tagInterracial LoveI Fell Fast and I Fell Hard

I Fell Fast and I Fell Hard


I was always falling for guys who thought of me as being "a good friend". They would rave on and on that I was wonderful, had a great personality, what a great cook and the list goes on, but none of them ever asked me out on a date and always lead to be me either being drunk or spending many weekends, especially Saturday nights alone.

One Saturday, I was took myself to the bank and took out a nice chunk of money from my account and said "I'm treating myself to whatever I wanted today, so I hope the malls and the bars are ready for me." I treated myself to the diner with all my favorites - pancakes, sausage, bacon and eggs over easy. I had 2 cups of black coffee. I called a few friends and invited them for shopping and they all turned me down. I even offered to buy them something new to wear. I was sick of it all; my friends and my job.

I went to 3 malls and treated myself nicely. I got 4 new pairs of shoes, 2 new pair of sneakers, 20 new tops which included sweaters and blouses, 3 jackets, 2 blazers, 6 handbags, 7 skirts, 5 pairs of slacks, and 8 pairs of assorted jeans. I also got 6 new dresses. I even went to in the jeweler and bought myself a new watch and I necklace I had been admiring for a few weeks. I stopped briefly for lunch and had myself a few drinks. I went to the computer store and got myself a new laptop and also upgraded my cell phone.

After driving home and unloading my car, I set up my new laptop and decided that I would go on one of those "on-line dating chat rooms that everyone ones bragging about. They had so much to choose from. They started with the straight, man/woman relationship, then the older man/younger woman, the man/man relationship, the woman/woman relationship, the bisexual relationships and then the interracial relationships. I decided to go on the interracial relationship chat. I was talking to all kinds of guys and it was a lot of fun. I went to my liquor cabinet and got out the JD and poured myself a half a glass with tons of ice. I went back on and there was a message from a guy who said he saw my picture and wanted to chat so I went to the chat and looked for him and he popped up.

This guys name was Noah and he was 48 and I am 53; he is black and straight and I am white and also straight. I have no problems with gay men and women because I have some friends that are, but that just isn't my thing. Noah was quite the handsome black guy. Shaved head, dark dreamy eyes and a large dimples. I love dimples. We started to talk and laugh and it appeared that we were hitting it off. He wanted to meet me that night at a bar that was on the boarder of our two states and it was still early enough to get there by 8:00. I agreed to meet him and I was so excited. I didn't tell any of my friends because I didn't want to hear there shit. Dating sights, meeting someone that you don't know in a strange town and strange bar. The topper would be that my date was black. Hey, I have no problem with black/white or any kind of interracial relationships. In fact, if you ask my best friend, she will tell you I have always had it bad for blacks but never made any moves on them. I have two close male friends that are black, but we never had gone out and the most we did was a kiss now and then.

I looked thru all my new clothes and picked out a pair of gray slacks, with my pink and darker grey blouse and the pink button down sweater. I wore flat shoes because wearing heels doesn't thrill me anymore. I jumped in the shower and shaved my legs, under my arms and my pussy that needed it. I then washed and conditioned my hair and then rubbed in some cocoa butter body lotion. The smell was heavenly I was so soft. I got myself dressed, got my new mini purse loaded with my essentials and fixed my make up which I only wore very lightly. I had friends that looked like circus clowns when they put on their make up but they would be the ones to get the guys but most of the time they would go with a guy just to have him spend his money on dinner, a movie, go to a club and then go to a hotel/motel and get fucked and then never call the guy again.

I left my townhouse and headed towards my car. I made sure I had my cell, a full tank of gas and my directions to meet Noah. I gave him my cell and I called him as I promised as I headed out. Waiting at the light, I started to day dream about Noah and wonder what he was like and if this would lead us into a relationship. I've never been married and Noah is divorced and has no children. I kept wondering if I did the right thing and then started to wonder if he had a big black cock and balls. It made the time go by much quicker and wondered if he would mind if I kissed him when I saw him.

Finally I arrived at the club and it was in a good area and I just wanted to get inside and find Noah. As I opened up the door, he was standing there and introduced himself and we kissed. His lips were so smooth as I was hoping they would be. He brought me over to the bar where we sat waiting for a table to open up. He was so polite and he was melting my heart. We drank, played music, danced, laughed and the night was flying along. He asked me if I ever went out with a black man before and I said no not really; I had two friends but that is all they were but friends. We finished our dessert and he suggested we go to a hotel to talk and see where it brings us and by this time I was drunk so we left my car and he drove. I was all over him like flies on fresh shit and was kissing his neck and at the traffic lights I would plant a kiss on his lips and reach for his crotch and he didn't seem to matter at all.

We finally arrived at the hotel and I couldn't wait to get into the room he rented. We kissed like hungry animals and then he took off my sweater and unbuttoned my blouse and my titties jumped right out in front of him. He began to suck one and squeeze the other. I was in heaven I felt like I was going to cum right there and then. He took over as he stuck his cock in my mouth and the before I knew it I was sucking his XL black cock and balls. I know I sucked him hard and he got hard like a fucking rock. I asked him to fuck me and he threw me down and then fucked my pussy and and then we did it doggy style followed by being fucked hard in the ass. I loved it all even though it hurt a bit in the ass.

We went at it like animals again and again and finally Noah had to cum so I opened my mouth to await that hot load and then he shot it all over my body.

Right now I am happier than ever and we are living together. Most of my friends don't approve and I don't care who does or who doesn't. Noah is my life right now an I'm not giving him up. I love him and he loves me.

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