tagLesbian SexI Feel Loved!

I Feel Loved!


I felt so good, the birds were singing and I felt they were singing as they were so happy for me. The sunlight coming in through the window had the promise of being a most beautiful day.

I looked over at Sheila, she was on her back with one arm behind her head and looking out the window, I thought, "A penny for your thoughts." Her tits were exposed above the sheets, the nipple on the one nearest me looked so ripe I wanted to touch it, to kiss it, take it in my mouth and suckle it like a baby would.

A moment of apprehension till she looked over at me for a moment then smiled, and cuddling me in her arms and kissed me. "Good morning lover" she said wrapping her arms around me and kissed the tip of my nose, them brought her lips to mine. It was a long lingering kiss.

I wanted to love her so bad, I'd never felt this way with anyone before, I was always the shy one only responding to other men, even to Helga's advances so many years ago. Now I was in Sheila's arms again, pressing my tits against hers in our embrace, my knee pushed between her legs, I was rewarded with feeling her open her legs to accommodate me.

She responded as I'd hoped, pressing her cheek against mine her hand roamed over my back and down to my bum to pull me even closer into her. I pulled back enough to move my head down to kiss her breasts, those beautiful globes of flesh that gave so much pleasure. I sensed her response by the change in her breathing; she arched her back to present her tits to me to suck on. She participated by holding my head and guiding my lips to first one, then the other nipple. With my thigh also pressing against her pussy I felt her wetness, and was soon rewarded with a moan that announced her climax. I felt it ripple through her body, as beautiful as we held each other.

Closing her eyes for a moment to enjoy her pleasure, then her body quieted she opened them again smiling at me. We had an arm underneath each other's neck, now she sat up so she was resting on her elbow and one hip in a way that made her tower over me. Pushing the covers off us altogether she just looked at my naked body lying there, I was unsure of what she wanted to do so just lay there feeling a little embarrassed.

The wrist of her left arm was still under my head, and with the nails of her other hand she began to rake them over my body. Those long beautifully manicured nails so light, barely touching my skin. Looking into my eyes and smiling as she did this I felt my nipples hardening from the arousal she started to induce in me. She seemed to be in no hurry, her hand working its magic on my body as it explored my sensuality.

Cupping one of my tits in her hand she leaned over and opening her mouth wide took it in her mouth, closing her lips over tight, and then pulling up till she gripped my nipple with her lips sucking hard. She repeated this with my other tit and nipple; I put a hand over hers as she did this but she took hold of my wrist and held it by my side as she continued to tease me with her mouth.

Moaning softly from her attentions, my pussy was so wet I felt ready to explode, but she took her time slowly a little at a time and began to kiss her way down over my tummy as her hand moved down to caress my legs. I opened my legs wide; I wanted to give myself to her, to let her take me any way she wanted. Her nails raking over my thighs and up through my pussy hair yet, not touching my pussy lips.

Her tongue found my belly button and she poked and probed it for a moment before moving even lower. I was moaning quite audibly now, pressing my knees apart and trying to raise my hips to make myself available for her pleasure as well as my own.

She began to blow lightly on my pubic hair as I felt her move closer to the opening, I knew she was wide open ready for any attention Sheila wanted to give her then the unthinkable happened, I felt her tong flick over my clit. No man had ever gone down on me, at least not like this, never in my life had anyone ever done anything like this to me before. Of course I knew some people would do this, they called it giving head, giving a facial and oral sex.

I didn't know what to think or do, just lay there the sounds of pleasure escaping from my mouth. I must have been smelly but it was ecstasy, I couldn't stop her if I'd wanted to it just felt so good. Just when I felt ready to explode she stopped, and getting off the bed knelt at the end of it and pulled me down on the bed by my ankles so she could reach my pussy with her mouth.

Looking down over my tummy I saw her looking at me through my pubic hair, her eyes smiling at me as her tongue probed my pussy. Now in that position she could really lick it, sucking on my nether lips and clit making me squeal with delight till like a bomb my orgasm hit. I called out as I convulsed getting partially up on one elbow, reaching out to her as I convulsed but she didn't stop. Keeping her face pressed against my cunt she continued to lick my slit; I just fell back and felt the force of another orgasm rise inside me then another.

She slowed down and I finally lay there gasping for breath. She looked up at me smiling, confident in her ability to please me she began to climb up on the bed and walked over me on her hands and knees to lie on top of me. Tit to tit she put her full weight on me and placed her hands on either side of my head, I saw what was my pussy juice round her lips and could smell it moments before she kissed me full on my mouth.

She told me she loved me, I smiled in reply not knowing what to say really, she gave me a final brief kiss and said, "come on, time for Tea" and got up. I wondered if I should put something on but as she stayed naked I did too and followed her to the kitchen where she put the kettle on for Tea.

I felt very self conscious at this as other than making love, I would put something on. Sheila obviously enjoyed her nudity, and I must admit for her age she had a body to be proud of. She got the milk, sugar and butter out of the fridge and put some bread in the toaster, then joined me sitting at the table while the kettle boiled.

Once we had out tea and toast she went and ran the water into her bath tub for us to bathe, and invited me to join her in the tub. It was cramped as she handed me a sponge to bathe her. The last time I had done anything like that was when my kids were small, although the first few years of marriage my hubby would invite me in to give him a blow job. It got to be a bit of a joke about my drowning happy sucking his cock.

I shampooed her hair for her then she did the same for me, and after we dried each other off and went into the bedroom where she sat at her dressing table so I could dry and brush her hair.

I admit it felt nice to remain naked like that. She invited me out to brunch and to spend the rest of the day with her and proceeded to get dressed. She picked up my panties and held the silk against her cheek for a moment telling me how she loved what she called, "my pretty knickers," before handing them to me to put on.

We drove out of town in her car along the old highway by the river and stopped at a restaurant and had lunch, then just took a leisurely drive chatting about bygone days as we got to know each other. We also had supper in her apartment before I had to leave to drive home. On the way I thought of my Patricia, knowing she would have called over the weekend and wondered what I should say to her.

Arriving home, sure enough there were three messages on my answering machine from her, the first one was the usual, "hi mum, give me a call as soon as you get in," the second one was something like, "where are you it's been 6 or 7 hours and you haven't returned my calls." But in the third message she sounded downright angry, she had called on the Sunday morning, and accused me of shacking up with some man, and to call her as soon as I could.

I phoned her right away, I told her I had gone to a movie with a lady friend from work, then we had a few drinks and my old car acted up again so she let me stay over at her place. Then we spent the day together before she drove me home, and that I would have to get the car seen to the next day. It was an outright lie and I knew I hadn't fooled her, she could tell by my voice.

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