tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI Exhibit: Gas Station

I Exhibit: Gas Station


I exhibit for fun: Gas Station

Continued from "Car Wash"

After getting a pounding at the car wash, I just wanted to go home and take a shower, but forgot to put gas in earlier and now I was bouncing off Empty. My dilemma was whether or not I wanted to stop first and put my clothes on or should I just continue on to the gas station completely naked. It only took me a moment before I decided I would go naked. My car has tinted windows and sits up high enough that when I go through full service the attendant would most likely not be able to see me if I didn't roll my windows down too far. Actually that meant rolling them up, been driving with them down to get some air.

Upon arriving at the station I looked around to see how busy and how the attendant looked. It was practically deserted and the attendant was around 40 not too bad. It looked as if he was working on a car or something because he came from the garage and was trying to get oil off his hands. I left the crack down enough that he could see my bare shoulders, but nothing else. He definitely looked hard to see if I could be naked but to no avail. Just as I was going to roll it down some more to let him have a peek I heard a voice from the garage and when I turned to see who it was, I had a pleasant surprise. It was a young guy, maybe only 18 or 19 and man was he good looking. Just then several young guys came out following him. There must have been 7 all together, including the attendant.

The first guy came over to the attendant and they were talking about something in the garage. I saw him nod in my direction and I tried not to let them see me through my mirror. I think he was telling him that he thought I was wearing a bikini or something because the young guy kept looking in my direction the whole time.

A new dilemma, I was now in my truck, completely naked, with what might have been 7 guys quickly surrounding it. They were checking my tires and cleaning my rear windows.......oh shit! I thought, they were going to clean my front window as well! I had forgot all about that. What to do, what to do, my mind was racing on what exactly I should do. If I was quick, I could jump in the back and throw my clothes on, but I really wanted to stay naked, but what would the older guy do if he found out, call the cops or what.

Debating all this made the decision for me because the young guy was already headed to the front of my truck! I had thought about what to do for too long. As he approached he kept his eye on me in my mirror and upon arriving beside me, he asked if I wanted my fluids checked while I waited. Sure, I told him and he went around to the front and signaled for me to pop the hood. Just before he lifted it, he looked straight at me and saw I wasn't wearing a shirt. For a moment he just stood there and then quickly raised the hood.

I dropped my visor and was pretending to check my hair, while watching him at the same time. I was wearing my sunglasses, so I know he couldn't tell if I was actually looking at him. When he came around to the side to be able to reach the fluid stick he looked real hard at me, I guess to verify what he had seen. My nipples got so hard so fast that I wouldn't have been surprised if he had seen them grow. Confirmed, he quickly looked for someone else, but everyone had went back into the garage. Goody for me, now I could play.

When leaned up, he approached my window, and so not to be rude, I rolled it down a bit more, giving him a good look at my tits. he stared directly at them, never looking at my face and told me that I needed some oil and wanted to know if I wanted him to put some in. I guess out of habit he looked for my oil date thingy on the window that tells when you need a oil change. He then asked me how many miles were on this batch. Playing the ditsy woman, I told him I really didn't know and asked him to look for me. I rolled the window completely down and he climbed up on the running board to lean in and look.

What he saw of course was my naked pussy and he nearly fell over. Still playing dumb, like I really didn't know I was naked or something, I asked him if there was a problem. He stuttered out no ma'am and looked at the mileage and then my sticker. I already knew I was almost 2000 over but let him tell me that I was over. The lights came on in his head and then he asked me if I had time for them to change it, since I was there already. He was so nice, even told me that I didn't ever need to get out of the car, but I wanted to that they had a nice air cooled waiting room.

I took him up on his offer and while he literally ran into the garage, I had a new dilemma, stay in the truck, or prance to the waiting room. I would prance to the waiting room, of course. I was getting wet all over again just thinking about all those guys seeing me naked. he came back and told me to just pull it into the second bay and they would fix me up. The waiting room was on the right and the bathrooms were on the left he if should need them, he was staring at my tits as he said this. I thanked him and proceeded to back up and maneuver into the second bay.

When I got lined up, I noticed every guy in the place was in a big horse shoe surrounding the entire bay. When I got parked the older guy came to my window, stared at my tits and asked if I was going to stay in the truck or would I like him to help me down to go into the waiting room. All the guys had come around to my side of the truck and big smiles hit all their faces when I said I would like the waiting room and proceeded to open my door. He held out his hand for mine and helped me down, all the while looking my over pretty good. I looked around slightly and saw a ton of bulges hit fabric that wasn't meant to conceal. Just before closing the door I reached in and got my purse which gave everyone a nice long look at my ass.

