tagErotic PoetryI Enjoyed...But,

I Enjoyed...But,

byDana Gallagher©

I enjoyed our session of phone sex last night and the night before.

I enjoyed how my moans of pleasure got you hard.

I enjoyed how you began playing with yourself too.

I enjoyed your whispered promises, spoken over the phone lines, of what you would do to me when we are together again.

I enjoyed the feeling of my plastic vibrator sliding in and out of my pussy hole and telling you how I wished it was your hard flesh cock.

I enjoyed you telling me how you were stroking yourself and wishing it were my lips wrapped around your manhood.

I enjoyed having my vibrator concentrated on my clit and it causing me to pour out my nectar as my body went through numerous orgasms.

I enjoyed the picture in my head of you masturbating as the picture in your head was of me doing the same.

I enjoyed hearing you climax as your strokes and my passion filled moans brought you to the edge and let you fall right over.

I enjoyed how you told me it was unfair that I was multi-orgasmic as you listen to me climax over and over.

I enjoyed how you told me that you wished it were your tongue causing me so much pleasure.

I enjoyed talking to you long into the night after we were both finished masturbating over the phone.

                             I enjoyed it all, but it could have been better…

It could have been better if you had been by my side instead of so many miles away.

It could have been better to feel your lips pressed against mine with our tongues dancing in our mouths.

It could have been better to feel your warm strong body next to mine.

It could have been better if it had been your hands caressing up and down my body, arousing me completely.

It could have been better with your lips teasing my nipples making them stand erect.

It could have been better if your mouth had been at my ear whispering your passion and desire for me.

It could have been better if your tongue was lapping at my clit tormenting my body with orgasm after orgasm.

It could have been better if your mouth was sealed around my pussy lips drinking down my cascading nectar.

It could have been better if I had straddled you, and then laid my body down on yours while my hips gyrated and my mouth teased your tongue.

It could have been better if after we each reached our climax that we curled our bodies together.

It could have been better if I had been able to lay my head on your chest and fall asleep with your arm around my shoulders.

It could have been better if you had been here, or I had been there.

It could have been better if we'd been together, but we will be soon and then it will be excellent!


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