tagInterracial LoveI Fuck My Black GF's Best Black GF

I Fuck My Black GF's Best Black GF


Shari wanted to take me on a tour of Ariel's big house.

Ariel was talking to my girl friend, Mary, about a business project. Shari is Mary's best friend. And luscious looking.

There were about 35-40 well to do black guests in Ariel's big beautiful house. I am white, 50, blue eyes and slim. There were a couple of other whites there, too. It was an older crowd about 45 to 70 years old. Successful people. A mix of biz with pleasure for Christmas.

Shari grabbed my hand and said, "Wait until you see what's upstairs!" I said goodbye to Mary, but talking business with Ariel, she didn't notice.

I've wanted to bang Shari for 2 years.

Shari's mocha colored, 56, has a firm round ass, big fucking tits and puffy lips. Perfect. Her husband is black, a doctor, and he was watching football in the finished basement with all the other men. Too much testosterone for me. I prefer to bathe in estrogen.

As we go up I realize she's had a lot to drink. Me, only a glass and a half of very good wine. I'm staring at her nice ass as we go up.

"Just look at this huge bath," she says excitedly as we walk in to a huge marble bath that has sinks, jacuzzi, bidet, and toilet all made from marble.

"Yeah its big," I say, "And beautiful, tastefully done."

Shari squeezes my hand, and pulls me out of the marble quarry, my cock is awakening.

She says, "Look at this bedroom. "

We go in, it's a very big girls bedroom, lots of stuffed animals everywhere. Shari closes the door, turns around and says, "I know you've been looking at my ass."

I say, "Yeah, its very nice. "

"You think?" she says turning her butt to me, clenches it, and looking over her shoulder back at me and smiling.

I step up and rub and squeeze her tightened butt firmly.

"Ohhh, yeah!" I say.

As she turns to face me, I put a hand on one of her big fucking drooping tits and grab half her ass with the other hand and squeeze both hard.

She tries to push me away and after a second I let her go.

Straightening herself, she says, "We'll pretend this never happened."

I say, "Suck my cock you big titted slut. I bet you haven't had a hard white cock down your throat in years, you black bitch."

"Fuck you, you white trash," she says.

I grab a tit and squeeze the nipple hard. She seems stunned, her demeanor changes in a second.

So I keep squeezing and begin massaging her big tits. Then my left hand goes between her thighs and softly massages her twat. She continues to stare wide eyed at me.

I kiss her hard and jam my tongue down her throat. She begins responding, slow at first, then with a "why the fuck not" attitude.

Yeah, why the fuck not? She's drunk.

Shari sticks her tongue down my throat. I'm mashing her big tits. We fall over on to a king sized bed with lots of stuffed animals on it. She's on top.

I pull her red cashmere sweater over her head quick. Next, her big assed gold bra hits the floor. Her long droopy tits are now hanging over my mouth. They must be a foot long and full. I start sucking hard.

My right hand goes up under her knee length tight colorful silk skirt and under her purple panties to her moistening cunt.

I rip off her panties that must have cost a $100. Who cares.

We roll over and I stand and pull down my pants with my hard white cock pointing out.

"Suck it, then fuck it," I say.

She's sitting at on the edge of the bed, places her red nailed brown hand around my pink cock and licks it tentatively.

I grabbed her gray hair as if she had pig tails and shoved her head all the way down on my 7" cock to my graying pubic hair.

She gagging and choking but I keep moving her head up and down on my cock.

Her hand is playing with my balls.

I love seeing a black bitch sucking my hard white cock. The colors turns me on. Which is why I'm with Mary. But Mary ain't Shari.

"That's right black bitch, gag on my hard white cock," I say.

I was about to cum, so I pulled her head off.

She looks up at me, tenderly squeezing my balls.

Rubbing my cock on her red lipsticked puffy lips I calm down.

"Put my cock between your big tits, that's it, lift'em up," I tell her.

She arches her back and lifts her big sagging tits to my cock and starts rubbing them on my wet cock. Her red nails on her brown, stretch marked tits look very sexy.

Her big tits enclose my whole cock. Her dark brown nipples have a crosseyed look on her tits. I smile.

As I get into a rhythm with her, my pink cock tip pokes up above her tits, she and licks it with her pink tongue. Pushing her back on to the bed, I sit over her, and begin fucking her long tits and face together easily as if they were her cunt. I love it. The wet sounds coming from her mouth turn me on.

A few moments later I say, "Put your black ass up on the bed, legs up so I can fuck you."

As she did, she pulled up her silky skirt. I rubbed my saliva coated cock on her not quite fully lubed gray hairy cunt. The thick gray hair was parted by her moist pink cunt lips

"Take that you fuckin' slut," I said as I shoved my cock into her.

Her face was squeezed together in quiet discomfort.

"Fuck me harder!" she says thru clenched teeth with eyes closed tight.

I rammed in deeper and harder, "You fuckin' black slut! Take all my white cock."

I pumped hard her a few times, but something was missing.

"Wait a sec, slut," I said, "Put that big white stuffed dog under your black ass so I can fuck you deeper. That's it."

She was getting wetter, I was sliding in and out faster. She was breathing faster and deeper. I put my hands on her big floppy tits and squeezed them hard as I banged her.

She moaned. And grabbed my ass pushing my cock in even harder.

"Unhhh!" I said.

"Slam me harder, white trash!" she shouted.

So I did.

"Fuck my cunt harder, whitey," she said fiercely.

I went faster with all my power. She squealed, I moaned loudly as we came together.

"Good quick fuckin' baby," I said as I pulled up my chinos quickly. A little bit of cum dripped off my soft cock on to the carpet before my cock disappeared behind my zipper.

"Next time fuck me harder," she ordered. I smiled.

I slapped her face. Not too hard. Got her attention, and let her know who's in charge.

"Before you leave tonight, slut, tell me if my cum is leaking down your leg," I ordered her.

"Here, look for yourself," she replied as she spread her legs.

I slapped her again.

"I see it and don't clean it up," I said as I put her torn panties in my pocket.

"I'll sniff'em later," I said. She looked surprised, but continued to put on her big gold bra.

"My cum better run down your leg and get on your car seat when you go home with your husband," I told her.

"OK," she said softly. And nuzzled her head into my chest.

"Who's slut are you?" I asked

"Yours," she whispered.

"Good cause I'm gonna fuck you in the ass on Tuesday when your hubby's at work. 1pm your house. Wear slutty high heels with a short skirt, no top on," I direct her, "I love seeing your big tits hanging down."

"The front door will be unlocked," she said pulling the red sweater over her head.

Shari shook her head to fluff up her hair. And smiled big at me.

As we are leaving the bedroom we ran into her husband in the hall.

"What's in there?" he asked peering in the bedroom.

"Just some wild animals," I replied.

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