I had a herd following me as I pranced naked all the way across the shop, quite a long distance it would seem. There were 6 bays all together and only 1 and 2 had cars, I wondered later if they had put me in 2 just hoping I would go to the waiting room. There was a huge bay window just beside the door that I realized was a two way mirror when I entered the waiting room, fun for me! he showed me where the coffee was and said if I would like a fresh pot to just yell and one of them would come fix me up. I thanked him and took a seat directly across from the mirror and he left.

I just know all of them were right on the other side of that mirror talking about me, and I loved it. Just now what was I going to do while I waited? I decided I needed something to read and spread my legs wide apart before getting up and slowly walking over to the mirror, which is where the rack is. With the bay doors open I could just make out a crowd of guys on the other side, but played as if I didn't. Choosing a magazine I looked at myself in the mirror, the car wash had left me with some bad hair and makeup. Just had to fix that! I returned to my purse and bent over slowly and stayed in that position while I searched for my makeup bag.

I returned and slowly put on my makeup and brushed out my hair, added some perfume just for kicks and returned to my seat. I sat there "reading" the magazine for a while and looked around for something to drink. The coffee didn't smell bad, but you know I had to have it fresh. I was sure to take my time at the coffee machine, looking at the pot and then at the door. I did this a couple of times before I walked to the door to yell for someone. This show was to let the guys get to wherever they wanted to be before I came through it.

My efforts were worth it, when I opened the door, there wasn't a sole in sight. I yell for some fresh coffee and a guy about 20 come around the corner and came to my rescue. I held the door for him and as he slid by me in the almost too narrow door opening, he let his hand brush against my belly, giving me a thrill and him as well I would bet. He made the usual small talk as he took a terribly long time making the fresh pot. I stood real close to him pretending to learn how the machine worked, letting him brush against me, causing my nipples to harden again. Before he left he told me there was more "interesting" things to read in the desk, if I was bored with the same old stuff. I thanked him and he left.

Curious, I shuffled through the desk and found a magazine with naked women in it. I got the hint, they wanted me to play a little. I took the magazine and sat down. It was then that I heard a little noise coming from the corner. There was a camera tracking my movements. This was great, not only did I have a live audience, they were filming the whole thing. Well I couldn't let them down. I leaned back and pretended to read a little, looking from page to page and rubbing a nipple with one hand. I reached into my purse and brought out my favorite travel size vibe that I always have with me.

I started mouthing it like I was giving it a blow job, and then circled one nipple, then the other. When I finally reached my pussy, it didn't need lubed at all, I was soaked. I worked it up and down spreading my juices all over myself, including my asshole. I couldn't wait, I was going to fuck myself silly for these guys. Deciding that they were getting impatient, or maybe it was just me, I sat the book down and spread my swollen lips with one hand and started working over my clit with the other. It didn't take me long before I wanted to scream for someone to come and fuck me, but I held out working the vibe in and out of my pussy.

Pushing myself into a frenzy I propped my legs up on the couch and circled my ass hole with it. Did I want to ease it in..........fuck it! I jammed it into my ass, letting out a little scream at the same time. Rubbing my clit faster and faster and fucking my own ass fast and hard, I cam in no time. I have a hard time keeping quiet in normal circumstances and this wasn't normal. I screamed and did it loud as wave after wave hit me.

After I was done I decided I was done, I know they were finished with my truck and I had to go before I fucked all these guys. I got my things together and went to the door. I didn't even bother to give them time to move this time. It didn't matter anyway, I sure they wouldn't have moved for a million dollars. They were lined up at the door when I came through and looking at all of them I just couldn't stand it. I looked around and noticed they had closed all the doors and had already parked my truck outside. Fuck It! I knew I couldn't take all of them but I had to have a dick in me. I dropped my purse and told them to pull out there dicks. The 2 biggest were going to get some. It was a blur of material. turned out the older guy was the biggest and the other was a young black guy.

I held my arms out and told them to come and get it. the older guy reached me first and bent me over and pushed straight into my ass so fast I screamed out. When I did the black guy shoved his cock in my mouth and nearly choked me. I reached for 2 more and they were there. Getting ass and face fucked and jerking off 2 more while another was under me biting on my titties and someone's hands were pulling at my clit and fingering my pussy all at the same time. It was a frenzy of hands and dicks and when they came I was drenched in it. I had come in my hair and on my back in and on my face, I mean every where.

On the way home, my ass hurt and pussy ached, I had bite marks on my tits and nipples and my seat was covered with cum. I didn't even care when I got home that the paper boy was just throwing my evening paper when I got to the door. I flipped on the porch light and he nearly wrecked his bike into a parked car looking at me. I blew him a kiss and he smiled and pedaled off. We both knew he had already seen me naked....but that is another story.

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