking. As a matter of fact, a blowjob is often referred to as fucking a woman's face."

Jeannie giggles as she gets a visual.

Roger gathers up all the sexual aides and puts them back into the storage box. "For today's lesson we will be using the bedroom again."

As Roger picks up his storage box, he looks to see Jeannie racing for the bedroom. He walks toward the bedroom to see Jeannie quickly disrobing, jumping up on the bed naked and rolling over on her back. "My, aren't we an eager student today," Roger says.

"I did the right thing didn't I, Sensei?" asks Jeannie.

Roger just grins and nods his approval. "Just perfect," he says, "Now I will begin slowly and do all the work to start. I want you just to relax and enjoy the feeling."

Roger puts his storage box down on the nightstand. He walks to the edge of the bed. Jeannie is laying about right in the center of the bed. He lightly grabs her ankles and tells her to move closer to the edge. As she moves, his hands move up her legs and he gently spreads them apart. Roger goes down to the floor on his knees, with Jeannie's pussy about 18" in front of him. He softly strokes her inner thighs and feels her relaxing. His hands move closer to her pussy and he starts to rub his thumb along her clit.

"Oh Sensei," Jeannie purrs, "that feels very nice."

As he continues rubbing, her clit is becoming much more pronounced. Her breathing is becoming rapid as well. Roger then allows his thumbs to rub along the inner portion of her pussy lips. Jeannie's little ass squirming on the bed tells him that she is getting hotter. He changes his thumb to his index finger and slowly inserts it into her pussy.

"Sensei, is that your finger?" questions Jeannie.

"Yes it is. Do you want me to stop?" Roger asks.

Jeannie pauses briefly and moans, "No. Please don't stop."

Roger continues with his index finger. He can feel the tight grip of her pussy muscles. "This girl is really tight", he thinks. His one finger now becomes two. Slicing his fingers in and out of Jeannie's pussy is driving her close to cumming. Roger goes to three fingers and also goes back to rubbing her clit, with the thumb of his other hand. Jeannie's body is now bucking up and down on Roger's fingers. He hardly has to provide any motion at all. With moans pouring out of her mouth, Jeannie succumbs to another massive orgasm. Roger gives her no time to recover. He reaches into the storage box and produces a 'Tsunami Wonder'. This is a vibrator about 7" long but only 1" thick. It has a very unique swirl design along the length of it. Roger slowly starts to insert the vibrator. With the vibrator still turned off, he inches the shaft farther into her pussy with each stroke. Jeannie is now back breathing at a rapid pace. Just about the time that he has inserted about 6" in her pussy, he flips the on switch.

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