tagFetishI Dream of Revenge on My Bitch Boss

I Dream of Revenge on My Bitch Boss


I was in the office, watching you every day, masturbating about you each night, wanking myself silently in the toilets at work, clenching my teeth as I made myself cum thinking about you strutting about in that tight pencil skirt with those amazing heels and how much I wanted you. You had used me and abused me for years now, forcing me to serve you in your office, sitting in your chair with your silk clad legs spread wide, making me lick and suck you until you came on my mouth then ordering out of your office, time after time.

I dreamt about pushing you over your own desk, and dominating you, making you gasp and cry out as I fucked you so hard with my enormous cock, the look of shock on your face when you saw how big I was, the realisation that I was going to take you, that for once you were going to be fucked senseless, used and screwed, watching you trying to squirm away as I pushed into your pussy, your shocked realisation that silk stockings, a tight satin pencil skirt, heaving breasts and expensive six inch killer heels weren't going to save you! The exquisite pleasure of taking and screwing the bitch, the control, the power, the sheer, rampant masculinity of pounding into a weak, feeble woman made even sweeter because you used to be in control, you used to have the power and now you had lost all of that as my huge prick shafted you, impaling you as I forced myself deep inside your wet cunt, filling you, overwhelming you.

For once not caring about your needs, about being a generous and giving lover, working hard to put your pleasure before mine, now I am just using you, taking my pleasure, loving every moment as the queen bitch writhes and squirms underneath me, crying out as I stretch you, hard, rampant, powerful, pinning you down underneath me, roaring with pleasure as every weapon fails you; the lush lips, those heavy beasts, that deep cleavage, the tight waist, the curved hips, that pert rounded arse, those silken clad legs, your long painted nails and those towering high heels, all useless, all failing to control and dominate me, no longer a cold cruel commanding bitch but just a woman to fuck and use. Ignoring your wants and needs, where you used to command, demand that I satisfy you with my tongue now you are begging me, pleading with me but I don't care, to me now you are just a piece of meat, nothing but a hot, wet pussy to fuck.

Your fall from power, the loss of control over me, the look in your eyes as the slave rebels and takes his revenge on the cruel goddess he has worshipped all these years, that is as exciting to me as the feel of your wet pussy as I pound into you; if you weren't clad in all your bitch finery, wearing all your paint and satin, your silks and heels, this wouldn't be so satisfying! The joy of dethroning the evil queen, of taking her in her own office, over her own desk makes it even better! So long serving you, so many times abused by you and now I am taking my revenge. I love the way your heels are now scrabbling on the floor as you struggle on the desk, six inches of lethal sexual control, now useless as I fuck you. Your thick, glossy, lush lipstick, your hot mouth that issued all those commands to me now open wide with shock, I'm seriously thinking of pulling out of your cunt just before I come and ramming my fat cock into your hot mouth to feel the lipstick smear down my shaft before you start to choke and gag as I explode inside your mouth. The tight satin pencil skirt that you've ground against my straining prick so many times in the past as you teased me now pulled up to your hips, your silk seamed stocking no longer wrapped around my head as I sucked and licked you, now tight against my hips, trying fruitlessly to hold back my triumphant thrusts into you, your sensitive clitoris that you forced me to lick and worship carefully so many times now rubbed brutally hard by my thrusting cock..

I'm going to cum! I fuck you even harder, revelling in your cries and moans as I screw you down onto your own desk, your normally immaculate hair now wild and matted, your expensive clothes sweaty and torn, I wish we had an audience for this moment, all of your victims, all of the people you used and discarded, cheering me on as I destroy you, wild disbelief and shocked horror on your beautiful face as you feel my orgasm about to erupt deep inside of you, the throbbing of my prick as it gets ready to explode, the realisation that you have been totally used for my pleasure! And then I jerk back and brutally force you down onto your knees in front of me and I shove my twitching cock deep in your mouth, thick expensive lipstick smearing down the shaft, down into your throat and as you gag and choke I grab your hair to hold you hard against me as I let out a bellow of triumph as my prick finally ejaculates, a stream of hot salty semen jetting down your throat, as you gag and choke and squirm, struggling to pull back but I cruelly keep you in place as my hands twist in your hair, pumping my hips to shoot every last drop into you. The spasms of your throat as I make you gag excite me more, and I keep thrusting and pumping as tears roll down your face until I am finally spent and I let go of your hair.

You slump to the floor, broken and shattered, and I do up my trousers, turn, and walk out of your office without a single backward glance!

My desk phone rings, waking me from my daydream, you curtly order me to your office, I knock on your office door and go in, you are waiting for me as usual, sprawled back in your leather chair, legs spread, waiting to be served....

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